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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Research Could Strip Wine of Sulfites – and Health Worries – for Pennies per Bottle

How Many Bottles of Wine Does Your Dinner Party Need? Do the (Easy!) Math

First Evidence We Should Worry About Marijuana Legalization




Drink These 25 Bottles and Become a Wine Master

Want to take your wine smarts to the next level? Easy peasy. Just follow this simple, can’t-miss tasting tutorial

Spirits to benefit from Trump’s tax reform bill

Under the bill is a two-year version of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, which trade body the Distilled Spirits Council said “creates a more fair and equitable tax structure for brewers, winemakers, distillers and importers of all beverage alcohol”.


Campaign aims to protect Irish cream liqueur GI

Irish cream liqueurs are recovering from a “lost decade” of stagnant sales, the Irish Spirits Association (ISA) has said as it launches a new campaign to promote and protect the category.

Jack Daniel’s debuts cask-strength whiskey

Bottled at 129 proof by Jack Daniel’s master distiller, Jeff Arnett,the expression is said to reflect the flavour created by handmade, toasted and charred, American white oak barrels.


Vodka ‘made from clouds’ launches

South Carolina-based Hilton Head Distillery has launched a vodka made using water sourced directly from clouds, called Aermoor.


Drinking red wine is good for you — or maybe not

How does the average drinker know what to believe? And how much wine is safe? As medical researchers, we recently published an in-depth analysis of the anatomy of wine. This included analysis of the risks and benefits of consumption, comparisons with other alcoholic beverages and a discussion about wine’s much-publicized health benefits.–or-maybe-not/2017/12/01/49f55e7a-cbd3-11e7-aa96-54417592cf72_story.html?utm_term=.aa9f90e706c5


Alcohol labeling – taste first, then look
Consumers should be informed about what’s in the bottle of wine they are about to drink.  The alcohol level is obviously a useful piece of information, and vital for assessing personal intake accurately

Establishing a volcanic wine category

Volcanic wine regions have the opportunity to come together and create a distinct volcanic wine category: highlighting such wines as premium, high quality and with a true sense of place, according to a Master Sommelier.

The Complete Guide to Ice Wine

At this time of year winemaking is usually finished, but for ice wine producers, things are just getting started.


It’s strange to me that America is such a beer-drinking country, yet I never see beer cocktails on menus, other than the occasional Michelada or Coronarita. Here, I’m listing some severely underrated beer drinks that deserve way more hype.

First Evidence We Should Worry About Marijuana Legalization

According to the researchers, medical marijuana legalization reduces consumption by 15%.

Tasting guide to Washington state sparkling wines

Washington state is producing sparkling wines that rival those from Napa and the Champagne region of France.


How to Become a Master of Wine

A master of wine is the highest wine designation any person can earn, and to some, the designation is even more distinguished than that of a master sommelier.

More Hello Kitty Wine Is Here in Time for the Holidays

Sanrio’s beloved pink-bowed character is gracing five different bottles of wine for the U.S. market this year.


Lawmakers in New Jersey have proposed a bill that would make it illegal to operate a done while under the influence of alcohol in a bid to reduce irresponsible use of the remote-controlled devices.


According to a release published in Science Daily, scientists are examining whether the sound of Champagne bubbles forming can be a measurement of a wine’s quality. Both the number and size of the bubbles in a fizz are already established quality indicators, with oenophiles regularly extolling the virtues of a fine mousse. In contrast, large, infrequent bubbles are considered undesirable.


Ever wondered what it’s really like working with the public when you’re a budding oenophile?

How much wine does a vine produce?
Grape varieties vary in vigour and soils in fertility, plus grape growers differ in how they cultivate their vines.

You also need to consider how much irrigation the vines receive and whether they are healthy.

So for wines of comparable quality the answer could be two bottles, while in others it could be eight.

Let’s look at extremes. At the lower end, each vine at the Sauternes premier cru supérieur Château d’Yquem yields just one glass of wine.

At the upper end, in the more industrialised, heavily irrigated vineyards around the world, 24 bottles of wine per vine is not unheard of.

That’s 150 times more wine per vine than at Yquem!

How Many Bottles of Wine Does Your Dinner Party Need? Do the (Easy!) Math

We have an official chart and everything.

Does Wine Region Conjunctive Labeling Really Work?

Conjunctive wine labeling, or the practice of labeling a wine to show both region and sub-regions of origin, is gaining more attention and traction in the U.S. wine industry. This growth in interest is driven by a variety of factors, including an increased desire from consumers to know a product’s place of origin, as well as the growing number of AVAs (American Viticulture Areas), which can create some confusion in the mind of consumers if not linked to a recognized region or state. The big question is: does conjunctive labeling really work?

What You Need to Know About Shipping Alcohol

A drinks lawyer demystifies the recent buzz around legal changes affecting alcohol shipping in the U.S.

Research Could Strip Wine of Sulfites – and Health Worries – for Pennies per Bottle

You’d stick it on the top of the bottle — and as you pour a glass through the device, it removes the sulfites. And it would be inexpensive. When you’re at the cash register you’d have these devices for sale. They’d be a dollar or less.

Distributor Consolidation: Why There’s Still Hope For The Little Guys

Distributors have begun rapidly consolidating in the last decade. Today there are about 500 major alcohol wholesalers in the US market, down from 7,000 at the turn of the century.


How to treat young vs. older wines

Some people believe wine is fragile.


Burgundy (France) Just the Facts

Burgundy is complicated, you can’t possibly understand it.  Many different whole books have been written to try to unravel the mystery. Damn the experts! Burgundy isn’t complicated. It’s perfectly logical:


If you need an excuse to escape the in-laws or screaming children this Christmas, we’ve got you covered.



Europeans spend more on alcohol than education

The European Union has found that households spent 1.6% of their total consumption expenditure on alcohol in 2016 – higher than their spend on education.


14 Winter Wines You’ll Love

Break out your ugly sweaters, digital Yule logs, and low-hanging Game of Thrones references… winter is coming. Here’s what we’re hot for when the temperature drops.



Petaluma Gap wine region gains official recognition

At long last, wine growers in the Petaluma Gap area will be able to put “Petaluma Gap” on their wine labels, as the Petaluma Gap officially becomes California’s newest American Viticultural Area (AVA) on Friday, Dec. 8.



This year’s Top 100 Italian Wines of 2017 focuses on pure quality. We tasted so many great bottles of Italian wine in 2017 and rated more than 3,500 in total; so it was difficult to narrow it down to just 100 wines.


Barbera d’Asti DOCG: The Rare Red Wine of Piedmont

At the foothills of the snow-capped Alps lies Piedmont, a region whose rolling hills are dotted with medieval churches, castles, borgoes, and the wineries that produce some of Italy’s most popular and unique wines.


Four new appellations proposed for Washington

in order submitted, Candy Mountain, Royal Slope, The Burn of Columbia Valley, and White Bluffs.


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