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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Here’s why more craft brewers are canning beer

Let’s Clear Up Some Myths About Sulfites, Wine, and Headaches





Stoner Metal Band Red Fang Toasts New Year With Their Own Brand of Red Wine

Band’s custom blend joins hard-rock-related offerings like Dave Mustaine’s She-Wolf.

What you need to know about how oak barrels affect wine

Barrels (most often made of oak from France or the United States) can contribute a lot of different things to wine, and not all of them are automatically good.

Foo Fighters Are Getting Their Very Own Beer

The beer will debut at a pair of Foo Fighters-themed pop-up bars in Sydney and Melbourne.

Direct shipping of wine to consumers surged double-digits in 2017

Wineries continue to receive good news, for the most part, when it comes to shipping their wares straight to hopeful drinkers.

For one, the channel for direct to consumer shipping has grown yet again over the past year, this time by more than 15 percent in both the volume and value of directly shipped wine.

How to find a wine you like at a restaurant: First, know what to say

How do you describe the flavor of a wine? Gobs of fruit, including some you perhaps have never tasted? Forest floor, flint, stones or other things you would never put in your mouth?

Double decanting: When should you do it?
Double decanting is the process of decanting a wine twice; often the first into a decanter, and then back into the original – but now clean – bottle. But why do it?

Why You Should Be Enjoying Champagne With Food

A bottle of champagne may pop every two seconds somewhere in the world, but if enduring assumptions about how and when it should be consumed are any indication, they are likely celebratory pours.


Consumers turning to private label wine more often, thanks to supermarkets

Private label wine is building momentum in the US, thanks to national supermarket chains such as Aldi, Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Whole Foods taking on the identity as trusted wine vendors, says Brian Sharoff, president of Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA).


Should Out-of-State AVA Use Be Legal?

When the TTB published proposed regulation 160B, which would close a loophole that allows wineries to use AVA names on wines made using grapes from other states, the bureau was inundated with comments on both sides of the issue

Washington Malbec growth continues

Malbec not only is a fast-rising star in Washington wine country, but it also is becoming a global phenomenon.

Does Wine Really Taste Better With Age?

The shameless use of the notion that the wine gets better with age as a metaphor to describe artists or sportspersons who have become more adept with age has rendered it a bit stale and tasteless.

What is a Vertical Wine Tasting?

A wine tasting provides an excellent opportunity to sample and compare the differences between wines. While a traditional tasting typically includes a variety of types and styles, a vertical wine tasting includes different vintages of the same type of wine from the same winery.

Tito’s creates vodka-infused chocolates

Texas-based Tito’s Handmade Vodka has teamed up with luxury candy maker Sugarfina to create a range of vodka-infused sweets.


Spirits giant Bacardi is buying ultra-premium Tequila brand Patrón in a deal that values Patrón at $5.1 billion, eclipsing the Diageo / Casamigos deal by $4.1bn.



South Africa could be facing its smallest crop in over a decade, a grimmer prediction by the local wine industry body than earlier assessments last November, mainly due to the persistent drought that has been ravaging the Western Cape area for months.

The Science of Wine Oxidation

Oxidized, oxidative, oxidated—when it comes to winemaking, what does it all mean?–AT-Xr06oAwC8Y_Vaq0STfKVKAcHvHE9DfTFopJqNB5Eht15iFYUjxLWPVDbspCWkJGErJUWIw-oq5gy5V3zNaIbtDWmD-acrUFRauaiAj9iaKd9k&_hsmi=60137668

18 Beers For Wine Lovers

Thanks to the craft beer movement and the proliferation of new breweries and beer styles, many fascinating beers of all styles are available to drinkers locally, whereas before, wine was the choice of discerning drinkers nationwide.


In the past five election cycles alcohol wholesalers have contributed $107 million to state political campaigns.

Alcohol Sales Dropped 15% In States With Medical Marijuana Laws

A joint study by researchers at two U.S. universities and one in South America claims a reduction in the U.S.’s overall alcohol consumption appears directly related to the rise of medical marijuana laws recently enacted in a number of states.

New Hampshire considers lowering drinking age to 20

As much as New Hampshire wants to attract more young people, lowering the drinking age is no way to do it, a public safety official said Tuesday.

The Tale Behind Italy’s Hot New White

A rustic Umbrian grape is reborn—and it could be Montefalco’s next wine hope

A quirky heirloom white grape variety called Trebbiano Spoletino has been rediscovered in recent years by winemakers who have brought it out of local family farms and into international distribution.

New Prosecco Data

Getting to Know Mexico’s New Wine Scene

Propelled by Bichi’s popularity, Baja wines are on the radar of U.S. buyers


Spain’s 2017 grape harvest is expected to be down by nearly 20% on 2016, according to provisional estimates by the Ministry of Agriculture, surpassing previous estimates of a 15% decline in the wake of spring frosts, heatwaves and drought.


It may be one of Spain’s lesser-known wine regions, but interest in Cariñena is on the rise.

This is how you can legally bring — and drink — your own booze on a flight

There are ways of legally bringing — and drinking — your own booze on a flight

Economic impact of wildfires ‘overblown,’ says wine industry

The wildfires that tore through Northern California wine country caused tourism to temporarily plummet but spared the vast majority of vineyard acres and had little impact on already harvested grape, said a panel of experts

You’re Ordering Wine Wrong

Wine lists can be confusing, even daunting territory for diners, plus alcohol invariably represents a good percentage of a restaurant check.

Wine shipments increase 1.3 percent in the United States

Imports into the U.S. wine market rose 3.5 percent last year, posing an increasing threat to American producers. Sales of rosé wines from France soared 43 percent, while sales of foreign sparkling wines jumped 11 percent from 2016.

The 131 Best Organic Wines for 2018 (Plus: Sipping Tips from Wine Experts)

It’s been a banner year for organic, biodynamic, and wines made with organic grapes. Bottles are winning awards, topping lists, and taking the spotlight.


Wine Faults and How to Recognize Them

Is your wine corked? Oxidized? Plain over-the-hill? Learn the signs of common wine faults (and the characteristics mistaken for them) and find out whether to dump or drink.

Let’s Clear Up Some Myths About Sulfites, Wine, and Headaches

If you’re a regular wine drinker, then you’ve probably heard some accusatory remarks about the dangers of sulfite and why you should drink certain wines to avoid a headache. While some of these accusations may have some truth to them, there is much more to the sulfite myth than meets the eye.

Listen to a podcast that explains well.

The geography of wine

In wine, as in real estate, location is paramount. The places where grapes grow best and the variety of the grapes grown are the two most significant factors in what makes a given wine.

Here’s why more craft brewers are canning beer

More and more craft brewers are switching part of their production from bottled beer to canned. But why?

This Zelda-themed IPA takes beer geekery to a whole new level

Few things on this earth pair better than beer and video games. Now, to commemorate this all-time classic combo, one US brewery has forged a new Link, so to speak.

Top 21 Craziest and Weirdest Beers Ever Made

Have you ever wondered what a breakfast oatmeal stout tastes like? Or how someone came up with the idea to use pig brain as an ingredient?


Taking quirky distilling methods to new heights, Hilton Head Distillery in South Carolina has released a vodka made from cloud vapour onto the market.

It’s really not about being small anymore. It’s really about the fast beating the slow.

Interesting state of wine story

The top 10 wine companies had nearly 79 percent of all industry sales.

Treasury Wine Estates moves 70 jobs from Napa to Oakland

Great quote from the big guys!

“As we move from an agriculture business to a brand-led business,”

How Not To Market Wine

Wine industry is mostly unsuccessful in branding and marketing communications.

Do you know why?

Canned wine is here, but can it avoid the down-market trap?

Once written off as a passing fad, canned wine now looks poised to become a permanent fixture of the wine shelf. By mid-2016 its meteoric popularity was apparent, with annual sales reaching $14.5 million according to analytics firm Nielsen — a 125 percent year-over-year increase. This fall canned wine sales were up another 60 percent.

Genome Sequencing and Analysis in the Vineyard and on Your Palate

Now that science has broken the code to examine and explore our DNA, and the DNA of multiple, diverse organisms, there has been a surge of commercial products coming to market that enable exploration of the DNA of the components of grapes.


Unofficially known as the green goddess of viticulture, Sauvignon Blanc is the backbone to some of the wine world’s greatest regions


Prosecco is a big trend right now. The most popular type of sparkling wine originating from Italy. This favourite has been written up and touted by wine experts, critics and self-proclaimed wine buffs alike

New software helps prevent underage alcohol sales online

A new online age verification tool has been launched to make it harder for children to purchase age-restricted products such as alcohol.

How wines change

What wine lovers must be cognizant of, in reaching conclusions about revered wine names, is that as times change, so do wines. That can make for a radical shift in how wines of the same name are seen many years after various changes are imposed on earlier regimes.

Hand-held device for detecting fake or watered down liquor by the fumes

Researchers in the US have created a nose that can sniff out adulteration and watering down in spirits, fighting one of the most deadly varieties of fraud.

Jon Bon Jovi creates a wine inspired by the Hamptons

When Jon Bon Jovi is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in April, he can celebrate with his own French rose wine: the vintage 2017 “Diving Into Hampton Water.”

Is it safe to pour wine through copper scrub pads to eliminate hydrogen sulfide?

Sulfur compounds like mercaptans can sometimes trouble a wine, giving off skunky, rotten egg notes. They are harmless, but distracting. The good news is that those aromas can often “blow off” after the wine sits in your glass or you swirl it around for a while.


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