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The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-16-19

March 16, 2019

Exploring all things wine with you!


The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-15-19

March 15, 2019

Exploring all things wine with you!


The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-14-19

March 14, 2019

Exploring all things wine with you!


The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-18-18

March 18, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine 03-16-18

March 16, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-15-18

March 15, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-14-18

March 14, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-13-18

March 13, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-12-18

March 12, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-11-18

March 11, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-10-18

March 10, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-07-18

March 7, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 03-01-18

March 1, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

The Wonderful World of Wine 02-26-18

February 26, 2018

Exploring all things wine with you!

Liquor Industry New/Links 3-15-14

March 15, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*

Liquor Industry Week In Review

St Patrick’s Day Edition

Is Green Beer Bad for You?

Some think artificial dyes are dangerous


How To Make Green Beer

Sounds simple and it is!


What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than with a tipple or two of some of the world’s best Irish whiskeys.

6 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes Using Baileys Irish Cream


Chocolate and wine make a delicious duo

Our April Wine Event Featured In Local Paper

MA STATE HOUSE NEWS: House okays bill to allow earlier retail alcohol sales on Sunday

The House last Wednesday approved a bill (H 228) that would legalize Sunday morning alcohol sales starting at 10 a.m. – two hours earlier than allowed under current law.

Prosecco replaces champagne as world’s favorite sparkling wine

prosecco sales soared by 11.5 percent in volume last year

Prosecco vs champagne

Beer Cooler Blocks Phone Signals for More Mingles

Watch this video on new gadget you put beer in and it blocks

Cell phone signal 5ft around you.

10 Irish Cocktails For St. Patrick’s Day

time to expand our beverage repertoire to celebrate the holiday.


The Mr. Miyagi of Wine Sommeliers

Passing the Advanced Sommelier Exam isn’t easy, so many candidates trek to Aspen Mountain to train their palates with the best man in the business.

For older drivers ‘Just one, I’m driving,’ may be one drink too many

New study a single glass of wine for those aged 55 or more may affect the body’s metabolism

The latest nutrition facts about beer

Emerging research reveals that beer has unique nutritional and health benefits

Plainville MA liquor store cited for storing wine off premises

storing “surplus” wine in an industrial building in violation of liquor rules.


11th March, 2014 by Lauren May


Moderate wine consumption has been shown to decrease the risk of cardiovascular events and death in type 2 diabetes sufferers.

Worried about Drinking and Spring Break? Parents can use their strong influence even for college students!

Website offers many tips to help children with alcohol

Is Altria About to Pounce on Constellation Brands?

Will tobacco giant take over wine giant?

Liquor Company Diageo will send liquor, bartenders to your living room!

Diageo is going straight to the fun by shipping liquor and bartenders to clients’ living rooms. For $3,300!



10th March, 2014 by Ben Kennedy

We all know how biodynamics has become a global topic of interest in terms of making wine, but how important is the lunar calendar when tasting and enjoying the finished product? Why we post good days to drink or taste wine!


All About Piedmont Wine Region

This hilly region of northwestern Italy lies in the shadow of the Alps.

Water-to-wine Miracle Machine actually a publicity stunt

It sounded too good to be true, and it was. The Miracle Machine was supposed to make wine at home in just a few days, but it’s not real.

9 Mind-Blowing Liquor Myths Debunked

Have you ever wondered whether or not absinthe is actually hallucinogenic? Or whether Jameson is really only ordered by Catholic drinkers and Bushmills by Protestants?

Kraft group, Foxboro MA seek more liquor permits

The Kraft Group and the town are taking steps toward asking the Massachusetts Legislature to create 12 new liquor pouring licenses.


List beer’s alcohol content? In Maine, that’s illegal

Maine brewers and taverns are puzzled by enforcement of an old law that bans the potency numbers from menus and signs.



13th March, 2014 by Lauren May

A music producer has proven you don’t need instruments to make music by performing Pharrell William’s hit song ‘Happy‘ using just some wine glasses and cooking pans.

Dos Equis® Dos-A-Rita® to make debut in April

Premium, ready-to-serve Lager Margarita coming soon.


Shock Top Introduces Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat


An unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale featuring the sweetness of honey and the boldness of bourbon

Jack Daniels Taking On Dr. Fireball


Brown-Forman has formally announced the test launch of a new cinnamon-flavored Jack Daniel’s offering beginning in April. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire will be available in Oregon, Pennsylvania and Tennessee for a suggested retail price of $22 a 750-ml. The 70-proof offering is crafted with Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 whiskey and infused with a proprietary cinnamon liqueur.

Red Robin rolls out wine shakes

Milkshake lovers now have an excuse to toast before slurping — the wine shake is in motion.

Tennessee whiskey changes?

Liquor giants battle over marketing, types of barrels

Or St Patrick’s Day Newsletter

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Liquor Industry News/Links 3-8-14

March 8, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*

Liquor Industry Week In Review 

A Tiny Home Device That Turns Water Into Wine In 3 Days

It’s like a Soda Stream — a contraption that lets anyone make their own soda — but for wine



Nutritionists spotlight the health benefits of daily shot of whisky

Surprising facts about some of the most common beverages

Beer company pushes for new U.S. Holiday

How would you like an extra day off work? Well, you could get it if Budweiser has its way

Wegmans and wine

The store in Northboro Ma is seeking a change to state law so that it can go one step further and offer beer and wine to its Market Café patrons


3rd March, 2014 by Lauren May

A classroom made from more than 1,000 beer bottles, old tyres and plastic sheeting is being constructed by architecture students at a school in India.


Idaho’s having a wine time

The state’s scrappy wine industry is on a serious roll. It now boasts 50 wineries, located primarily in the Snake River Valley west of Boise.

Would you drink a flavored Maker’s Mark?


Flavored whiskies have been a major trend in the distilling industry lately.

Bud Light Lime to Expand Ritas Franchise

The popular Bud Light Lime Ritas franchise is doubling. The brand is introducing two new permanent flavors – Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita



28th February, 2014 by Lauren May

An artist has shared a video of him creating a ‘painting’ of Marilyn Monroe using hundreds of disused wine corks.

Rhode Island: Bill would allow wine shipments in RI


March 3, 2014

Rhode Islanders could have wine shipped directly to their door under legislation pending before state lawmakers.

The bill would allow wineries and wine retailers to ship up to 24 cases of wine a year to any resident aged 21 or older.

The business shipping the wine would have to obtain a wine shipment license from the state, and would be responsible for paying state sales and excise taxes.

All shipments would require a signature from someone 21 or older.

Rhode Island currently allows wine shipments only if the consumer has placed the order in person at a winery.

The bill is sponsored by House Minority Leader Brian Newberry, a North Smithfield Republican. It is scheduled to be reviewed Tuesday by the House Committee on Corporations.


4th March, 2014 by Lauren May

A study has raised questions as to whether the use of pesticides in the production of wine could be to blame for a drop in French men’s sperm count.

Bill could allow banned beer back in N.H.

House committee mulls change in alcohol label law


Here’s to Your Health! Reasons to Drink Dark Beer


At 11 cents, Massachusetts offers 7th lowest state excise tax rates on beer

While the Commonwealth is often referred to as “Taxachusetts,” tax rates on beer are among the lowest in the country.

The Dozen Oddest Liquors in the World

Some Crazy Liquors!

Pairing Girl Scout cookies with adult beverages


The future for whiskies

The golden era of Scotch is now in full swing.


The Aroma Academy

Great resource from the UK.

Aroma kits for wine, gin and whiskey!

Pabst Blue Ribbon Reportedly On The Selling Block

Pabst Blue Ribbon’s private equity owner, C. Dean Metropoulos, is said to be seeking a buyer for the beer brand, which is valued between $500 million and $1 billion, according to a report in Reuters. Boutique investment bank Perella Weinberg Partners has reportedly been tapped to assist with the sale.

Metropoulos acquired Pabst from Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation for $250 million in 2010. Since then, the sub-premium brew has grown by more than a third, finishing 2013 up 7% to 35 million (2.25-gallon) cases, according to Impact Databank. An auction of Pabst is expected to attract major brewers as well as private equity bidders.

Cider News/New Items

MillerCoors is adding a new hard cider brand this month with the national launch of Smith & Forge, billed as a crisp hard cider at 6%-abv. Available in 16-ounce single-serve cans and 4-packs, as well as 12-packs of 12-ounce cans, Smith & Forge’s packaging features an antique design with a blacksmith’s hammer icon paying homage to a past era. MillerCoors is supporting the launch with a national marketing campaign beginning in March that will include media partnerships with outlets such as ESPN, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Thrillist and SB Nation.

Sam Adams

Boston Beer Co.’s Angry Orchard has launched its Green Apple hard cider nationwide. Made with culinary apples from the Pacific Northwest, Angry Orchard Green Apple is currently available in six-packs, priced at around $7.99 to $9.99. The 5%-abv entry marks the brand’s first year-round cider made with American apples, following the launch of Angry Orchard’s Elderflower (April-August) and Cinnful Apple (September-March) seasonals, both of which are also crafted with American fruit. Green Apple joins Crisp Apple, Traditional Dry and Apple Ginger in the core, year-round Angry Orchard stable.

What Types of Wine Glasses Do You Really Need?

There are a gazillion different types of wine glasses out on the market. So, what should you buy? Discover what glassware fits your wine drinking habits and what the best options are to build a proper wine glass set


How Many People Did It Take to Make Your Wine?

Interesting look at the big wine companies and how many employees they have:

Beer As A Post-Workout Recovery Drink? Not As Crazy As It Sounds

There may be some good news brewing for fitness and beer enthusiasts:

Crafty new beer app warns of big-brewer ownership

A new app alerts drinkers to whether a certain beer can legitimately be called “craft”

Worcester package store owners fret about beer-and-wine licenses for supermarkets, big-box stores

Little guys fighting the big guys

Beer Ingredient May Prevent Tooth Decay, Gum Disease

An ingredient in beer may help prevent cavities and gum disease, according to a new study.

Would You Drink Beer From A Pouch?

Read about and see these package ideas for beer

Great New Wine Education Interactive Web Site

Antonio Galloni Web Site

How Do You Know a Wine Is Corked

What you can smell in bad wines


Wine additives you should know about

Breakdown of possible thing in your wine:

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Liquor Industry News/Links 8-2-13

August 2, 2013


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Friday August 2nd 2013

Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C. Lenzi CSW

Today Is A Biodynamic ROOT Day


Massachusetts: Reps to Consider DTC Bills this Fall

Thanks to all our Bay State friends for supporting House Bill 294, a favorable bill that would allow legal wine direct shipping . HB 294 will be reconsidered when the legislative session resumes this fall, but please visit today and take two minutes to write your state legislators.


A Nation of Wineries

Interactive Wine Map By The NY Times


Where Do Champagne Bubbles Come From?

Wine Folly

Read All About It:


Protesters demonstrate against Sebastopol winery


A group of about 50 protesters angry at what they say is an environmentally damaging vineyard conversion project demonstrated in front of Paul Hobbs Winery in Sebastopol on Monday.

Read All About It:


How the storytelling can add value to wines

The use of a vineyard’s storytelling helps to better understand the position of each vintage in a niche and luxury market. There is a link between the price level of the wine and the style of the corporate storytelling

Read All About It:


Putting the Super in Tuscany

Great Northwest
Wine of the Week

July 30, 2013 • Vol. 1, No. 30
By Andy Perdue and Eric Degerman


You might have heard the term “Super Tuscan” but haven’t been sure what exactly that means.

It’s an interesting story – with a Pacific Northwest twist.

Back in the 1970s, a few Italian winemakers grew tired of regulations that required them to use certain grapes if they wanted their wines to be labeled “Chianti” (after the region between Florence and Sienna).

In particular, Piero Antinori began making a wine called Tignanello that was a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. But using French grapes was frowned upon in Italy.

The wines were a hit and became quite expensive, but this also created a problem because the blend didn’t fit a particular regulated category in Italy, so it was labeled as a table wine – vino da tavola . The producers and enamored wine critics referred to the wines as Super Tuscans.

Today, Super Tuscans are among the most expensive and sought-after wines made in Italy.

And the Northwest connection? In the 1990s, Antinori teamed up with Ste. Michelle Wine Estates to launch Col Solare and later built a grand winery on Red Mountain. There, they produce only one wine under the brand name Col Solare, and it is a red blend. Interestingly, Sangiovese is not part of the mix.


The house that beer built

31st July, 2013 by Andy Young

This is the house that beer built, or to be more specific the house that 50,000 beer cans built.

Read All About It:


Is wine from a cardboard purse a best bet for picnics? See our Wine Panel’s picnic picks

Dallas Morning News Wine Picks

Read All About It:


Environmentally friendly wine kegs should be more easily available


July 30, 2013

Read All About It:


Which wines are best for barbecues?

By: Len Napolitano

Read All About It:


10 Warnings For Visitors to Napa Valley

Posted by Tom Wark on Jul 30, 2013

Read All About It:


Hangovers can make you stupid

A hangover can leave you with more than a sore head in the morning – it impairs the way your brain holds and processes information, according to new research.

Read All About It:


Coming soon in 6 pack cans…Wachusett Larry Imperial IPA. This über-hoppy brew was originally released in 2010 as a one-off collaboration with Brookline (Boston) beer bar, The Publick House


Trinchero Family Estates has launched a new wine brand, Fancy Pants, into national distribution. Making its debut with a 2011 red blend (featuring Zinfandel, Cabernet and Merlot) and a 2012 Pinot Grigio, the new range is sourced from various California vineyards. Both Fancy Pants’ red blend and Pinot Grigio are priced at $9.99 a 750-ml. Trinchero said the brand’s test marketing generated “overwhelming response, especially among the millennial female wine consumer.”


Pernod Ricard’s Kahlúa liqueur is prepping a pair of seasonal launches for the fall and winter, including its new Kahlúa Pumpkin Spice and returning flavor Kahlúa Peppermint Mocha. Launching this September, Kahlúa Pumpkin Spice blends pumpkin flavors and autumnal spices with 100% Arabica coffee and sugarcane rum. Kahlúa Peppermint Mocha, which first launched in the fall of 2010, will follow with an October rollout. Priced at $17.99 a 750-ml., both 20%-abv offerings are targeted toward gifting and at-home cocktail occasions and will be available through December 31. In addition to its flagship coffee-infused liqueur, Kahlúa’s flavor portfolio includes Cinnamon Spice, French Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut and Especial (dark espresso-infused) expressions.


Sierra Nevada Brewing has added a new seasonal, Flipside Red IPA, to its lineup in time for fall. Flipside, which features a “deep ruby-red hue,” will be available beginning in September in 12-ounce bottles and on draft. The new beer (6.2% abv) features whole-cone Citra, Simcoe and Centennial hops, used as both finishing additions as well as in Sierra Nevada’s signature “Torpedo” system. The brewer also added two-row pale, wheat, caramel and chocolate malts. Sierra Nevada’s lineup of seasonal brews also includes Celebration Ale, Ruthless Rye IPA, Summerfest and Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale.

•Stone Brewing Co. has released Coconut IPA in collaboration with San Diego homebrewers Robert Masterson and Ryan Reschan, and San Marcos, California-based Rip Current Brewing. The brew is available now on draft and in 22-ounce bottles across 38 states and Washington, D.C. The recipe stems from the winning Coconut IPA that Masterson and Reschan entered into Stone’s 2013 Homebrew Competition earlier this year. For the final version, Stone added three pounds of lightly toasted coconut per barrel to the beer, and collaborated with Rip Current Brewing, who offered hopping suggestions and their pilot system to experiment on, allowing the team to brew test batches to reach the right combination. Six hops were eventually chosen—Centennial, Amarillo, Calypso, Simcoe, Belma and Australian Helga.


Beer Consumers Shifting Away from Premium Light Segment Appears to Be a Secular Shift to Other Segments

Source: Consumer Edge Insight

Jul 31st

According to Alcoholic Beverage DemandTracker, a periodic survey of US adults age 21+ who consume any type of alcohol at least once a week or more, beer drinkers who are drinking premium domestic light beer brands less often are more likely to be doing so due to changing preferences and tastes within the beer category, rather than weakness in spending money or other temporary factors.

Among beer drinkers who are consuming premium light beer brands less often, the main reason is “getting tired of the taste”, cited by 27% of them. The second-most popular reason given was “consuming more of other types of beer”, 21%. Economic factors were the third-most popular answer as 20% said they were drinking less premium lights because they were “trying to save money.” Another 17% said they were consuming other types of alcohol most often, suggesting some share losses to wine and spirits. Changing tastes are especially prevalent among certain demographic groups: 40% of 21-27 year olds drinking premium lights less often say they are getting tired of the taste, as well as 39% of Hispanics.

The most recent survey also showed fewer beer drinkers are naming a premium light brand as their favorite brand of beer. As of June 2013, 28% of beer drinkers named a premium light brand as their favorite, down from 32% in June 2012. Beer drinkers are now most likely to name an Import brand as their favorite (30%), while Craft beer brands also continue to gain share among favorite brands (15% in June 2013 vs. 13% in June 2012).

Beer drinkers’ perceptions of the premium light segment also show signs of gradually weakening. In June 2013, 30% of beer drinkers said they perceived the premium light segment as “tasting great”, compared to 33% in June 2012. And beer drinkers today are more likely to describe the premium light segment as “watery,” 37% in 2013 vs. 34% last year.

“Our latest consumer research reveals some serious warning signs for the premium light segment,” said David Decker, President of Consumer Edge Insight. “After a long period when these domestic premium light brands dominated the US beer industry, many beer drinkers, particularly younger ones, are finding that they prefer the stronger and more varied tastes of imports and craft beers instead. This suggests that the recent weakness in share trends for the big premium light flagship brands is likely to continue.”

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March 17, 2013

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Open Today 12-6

March 16, 2013

The Perfect Wine For St Patrick’s Day: Grady Family Vineyards Fine Irish Cab. 750ml $13.99

March 16, 2013

St Patrick’s Day Sale. 12pk Bottles Guinness,Harp And Smithwick’s $13.99 Guinness Black Lager $12.99

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