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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


How are Eucharistic bread and wine made?

Why Are New Hampshire’s Tax-Free Liquor Stores Selling So Much Hennessy?

New Poll Shows Broad Support For Laws To Protect Against Misleading Wine Labels




Hopedale MA man crafts guide to wool and wine

Things always seems to come in pairs – yarn and needles, wine and cheese. One Hopedale resident posed the question – what about yarn and wine?

Wine’s Generations Game

Sales growth is slowing in the U.S. wine market, as Boomers retire and Millennials continue to crash on Mom’s couch

Zinfandel is working through its identity crisis

Zinfandel tends to be high in alcohol. If it’s not made carefully, the burn from the alcohol can overwhelm the fruit. Tradition-minded producers strive to make a restrained “claret-style” zin.

U.S. not really a wine drinking country? Poor showing in per-capita spending indicates huge room for improvement.


There’s a lot of jargon associated with wine, particularly with winemaking. Do most wine drinkers really need to be able to tell if a wine undergoes a punch-down versus a pump-over?

The Ultimate Wine Guide For Beer Lovers

Are you a beer drinker?  Maybe wine has never appealed to you, or you have found all the types of wine overwhelming. Who knows the difference between white and red, anyway?

Who Is The American Wine Buyer?

The Airlines with the Best Craft Beer, Ranked

Good news for beer lovers: Airlines are catching onto the craft brewing boom. Here’s how 8 major domestic carriers stack up.

Puglia Flourishes with Wines Made from Indigenous Grapes

Once known more for dazzling Adriatic beaches and medieval castles, the Italian region of Puglia is looking to its indigenous grapes (like Negroamaro and Primitivo) to put a spotlight on the region’s wine scene.

New Poll Shows Broad Support For Laws To Protect Against Misleading Wine Labels

Global wine alliance calls on U.S. lawmakers to heed consumers’ demand for accurate and clear wine labels

Zero Oxygen Solutions To Release Wine Saver Kit

To use the wine saver, a consumer can insert the ZOS stopper with the attached, oxygen-absorbing cartridge into an open bottle of wine. Then, the wine saver is said to remove the oxygen that causes wine to go bad.


Tannins are complicated little bastards, and the wine world has turned them into one of the least-understood aspects of wine drinking.

Please just admire this guy in his ball pit of beer cans

Apparently 30,000 of them, as per a YouTube video

Get out of your comfort zone with these 10 wines

Out of an estimated 1,200 grape varietals in the world, 65 percent of the wine sold in the United States is limited to seven categories — chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, pinot grigio, moscato, pinot noir and white zinfandel. Chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon account for 35 percent of total consumption, according to the Wine Institute.

18 Things Only Wine Lovers Will Appreciate

For some, wine is an acquired taste. For others, it is the nectar of the Gods. These super-fun accessories were made for the latter.

Tullamore Dew Red Sox Edition

William Grant & Sons’ Tullamore Dew has released a limited edition Boston Red Sox bottle to celebrate the brand’s partnership with the MLB team. The Red Sox Collector’s Edition Bottle will be available exclusively throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont for a limited time, retail priced at $25-$29 a 750-ml. Tullamore Dew rose 11.5% to 240,000 cases in the U.S. last year, according to Impact Databank.


Weed or wine?

By far, the biggest game changer to come down the pike in years, the elephant just entering the room, is how will legal marijuana affect wine consumption?


Pabst Brewing Company Launches National Bohemian Crab Shack Shandy

Crab Shack Shandy will be available in 16 oz. can six packs (MSRP: $8.99) and 12 oz. can twelve packs (MSRP: $14.99) in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Crab Shack Shandy has an ABV of 4.2 percent, IBU of 15 and SRM of 5.


New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: too much of a good thing?

Ask consumers which nation makes the best Sauvignon Blanc on the planet, and most of them will say New Zealand. Very few countries have cornered the market in a single, popular variety like the Kiwis.


How to bluff as a wine buff

Masquerade as a connoisseur with these tips from The Wine Show’s Amelia Singer


The Ultimate Guide to Toasting With Sparkling Wine

Champagne isn’t the only bubbly you can use.


Kevin O’Leary: 3 tips to pick a great bottle of wine for under $20

Kevin O’Leary is famous for his role as an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank,”

Wine Term: Cool Climate

The climate greatly affects what wines grow and how they taste. The term “cool climate” refers to wine regions which specialize in varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Captain Morgan targets shot market with Watermelon Smash

Spiced rum brand Captain Morgan has expanded its portfolio of shot-inspired spirits with a new limited-edition flavour: Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash.

Booker’s Bourbon unveils Kathleen’s Batch

Beam Suntory-owned Booker’s Bourbon has unveiled its first bottling of 2018, which honours Kathleen DiBenedetto ­– the woman who helped launch Beam’s Small Batch Bourbon Collection in the 1990s.

The Retailers Changing How We Buy Wine

Today’s wine store is no longer just a place to buy wine.

Retailers in many markets are able to expand offerings to include more corners of the wine world.

The Barolo Style Guide

Few wine regions have such clearly defined stylistic differences as the Barolo communes of La Morra and Serralunga d’Alba.

Why Are New Hampshire’s Tax-Free Liquor Stores Selling So Much Hennessy?

So much Hennessy is being sold, in fact, that one New Hampshire official is asking state Attorney General Gordon MacDonald to investigate whether the Liquor Commission is turning a blind eye to bootlegging and money-laundering activities.

New Cavit Wines

Palm Bay International is launching two new limited edition wines under its Cavit label. Cavit Rosé, which is rolling out nationally now, is made from a proprietary blend of native Trentino red grapes and retails at $9 a 750-ml. Cavit Prosecco, retailing at $15, is comprised of 100% Glera grapes and will hit national distribution on April 1. Cavit, based in northeastern Italy’s Trentino region, is the top-selling Italian wine in the U.S. by volume, led by its Pinot Grigio varietal.



The TTB Gets a Master of Wine

Caroline Hermann is the bureau’s first-ever MW–V30g_ekIRfbdMvKdZB51N84MuD9L2K8DylVvxmW7w7nv5RRkAyb0WIr2PsoCwFYfFxkilEg3krfRc1ABaiCC6s5vz4ATkkFo6mOcryP11wcMGv2k&_hsmi=61230124



Making the Case for Wine on Tap

Though the history of kegged wines is a young one, it’s a growing force. Find out how wine on tap offers benefits to the environment, winemakers and adventurous drinkers.


While most wine and cheese pairings are going to be pretty darn O.K., there’s a special kind of magic when the flavors and textures of your wine and cheeseare well matched. And who better to match them than someone who made one of them? So, we asked 10 winemakers their favorite cheese pairings for their wine.

Says the Internet: Corks are the greatest wine closure ever; why use anything else?

Almost all of the wine the world drinks – most estimates are more than 90 percent – isn’t made to age. Most wine is made to drink for dinner that night.

Which wines are most likely to have tobacco aromas?

Tobacco notes are thought to both be a characteristic of certain grapes and the wines made from them, but can also be from the influence of oak barrels, which can add that spicy, tobacco complexity.

World Wide Wine Consumption

Why You Should Never Add Ice Cubes To Red Wine

It is a conundrum that never seems to go away – should you put ice cubes in your red wine if you desire a cool drink?

How are Eucharistic bread and wine made?

The Roman Rite has very specific guidelines about the process.

People Can Now Drink Wine Inside A Giant Butthole
Folks in Belgium are being given quite the opportunity to drink wine inside of a hotel that has been designed to look like an anus. The hotel is called CasAnus Hotel. And  not only is there an anus placed in the middle of a field, but there’s also some lower intestine, with a bar called BarRectum. And yes, I’m a college graduate that just wrote that sentence.

Kim Crawford Looks To Premiumize With New Upscale Range

Constellation’s Kim Crawford is extending at the high end with a new Signature Reserve line of wines. The first entry in the range is a Sauvignon Blanc retailing at $25 a 750-ml., compared with the core brand’s $18 price point. Constellation says the new offering—sourced from the lower Wairau sub-region of Marlborough, New Zealand—is in response to consumer demand for richer, more complex expressions of Sauvignon Blanc, and has big aromatics and a ripe tropical character. Each vineyard parcel is fermented separately in small lots. A total of 20,000 9-liter cases of Kim Crawford’s Signature Reserve Sauvignon Blanc were produced, with 6,800 cases coming to the U.S; the new wine will be available nationwide by the end of this month. Kim Crawford depleted 1.3 million cases in the U.S. in 2017 on growth of 13%, according to Impact Databank.

Craft wine: Does it exist? Can it exist?

Craft wine shouldn’t be about the size of the winery, but about the quality of its products. Otherwise, what’s the point?



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