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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

An intro to beer for non-beer drinkers

What Does it Mean When the Same Grape has Different Names?

Here’s How Enormous Pot Sales Could Get With Legalization



Nonprofit Finds Trace Amounts of Arsenic in Popular Beer, Wine Brands

The culprit? Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer.


Searching for Chocolate in Wine

Why do some wines taste or smell of chocolate?


Anheuser-Busch Recalls Certain Stella Artois Bottles in US and Canada

In a press release, A-B, the world’s largest beer manufacturer, said a packaging flaw in some 11.2 oz. bottles manufactured by an unnamed European third-party vendor “may cause a small piece of glass to break off and possibly fall into the beer.”


Bacardi Targets Cognac, Whisky Drinkers With Premium Portfolio Revamp

Bacardi is looking to bring more consumers into the high-end rum category with a major revamp of its upscale range. The rum giant has added two new premium offerings—Bacardi Añejo Cuatro and Gran Reserva Diez—to the portfolio of its flagship brand. According to Bacardi, the move is expected to tap nascent trading-up trends within the U.S. rum category, which, thus far, has premiumized at a far slower pace than other spirits segments like Tequila and whisk(e)y.

“It’s no secret that rum has been on the decline for the past 10 years. But where we’re seeing growth is within the premium side of the category,” says Bacardi vice president Ned Duggan. “There’s massive opportunity, as rum is the final spirits category whose volume remains predominantly within the standard segment. Only 15% of the value of the rum category is at the premium-plus level.”

The newly launched Bacardi Añejo Cuatro and Gran Reserva Diez retail at $20 and $40 a 750-ml., respectively. They join Bacardi’s existing Gran Reserva Limitada ($100) and Reserva Ocho ($30) labels, with the latter also receiving a packaging update as part of the portfolio refresh. Reserva Ocho has a current U.S. volume of roughly 30,000 cases, while Gran Reserva Limitada sells between 500 to 1,000 cases annually. The revamped portfolio will be targeted toward existing spirits consumers in the 25- to 34-year-old age range, with a focus on metropolitan areas and people who already consume Cognac and whiskies.



Meet the Beer Perfect for Wine Drinkers

American craft breweries are putting a tart twist on classic German-style ales, making fruit-forward, low-alcohol beers perfect for wine drinkers looking to try something different.


Women, especially millennials, are driving wine trends

“We do know from our research that 60 percent of wine consumers are women, so of course, women are very important to the wine industry and for reasons beyond those percentages,” said Jennifer Jo Wiseman, vice president of E&J Gallo Winery. “One reason is because women frequently connect to one another and gathering around food with family and friends.”


What Is Natural Wine…and Why Should You Drink It?

Perhaps you heard the phrase “natural wine” ten years ago, and it referred to a wine bottled without sulfites. And then you tried said wine and experienced something so funky it was off-putting — or, worse yet, bad — because so-called sulfite-free wines, when made poorly, tend to turn quickly, since sulfur acts as a preservative. This is why, when sommeliers tell us they serve natural wines exclusively, they often feel compelled to immediately follow up with this defensive caveat: “But I’d never serve you bad wine.”



When wine is described as “hedonistic,” “funky” or “tightly wound,” what do you picture? How would you illustrate “freshly baked bread and sweaty latex gloves morphing to heavenly petrichor and black thick bosomy cherry laced in a spearmint bodice?”



European wine aficionados traditionally think of France, Italy or Spain when it comes to quality vino.

However, Ireland has had a wine culture that dates back 16 centuries.

Like many countries, the Irish involvement with wine started with monks. Monasteries needed wine for mass and monks made it. So in the 5th century a Cistercian monastery in County Kilkenny started a vineyard.

Ireland is now home to five vineyards in counties including Dublin, Waterford and Cork.


Jim Beam And Bud Partner

Jim Beam and Budweiser have collaborated on a new cross-merchandising campaign and limited-edition beer. Inspired by the “beer and a Bourbon shot,” occasion, the joint marketing push pairs the two brands together at on- and off-premise venues across the U.S., effective immediately. Additionally, Budweiser brewmasters and Jim Beam master distiller Fred Noe are set to debut Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager this September. The limited release brew—made with two-row barley and aged on Jim Beam Bourbon barrel staves—will honor the 85th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.



All drinking culture is rich with tradition. Unspoken codes and customs find us clinking glasses, buying rounds, and tapping the bar before taking a shot, regardless of our surroundings.


Heineken to Release 18-Bottle CoolerPack This Summer

Heineken is bringing back the CoolerPack, an engineered 18-pack cardboard packaging innovation that allows consumers to chill their Heineken by simply removing the top to the case and adding ice, bringing convenience and occasion-based purchase choice to beer drinkers everywhere.



How Organic Wine Finally Caught On

Overall, less than 5% of the world’s vineyards are organic. In the United States, the world’s largest consumer of wine, only 1% of wine sold by volume was organic.


Scratching the Surface of Wine in America

American Wine By the Numbers


Don’t judge a wine by its high tech label

Ah, the good old days. Remember when a wine label was pleasantly understated — a time when both the producer and the buyer were focused solely on what was inside the bottle?



Have a crazy wine drinker in your life for whom you need to get a gift?


Now You Can Buy Alcohol Using A Hashtag – You’re Welcome

Now, for those over 21 years old in the US, Saucey has partnered with LA based start up, Boost Inc. to unlock purchasing via social hashtags and text. You can simply text the hashtag #DUSSE100 to 81000 to buy, or registered Boost users can comment with the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to easily order a bottle of D’USSÉ V.S.O.P. cognac to be shipped to their door using Saucey’s delivery platform.—youre-welcome-300623605.html


Why buyers want super varietal wines 1st, country of origin 2nd

The world of wine is slowly being dominated by what could be referred to as the “Super Varietal”. Grape varieties that now sell the wine far more than the country, the region or even the producer where they are made. Driven by private label and exclusive wine ranges and a number of high profile wine brands that all make the grape variety the hero, it is changing the face of wine buying, particularly in a year when there is so less wine to buy.


Tech start-up bids to demystify ‘baffling’ supermarket wine aisles

The latest version of Corkscrew, an app set up in 2016 to demystify restaurant wine lists and act as a virtual sommelier, will sift through the thousands of supermarket wines to give recommendations based on personal preferences, food pairings and expert reviews.



Cavit Collection Wines Introduces Limited Edition Rosé and Cavit Prosecco

The latest additions to the popular collection. Imported by leading U.S. wine & spirits importer Palm Bay International, the new wines will be available nationally at specialty wine and liquor stores nationwide.


How to Pair Indian Food with Wine, Beer and Cocktails

Indian dishes are often well-balanced, and it may not seem like they need the added flavor of a drink, but we spoke with a few experts who all agreed that no matter your preferred beverage there’s always a perfect pairing.


Would you drink wine for breakfast?

There’s more to breakfast boozing than a Bloody Mary


Here’s How Enormous Pot Sales Could Get With Legalization

U.S. pot sales could reach $75 billion by 2030 if the nation fully legalized recreational use, an analyst said in a report Wednesday, potentially making the industry bigger than the U.S. wine market is today.


Three Days Of Glory


The hills of Burgundy are covered in legendary vineyards, pristinely manicured, tiny parcels rooted in the planet’s most exclusive soils. The wine growers are hardworking, humble vignerons who work in awe of the vines they farm.

But on April 27, 2016, a brutal frost devastated Burgundy. Some of the producers lost 90 percent or more of their crop before the year has even begun. Still, they press on with the stubborn courage forged by grit and generations of humility before the spiritual gift of the terroir, their soil and landscape, that produces the most stunning wines on the planet.


American project André: The Voice of Wine

American winemaker André Tchelistcheff, premiering at the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater this coming Saturday, 7 April.


What Will Wine Taste Like On Mars? A Virtual Reality Event.

Have you ever enjoyed a wine on vacation, only to be disappointed when you sip the same wine at home? Context plays a huge role in our enjoyment of food and drink – so it only makes sense that the flavors we enjoy on Earth will taste different on another plant.


Catena Appellation Wines Now Available Nationally

An extraordinary opportunity for wine lovers to taste the unique character of Argentina’s wine sub-regions.




When you fill a glass with wine, only the top part hits air, while the rest stays “raw.”


Why Is Wine Good for Your Heart?

Is it the alcohol, the resveratrol, or both? A new analysis seeks to better understand how wine benefits cardiovascular health


Cover Crops in a Vineyard & How They Benefit the Wine Grapes

Do YOU know WHY vineyards plant a cover crop??


India’s growing thirst for wine

In a country with a billion-plus population and 485 million people above the legal drinking age, India is a market with many opportunities


GMO Yeast Mimics Flavors Of Hops, But Will Craft Brewers Bite?

A team of beer-brewing chemists and geneticists in California has created a genetically modified yeast that produces hoppy aromas and flavors without any interaction with the fragrant blossoms themselves. In other words, they’ve developed a way to make beer hoppy without using hops.



Chardonnay is one of the most widely planted, versatile grapes in the entire viticultural world, creating cuvées with flavor profiles all over the spectrum.



Italian Prisoners Are Making One of Their Country’s Most Unusual Wines

The famous Tuscan producer Frescobaldi is helping rehabilitate men through vermentino and sangiovese

Belgian wine production increases 12 %

Belgian viticulture had to deal with weak weather conditions for the second year in a row. Nevertheless, the industry has performed well, with a 12 % production increase and a growing number of growers.


The county fared well in all wine categories. In 2017, it ranked 6th for the number of medals, following traditional wine producing countries like Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Chile, and ahead of South Africa and Greece.

What Does it Mean When the Same Grape has Different Names?

What’s really the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris? Syrah and Shiraz? Zinfandel and Primitivo? While these may be the same grape varieties with different names, local terroir can change their flavor more than you think. Learn how it works.

Close up of blue grapes

Search for wine ‘smoke taint’ solutions intensifies after Northern California wildfires

The international pursuit of ways to predict how much smoke from a wildfire will end up in finished wine and what to do about it got a boost when the dark clouds of particles pumped out by the massive North Bay fires in October descended on the University of California, Davis, experimental vineyard in Napa Valley.

Myth-busting the taste of Arizona wine

If you think Arizona wine doesn’t compare to wine made in Sonoma or Napa Valley, you’re right.

Arizona wine doesn’t compare, but not for the reasons you may think.

Why Smaller Distributors Are Banding Together in a Changing Market

A quick way to scale up is just one benefit of these mergers and acquisitions–hY08qGGrCvyTc_4QMWlaUJP6PD3TvjQ6KZa3QUJfdFm6ap_1UKlv41Fcorhuf_i2zXmdj49LCZftuU&_hsmi=61892676

Chaptalization: new labeling norms could force European winemakers to list sugar as an ingredient

Europe’s drinks sector announced plans [in March] to inform consumers more about the energy content and ingredients in beer, wine and spirits in a self-policing move, but critics said much of this information would only be available online.”

Best Time of Year for Chardonnay? You’d Be Surprised.

December, unsurprisingly, is the month of the year when interest exceeds any other.


One wine writer asks wine lovers to reflect on their standards

You might also realize that you have been too rigid about some other aspect of wine drinking. Letting go of that hang-up might increase your enjoyment.

What does wine made from Concord grapes taste like?

Concord grapes are native to the eastern United States, and most of the wines made from these grapes are made in an off-dry style (they taste pretty sweet).

New label aims to help drinkers find eco-friendly wines

The new “California Certified Sustainable” logo was just approved for use on 2017 vintage wines by the California Su4tainable Winegrowing Alliance

What Does Minerality Mean When it Comes to Wine?

Wine does not, of course, taste like rocks.

An intro to beer for non-beer drinkers

There are actually two “types” of beer – craft beer and big beer.

Argentinian wine beyond Malbec

For many people, Agentinian wines are associated with just one grape – malbec.

But there are plenty of others to try

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