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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi




Happy New Year!


Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:


New Products

How to Pair Beer With Chinese Food


Champagne vs. sparkling wine: Everything you need to know


The top 25 beers of 2017




Wine Labels: What They Tell Us & What They Don’t

If you’ve taken a stroll through the wine aisle of your local store recently, you know just how daunting it can feel to pick a good bottle.

Why Do We Toast With Champagne On New Year’s Eve? Here’s How The Tradition Started

A tradition that technically dates back over 1,500 years, although it really started to become popular only a few centuries ago.


Are reduced-calorie wines worth it?

Depending on the variety, reduced-calorie wines have about 15% to 30% fewer calories than regular wine.


It’s a hard rock life for wine in granite tanks

A Marlborough wine company believes it is the first in New Zealand to use granite wine tanks, a fitting tribute to the stonemason heritage of its founding family.

Sample sizes, and the supposed wine differences between women and men

We have seen a number of web discussions this year about the ostensible differences between males and females when it comes to sensory perception, particularly the tasting of wine


Bourbon barrel-aged wine has boomed since its introduction in 2014. Recently, California-based wineries such as Robert Mondavi, Fetzer Vineyards, and Apothic Wines have joined the trend.

Why Slovenian wines — which rival the ones from Italy and France — have long been overlooked

You’re heading to a dinner party and stop at the liquor store to pick up some wine. There’s a bottle from Italy and a bottle from Slovenia on the shelf — which one do you choose?


The Busy Wine Lover’s Guide to Louis Jadot

Maison Louis Jadot was founded in 1859 as a negociant house; acquisitions of famed Burgundy vineyards such as Corton Charlemagne and Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles took place under the direction of Louis Jean Baptiste Jadot after 1900



2018 will be another year of huge beer news, that some will find shocking

Canadians Consume Almost as Much Weed as Wine, Report Shows

Canadians consumed as much as C$6.2 billion ($4.8 billion) of marijuana in 2015, almost as much as they spent on wine,

How to handle a faulty cage on a bottle of sparkling wine?

As any wine pro should be able to tell you, it takes six turns to remove the cage from a bottle of sparkling wine. But occasionally (rarely though it does happen), the wire will break before the cage can be removed.

“Welch’s Grape Jelly with Alcohol”: How Trump’s Horrific Wine Became the Ultimate Metaphor for His Presidency

After the deadly Charlottesville riots, Donald Trump responded by . . . plugging his family winery in Virginia. Aided by an expert oenophile, the author takes the bait—and tastes the pain.


Now, on to a common holiday headache: Your sister’s new husband (or insert any family member here) is quite the wine connoisseur and he’ll be in attendance

We’re not buying enough Washington wine

For the record, Washington has less than 25 percent market share. That means that for every case of wine purchased in the state, nine bottles are from California, France, Italy and Australia.


Ever look at a few wine labels and find your eyes swimming in what looks like code? You’re not the only one.

What is “Authentic” Wine?

For a time, “authentic” wine meant there was a human being that I knew who owned the winery; wines that were made in relatively small quantities

How New Hampshire’s Liquor Stores Became Must-Visit Travel Destinations

In addition to the stores’ tax-free status and mammoth inventories, New Hampshire has invested in an advertising pilot program, public relations, and education outreach efforts. The New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) even hosts an annual Distillery Showcase spirits tasting, along with ancillary events like a splashy dinner featuring a flight of Pappy Van Winkle bourbons and (new this year) a Bourbon & Chocolate pairing experience.


The Pop Culture “Wine Mom” Is Hilarious, Relatable — and a Giant Red Flag

Although the ritual of a nightly glass of wine isn’t in itself automatically detrimental, it does speak to a broader issue: Drinking among moms is increasing, and joking about it undermines the problem.


Danica Patrick on Racing Cars and Making Wine

NASCAR superstar and winery owner Danica Patrick talks about how producing an exceptional bottle of wine and succeeding at racing cars are not so different.


An Olympic Swimmer Dives Into Her Own Wine Business

Natalie Coughlin talks with Food & Wine about her new wine label and the inspiration behind her upcoming cookbook.


Digital Wine Aerator Connects Restaurants with Wines of the World

Aveine’s Patent Technology Instantly Decants Any Wine for an Optimal Tasting Experience

Calories in Yellow Tail Chardonnay Wine

US distillery ordered to close over name change

A distillery in the US state of Vermont has been reportedly forced to close due to an issue with its name change.


The success of their wine and spirits ventures don’t always reach the same lofty heights as their all-star careers, but that hasn’t stopped another slew of famous faces from launching a drinks brand in 2017.

Can You Cure a Hangover with Exercise?

Here’s What I Learned got drunk and went to the gym hungover — in the name of science.

Will Consumers Pay More for Sustainably Certified Wine?

A 2017 survey conducted at Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute with 301 wine consumers illustrates a willingness to pay several dollars more per bottle for “green” certified wines.

What You’re like on Coffee, Wine, and Cannabis

A funny, but realistic, look at the mental effects of 3 of the world’s most talked about substances.

Cognac industry creates food pairing app

The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) has partnered with chefs and sommeliers to develop a first-of-its-kind Cognac and food pairing app.

Diageo launches cocktail-making skill for Amazon’s Alexa

Diageo is hoping to inspire a new wave of at-home bartenders with the launch of its Amazon Alexa voice-activated cocktail-making skill.



A five-year battle over a Champagne sorbet has finally been settled, with the European Court of Justice ruling in favour of Aldi after the Comité Champagne tried to ban the supermarket from using the term ‘Champagner’ on its label.


How Does Alcohol Affect Your Sleep?

From increased drowsiness to disrupted REM cycles, here’s what happens when you booze before you snooze

Wine tasting visitors choose location, experience first

The largest percentage of survey respondents, 41 percent, ranked social media as the place where they first learn about a new winery tasting experience. Additionally, 56 percent said that when they see information about an unfamiliar wine tasting experience in their social media newsfeed, they are “likely” or “very likely” to click on the post to get more information.


Guess Which Beer Is No Longer a Top 3 Brand in the U.S.

Changing consumer preferences dethrone this megabrewer’s beer.


The top 25 beers of 2017

Looking back on the new or newly-packaged beers of the year, we found these 25 to stand out as the most interesting, innovative and well-executed of the field.


Serve Wine And Cheese Like A Pro With This Expert Cheat Sheet

From prosecco to pinot noir, Gouda to goat’s cheese — there’s nothing better than a host or hostess who can deliver next-level entertaining with a great array of choices for every palate, occasion, and budget. All it takes is a little planning (and our expert cheat sheet, below) to curate your platters like a true sophisticate.


How Wine is Closed Shouldn’t Be A Guessing Game

Presently, about 70 percent of the wine bottles consumed by drinkers in the United States are closed with a natural cork. If consumers knew the environmental impact of the cork forests and understood that over the past few years North America has recycled over 70 million corks each year which are then used to make flooring, insulation, yoga blocks, and even shoes, they may be more insistent on buying wine closed with natural cork.


Millennials consume almost half of all wine in the U.S.

According to the study, millennials “drink 32 percent of spirits,” “35 percent of the beer,” and “42 percent of the wine” in the U.S., even though millennials comprise only one-quarter of adults over 21 in the U.S.


7 Reasons Why Wine on Tap is the Future of Drinking

How wine on tap can make your business more efficient while boosting the bottom line

Read this before you drink wine from a can

As Americans, we are used to drinking soda, beer, sparkling water, even hard cider from cans. In emergencies, when you need to slake your thirst, fine. But please, if you want to enjoy your wine, pour it into a glass. Or at least a plastic cup when you’ve hiked up a mountain and want to have a celebratory toast before staggering back down.

Champagne vs. sparkling wine: Everything you need to know

Champagne and sparkling wines (there is a difference) are no longer relegated to holidays, anniversaries and weddings; Americans are increasing their consumption of bubbles year-round. That said, 20 percent of all sales of sparkling wine and champagne occur in the last four weeks of the year

China’s Wine Glass is Half-Empty

Chinese businesses have been keen to take a sip of this success, producing a total of 11.37 million hectoliters (a hectoliter is 100 liters) of wine in 2016, according to data cited by, a Chinese wine industry news portal. This makes China one of the world’s top 10 wine-producing countries by volume.


How to Pair Beer With Chinese Food


10 things you didn’t know about Prosecco

Apart from the fact it hails from northern Italy, we had to be honest in saying that we knew not that much.,45281


One thing you didn’t know your Amazon Echo could do

Order dinner and pair a great wine

Alexa also orders dinner for your human family from skills like GrubHub, Amazon Restaurants, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut. Add in the MySomm skill and it turns Alexa into Wine Gal, your personal wine sommelier that can give you wine recommendations for your meals. Enable the skill through the app or online and then say, “Alexa, ask Wine Gal to recommend a wine for pumpkin pie

Getting to Know Cava’s New Category

Spain’s budget-friendly designation gets a luxury upgrade with super-premium sparklers

It’s What’s in the Bottle That Counts … Or Is It?

The Role of Texture in Wine Packaging


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