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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW) 02-13-20

February 13, 2020

Exploring all things wine with you!


The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 02-17-19

February 17, 2019

Exploring all things wine with you!


The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 02-10-19

February 10, 2019

Exploring all things wine with you!


The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW) 02-08-19

February 8, 2019

Exploring all things wine with you!


Franklin Wine Club Valentine’s Wine Tasting

February 8, 2017

Franklin Wine Club

Valentine’s Wine Event

An Education And Tasting 


Tuesday February 7th 2017


Host: Shanley Snydeman


At this tasting we will explore wines that will be great to pair on Valentines Day.

Mix of types and styles to get you in the ready for the big day.

Lets taste and explore.


About Shanley

Shanley is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. She holds degrees in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales and Bachelors in Hospitality Management from Endicott College. She is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers and has over a decade of experience working with the wine programs of such restaurants as Legal Sea Foods, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse and Gibbet Hill Grill. In her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, sailing and hockey.

The Wines:

Wine #1 

2014 Love Noir Rosé


750ml $9.99

Wine #2

2015 Love Noir Pinot Noir


750ml $11.99

Wine #3

2014 Some Young Punks

Passion Has Red Lips



750ml $24.99

Wine #4

2013 Some Young Punks

Naked On Roller Skates


750ml $28.99

Wine #5

2014 Some Young Punks

The Sqid’s Fist


750ml $29.99

Wine #6

2015 Banfi Rosa Regale


750ml $17.99

Wine #7

Choco Vine Original


750ml $10.99

Wine #8

Choco Vine Whipped Cream


750ml $10.99

Wine #9

Choco Vine Raspberry


750ml $10.99

Event Photos






Franklin Liquors 2017 Events

Hosted By:

Franklin Liquors

333 East Central St

Franklin, Ma 02038



New Card Back 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.58.51 PM

Thank You 2016

Whoopie Pie And Wine Tasting Event 02-10-15

February 11, 2015

Hosted In The Franklin Liquors Wine Room 02-10-15 For The Tri-County Adult Education Program.

Special Guest Making Whoopie Bakery


The Mini Whoopies


The Menu

image2-35 image2-36

image3-32 image3.PNG image4-29

The Room And Wines

Franklin Liquors Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 10, 2015


Franklin Liquors Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Guide


Valentine Wine Of The Day

February 9, 2014

Chocolate Shop Sparkling Chocolate Wine. Fill Your Glass With A Bubbly Foam Full Of Chocolate Covered Cherry Flavor. Pairs Well With Chocolate Covered Fruits. 750ml $9.99


Valentine Wine Of The Day

February 8, 2014

Valentine Wine Of The Day: Chocolate Box Shiraz 750ml $19.99 Great With Dark Chocolate


Liquor Industry News/Links 2-8-14

February 8, 2014

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CWAS*

Liquor Industry Week In Review:

News and links about Wine, Beer and Liquor

Guide On How To Save Money On Wine

The point about buying at discount stores is true BUT don’t

Forget small stores!!

Man Suing Jack Daniels

A Maryland bartender is suing Brown Forman the makers of Jack Daniels.

The bartender cut himself opening a bottle of JD and claims bottle was defective.

List beer’s alcohol content? In Maine, that’s illegal

Did you know in Maine its against law to post alcohol content of beer on menus?



4th February, 2014 by Lauren May

Facebook has rejected calls to ban pages and videos linked to the drinking craze “neknomination” – despite one death in Ireland being linked to the online drinking game. Have you ever heard of this game??


We love a good wine book!


Wine Science

Video: how expectations, environment, and social cues can fool us into believing that our wine tastes better or worse than it is.


4th February, 2014 by Rupert Millar

Madcap Scottish craft brewers, BrewDog, has launched a “protest beer” aimed at Vladimir Putin and Russia’s laws on homosexuality.


New Low Cal Wine From New Zealand

Brancott Estate has released Flight Song, a new range of low-calorie wines from New Zealand. Rolling out in March, the lineup features a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Marlborough Pinot Grigio, both of which are made with lower-sugar grapes harvested earlier in the season and, as a result, are billed as having 20% less calories than a typical wine of the same varietal. Brancott Estate Flight Song will be available nationwide, priced at $14.99 a 750-ml. Along with its new Flight Song range, Brancott Estate also produces its core Brancott Estate tier and the Brancott Estate Letter Series

Corks: Pros, cons to what goes atop your favorite bottle of wine

Types of corks and Pros Vs Cons of each


All alcohol, even wine, raises risk of gout flare-ups: Study

Rare Case When Wine Is Bad:


Identifying Fruit Flavors in Wine

Another Great Wine Folly Wine Education


Two New Wachusett Beers


Wachusett Strawberry White: Strawberry White is a Traditional Belgian Ale. The complex, spicy flavors of the traditional Belgian yeast are offset by the delicious strawberry flavor. It is brewed with 160 lbs of strawberry puree per batch.

Wachusett Light IPA: The world’s first Light IPA is our American version of an English bitter. This is an easy drinking “pub” or session beer with only 121 calories, but is packed with flavor that won’t disappoint.


5th February, 2014 by Lauren May

A grapeleaf-chomping weevil has been found by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency hidden in a shipment of Italian tiles.


A Glass of Wine Could Trigger Allergies, Increasing the Need for ‘Wine-Testing’ Before ‘Wine-Tasting’

Interesting look at potential allergens that are present in the food they eat and the beverages they drink, including wine. Egg whites and milk products are commonly used in the wine-making process, increasing the likelihood of the presence of egg & milk proteins in the wine that people consume

The top 15 imperial IPAs in the world

Rate List


America vs. Europe: The Organic Divide

The debate over organic wine between the U.S. and the European Union.


What’s the link between classical music and fine wine?

Two experiments reported here suggest that people (social drinkers) share a number of crossmodal associations when it comes to pairing wines and music.

Captain Morgan Takes Aim At Bacardi With New White Rum

Over the past few years Bacardi has been challenging fellow rum behemoth Captain Morgan in the Captain’s core spiced segment with a newcomer, a spiced rum called Bacardi OakHeart. Now, Diageo is returning the favor, introducing a white rum to the Captain Morgan line that will compete against Bacardi’s core offering.

Debuting nationally this month, Captain Morgan White Rum is 80-proof and retails at $15.99 a 750-ml. Diageo says it’s backing the launch with a “robust marketing mix,” including television, print and online ads.

Who Really Owns Your Craft Beer?

Based on their labels, and even by the long histories detailed on their websites, you’d never know some seemingly independent, seemingly craft beers are owned by gigantic corporations.


29 Misconceptions About Alcohol

Video Tips


Distiller wants to help you find the perfect bottle of whiskey

Want to up your whiskey game, but not sure where to start? Answer a few questions in this app and let the tasting begin.

What You Should Know About Sparkling Wine

Tips For Valentines Day Sparkling Wine


Craft Brewing and Distilling News:

Anderson Valley Brewing Company from Boonville, California is releasing the latest offering in its Wild Turkey Barrel Series, Huge Arker Imperial Stout. The brewery partnered with the iconic Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Bourbon distillery for the barrel-aged craft beer series and will release Huge Arker in limited quantities on draft and in 22-ounce bottles beginning in early February to select U.S. markets. The imperial stout is 13.5% abv and is aged in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels for several months for a rich flavor of honey and molasses. Huge Arker follows the release of the highly popular Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout.

California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is launching its 2014 Harvest Series nationwide next week, showcasing newly developed hop varieties and diverse hopping methods with five 24-ounce format IPA releases to debut over the course of the year. A single-hop IPA featuring unnamed Hop #291 will kick off the series. Upcoming beers in the lineup will include another single-hop IPA, as well as fresh-hop, wet-hop and wild-hop IPAs. The brewery is also planning its second annual Single, Fresh, West & Wild Harvest Festival this fall in its hometown, featuring brewers from across the country showcasing their offerings that include at least one single-hop, fresh-hop, wet-hop or wild-hop beer.

Is Wine “Tonging” the New Sabering?

Watch sommelier Dustin Wilson open a bottle of wine with red-hot tongs at New York City’s Eleven Madison Park.

All About Beer Pong

Infographic On Beer Pong


We Have Wines For Your Valentines!


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February 14, 2013

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day: We Have Great Gift Ideas For Your Valentine.Open 9-9

February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Rosenblum Desiree Dessert Wine With Chocolate

February 12, 2013

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Terra Valentine Cabernet Sauvignon

Your Valentine Will Love Chocolate Mint Wine!

February 12, 2013

New Item And Just In Time For Your Valentine!!

Chocolate Shop Chocolate Mint Wine….

The Classic Object Of Your Confection


Imagine rich chocolate flavors layered with fresh, cool mint notes, it’s like drinking your after dinner mint.


A chocolatier winemaker has achieved the next great pairing – a red wine blend made from only the finest vinifera grapes delicately blended with dark chocolate and mint flavors. This festive wine is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the classic pairing of chocolate and mint.

Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled.

BLEND Red Wine infused with Natural Chocolate and Mint


750ml $11.99


Chocolate Shop Also Availible In:



And Regular Chocolate Which Comes In A Box..

Best Box Of Chocolate You Can Give!

Stop In Saturday The 16th 3-6 And Try!

Wine For Your Valentine Tasting Saturday 2-16-13 3-6PM

February 12, 2013



Wine For Your Valentine Tasting
Free In Store
Saturday February 16th 3-6PM
This will Be A Biodynamic FRUIT And FLOWER Day.
Great To Taste Wine!!

Maison Nicolas Vineyards

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellation: V in de Pays d’Oc
Location: South of France
Soil: Small stones, mixed clay
Varietals: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasting Notes: Red brick color, with black fruit and
blackberry aromas. Toasted notes with
a hint of herbs. Nice Finish with smooth
and dry tannins.
Serving Suggestions: Roasts, red meats, and poultry

Nicolas cab

750ml $8.99

2011 Chardonnay
Appellation: V in de Pays d’Oc
Location: South of France
Soil: Pebble on sandy red clay
Varietals: 100% Chardonnay
Barrel Aging: 6 months
Tasting Notes: Light straw color, with a simple, unassuming
bouquet of citrus and vanilla. Light and clean,
with a nice Finish. A great wine for the price!

Serving Suggestions: Complements chicken, turkey, any fish or
white meat meal.

750ml $8.99

2010 Merlot
Appellation: Vi n de Pays D’oc
Location: South of France
Soil: Small stones, red clay
Production: 30,000 cases
Varietals: 100% Merlot
Barrel Aging: 6 months
Tasting Notes: Spicy berry aromas and hints of smoke
and plums. Well balanced, round and
supple with smooth tannins.
Serving Suggestions: Light red meats, pasta, poultry
750ml $8.99

2011 Pinot Grigio
Golden straw color with bright green highlights.
Delicate notes of apples and pears, with a slight
floral aroma. Dry and elegant, with a crisp finish.
Serve well chilled as an aperitif. Exceptional
with appetizers, fresh seafood and pasta.

750ml $8.99

2011 Pinot Noir

Appellation: Vi n Pays d’Oc
Location: Pays d’Oc, in the highest region of
the valley de l’Aude.
Soil: Small stones on mixed clay.
Production: 10,000 cases
Varietals: 100% Pinot Noir
Barrel Aging: 6 months
Tasting Notes: Pleasing dark red garnet color .
Spicy nose of roasted fruit with
leathery undertones and cloves.
Fleshy and full, yet very supple.
Serving Suggestions: Red meats, robust dishes such as
Portobello mushrooms.

750ml $8.99

Ventana Pinot Noir $19.99 TASTING GREAT!
Chcolate Shop Wines! Thats Right Wine AND Chocolate Mixed!

Dont Forget Our Valentine Gift Ideas

Box Of Chocolate

Box Of Chocolate

Chocolate Shop Strawberry

Chocolate Shop Strawberry


Chocolate Box Shiraz

Chocolate Box Shiraz


February 10, 2013

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Box Of Chocolates…..Chocolate Shop Wine That Is! 1.5l Box

February 10, 2013

We Have Great Valentine Gift Ideas In Stock

February 8, 2013

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea:Hooker Chocolate Stout

Our Valentine’s Newsletter

February 7, 2013

Our Valentine’s Newsletter

Our Valentine’s Newsletter

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