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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:


New Products



Overview of the US Wine Industry in 2018:

Top Selling Wine And Beer Holidays in US




Some grapes are more finicky, requiring a light touch, a keen eye and the patience to not tear them out by the roots when they call it quits after a slight change in weather. Others, like the dark-skinned Cinsaut (or Cinsault), are workhorses, extremely tolerant to varying conditions and productive.

Need A Substitute For Vanilla Extract? Check Your Liquor Cabinet

You’re in the middle of whipping up some delectable cookies, or some other baked treat, when you realize there’s not a drop of vanilla extract to be found in your kitchen … we’ve all been there before. Short of skipping the ingredient altogether, what can you do to save you recipe?

What to Look for When Shopping for a Wine Cooler

With just a little bit of time and research, you will quickly discover there are a slew of wine fridge manufacturers available, and each has something truly unique to offer.


Back when the most I knew about wine was the difference between white and red, I was both awed and baffled by the labels applied to it: fresh-cut grass. Garden hose. Banana. Barnyard floor. And here I was, thinking it was just supposed to taste like old grapes.

Top Selling Wine And Beer Holidays in US

What do wine glasses and hamburgers have in common?

People have now realized that there are two ways that increased portions have been happening, the first of which is related to hamburgers and the second of which is related to wine glasses

We may be drinking less wine, but it’s better wine

Boomers are buying less wine. Millennials aren’t picking up the slack. As a result, the growth of wine sales is slowing, while buying patterns are shifting in ways that are sending chills down the collective spine of the U.S. wine industry.

Kevin Durant punches ball into crowd, strikes Bronco Wine’s Franzia in the face

Durant realized his mistake and quickly reacted, running into the crowd to check on Franzia, a member of the Franzia wine family and owner of the Bronco Wine Company, the fourth-largest wine company in the United States.

Elvis Presley’s estate loses trademark battle over beer brand

The King looks to be back in the building for beer company Brewdog, which has won the right to use the name “Elvis Juice” for one of its products.



Why Beer Brands Should Start Marketing to More Than Just Young Men

Origin’s survey of 2,000 beer drinkers analyzed preferences and habits across gender and generational lines

The Science of Orange Wines

Understanding the processes that yield copper and amber hues in wines

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits Announces New Partnership With Dan Cohn and Bellacosa Wine

The company is purchasing a 50% stake in the Bellacosa brand, a North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon. The deal is expected to close in February

92% of Grapes Grown for Bogle Vineyards Are Now Sustainably Certified

Number of growers following California Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing expands

Wine Country Channel launches

The Wine Country Channel is a new TV broadcast network providing wine enthusiasts around the world with numerous channels showcasing the best of where to eat, stay and play when wine country guests visit Napa and Sonoma.

How to Pair Wine With Nachos

You must eat nachos because they are among the best food ever invented by man.


Wine lists can be an unfathomable minefield of names, numbers and regions to the uninitiated, even to the seasoned pro, so any tips that might help one navigate their way through a lengthy list and to a winning wine are welcome.



Measuring Phylloxera’s Impact on the World of Wine

GuildSomm’s Kelli White examines how the aphid-like insect has transformed viticulture

Wine Package Growth

Can Amazon’s Alexa hack it as a wine sommelier? We put her to the test

I had heard that wine-pairing apps were being developed for Alexa’s big brain.

‘Moonwalker’ Wine Is a Drinkable Tribute to the Apollo Moon Missions

The limited release comes in a range of bottle sizes with labels featuring signatures of three living U.S. astronauts who walked on the Moon.

Why nebbiolo wines from the Adelaide Hills make drinkers misty-eyed with emotion
Nebbiolo has attracted some seriously obsessive Australian growers and makers over the years, and they have produced some very good examples of the grape.

Vegan wine’s growing popularity raises questions about ingredient labeling

The increasing number of people choosing a vegan lifestyle is presenting a new challenge for wine producers.

20-Point to 100-Point Conversion

Great chart to convert

Self-Guided Wine Tour of the Willamette Valley

Considering a trip to Oregon wine country? Get tips on where to taste, stay, as well as what you need to know before your visit.

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Sales Slip 6% For 2017

Washington state-based Ste. Michelle Wine Estates reported a 6.4% net revenue decline to $698 million for the year ended December 31. The winemaker’s shipment volumes were similarly soft, falling 8.6% to around 8.5 million cases, with parent company Altria citing negative impact from “competitive activity, continued trade inventory reductions and slower premium wine category growth.” The company’s full-year results were also hampered by a challenging fourth quarter, during which Ste. Michelle’s net revenues fell 8.5%, to $227 million, and shipments slipped 9.7% to around 2.8 million cases. According to Impact Databank, Ste. Michelle’s 14 Hands and Columbia Crest brands slowed from double-digit growth in 2016 to growth of 2.5% and 1% respectively last year.

Overview of the US Wine Industry in 2018: Stable Growth Forecasted – Based on 2017 Stats

Many of the statistics for 2017 US wine sales are in and the results show steady growth, but with increasing competition from imports and other beverages. The outlook is still positive because it is expected that 2018 will continue to see steady growth pattern of previous years, at around a 2% increase in US wine sales value

Bill that would allow dogs in vineyards passes Virginia House

According to a spokeswoman for VDACS, dogs were never allowed inside Virginia tasting rooms (except service animals) and were only allowed outside at vineyards as of July 2016, under certain guidelines like being on a leash and not being able to sit on the tables and chairs.

Why Are There Falcons In The Vineyards?

The falcons are by no means cutting-edge winemaking tools: The business has been around for decades in Sacramento. The birds are pest control, chasing out the starlings that often nibble through grapes.

What could the ‘Supermoon’ do to wine?

The Supermoon could affect the taste of wines and development of vines around the world, but it’s coming at a good time for vineyards, according to proponents of biodynamics.



Millennials and Gen X drive new ‘golden age’ for wine

Today’s wine consumers are leaving their comfort zone and embracing a wider range of wines, according to research from Wine Access.

Glasses of champagne decorated with lavender on blurred background

Wine Lovers Face Increasing Hurdles Ordering Online

Can’t find a bottle at your local wine shop? States and shipping companies are clamping down on shipping by wine retailers, leaving consumers with fewer choices


Welcome to the insanely complicated world of alcohol regulation!

Dogfish Head’s New Beer Contains the Active Ingredients in Mace Pepper Spray

The beer was brewed for Beer Advocate’s “Extreme Beer Fest.” The event is being held this weekend in Boston, and is described as “the ultimate throw down of craft beer creativity.”


The wines in question are only being sold in New Zealand and all Brancott Estate labelled wines being sold in export markets continue to use New Zealand-grown fruit


Spirits Sales Rose 4% to $26.2 Billion In U.S. Market In 2017, According To Distilled Spirits Council

Supplier sales of distilled spirits in the U.S market rose by 4%, or $1 billion, last year, to hit $26.2 billion, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. Volumes rose by 2.6% to 226 million cases, a rise of 5.8 million cases from the prior year.

Spirits also continued to gain market share against beer, rising 0.7% to 36.6% of the total beverage alcohol market. The increase marks the eighth straight year of market share gains, where each point of market share is worth $720 million in supplier sales revenue.

On the international front, the trade association also projected a new export record of $1.63 billion of U.S. spirits sold around the globe in 2017, up 14.3% over 2016. Consumer tastes for premium American spirits and favorable exchange rates drove global sales, especially to markets where U.S. spirits enjoy duty-free access. Volumes were up 5%.

The top five growth markets by dollar value included the United Kingdom, up $55.7 million to $177.9 million (+45.6%); Germany, up $22.6 million to $123.5 million (+22.4%); Brazil, up $18.9 million to $29.1 million (+186.5%); France, up $15.7 million to $114.1 million (+16%); and Spain, up $14.5 million to $117.1 million (+14.1).


New Hess

Hess Family Wine Estates has extended its Hess Select portfolio with the launch of a new Pinot Gris. Retailing at $13 a 750-ml., the Pinot Gris joins Hess Select’s existing Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Treo Red Blend. Concurrently, Hess Family Wine Estates is unveiling an updated package across the full Hess Select lineup. The new package, which features a larger label, the Hess Family’s lion crest and the addition of a “Family Owned c. 1978” tagline, will be supported by a new digital and social media campaign, encouraging consumers to “Look for the Lion.” The Hess Select range ($13-$20) accounts for more than 500,000 cases of Hess Family Wine Estates’ roughly 800,000-case volume in the U.S.

Don’t Judge a Wine by the Grape on Its Label

The word “varietal” is among the most misused in wine.


The Girl Scout cookie and wine pairings you see online are almost always awful. Try these instead

When Girl Scout cookie season rolls around each year, wine professionals watch in horror as their social-media feeds fill with charts and memes that show recommendations from sommeliers of which types of wines to drink with which of these sweet treats


Napa wine industry fights to protect Napa Valley name on labels

The loophole, as opponents refer to it, allows wineries that hold a certificate exempting a wine of theirs from label approval (called a Certificate of Labeling Approval, or COLA, exemption) to buy out-of-state grapes, make the wine in their state and label it with the origin of the grapes, as long as the wine is then sold only in the state where it was made.


The Analog Genius of the Leave-a-Drink Board

How one bar is using a simple blackboard to engage customers and drive sales



There are no two more prominent styles of beers that beer geeks and brewers – both home and professional – obsess over more than Pale Ale and India Pale Ale – better known as IPA – but what’s the actual difference between these two hoppy beers, and how did both become so popular in the craft community?


Four Ways to Increase Your Knowledge About the Napa Valley Wine Region

The Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) nonprofit association has expanded its Napa Valley Rocks appellation education suite, now offering four different ways for professionals and enthusiasts to learn about America’s leading wine region.

Wine May Help To Clean The Mind, Study Says

In a study published Friday to Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center aimed to discover the overall benefits of alcohol consumption. For the first time ever, this study proved that alcohol at low levels does possess benefits to the brain’s health.


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