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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Considering Wine & Weed Events… Not So Fast

Who’s Influencing Your Wine Choices?

The Three Tier System Sucks And Needs To Go Away



Can You Spot The Awesome New Feature On These Weight Watchers Wine Glasses?

It’s so on brand.


Senate Committee Set to Ban Wine Shipments to New Hampshire

National Association of Wine Retailers Warns That Hundreds of Thousands of Wines Could Be Off Limits to Granite State Consumers —


2018 statistics on American wine consumption

  • The average retail bottle sale in the U.S. is about $10;
  • What might be more telling is that sales of bottles in the $15-$19.99 range have increased over the past year by “double digits,” and
  • Sales of $8-and-under bottles have decreased.

That is to say, Americans are slowly but surely trading up. Nonetheless, Thach reminds us, $8-and-under bottles of wine (not including boxed wines) still make up 55% of all wines sold in the U.S. It may be a while before the average American attains an actual Napa Valley taste.


What is ullage in wine and should you worry?

Ullage is generally used to describe the amount headspace between the closure and the liquid inside a wine bottle, but how important is this and what does it mean for the wine?

German Beer Sales Are Falling

Consumption in the land of Oktoberfest is showing no cheers

Axe-Throwing Bars: Why Mixing Weapons And Beer Is Surprisingly Good Business

At an experiential bar in Brooklyn, alcohol is served with a dash of excitement. The owner of Kick Axe explains why patrons are lining up to hurl hatchets.

History Of Johnnie Walker Man

Johnnie Walker’s Striding Man logo is perhaps as iconic as the Scotch itself.


When pairing food and wine, if your goal is to create a regional experience, this is the only guide you need.

How Vermont Beer Created a National Craze

The rise and craze of Heady Topper met its moment in America’s craft beer circles.



A Canadian company has filed a technology patent for the production of beer brewed from cannabis, using a method that sees the grains traditionally used to make beer completely replaced with marijuana.



Three pints of beer contain roughly 510 calories, the equivalent of two burgers, while three large glasses of wine (630) calories translates to eating three donuts per week.


Crunching the Numbers on ‘Diet’ Wine, The Innovation No One Needs

These products bill themselves as guilt-free (or low-guilt) options for anyone hoping to cut corners on the sort of cold-turkey cleanses that can seem to last an eternity.

All about Indian food and wine combos

Try these Indian food and wine combos to savor some real flavors

Jameson unveils 2018 St Patrick’s Day bottle design

Irish Distillers has unveiled its seventh annual limited-edition bottle design for Jameson Irish whiskey in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

The best-selling spirits in the US market

The US is the most highly prized market for ambitious spirits producers – but which are the best-selling categories in America, and how fast are they growing?

Treasury Wine Estates ramps up consumer engagement with augmented reality app portfolio

CEO says AR platform allows the ASX-listed wine maker to target millennials, tech enthusiasts and the trade

The Three Tier System Sucks And Needs To Go Away

Did you know there are over 125,000 different wines produced each year? Yet your average wine store only has a few thousand of them and over half of the wines on their shelves come from only three companies.

How to Be an Objective Wine Critic

In the debate about whether winetasting is subjective or objective we need more nuance.

Prosecco’s Epic Fail in the New Italian Hotspots in America

What has happened to Prosecco in America? Has it become but a mere commodity,

You’ve been drinking wine wrong: Expert reveals the 20:20 rule
White wine is served chilled, while red is best at room temperature – or so the mantra goes.

Scientist develops heart disease treatment from red wine

Two antioxidant compounds found in red wine – resveratrol and quercetin – could be used with heart stents in new treatment being developed by a Louisiana State University professor.

Absolut launches film featuring naked employees

The new film, called The Vodka With Nothing To Hide, invites viewers on a “revealing” journey, using nudity as a metaphor for Absolut’s production process in Åhus, Sweden.

Clone Wars: Selecting the Right Pinot

Which clones are best for different regions—and how winemakers choose them

The Quest for Artisan-Made Cinnamon Whiskey

After the success of Fireball, craft whiskey brands enter the fiery fray

4 Reasons Why Long Island Wine Has Never Been Better

By most measures, Long Island wine has never been better. I’m not saying that it’s all good — because it’s not. I’m also not saying that the worst stuff today is even half as good as the best wines from years past  — because it’s not.

Cremant: France’s forgotten sparkling wine?

There probably isn’t anyone who hasn’t at least heard of Champagne, the motherland of all sparkling wine, home to glamour, prestige and such iconic names as Dom Perignon. But Cremant, an often excellent quality (and value) sparkling wine that can be found across many of France’s most prestigious regions?


Barrel of Possibilities

Oak programs a matter of personal taste


Are Your Wine Bottles Safe by FDA Standards?

Concerned about the quality of your bottles? You should be, because not all wine bottles are created equal, as not all manufacturers adhere to the same standards for material quality and safety.


The way to instantly tell if your beer glass is dirty 

Once your draft beer is served to you, check whether the carbonated bubbles stick to the sides of the glass. If they do, they’re catching onto soap residue or leftover crud on the walls of the glass. It’s that simple.


Chaos reigns in wine names

What’s in a name? In the wine world, often confusion, occasionally chaos.

I tried a subscription service that acts as your personal sommelier for only $30 a month — and I loved it

Trying by the glass makes it possible to taste test high-end wines without having to buy the full bottle.


Why produce organic wine? ‘If we want to have longevity in the brand, we need to look after the soil and vineyards right now’

For a growing number of wine producers, organic is not just a expanding market to tap into: it’s a fundamental philosophy of their business and a necessity for the longevity of their enterprise and land.



Big brewers have been lamenting losing drinkers to wine and spirits for years. But it doesn’t get more direct than this pitch for a new MillerCoors brand: “Stop Your Wine-ing.”


Craft beer ‘healthier than red wine’, new study finds

We all know that a glass of red wine is good for you, but it turns outs a pint of craft beer is better, it has got more good things in it


This is why hangovers get worse with age

The trouble is, although there’s lot of evidence that hangovers really do worsen with age, there is very little concrete science as to why this is.


Interesting Alcohol Market Share Report


Is Wine Only Healthy for the Wealthy?

New research reveals more nuances in alcohol’s protective effects on cardiovascular disease


The way that low strength beer and wine is marketed could be increasing overall alcohol consumption

The marketing strategies behind these drinks are leading people to consume them in addition to rather than as a substitute to stronger tipples, which could be very damaging to their overall health in the long run.


Can a Wine Truly Be Great if it Can’t Age?

High-quality Old World wines are renowned for their ability to withstand decades of aging. But if a wine is best young, does that immediately make it inferior?


Guarachi Wine Partners Launches New Wine Brand: BACON

Love is in the air … Oh wait, that’s BACON



Market researcher Euromonitor plunged into the spending habits of consumers around the world, revealing seismic shifts in the way we drink wine.


Who’s Influencing Your Wine Choices?

But now that the “influencer” industry has started inserting itself into our social media feeds, things have become a bit murkier.


A Swirling Controversy is Bubbling Up in Champagne Circles

What is the proper shape of the glass to be lifted when enjoying Champagne?


Food and wine pairing in China: ‘Technicalities ruin the fun’

They still only have very basic knowledge about wine and pairing. The concept of wine pairing helps, but won’t make a huge difference in sales

Is this the same in USA??


Wine Grape Vines Sold


Will canned wine solve all of the wine business’ problems?

Probably not, but canned wine could find acceptance and a profitable niche — just like 3-liter boxes like Black and Bota



The space wine glasses have shiny silver stems, and you can replicate them at home with any ol’ wine glass.


Forget craft beer. The next craze is non-alcoholic brews

Global consumption of traditional beer dropped in 2015 and 2016. But the market for non-alcoholic beer grew 5% in 2016, according to research firm Euromonitor International.


What Is Ginger Beer? What to Know About This Drink

Hint: it’s not beer.



The environmental impact of stopper production and disposal is rising in prominence – but how green is your closure?


Top Wine Brands In The World


How New Alcohol Tax Laws May Affect Your Business

The new laws expand the definition of “table wine” by raising the alcohol by volume (ABV) requirement from a maximum of 14% to 16%—a reflection, Kaiser says, of the way American wines, particularly in California, are made. The change represents a 50-cents-per-gallon savings for wines between 14% and 16% ABV. Now, says Kaiser, “you won’t see people manipulating their wine to get lower alcohol content just so they can pay less tax.”


Some thoughts on wine quality: an intrinsic or extrinsic property of a wine?

How do we define quality in a wine? Is it an intrinsic or extrinsic property of the wine? That is, is quality something that a wine possesses independent of the occasion of drinking, or the drinker, or not?


4 Reasons Why You Should Drink More White Wine

I have a confession. I’ve been drinking more white wine over the last couple years. Here’s why you should too.


What’s the Deal with Soju?

Discovering the traditional South Korean spirit in honor of the Olympics


California Grape Crush Report


Considering Wine & Weed Events… Not So Fast

In California, elegant wine and weed dinners are becoming a popular trend and you might think that winery owners would be in an ideal position to host such events. But could these decadent pairings of cannabis and fine wine be ending just as they are beginning to take off?  In an ironic twist, the same regulations that now allow for legal recreational cannabis also restrict this recreational pairing

Twisted, Degrading Beer Labels And Names Spoils Industry Success

Some beer companies need to decide whether their product is about developing a taste for the finer things in life or an aid to preying on women.

How to spike your cooking game with hard liquor

It’s no secret that the proper libation can elevate an elegant meal. But have you ever considered incorporating liquor into something other than a cocktail glass?

The Best Wine Stoppers, According to Sommeliers and Beverage Directors

Just because wineglasses are bigger than ever before, doesn’t mean that you have to (or even want to) finish an entire bottle of wine in one sitting.

The top 10 countries exporting wine to China

Now You Know Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It

They might tell you after their ‘extensive’ years of wine-tasting and their expensive vocabulary that one wine is better than another, but here’s a tip: feel free to ignore them.

Who writes the stuff on wine bottles?

Glossy flummery can only come after a generous sip

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