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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Case of Wine






Using CRISPR on Grapes

New technologies like gene editing hold promise for improving the fruit’s resistance to disease




The requirement to remit sales tax typically comes as a prerequisite to obtaining a license from the state Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agency for the purpose of shipping wine directly to consumers


Why Are Wine Bottles Different Shapes? Ask The Expert!

Have you ever wondered why some wines, like Pinot Noir, come in different shaped bottles?


Researching using dairy by-products to make beer

Cornell researchers are looking into ways to make beer out of a dairy by-product.


French court rejects plea from luxury wine label to stop cheap blends being sold under ‘Petrus’ name

After a seven-year legal battle, the Bordeaux appeals court has ruled that the makers of a cheap, blended wine that sells for less than £10 a bottle can continue to use the name ‘Petrus’.


Wine from French oak or American oak – what a difference a barrel can make

More than just containers for fermenting or ageing, the right barrel can add depth and character to a wine



Even if you do drink Absolut, there are probably more than a few things you don’t know about the product, or the company itself.



Pay-to-Play Schemes Keep TTB Busy

These infractions, he adds, can “include on-premise and off-premise retailers. The preferred shelf space at an off-premise retailer may be the space near the check-out counter or the eye-level on the aisle shelves …. For an on-premise retailer, it could be the draft beer taphead, the well product or, again, some shelf or display space that traditionally captures the eye of the consumer who may then order that brand.”


Why comparing wine-quality scores might make no sense

There is no mathematical meaning to comparing wine-quality scores between different critics.


How wine became former UW star Damon Huard’s latest touchdown

Huard’s venture is known as Passing Time. The winery’s name came from South Florida resident Claire Marino. Her husband is one of Huard’s business partners. You might know him as Dan Marino.

One wine writer asks wine lovers to reflect on their standards

Let’s assume that you are dedicated to drinking wine. It’s your go-to, your default, your everlasting love. Wine is part of your life, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

With that assumption in mind, let’s consider a handful of questions to find out not how much you love drinking wine, but how “good” you are at it. And if simple concepts like “good” and “bad” are too aggressive, replace “How good are you?” with “How much do you care?”



Back label wine descriptions: What the jumble and winespeak on the back label really means

In fact, back label wine descriptions may be more annoying, since their job is to help sell the wine. Who wants to buy a wine where the back label promises something that isn’t there?

Aussie wine exports to China up 51%,
top $1 billion

Do You Order the Second-Cheapest Wine?

Help us investigate a popular ordering strategy.

French Wine Study Finds Wine Lovers Can Taste Pesticides in Wine

Can you taste pesticides in wine? That’s the topic French scientist and researcher Seralini set out to explore in a country wide study of wines from popular French wine regions (and one Italian wine region).


You know that old saying, “have your champagne and eat it, too?” No? Well, get familiar with it, because we have a groundbreaking round up of cheeses that are made with booze, inspired by a certain pink Prosecco cheese that you’ve probably seen all over the Internet.

Sony Sues Brewer Over “Breaking Bud” Beer

The studio claims Knee Deep Brewing is infringing on its ‘Breaking Bad’ trademarks.


The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Wine

The natural wine movement gains in popularity by the day, but what really makes a wine natural? With shifting definitions and no official standards, confusion can abound. We take a deep look at all things “natty wine” for your complete guide to this exciting category.


Survey at 2018 Vinitaly shows booming trends in organic wine consumption

Italian consumers were developing a strong taste for organic wine, a research unveiled at the Vinitaly wine fair here in Verona showed.

In the first two months of 2018, sales of organic wine reached 21.6 million euros (26.6 million U.S. dollars) in terms of value in the country’s large retails chain only, according to the research.

The figure marked an 88 percent increase compared to the same period of 2017 (while non-organic wine sales overall grew by 3 percent in value).


Why Did Jesus Make So Much Wine?

Jesus was at a wedding, and the hosts ran out of wine. After some discussion with his mother, Mary, Jesus astonishes everyone by turning the purification water into wine.

The question I want to consider is, Why did Jesus make so much wine?


Wine trends through the years: The trendiest styles from the past six decades

Tasting glasses at the ready, here’s a look back at some of the biggest wine trends from the swinging Sixties to present day…


The Problems With Wine Scores

Scores between wine critics cannot be compared except in the rare case in which two critics use the same objective scoring scheme


Champagne Shipments to U.S. Increase for Fifth Consecutive Year

In 2017, 23,096,645 bottles of Champagne were shipped to the United States in 2017, an increase of 5.9 percent from 2016.


Discover the new educational film presenting terroir, vine-training, wine-making, tasting of Champagne



7 Beer Pool Floats You Need In Your Life For A Pitcher-Perfect Summer

Ditch the lounge chair and float into the weekend on a beer-inspired pool floaty.


How to Plan Wine for Your Wedding

Wedding planning is hard work. Drinking wine shouldn’t be. We talk to an expert on how to best navigate wine for your wedding, from selections to budget and day-of logistics. Here’s your guide to creating the perfect day.



Have High Acid Wines Finally Burned Out?

There was a time when the single most popular phrase among a certain subset of wine drinkers was “high-acid.” Exhausted from the uber-ripe, fruity, and boozy juice of the previous era, many sommeliers and wine professionals began extolling the virtues of high acidity in the mid-2000s.


Decanting a bottle of house wine serves no purpose and other dining tips

There are some things every server, bartender or restaurant manager want the public to know.


Dive into the World of Organic and Biodynamic Wines

Whether you enjoy white, red, sparkling, rosé or all of the above, here are some organic and biodynamic bottles to introduce you to this booming wine category.


Why you should ignore the stigma around ordering the cheapest red or white and enjoy a glass of house wine

Snobby wait staff can make it easy to forget that buying fermented grape juice is supposed to be a business transaction, one no different from dropping your shirts off at the dry cleaners or having your teeth cleaned at the dentist


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to launch Tequila

If Johnson joins the Tequila bandwagon, he will follow in the footsteps of George Clooney and Rande Gerber’s Casamigos brand – which was sold to Diageo for US$1bn last year – and Justin Timberlake’s Sauza 901 brand – which Beam Suntory has had a minority stake in since 2014.



Adding to a growing list of ‘low-brow’ food such as popcorn and fish and chips, French fries are yet another pairing perfect for Champagne according to Moët & Chandon, in line with the principle that Champagne’s zesty acidity cuts through the saltiness and fat of junk food.


Wines Listed from Dry to Sweet

Here are a couple of simplified charts of popular wines listed from dry to sweet.


Best Wine For Sushi? Try One of These

In this article, the aim is to simplify some of that “what if,” discerned through tireless (and totally selfless) tasting of wines alongside some of the more interesting styles of sushi.


Budweiser parent absolved of pay-to-play charge in Mass.

In a case closely watched by the US beer industry, Massachusetts alcohol officials have determined that a local beer wholesaler owned by Anheuser-Busch is not liable under state anti-pay-to-play rules for giving away nearly $1 million in equipment to beer retailers.


Tasting note dilemmas

Jane Anson considers the mechanics of putting together a tasting note, and what factors she believes are worth considering.


What if we told you that it’s possible to enjoy the taste of a cold beer and the pleasant feel of solid buzz without the hangover? It sounds like an impossible dream, right? Well, that dream will soon be a reality for the people of Colorado.


An Australian winery has cancelled its planned kangaroo cull after facing heavy criticism from animal rights advocates on social media.


Exploring Rosé Winemaking Techniques

Wine professionals from Provence to Chile discuss the varying production methods for pink wines


Anheuser-Busch Hopes Multi-Packs Will Stoke Growth of High End Brands

Felipe Szpigel, president of A-B’s High End, told Brewbound that more of his division’s craft breweries will be releasing 15- and 18-packs in the next couple of months.


How The Prisoner Went From Outsider Wine to $285 Million National Phenomenon

The Prisoner, the ridiculously popular California red blend with the shackled inmate on the bottle.


Do Wine Consumer Preferences Change Over Time?

New Research Study Provides Some Answers


Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Red, White and Green

Raise a glass to Mother Earth on this episode of the Wine Enthusiast podcast, when we dive into environmentally-friendly winemaking techniques, the farm-to-table movement and an in-depth look at the natural wine trend.


What’s wrong with rosé wines, and why you should never pay more than $25 for a bottle

As we enter pink wine season, we find ourselves in a category run amok. Demand is as riotous as a Black Friday toy sale at Walmart, and a towering tsunami of pink mediocrity has flooded the market to meet it. Rosé has not just jumped the shark, it’s jumped the whale next to the shark and the cruise ship bearing down on the whale.


Making Sense of Mendocino

Mendocino is a county with two faces. One face, the softer side, is well known. This is the coastal half that contains Anderson Valley, where delicate Pinot Noir and exceptional sparkling wines are enjoying increasing, and deserving, renown. The other face of Mendocino resides further east, in the cache of old vines that sprawl across the Redwood Valley appellation and surround the towns of Ukiah, Talmage, and Hopland.


Rules for Trade Tasting Events

Such an occasion is not the best at which to make a serious evaluation of a wine; the portions are tiny, the crush of people can be terrific, and sometimes the sheer number of wines to be tried is overwhelming.


Red Champagne, France’s Best Kept Secret

Coteaux Champenois rouge is an intriguing wine that history almost left behind. But this red from the Champagne region of France is staging a comeback. Here’s what you should know.


What Is A Wine Hostel? These Low-Budget Accommodations Will Make Your Next Trip Posh As Heck

If you’re planning your next vacation on the cheap, you might choose to stay in a hostel to save your money for more important things, like wine. Well, someone had the genius idea of combining these two things.


Winemakers cashing in on vegan-friendly ‘revolution’

Australian winemakers who once hid the fact their wines were vegan-friendly are now proudly displaying their credentials on bottle labels because in today’s market, being a more naturally made product is something to advertise.

But wine is just grapes, right? Not exactly.


The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Case of Wine

Wine lovers buy bottles of wine. Wine fanatics buy cases.

Learn how much is in a case of wine, what it should cost, and how to put together a great mixed case.



An Italian liqueur that’s a veritable witches’ brew of herbs and spices which speak to the complexity of this gently sweet elixir: Strega.


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