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Liquor Industry News/Links

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)



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By: Mark C Lenzi



Franklin Liquors And Vinitas WineWorks Podcast

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The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW)

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Horizon Beverage Mondavi And Prisoner Event

Another Great Education And Tasting Event This Week.


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Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

6 Tips on Pairing Wine and Cheese

Looking for a hard-to-find wine? Tap into this sommelier secret weapon

Your dad’s favorite beer is making a huge comeback thanks to hipsters — and execs are thrilled



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The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW)


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The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) Podcast

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Donald Trump’s Proposal to ‘Buy American, Hire American’ Could Cause Beer Prices to Rise

Should U.S. authorities decide to take action against foreign imports, the cans and overall prices of beer could rise, brewing companies said, according to Bloomberg.

Climate Change Is Coming for Your Favorite Wine

Changing weather patterns are already impacting your favorite pinot noir — just ask your sommelier

8 housewarming gifts for the wine-loving host

Think outside of the box with these gift ideas for wine lovers

P.F. Chang’s launches proprietary wines

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro has teamed up with Browne Family Vineyards of Walla Walla, Wash., to introduce two wines available only at the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based chain’s 215 restaurants.

Common ‘Wine Terms’—and What They Really Mean

Sometimes talking about wine can seem like dancing about architecture: impossible. Many people don’t quite know what they want or are looking for in a wine, and worse still, they may not use the right language to convey their meaning.


Many see Gamay as the poor relation but as investment pours into Beaujolais, this lesser known variety is producing some super wines.


Prosecco – We Love It – for now!

Prosecco has been enjoyed since Roman times, but only as a sparkling wine since the late 19th Century.  Most consumers of Prosecco probably don’t know that it is a legally delimited region in EU and World Trade Organisation (WTO) law. Perhaps that is not surprising for a region that as a legal entity producing sparkling wine is less than a decade old

Wine From Tenerife – The Canary Islands

This story is all about discovering Tenerife, the largest wine area in the Canary Islands. You’ll learn about some unique varieties from a very special place.


As we head into summer and begin thinking about buying wines for outdoor entertaining, let’s take a look at a few common wine marketing tactics (or misperceptions) that may be confusing and also affect your purchasing decisions.



The move is a culmination in a long-running battle over Spanish terroir between The Regulatory Council of the Designated Origin Denomination of Origin (DOCa) and more than 150 producers, who argued that the current appellation system was “oblivious to soil differentiation and levels of quality” and calling for “deep changes” to boost the countries heritage and prevent it valuing quantity over quality.

Can a screw-cap wine be “corked”? Corkiness isn’t just cork taint.

The more important telltale sign of a corked wine is the absence of fruit — even when there is no cork taint.

Leave cookies? Pay sales tax, says Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the very few states that wineries can ship to that does not require sales tax registration as a condition of receiving a direct shipping permit.

Champagne And Sparkling Wine Consumption Decreases

While consumption in the champagne and sparkling wine category may be less frequent than other types of alcohol, the more concerning aspect is the apparent drop-off in the consumption incidence for both alcohol types.

Go for fruity wines while flying or at high altitude

Have you ever noticed that some foods taste delicious at higher altitudes and while flying but awful otherwise

Bushmills crafts guitar using whiskey barrels

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has partnered with Lowden Guitars to create a limited edition guitar made from whiskey barrels and ancient bog oak, retailing at £8,500 (US$10.8k).

Your dad’s favorite beer is making a huge comeback thanks to hipsters — and execs are thrilled

Since the beer has been around since 1903 and was once considered a high-end brand, the company has a lot to draw from

Most consumers judge a craft beer by its packaging, Nielsen finds

The craft beer shelf is getting more crowded with 1,800 new product launches in the category last year, making packaging and labeling one of the primary purchase influencers for craft beer consumers, according to Nielsen.

The Complete Guide to Making Champagne

If there is one wine associated with success and celebration it is, of course, Champagne.

Rosé Has a Very, Very Shady History

Diluted wine was the thing to drink in ancient Greece, as it was believed that only barbarians consumed pure wine, which would then make them drunkards who would then go on to rape and murder.

2017 Harvest Report: Despite Drought, Potential Is High for South African Wines

A dry winter and growing season was challenging for vines in the Cape wine regions

Looking for a hard-to-find wine? Tap into this sommelier secret weapon

For that, the most important piece of information is almost always the wine agent, as in the importer.

Discover New Wines with Nifty Infographics

Uncover delicious wines you’ve probably never heard of with these data visualizations organized by wine style and price.

Smirnoff vodka trolls Trump’s ‘Russiagate’ scandal

Diageo-owned vodka brand Smirnoff has caused a stir with its latest advertising campaign, which mocks US president Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

World’s first’ sunflower spirit launches

US-based Dalton Distillery has launched what is claimed to be the “world’s first” sunflower spirit, called TazaRay.

An Introduction to Lodi

A short trip from Sacramento, in Lodi you’ll encounter gnarled Zinfandel and Cinsault vines along with under-the-radar wine grapes like Kerner and Albariño.

Trees under blue sky reflecting in still lake

Alcohol Advertising 101

With news last week that the NFL will now be allowing distilled spirits suppliers to advertise during televised football games, it is a good time for a reminder about some of the special issues that come up when advertising alcohol.


A South African winery is determined to realise the ‘unique’ potential of Nebbiolo in Elgin, despite its newly planted vineyard being devastated by a recent wildfire.

Barrel-fermented vs. barrel-aged: What’s the difference?

What the yeast are up to—and when—makes all the difference.


Vineyards in Napa Valley are assessing the damage after a freak hailstorm at the weekend, that could affect yields in localized areas.


Every year Forbes publishes its list of the world’s wealthiest individuals – not those that have made millions, but billions – highlighting the movers and shakers of the business world and where they have made their money.

Introduction to Sicilian wine

There are many things to like about Italy, not the least is the broad selection of wines this sunny peninsula offers wine drinkers.

6 Tips on Pairing Wine and Cheese

Which wines pair best with what cheeses?

Around the world, beer consumption is falling

Beer has become less popular in the world’s biggest markets

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June 26th

Private CraftRoots Brewery Tour And Tasting


The Franklin Wine Club will take over the CraftRoots Brewery.

We will have a private event.

Price includes a sample rack of four 5oz beers to start.

We will have a private tour and an open discussion about craft beer, and CraftRoots Brewing.

Lets get together to support this brewery and enjoy time together over a few beers.

About CraftRoots

CraftRoots Brewing took root in April of 2014 in Milford, Massachusetts. Brewer + Founder Maureen Fabry is passionate about connecting craft beer back to local agriculture and crafting superfresh community-inspired brews.

CraftRoots Brewing is grounded in a genuine grassroots idea: focus craft beer back to its field-to-glass origins.  We brew fresh and flavorful home-grown ales that connect you to local farmers and craft maltsters.

100% of their grain and hops are grown on family farms in the Northeast.

32-oz. Squealers are available for purchase to-go.

To view current beers on tap:


Food Options:

They cannot serve food at the brewery. However, they do have a Bring Your Own Grub (B.Y.O.G.) policy. Did you make some amazing chili and have leftovers – bring them in with you! Have a favorite pizza in mind – pick it up on the way! Can’t decide what you want just yet – it’s all good.They have binders on hand featuring menus from many great local restaurants.

Sign Up Here:


Franklin Adult Education 2017 Classes


Save The Date!

Popping The Cork On Sparking Wines

Tuesday Nov 21st 7PM

Sparkling wines are used in celebrating many life’s best moments. At this education/tasting event we will explore all things bubbly.  What are the methods in making these wines? What is true Champagne? What makes Prosecco different from Cava? To answer these questions we will explore sparkling from all parts of the world.

Sign Ups Soon!


Medway Community Education Winter Programs




Tri-County Adult Education  


French Wine Scholar Programs


Vinitas WineWorks LLC, Tri-County Adult Education, and Franklin Liquors are excited to announce the Fall session of the French Wine Scholar Certification program!

Now you don’t have to go to Boston for this world-class French wine course! Set yourself apart from your peers and specialize in the wines of France. Gain the confidence to taste, sell, and speak meaningfully about all aspects of French wine, from Champagne to Bordeaux and everything in between. Pass the exam and earn the title French Wine Scholar and FWS post-nominal.

Developed by the Wine Scholar Guild with the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, this specialization program is designed for advanced students of wine, whether professionals or serious wine hobbyists. This is NOT an introductory wine class; students should have professional wine experience or previous classroom study. Students must be familiar with the concepts of viticulture and vinification, major grape varieties, wine regions, and wine styles from across the globe, and have experience tasting wine in a formal setting.

Save The Dates!


Italian Wine Tasting/Education

Thursday Sept 14th 7PM

Let’s take a tasting tour around Italy. We will discuss regions, laws, and explore unique wines from all over Italy. Don’t let wines from Italy confuse you; learn what grapes grow best where and more!



Tuesday Oct 10th 7PM

This wine tasting and educational class will help you develop your wine profile.

We will explore the 5 steps in how to taste wine.  The results of this will make you a better wine taster and buyer and develop your unique wine profile.  With this profile you can walk into any store or restaurant and explain what you like.

What do you smell? Do you like oaked or unoaked wines? Why do we swirl and spit?

We will talk about wine technology that can assist in building your palate.


Exploring French Wine Regions

Thursday Nov 9th 7PM

Lets take a tasting tour around France.

We will discuss regions, laws and explore unique wines from Champagne to the Southwest. Don’t let wines from France confuse you, learn what grapes grow best where and so much more!


Popping The Cork On Sparking Wines

Tuesday Nov 21st 7PM

Sparkling wines are used in celebrating many life’s best moments. At this education/tasting event we will explore all things bubbly.  What are the methods in making these wines? What is true Champagne? What makes Prosecco different from Cava? To answer these questions we will explore sparkling from all parts of the world.

Sign Ups Soon!






Franklin Library Book Club

Do you like wine? Do you like books? Join us for a special Wine Tasting & Book Club Meeting at Franklin Liquors. Kim Shipala, Assistant Library Director at the Franklin Public Library, will lead a discussion of the novel, while Kim Simone of Vinitas Wineworks and Mark of Franklin Liquors will do a tasting of the wines mentioned in the book.

The book discussion is free, but the wine tastings are $10 each. Space is limited to 40 participants. To register, either visit the library’s website or call Kim Shipala at 508-520-4943.

More Soon!


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red wine flavours

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Your Chocolate And Wine Events

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Food And Wine Events


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The Moonlight Chef


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Food Uncorked (larger)

Franklin Liquors Wine Education

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Certified Specialist Of Spirits-CSS

Society Of Wine Educators

California Wine Appellation Specialist-CWAS-San Francisco Wine School (First In MA)

French Wine Scholar FWS-(Instructor) Wine Scholar Guild

Quini Certified Educator- QCE (First In USA)

Italian Wine Specialist-IWS-North American Sommelier Association

New Card Back 2016

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Our Wine Education/Events Partner

Kim Simone

Vinitas Wineworks


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