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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





We Want Your Corks!

Did you know we are a cork-recycling center?

We have partnered with ReCORK, North America’s largest natural wine cork recycling program.

Did you know?

Every year, the equivalent of over 31 billion bottles of wine are consumed worldwide. Too many of the corks used as stoppers in these bottles are thrown away and litter our landfills.


Want to check if your cork can be recycled?

CORKwatch is a database of wines with natural corks curated by wine lovers for wine lovers.



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Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Era of wine shop specialists waning

Wine trade secrets revealed at OIV Wine Marketing Program

Men in supermarkets



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The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW)


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The best beer and brewery in each state

Zymurgy, a magazine published by the American Homebrewers Association, asked its readers to nominate their 20 favorite beers available in the U.S. The following is a look at what was then determined to be the top beers and breweries in each state.

Why Beer + Wine Apps Are Thriving

Liquor industry sales jumped 4.5% in the U.S. in 2016, and in America alone, alcohol is a $220 billion industry.  It’s no surprise, then, that the app ecosystem for alcohol — especially beer and wine — is fairly robust.

Wine glass necklaces are here for anyone who wants to drink wine on the go

Hands-free wine, it’s the future, probably.


Scientists to settle dispute over taste of wine in bottles with corks versus screw caps

They are going to study wine drinkers’ brains while they sip. The event, Neuroenological Tasting—The Grand Cork Experiment


A Guide to Pairing Sake and Dessert

Sake need not be reserved exclusively for sushi night.


Do We Still Need Sommeliers in Restaurants?

Restaurant operators and wine directors weigh in with wine service models they’ve found successful, and discuss the evolving roles of wine professionals on the floor–Jz_1rQfZzi9p_e66Abt6HI0izp1Qj_04NPgIf_MEF6hVRnTIffoTBpJ3uwU0XXdvljvgSaBIyvAvkqCIRbJwlvonGb_K7XsK8vWcEWFCk-trZxG8&_hsmi=54724766


Is Your Beverage Salmon-Safe?

Beer, wine, and spirits producers in the Pacific Northwest are leading the charge to protect salmon habitats–x4hPcnPF6milnkuwqT-btjdcgrLLqhUXhY2WHfhl5aqkhAXZLYCVibjjZ57suJWeFuoDnR2ac_tAj1kj_ZezB1yJ8ffbSgI3-I4or7RhU087ThHw&_hsmi=54724766


The Science of Smoke Taint

How fires near vineyards can affect a wine’s sensory details, imparting smoky aromas and putting the wine at risk


Men in supermarkets

Women, as they do the grocery shopping, are picking up the mass-market brands and private label wines that represent the majority of the world’s vinous output.

Surveys are showing that up to 49% of all US households have a man doing the grocery shopping. There are plenty of reasons for this, from the rise of single male households, to changing gender roles, to a growing interest in food and cooking.


Simplifying Germany’s Label Game

Modern German labels break with tradition in the best sense of the word. They’re eye-catching, simple, stylish and not full of meaningless information.

The Big Guys Of Wine


How to: perfectly pair beer and summer appetizers

These simple apps take minutes to make; add in the perfect beer and your festivities will last for hours.


Smirnoff marks Watermelon Day with new flavor

Released ahead of National Watermelon Day (3 August), Smirnoff Sourced Watermelon is made with Smirnoff No. 21 and real fruit juice from concentrate, along with other “natural flavors” and is recommended kept refrigerated once opened.


A New York restaurant has banned at least one adult dining with children from drinking more than one alcoholic beverage in a bid to reduce collisions caused by drink driving.

Total Wine Claims Victory In Massachusetts Pricing Suit

Massachusetts judge Robert B. Gordon has sided with Total Wine & More in the retailer’s suit over spirits pricing against the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission. Gordon ruled that alcohol retailers like Total Wine may pass on bulk discounts to consumers.

In January, Total Wine’s Massachusetts licenses were suspended by the ABCC for allegedly selling liquor below cost. The retailer claimed that the ABCC was ignoring bulk discounts the company was set to receive from wholesalers once the retailer ordered sufficient quantities of liquors, effectively misinterpreting the true cost of the goods. In his decision, Gordon wrote “there was clearly no predatory pricing carried out in this case” and these types of discounts are what “the law should promote rather than punish.” In a statement, Total called the decision “a victory for consumers and a validation of Total Wine & More’s commitment to lawfully provide consumers access to the best values possible on the products we carry Massachusetts.”

However, Judge Gordon did not rule on Total Wine’s argument that the Massachusetts price floor violates U.S. anti-trust laws. Retailers are still prohibited from selling liquor below cost in the state. Total Wine’s victory merely allows companies to more accurately adjust prices based on volume discounts. According to the Boston Globe, the ABCC has not decided whether to appeal.

New Coppola in Cans

California’s Francis Ford Coppola Winery has released its Diamond Collection white wines in 250-ml cans. The brand’s Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are now available in four-packs for a suggested retail price of $19.99 at the winery, online and in select retailers and on-premise locations throughout the U.S. The new releases follow Coppola’s Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine and Sofia Rosé in cans; the former was the company’s first foray into canned wine, launched in 2004. The Diamond Collection was roughly flat at 1 million cases in the U.S. last year, according to Impact Databank

Follow the Leader – Ridge’s Historic 2016 Monte Bello Will Be 100% from Organic Grapes

Labeling the words “organic” on the bottle – even if it’s just the back label – is the only way you will find out who’s not using Roundup (glyphosate), which, as of July 7, will be labeled officially as a carcinogen in the state of California. So, ask wineries to step it up – and follow the leader, Ridge

Oktoberfest Is Out

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has released Oktoberfest 2017, a German-style fest beer brewed in collaboration with Germany’s Brauhaus Miltenberger. Brewers from both companies met at Sierra Nevada’s Mills River, North Carolina brewery to create a malt-driven, traditional Oktoberfest lager balanced by German hops. The 6.1%-abv beer is available on draft and in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and cans nationwide. Oktoberfest 2017 is the third collaborative beer the company has produced for Oktoberfest.


It is alleged that part of the fraud included passing off as much as 300,000 hectolitres (over 3m cases) of wine classified as Vin de France as Côtes du Rhône, Châteauneuf du Pape and other AOC.

UPS pumps up wine and spirits shipping services

UPS is helping wineries reach consumers living in 24 of the top 35 wine importing countries, and distilleries in 9 of the top 25 spirit importing countries


Consumers Short-changed Again on Shipping

The accessibility of wine is being reduced as delivery companies police the shipping law instead of state agencies.

Piedmont Growers Go Nuts over Barbera

Worldwide demand for hazelnut spread is luring growers into planting nuts instead of grapes

The Future is Bright for US Wine in 2017: Statistics from 2016 Paint Rosy Picture

Positive Stats for US Wine Industry in 2016

Revenues for US Wine Sales = estimated $39.8 billion, a 5% increase from 2015 (Wines & Vines, 2017)

Total US Wine Sales Revenue including imports = estimated $60 billion (Wines & Vines, & BW166, 2017)

Total Cases Shipped = 399 million, up 3% from 2015 (GFAWine, 2017)

Growth: 2016 is the 24th consecutive year of grown for US wine sales


Wine trade secrets revealed at OIV Wine Marketing Program

Eye opening read about the big wine companies!

Constellation spends $51 million a year on digital advertising now, up from $4 million 7 years ago.


Beer recommendations for rosé lovers

There are many craft beers that offer flavor and character akin to a light and refreshing rosé.



Call it sediment, flakies, yeasties, or whatever you want, it’s here to stay.


Grapes of the Rhone Valley: Picardan

Picardan is rare nowadays, but its first mention in the historical record from 1715 talks about it being “very common”, with “greenish, sweet and soft berries”.1  It was cultivated under various names, including Araignan Blanc, Oeillade Blanche, and Gallet, in much of the south of France

Flavor scientists create a lexicon of terms to describe nuances of rum

Researchers at the University of Illinois were interested in creating a rum flavor lexicon, but needed to find a way around the biggest problem with tasting rum—sensory fatigue.


Pretend To Buy A Bunch Of Wine Based On How The Bottle Looks And We’ll Guess Your Age

Fun to try pick wines and will guess your age. Mine was high by 8 years.

10 Unconventional Wine Pairings: What to Drink With Hot Dogs, Scrambled Eggs, Elote, and More

You can drink wine with practically everything. Truly. Chicago-style hotdog? Toasted marshmallows? Salt and vinegar potato chips? Scrambled eggs? There’s a wine for each and every one of these dishes.

Nightmare food and wine matches – From the sommeliers

It’s their profession, but even sommeliers struggle sometimes. We find out some of their toughest food and wine pairings…

Love Pairing Beer and Food? Check Out the Updated Beer and Food Course

Whether you’re a culinary novice or an expert, this course is filled with copious amounts of information that will improve your beer and food offerings


Made up of a minimum 51 percent corn and aged in new charred oak for at least two years, the final product comes in at around 40 percent alcohol.


You are probably inclined to think that Portugal is only famous for its sweet Ports, or even it’s less popular (but still well-known) island wine, Madeira. Yeah those wines are chill and all, but nowhere as cool as the hidden gems that Portugal’s still table wine has to offer.

Trust us, there is logic behind wine pricing

What causes prices to be the way they are? Basic economics would dictate a limited supply of product would be the first to cause a price elevation, but expert opinions also have an elevating effect.

Sunday liquor sales will start this weekend in Minnesota just in time for the big July 4th weekend. At Bridgeview Liquor in Moorhead, a sign draws attention to a summer wine sale Friday, June 30, 2017. Dave Wallis / The Forum

All about fake oak

What is fake oak? Why do winemakers use it instead of oak barrels? How can I spot it?

Are You Team Pinot Or Team Pot?

The battle between the Wagner family and their neighbors could be a sign of clashes to come as cannabis becomes a legal crop in more states. Wine producers fear for their grapes if weed grows nearby; weed growers say those fears are unfounded.


Germany is well known for superior winemaking, perfectly evolved grape varieties, and of course terroir.

World’s Top 5 Vineyard Operators


Is mead barrel-aging the next big thing in beer?

Mead-makers have begun to age more of their creations inside oak, opening up a whole new world of flavor possibilities for brewers.

Veraison: When Grapes Turn Red

One of the most important moments in a grapevine’s annual lifecycle is the onset of ripening, when the grapes turn from green to red and naturally begin to sweeten. The French call this process veraison (“verr-ray-zohn”). Veraison also occurs in white grapes, but without the color changes–white grapes simply become more translucent.

Introducing … perfume that smells like vino.

Jones’ New York-based company, Kelly + Jones, sells a variety of wine-related perfumes, including chardonnay and cabernet. But Notes of Rosé  is especially delicious.


Era of wine shop specialists waning

As wine retailers grow larger and larger these days, and smaller shops struggle, some of the mass marketing concepts (think supermarkets) I once read about have come back into play. But with fine wine, they can never replace the human touch.


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Tuesday Nov 21st 7PM

Sparkling wines are used in celebrating many life’s best moments. At this education/tasting event we will explore all things bubbly.  What are the methods in making these wines? What is true Champagne? What makes Prosecco different from Cava? To answer these questions we will explore sparkling from all parts of the world.

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Vinitas WineWorks LLC, Tri-County Adult Education, and Franklin Liquors are excited to announce the Fall session of the French Wine Scholar Certification program!

Now you don’t have to go to Boston for this world-class French wine course! Set yourself apart from your peers and specialize in the wines of France. Gain the confidence to taste, sell, and speak meaningfully about all aspects of French wine, from Champagne to Bordeaux and everything in between. Pass the exam and earn the title French Wine Scholar and FWS post-nominal.

Developed by the Wine Scholar Guild with the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, this specialization program is designed for advanced students of wine, whether professionals or serious wine hobbyists. This is NOT an introductory wine class; students should have professional wine experience or previous classroom study. Students must be familiar with the concepts of viticulture and vinification, major grape varieties, wine regions, and wine styles from across the globe, and have experience tasting wine in a formal setting.

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Italian Wine Tasting/Education

Thursday Sept 14th 7PM

Let’s take a tasting tour around Italy. We will discuss regions, laws, and explore unique wines from all over Italy. Don’t let wines from Italy confuse you; learn what grapes grow best where and more!



Tuesday Oct 10th 7PM

This wine tasting and educational class will help you develop your wine profile.

We will explore the 5 steps in how to taste wine.  The results of this will make you a better wine taster and buyer and develop your unique wine profile.  With this profile you can walk into any store or restaurant and explain what you like.

What do you smell? Do you like oaked or unoaked wines? Why do we swirl and spit?

We will talk about wine technology that can assist in building your palate.


Exploring French Wine Regions

Thursday Nov 9th 7PM

Lets take a tasting tour around France.

We will discuss regions, laws and explore unique wines from Champagne to the Southwest. Don’t let wines from France confuse you, learn what grapes grow best where and so much more!


Popping The Cork On Sparking Wines

Tuesday Nov 21st 7PM

Sparkling wines are used in celebrating many life’s best moments. At this education/tasting event we will explore all things bubbly.  What are the methods in making these wines? What is true Champagne? What makes Prosecco different from Cava? To answer these questions we will explore sparkling from all parts of the world.

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Franklin Library Book Club

Do you like wine? Do you like books? Join us for a special Wine Tasting & Book Club Meeting at Franklin Liquors. Kim Shipala, Assistant Library Director at the Franklin Public Library, will lead a discussion of the novel, while Kim Simone of Vinitas Wineworks and Mark of Franklin Liquors will do a tasting of the wines mentioned in the book.

The book discussion is free, but the wine tastings are $10 each. Space is limited to 40 participants. To register, either visit the library’s website or call Kim Shipala at 508-520-4943.

More Soon!


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