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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Artificially produced wine: fad or the future of the food industry?

How the Tequila Boom Could Go Bust

Why the Majority of Beer Drinkers Would Pay Over $1 More per Six-Pack




The Dirty Secret Ruining Your Draft Beer

In some cases, maybe beer really does taste better from the tap — but only if the draft lines are clean.

Cîroc unveils black raspberry-flavored vodka

Diageo has expanded its ultra-premium Cîroc vodka line with the release of a new limited edition flavor – Cîroc Black Raspberry.

This is why you should always decant your wine — Champagne included

Everyone is afraid that if you decant Champagne that you lose the bubbles

The bourbanization of wine

Today, some US retailers offer more bourbon-barrel-aged Californian wines than bottles from South Africa or Portugal.

Rhode Island Wine and Waterfalls

Guiding the reader through a day trip through Rhode Island that included a little hiking, several waterfalls, and various vineyards along the way

Augmented Reality for Wine: Past, Present & Future

With Treasury, Gallo, and other wine producers launching their own augmented reality wine apps, it’s worth reviewing the evolution of this digital marketing tactic within the wine industry and what to expect in the future.

Give artificial taste and olfactory intelligence for automatic wine analysis

Electronic olfactory system constructed with a model nose was proposed for the first time to mimic the biological olfactory mechanism as early as in 1982

IWA launches major drive against fake Irish whiskey

The Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) has “ramped up” its efforts to combat the sale of counterfeit Irish whiskey globally.


Anyone with even a passing interest in wine not interested in looking at what South Africa is producing today needs their head examined.

The Key to Mastering Martinis Is Finding Your Balance

Martinis can intimidate otherwise confident home bartenders. After all, drinks without a lot of ingredients hide even fewer flaws.


How to Find Expensive Wine That’s Worth It

There’s a lot that goes into determining a wine’s price. Sure, money doesn’t grow on vines, but there can be big differences between a $10 bottle and a $50 bottle.


New Research Study Highlights Motivational Differences of Wine Consumers by Generation

Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials – researchers have been studying how the differences between these generations impact their wine purchase decisions.

California Wineries will be allowed to post photos to social media ahead of special events

The bill was introduced to update tied-house rules that prohibited alcohol producers from posting photos of a venue hosting a special wine tasting event. Posting a photo of such a venue was prohibited advertising – an illegal gift of “something of value” to the retailer under “tied-house” rules.

What are dry-hopped vs. wet-hopped IPAs?

You pick up two IPAs at your local bottle shop. One boasts that it’s “dry-hopped.” The other proclaims itself “wet-hopped.” What’s the difference?

Is the Prosecco Boom Sustainable?

Is the Prosecco boom sustainable? Or is it a bubble that’s eventually going to pop?

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2019 winners

Whisky expert Jim Murray has revealed the ‘world’s best whisky’ in his Whisky Bible 2019. Here are the expressions that have secured the top accolades.

Jack Daniel’s creates whiskey advent calendar

The calendar will launch on 19 November through supermarket Asda, and will also be available to purchase from mid-November online via the Jack Store at an RRP of £60 (US$79).


The Court of Master Sommeliers, Americas has moved to invalidate the results of the tasting portion of this year’s Diploma Examination after “clear evidence” an existing MS revealed the wines that were to be tasted in advance.

A Technology Company’s New Way To Gather Data For Wine Marketing

Great story in Forbes about Quini.

We love and use it!

What Really Happens as Wine Ages?

We know some wines get better with time. But what’s actually happening inside your bottle as wine ages, and how does it change what you taste?

Is the World Ready for the ‘Screwcork?’

The twistable take on a cork is about to reach a new market.

With cheap wine, you get what you pay for

The U.S. three-tier wine distribution system must accommodate three groups — winery, wholesaler, retailer, and that’s not counting something for the grape farmer. You really must cut corners to put the product on the shelf for $5.


America’s 26 Top Selling Beers


Why the Majority of Beer Drinkers Would Pay Over $1 More per Six-Pack

Turns out a lot of environmentally-conscious drinkers would be happy to pay significantly more for their brews according to a new study, assuming those beers are produced in a more sustainable manner.



While growers in Champagne have historically struggled to ripen their grapes, the biggest challenge facing the region today is preserving acidity levels, according to one family-owned house.


When Talking About Wine, You Have to Read the Room

Is it time to change the way we talk about wine?


What makes a wine organic, sustainable, biodynamic or natural?

Consumers looking to be conscientious may find little help from labels or certification.

We Know All About This!

Check Out Our Selections


LeBron James lets his kids drink wine—would you?

I know many of the arguments on both sides. Kids in France have wine with lunch. Letting kids drink early helps de-mystify alcohol, hopefully taking some of the prohibited fun aspect away from drinking.


Eight Wines for Pumpkin Spice Lovers

Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove, a.k.a pumpkin spice, are found in wines from Washington State Chardonnay to Alsace Pinot Noir.



Investigation of California wine labeled as Oregonian

Sen. Merkely has asked the federal government to investigate whether copper cane broke the law in labeling it’s wine with Oregon names despite being processed in California.


Why Chablis is the Purest Chardonnay

Easily influenced by winemaking techniques and terroir, Chardonnay’s most unadulterated wines come from the tiny French region of Chablis.


Are Wine Reviews Aimed Primarily at Purchasing Decisions?

What are these evaluations aiming to achieve? Is wine criticism similar to film, book, or art criticism? Or is it more akin to the evaluation of consumer products?


The History Of Champagne In Sports Wins

So just how long has this tradition of celebrating with Champagne been around for?


How To Buy Better Wine

For most people, selecting a nice bottle of wine is a daunting proposition. With an overwhelming volume of options, be it at the liquor store or when pursuing a restaurant’s wine list, it can be really hard to know whether what’s in the bottle will be exactly what you were expecting.


Sherry in a Case

Sherry is one of the world’s most misunderstood wines.



In advance of this year’s Old Fashioned and Manhattan season, we tasted an array of cocktail cherries to determine the best ones for all your drinking needs.



In the interests of clarity, we mapped the number of craft breweries by state as well as breweries per capita. The BA defines the latter as per 100,000 adults over the age of 21.



A Danish company has launched a watch called Décantheure on funding platform Kickstarter which allows users to track the time it takes to decant wines made from different grape varieties.



#ATTR, which stands for “Ale to the Redskins,” is the first beer in team history brewed just for the Redskins. The beer will be sold at all Devils Backbone stands and in sections 137, 121, 319 and 408 on gamedays.

Is Patriot Beer In Our Future?


The Pros and Cons of Shelf Talkers

Retailers discuss shelf talkers as a marketing tool—and share their most effective strategies for creating them


Utah liquor stores are doing away with the helpful rating cards that many shoppers rely on to select wine



The ‘Wine Archive’ That Quietly Improves the World’s Wine

A collection of more than 7,000 grapevine varieties is a boon to vintners and scientists.

Total Wine seeks Braintree MA location

The national liquor retailer is seeking a license for a store on Pearl Street.

Meet Abruzzo’s Indigenous Italian Grapes

Abruzzo’s winemaking traditions go back hundreds of years, and producers are now showing just how great the native grapes Montepulciano and Trebbiano can be.

Losing weight? Skip these 3 wines

When it comes to wine and your health, some are better than others.

What does it mean to say a wine has good ‘structure’?

Can wine have “structure”? It’s a liquid, after all, not a building.


In Italy, soil composition really shines through its grape varieties, with each region boasting its own microclimate and rich geological history — a unique “special sauce.”

How to Pair Leeks with Wine

Once you get to know these alliums, you’ll want them in everything. Look to crisp wine pairings like Sauvignon Blanc and Garganega.

How the Tequila Boom Could Go Bust

Volatile prices, high expenses and the agave plant’s seven-year growth cycle are driving farmers out of business.

12 secrets to enjoying the perfect bottle of wine, according to wine experts

Here are some tips and tricks to use when searching for the perfect wine

Wine in cans is massively popular in the US

Here’s why South Africans aren’t keen yet

Artificially produced wine: fad or the future of the food industry?

In San Francisco, Ava Winery challenges everything we know and appreciate about wine by using molecular plant science

“Boys Will be Boys” wine yanked from shelves because “rape culture”

Church & State Wines is pulling its “Boys Will Be Boys” wine from the shelves because the moniker promotes “rape culture.”

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