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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Tax Changes Hit Wine’s Alcohol Levels

Beaujolais reviews done purely in emoji

Why beer suddenly foams up when you tap the top of a bottle






Up your take-out game with these highly recommended pairings.



Greek wine is especially fantastic because of its great value, quality and accessibility. Though over half of Greek wine production is white, the Greeks also make some beautiful, tannic and luxurious red wines. Xinomavro and its literal translation of “acid-black,” may sound cringe-worthy at first, but these grapes produce some of the most aromatic and age-worthy wines around.


The company behind the device that lets you pour wine without removing the cork has a new product

“The Model Eleven, it’s fully automatic, so, for somebody who already has a Coravin, it no longer has a clamp that you interact with. You simply push it down on the bottle and it automatically guides the needle through the cork,” said Lambrecht. The new model also has no trigger, pouring automatically and stopping once tipped back up.

The app will let drinkers monitor gas usage, cleaning and battery life through the new Bluetooth-enabled Coravin. The company’s other models range from $199 to $500 depending on accessories and model. The Coravin Model Eleven will retail for $999



This Colorful Book Matches Intriguing Portuguese Recipes With Wines

A newly released English language book titled Wines & Snacks—from Caminho das Palavras publishers in Lisbon—matches dozens of Portuguese recipes with specific wines.



PicoBrew unveiled new automated home vacuum still for countertop distilling
Said to be the first automated home vacuum still, the Pico Still aims make the distilling process faster and safer, to produce spirts in just a matter of hours


Aveine takes the wait out of aerating wine

The gadget attaches to a wine bottle and features a touch panel on the front for adjusting the aeration level and displaying the wine’s temperature. There’s a companion app that allows you to scan the label of your bottle so the software can provide a suggested aeration time


So, You Want to be an Italian Wine Expert?

So, you want to be an Italian wine expert?
Here are a few tips:


Why is wine not vegan?

While we all think we know what goes into our wine (surely just grapes, right?) there are actually plenty of other things being added. Some of those things are animal products, which is bad news for vegatarians, vegans or anyone doing veganuary.


Why beer suddenly foams up when you tap the top of a bottle

If you tap the top of someone’s beer bottle with the bottom of yours, it instantly creates a beer foam volcano. So what’s causing this?


Are consumers growing weary of the traditional 750ml glass wine bottle?

While the traditional 750ml glass bottle is still the dominant wine packaging format, its limitations have led consumers to seek alternative formats, according to a Rabobank analyst.



Zivania is a pomace brandy made in Cyprus from a combination of grape pomace (the solid remains of grapes after they’ve been pressed for juice) and locally-sourced dry wines. It’s believed to have been around since the Republic of Venice ruled Cyprus, and production continued through the Ottoman and British rule of the island.


Boston Beer Company Releases Samuel Adams Sam ’76

No stranger to revolutions, Samuel Adams has once again mirrored the rebellious traits of its namesake and crafted Sam ’76, a refreshing and flavorful union of lager and ale.


Portsmouth Brewery, noticed that there weren’t any beers that targeted her demographic. So, with the help of others, set out to create a beer designed to help ease the burden of menopause.



What Do Beer and Bridal Dresses Have in Common? Retail Job Seekers Need to Know

Here are 10 types of traditional retail stores that actually added jobs last year:



Does Beer Go Bad? Here’s How You Can Tell

Bad Brews, Bad Brews, Whatcha Gonna Do?



The Caveasy One wants to take the headache out of managing your wine collection

Looking for a pairing suggestion? Seeking a specific bottle? Worried about wine temperature? This system can help.


Love Beer? Then You’re Gonna Love These Wines

32 wines for beer lovers. 32 beers for wine lovers. Everybody wins with this comprehensive guide.




Red wine is not just a beverage; it is a symbol of taste and sophistication.




Closures manufacturer Cork Supply has launched a new line of TCA-free products, VINC taint-free, which comes with a buy back guarantee should a buyer receive a tainted cork.



New Zealand Wine: Map, Regions, Grape Varieties, History and more

Everything you need to know about New Zealand wine.


US alcohol consumption declines for second year

With recent talk in MA about expansion of liquor licenses this is interesting.

Alcohol consumption levels were down 0.2% in 2017 compared to the previous year, dropping to 17.6 million gallons, or 7.4m nine-litre cases. This is more than double the decline seen in 2016.

Spirits consumption rose 2.3% in 2017, and wine sales were also on the up with a 1.3% growth in volume sales.

However, these positive performances were unable to offset the -0.5% decline of beer, which controls 79% of total beverage alcohol in the US.

There is also a lot of data that show marijuana will also impact sales.


UNESCO world heritage wine regions to visit
How many wine regions on the UNESCO list have you ticked off? Here is some inspiration for 2018, with links to full travel guides compiled by our contributors and in-house editorial team…

Beaujolais reviews done purely in emoji

So here we are: the first wine reviews written solely in emoji.



Working in drinks-focused industries can put you at risk of alcoholism, but a new website launched by US health officials claims to be able to tell users if they have a drinking problem, and how to get help.

Tax Changes Hit Wine’s Alcohol Levels

Now, the dividing line for tax purposes is moving. Wines under 16 percent alcohol will all be taxed at the same 21-cents-per-bottle rate (except for sparkling wines, which are still taxed at 67 cents per bottle.


New Study Finds Incentives For Wine Producers To Vie For Competition Medals

The two French researchers matched wine contract dates, prices and quantities of influential Bordeaux-based brokers with the records of eleven important wine competitions to answer these questions:

What is, if any, the impact of medals on wine prices?


DIY Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is surprisingly simple to DIY; you just need a bit of time.



The drinks industry is quickly realising that the enjoyment of alcohol is in no way limited to the tongue.


Champagne for the New Year – Trademark or Geographic Indicator?

Did you celebrate with a sip of Champagne on New Year’s Eve?




Does it get any better than candy and beer? Apparently, yes – it’s candy inbeer




While the dark (Piquepoul Noir) and light-skinned varieties (Piquepoul Blanc and the less-common Piqueoul Gris) aren’t exclusive to Arizona — you can also find it in France’s Rhone Valley, the Languedoc region, Spain’s Catalonia region, California, Australia, and Texas — Piquepoul has taken residence in the state’s rugged terrain.



Why does the Guinness Beer Company Track World Records?

How on earth did a brewer become the repository of all this strange knowledge?




Vinotherapy — also written “Vinotherapie” — describes a beauty therapy process where the residue of wine making (the pips and pulp) are rubbed into the skin. The pulp is said to have excellent exfoliating qualities and help reduce the problems associated with ageing.


XO Cognac classification increases to 10 years

All XO Cognac must be aged for a minimum of 10 years, as opposed to six, under new industry regulations, which will come into force in April.


Campari America unveils ‘world’s first’ smart fridge magnet

The drinks giant has partnered with the Norwegian electronics firm to produce a fridge magnet that allows consumers to order Campari America products straight to their doors.



Titos Is HUGE!

Tito’s vodka has become the largest-selling spirits brand in dollar terms on an annual basis for the first time ever in IRI channels, surpassing Jack Daniel’s Black Label whiskey and Smirnoff Red Label vodka. For the 52 weeks ending December 31st, Tito’s was up 38% to $207.6 million in IRI channels on a volume of 1.1 million nine-liter cases. Smirnoff Red Label vodka remains the largest-selling spirits label in volume terms in IRI channels, followed by Tito’s and Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum. Total spirits sales generated $8.1 billion last year in IRI channels, on modest 2.7% growth. In volume terms (including all flavors and line extensions), Tito’s ranked sixth among all spirits brands in the U.S. last year at 5.8 million cases on a 40% increase, according to Impact Databank.



New UFO Beer

Boston’s Massachusetts Bay Brewing Company has launched UFO Apricadabra, an apricot-infused Hefeweizen. The 4.8%-abv wheat ale is unfiltered and brewed with apricot puree for a lightly sweet and sessionable beer. Apricadabra is the brand’s newest seasonal release and will be available through March. The beer is out now on draft, in six-packs of 12-ounce cans and bottles, and in UFO’s Jet Pack spring sampler 12-pack. The Massachusetts Bay Brewing Company—known for its Harpoon brand—is the 19th largest craft brewery in the U.S., according to the Brewers Association.


Craft beer is becoming the wine of New England by redefining ‘terroir’

After analyzing in-depth interviews with 18 New England craft brewers, we have found that they are creating a regional industry here with the kind of local roots that many people associate more readily with wine than beer



Former baseball player Kevin Youkilis has another hit with beer

Kevin Youkilis, an infielder who won two World Series rings with the Boston Red Sox during a 10-year Major League Baseball career, wants to become known as much for his IPA as his OBP (on-base percentage).



6 Ways Top Winemakers and Merchants Are Utilizing Virtual Reality

VR has long been viewed as a powerful marketing and engagement tool. The wine industry is also awakening to this fact


Scoring systems for wine are a matter of taste but you should know your ratings to avoid getting duped

There are two systems for scoring wine and both can be quite misleading for the uninitiated



These delicious fortified wines aren’t just for after steak house dinners anymore.


Sonoma Unveils Wine Sustainability Logo

Moving forward after wildfires, winegrowers nearly at goal of 100% certified sustainable


What Affects Wine Quality? Your Guide To The Growing Techniques That Matter

Great review of climates in wine regions!



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