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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Attleboro MA man brews up idea for beer-making league

How obesity dulls the sense of taste

Buffalo Trace bottles fans’ ‘perfect’ Bourbon



China’s Tariffs Are Sobering News for California’s Wine Country

China is one of California’s biggest importers of wine

China just announced plans to add a 15% tariff on U.S. wine

Why is it becoming harder to buy wine online?

Shipments to quite a few states have dropped, but the biggest loss is Illinois and Massachusetts, with tens of thousands of dollars

How to pair wine and cheese like you know everything about both

While it’s convenient and you know, delicious, there’s actually a scientific explanation behind it, with numerous studies finding the strong flavor of cheese accentuates the dominant flavors in wine.

Wine-bottle pool floats will rule your summer Instagram feed

What beats giant unicorn and swan pool floats? Man-sized, buoyant wine-bottle floats, sure to dominate Instagram feeds all summer long.

Vegan and vegetarian wine: does it really matter to the wine consumer?

Vegans beware: there are two fairly common non-vegan methods of clarifying wine


Wine Coolers Are Back And Here Are A Few Worth Trying

Wine coolers have come a long way since the 1980s. In those days, brands like Bartles & Jaymes and their cloyingly sweet “wines” reigned supreme. In the height of the John Hughes era, everyone drank these sugary drinks — which tasted more like soda than wine. They were cheaply made, low in alcohol, and high in sugar and extra additives. Not surprisingly, they usually led to a wicked hangover.



The red grape, which has its roots in the French town Marseillan on the Mediterranean coast, first popped up in China in 2001 and when the debut vintage was introduced in 2003, responses were warm and receptive.


How obesity dulls the sense of taste

Obese mice had about 25 percent fewer taste buds than lean mice in study


On Tasting Notes

There are few aspects of wine culture as reviled, ridiculed, and distrusted by the public as tasting notes. To many, they symbolize everything that is wrong about wine: the obscure and absurd nature of the language; the obsession with ludicrously trivial aspects; the sheer amount of fresh manure it seems to involve. Every single thing about it feels wrong.



What Is The Role Of Native Yeast Versus Cultured Yeast In Winemaking? Ask The Expert!

This microscopic fungus is a big deal in the world of winemaking.



Why do most wines require preservatives when beers don’t?

There are two key differences between beer and wine. Firstly, beer is usually pasteurised, while wine is not. And secondly, beer is packaged while it still contains the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation. Wine has lost most of its CO² by the time it’s bottled and needs a preservative, usually sulphur dioxide.

Biggest Job Gains

Boston Beer Releases New Truly Spiked & Sparkling Wild Berry Flavor

Truly Wild Berry, a clean spiked sparkling water with only 100 calories, 1 gram of sugars, 5% Alc./Vol. and naturally gluten-free.

Getting to the Root of Terroir

Winemakers discuss how to best reveal site specificity


Bust out the bottles and brushes, because the new craze for wine lovers involves canvas

Why doesn’t wine come in square bottles?

Wine bottles—and glass bottles in general—were initially round because they were made by glassblowers, and that was the easiest shape to make and replicate.

The must-know trend in Boston’s evolving wine scene, according to one of the city’s youngest sommeliers

Lauren Hayes of Pammy’s in Cambridge believes in small lists and small-production wines.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Learn How to Pair Asparagus with Wine

Spring is finally here, opening up a new wealth of pairing options for seasonable vegetables. We look at asparagus, from how it pairs with Muscat and Riesling to its hangover-fighting enzymes.

Bottoms Up: These Sandals Are Made From Recycled Wine Corks

Could drinking wine be good for your feet? Sort of, says one sandal brand focused on sustainability.

Wine Legislation Roundup: A Consumer’s Guide to 2018 State Politics

Your state legislature is in session. What bills are your representatives debating that could impact your access to wine?

Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island legislators are considering making out-of-state retailer-direct shipping into their states legal. In New York, the proposed bill would allow reciprocal shipping, meaning only licensees in states where retailer-direct shipping is also legal may ship into New York.

United States Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Calories in Apothic Red Wine


Can’t Find the Corkscrew?

Open a Bottle of Wine With Your House Keys


Attleboro MA man brews up idea for beer-making league

The Attleboro-based National Brewers League will pit teams of three to five brewers against each other, vying to brew the best lager beer. Results will be judged by fans who pay admission to tastings at American Legion and VFW halls.



Flamboyant Frenchman Jean-Charles Boisset has branched out from wine into the world of spirits with a new collection that includes a caviar-infused vodka.


Buffalo Trace bottles fans’ ‘perfect’ Bourbon

Buffalo Trace is set to release a small batch Bourbon made from a wheat recipe, aged for eight years on the top floors of the warehouses, and bottled at 47.5% abv. The Bourbon will be launched this summer at an RRP of US$39.99 per 750ml.


Exciting wine facts to remember

There are 9,654 wineries in the U.S., up 9 percent, and California has 4,392 of them. Oregon has 774, Washington 772, New York 395 and Texas 391.

Backpack Wine to be Canned by Eastside for Source Code Beverages

Capitalizing on the fast-growing market for canned wine

Macallen 50yo
The Macallan has introduced a new limited edition label, The Macallan 50 Years Old. The 44%-abv release was aged in a single Sherry butt for 50 years, and only 200 bottles are available worldwide. Thirty-five of those bottles—all retailing at $35,000 a 750-ml.—are allocated to the U.S. The whisky will be available starting in April.


Guide To The Various Types of Wine Corks

A wide variety of types of wine corks and bottle stoppers exist to preserve wine. Some winemakers — especially those who mass produce value wines — are using metal twist off caps instead of corks. While cork type (or lack there of) in some ways affects wine flavor over time, as well as our perception of taste, it’s also critical in protecting wines as they age. Some corks are more reliable than others.


Don’t Be A Wine Novice, Let Comedian Ben Schwartz Be One For You In New Podcast

  1. & J. Gallo Winery Launches ‘The Wine Down’ Podcast to Teach You Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Wine


Belvedere unveils ginger-flavored vodka

The new expression is created by extracting fragrant oils from ginger, lemon and grapefruit that have been immersed in Belvedere Vodka.


16 Stylish Wines For Upscale Breakfasts

If you can drink a mimosa for breakfast, then wine for breakfast is fine too. In fact, one could make a pretty strong argument to ditch the OJ altogether and just drink wine.



Moscow Mules have just three ingredients: vodka, ginger beer, and lime. A rubric that simple asks a lot of each player. The ginger beer should be spicy-sweet but not cloying, and the vodka needs enough structure to stand up to citrus and soda without any boozy burn.


Blue Moon Weed Beer

Blue Moon founder Keith Villa and his wife Jodi are launching Ceria, a new brand of cannabis-infused non-alcoholic craft beverages containing THC, a key psychoactive chemical from cannabis plants. The Villas say that Ceria’s products will be “designed to deliver a consistent user experience with the same onset time as alcohol.” Based in the Denver suburb of Arvada, Colorado, the plan is for Ceria to launch at least three variants of “cannabis beers”—light, regular and full-bodied—where legal by the end of 2018. Ceria is partnered with cannabinoid research firm Ebbu, also based in Colorado. Villa retired from MillerCoors in January after 32 years with the company.


France’s Wine Theme Park Is The Stuff Of Grown-Up Dreams

Admission includes a glass of wine.

t’s called La Cité du Vin — The City of Wine — and you’ll find it in Bordeaux, one of France’s most storied wine regions. The theme park-meets-museum cost 80 million euros to be made, but it was well worth it: It’s become a veritable mecca for oenophiles.

André: The Voice of Wine’ documentary

In an homage to his grand uncle André Tchelistcheff, filmmaker Mark Tchelistcheff has crafted an intimate portrait of the legendary “Maestro” of Napa Valley in “André: The Voice of Wine.”

How green is your wine?

When you hear the phrase “green wine,” do you think of a herbaceous sauvignon blanc from New Zealand? Or does your mind conjure words like “sustainable,” “organic,” and “biodynamic,” which describe responsible growing practices?


f it weren’t for Prohibition and the disruption of the commercial wine trade in California, we’d probably be drinking Barbera today instead of “Napa Valley Cab”

Charles Shaw Launches Shaw Made With Organic Grapes

Charles Shaw Winery, producer of Charles Shaw Wines, aka “Two Buck Chuck,” launched Charles Shaw Wines made with Organic Grapes.

HOW CAN IT BE $3.99???


Smart Cellars: New CorkGuru Digital App Helps Restaurants Harness the Business Value of Their Wine Programs

Digital wine app delivers wine purchasing intel and cellar management to restaurant owners, makes ordering and tracking wine preferences easier for guests



The bulk of vintners in Idaho don’t own their vineyards or often even produce their own wines, which is an odd decision in most of the winemaking world.


The Science of Pét-Nat Wines

How interrupting fermentation enables winemakers to create semi-sparkling wines


Bota Box Introduces Campaign For Bota Box Sippers

Alternative packaging trend continues with “one-sip-at-a-time” option

Delicato Family Vineyards has introduced the new Bota Sippers, a coffee pod-sized product for those who want wine ‘one sip at a time.’

UFO Pink Lemonade Shandy

Sunny, citrusy, and fun, UFO Pink Lemonade Shandy is the perfect summertime beer. Find your beach chair, grab a 6-pack, add some friends and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a sensational summer day


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