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By: Mark C Lenzi


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A Consumer’s Guide to 2017 State Politics

A bill in Massachusetts is seeking to double excise taxes on alcohol. All funds would be used for various substance-abuse treatment and awareness programs. Another proposal would allow Bay Staters to buy booze on Thanksgiving Day. (Bans on Sunday and Christmas Day sales would still stand.)

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Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

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Natick MA selectmen approve Wegmans’ liquor license


Good wine shop can make all the difference


Franklin Liquors New Daily Newspaper

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW)


 Our Daily Wine Newspaper 

How To Take Advantage Of The Expanding World Of Wine

For many wine consumers, the temptation to drink the same few grape varieties, from the same places where those wines are most well-known, is overwhelming.



The company’s white zinfandel is one of 83 California wines that tested positive for high levels of inorganic arsenic. Our conclusion is that something is going on inside the winery, not in the field where grapes are grown. More likely than not, they’re adding something to the wine



Guinness Irish Wheat has a typical wheat haze and notes of citrus, clove, and banana. It’s brewed with wheat sourced in Ireland with the same yeast that is used for Guinness Stout.


Piedmont’s “other” wines

This north-westerly region boasts many indigenous grape varieties that each bring a unique character to the table. Wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco are examples of fine wines to savour for special occasions, but Piedmont’s everyday drinking wines hold a charm of their own.


The challenges of working with wine

To stay well and healthy in this industry, particularly when travelling to markets where tasting and drinking is part of the job, is not easy, as it requires restraint, mindfulness of environment, body awareness, and knowledge of self


Wine terminology that drives us all mad

“Old World” and “New World” wines. Both have been in use for years now and yet many people still scratch their head when first hearing of them.


The most popular alcoholic drink in 31 countries around the world


Are We Overly Influenced by Wine Labels?

Wine labels play an important role in our decision making process, even if we don’t realize why. Let’s take a look at how wine labels influence our choices and affiliation with brands, along with some tips on how to look past the design on the bottle for pertinent information.



Climate change has had a negative impact on agriculture


Your Illustrated Guide to Pairing Fashion and Wine

Armani, Versace, Wang, Gaultier—we check out eight designers and find the wine that suits their style. Also, which fashion icons have turned to winemaking?


Time To Play Some Wine Games

For those of us who enjoy a little fun and folly, here are several intriguing games all centered around the topic of wine.



To get to the most extreme winemaking region in Spain, you’ll have to travel a bit farther south than the country’s mainland – just off the coast of southern Morocco, to be exact. It’s here that the volcanic archipelago of the Canary Islands, or Las Canarias, sprung up over the course of several million years and became home to some of Europe’s oldest vines.



Slow down, turn that bottle around and check out the description on the back.



7 Wine Rules You Officially Have Permission to Break

If you think wine is snobby, expensive and difficult to understand, it’s time to forget everything you’ve ever heard right this second. Today, the world of wine is more exciting than ever, so we’re ditching the old adages. Presenting seven outdated wine rules you’re officially allowed to break.


8 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Every year, there is a flurry of headlines about the health benefits of wine. But can drinking wine really make a difference?



Brands the world over have been exploring the idea of alcoholic Easter-themed treats to give the upcoming seasonal event a little extra kick



Diageo has expanded its Cîroc Vodka line with the launch of a limited edition Summer Colada expression, infused with flavours of pineapple and coconut.


Perusing old wine bottle labels offers tasty glimpse into evolution of California winemaking

Anyone still collect wine labels? For decades after the repeal of Prohibition, people enamored with the history, romance and art of wine patiently would steam or soak off labels from bottles.

Also For The Wine Label Geek Like Me Check this Site Out!

How Do You Feel About Wine Cans?

Not intended to be a Millennial thing, per se; although, Millennials are still very exploratory and are the age demographic to be more open to anything new. They’ve all recently left home and are out on their own, mostly bucking “the establishment.” Their enjoying wine in a can certainly says, “This is NOT your daddy’s wine,” right?


Peter Yealands proposes ‘complete solution’ to grape marc issues

A sustainability pioneer has unveiled an ambitious plan to solve one of the problems facing the Marlborough wine industry: what to do with grape marc?

This winery has so many interesting ideas. How about 24hr opera music in vineyards?


Perfect Wine for Easter

Pairing wines with Easter can be tricky due to the variety and volume of food on the table.  However with our picks, you’ll be able to hop along with your choices rather quick!


China’s Weilong aims to beat Treasury Wine Estates at own game

China’s third biggest wine company is aiming to have an $80 million winery up and running by 2019 near Mildura to mirror the export strategy of big Australian rivals

The brand loyalty paradox

By analysing the data from recent surveys in the US and the UK we can see that consumers indeed seem to have a fairly consistent repertoire of brands.


The average Indian wine drinker can’t tell a Cabernet Sauvignon from a Sauvignon blanc

There is an old webcomic that punchily describes the two kinds of wine drinkers in the world. There’s the snob who revels in swirling the glass, sniffing the bouquet, and identifying the tones and undertones. And then there’s the drinker, for whom it’s just, well, wine to glug down


Guide to Wards, Districts, Regions and all that of South Africa

outh Africa has a clear and logical demarcation of land for wine growing. It is based, says the governing body, the Wine & Spirit Board and its relevant sub-committee, the Demarcation Committee, on ‘nature and the human hand’.


2016 sets record for small craft brewers: retail dollars up 10% to $23.5 bil, 21.9% share of all beer $ sales


LaBelle Winery now using grapes from its Amherst MA vineyard for wine production

For the first time, LaBelle Winery is producing wine from its own homegrown grapes.

Good wine shop can make all the difference

It’s time to get out of the supermarket and into the wine shop.


The World’s Great Wine and Cheese Pairings

Of all the great foodie pairings, wine and cheese has to be one of the very best.



US wine retailer Total Wines has successfully challenged the traditional liquor laws of South Carolina, after the state’s supreme court branded a cap on the number of stores a retailer can have as “unconstitutional”.


The Taste Of Wine Isn’t All In Your Head, But Your Brain Sure Helps

What do listening to music, hitting a baseball and solving a complex math problem have in common? They all activate less gray matter than drinking wine.


How to Drink Wine the Right Way, According to Science

Here are a few things that you could do if you want to enjoy a glass and don’t want to look or sound dumb,


TTB Alcohol Beverage Sampling Program 2016 Results

Each year we purchase products from the marketplace and bring them to our offices for label assessments, where we first evaluate them for compliance with our labeling regulations. Following the label assessments, we send the products to our laboratories for a series of chemical analyses to assess whether the products themselves comply with the information displayed on the product labels.

Here are the wine findings:

Featured Wine: Nebbiolo

The most popular Nebbiolo-based wines, Barolo and Barbaresco, are quite expensive. Luckily, you can get your cherry, tar, and rose-fix from a few other regions where there are more pocketbook-friendly options


Natick MA selectmen approve Wegmans’ liquor license

Kentucky Spirits in Natick Center plans to close later this year. Ercole Ubaldino, the store’s owner for the past 27 years, said he is sad to be shutting down.

Wegmans agreed to pay $1.32 million for the liquor license, according to records included in the transfer request application.


Is your wine worth it?

When it comes to pricing, quality and customer expectation both matter, finds a study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School that focuses on wine.


The Two Faces of Ventoux

Although it has a long history as a producer of Rhône Valley wines—it was especially prominent during the Avignon Papacy—Ventoux has mostly been somewhat quiet and relatively ignored in recent centuries.


GMO yeast in wine and how to find them

The vast majority of wine does not involve genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Let me repeat, the vast majority of wine does not involve GMOs. On to the rest of the story:


A look at pinot growing regions of Sonoma County

No California red wine today is generating more buzz than pinot noir. And Sonoma County is ground zero for the widest range of cool-climate styles of pinots, like the ocean-influenced wines of Sonoma Coast, foggy and cool Green Valley, gentle rolling hills of Carneros Sonoma and the extensive vineyards throughout the Russian River Valley.


Your Guide to American Single Malt Whiskey

In “Spirit Guide,” Wayne Curtis demystifies the ever-shifting spirits landscape one bottle at a time. This round: American single malt whiskey.

Introducing New Malibu® Beer

This refreshing golden lager is flavored with a hint of natural coconut for a light tropical note and features 5% ABV. The product is slated for a select market roll-out beginning May 1st 2017 in Miami/Fort Lauderdale (FL), San Diego (CA) & Ann-Arbor/Lansing (MI).  Produced in the Caribbean, Malibu® Beer will be imported into the U.S. market by United States Beverage under exclusive licensing from the Malibu® brand.

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Thursday April 13th

Wines From Abruzzo In Central Italy

Guest: Dave Abbot Mascerelli Wine

Masciarelli is the leading Estate of Abruzzo.

The Abruzzo region today is on the cutting edge of grape growing and winemaking in all of Italy.  We will talk about the special set of climates and soils that makes Abruzzo unique.  We will talk about the grape varieties that have evolved in Abruzzo for over a thousand years.  And we will talk about Gianni Masciarelli, the curious skeptic, biological savant, and energy management genius who took Abruzzo from a sleepy wine backwater to the cutting edge.

About Dave:

Dave Abbott began his wine career in 1985 with the Big Y Wine superstore in Northampton, Massachusetts just in time to taste all of the 1982 Classed Growth Bordeaux, and most of the to 1983 Burgundy Premier and Grand Crus. This is when he became vitally interested in the geography, geology, topography, climate, agriculture, history, culture, wine traditions and culinary traditions of the European wine lands.  Dave has been liberally overeducated at Dartmouth (BA English 1972), University of Michigan (MA English Language and Literature 1977), and University of Massachusetts (PhD/ABD 19th and 20th Century Novel leaving in 1985).  A teacher at heart, Dave has long been fascinated by all the factors that make every wine unique.  A salesman by trade, Dave has worked for Consumer Programming Services selling encyclopedias door-to-door in the West Virginia coal fields, as Sales Associate and Italian and German Brands Manager for Big Y Wines, as the founder of Wine Diamonds wine brokerage, for MRR Traders as Western Mass Wholesaler’s Rep, and since 1998 for Masciarelli Wine Company as Western Mass Rep, and later as a Regional Sales Manager.  In 2007 Dave became Regional Sales Manager for the imports division of Masciarelli Wine Company serving North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Delaware later adding Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon and Northern California.  In 2012 Dave also became Masciarelli’s Wine Educator, and Sales Trainer for both the Massachusetts and Florida divisions..  Since 2015 Dave has handled Regional Sales Manager duties for Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Marylnd, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois.  Since 2012 he has been National Brand Manager for Valori, Castello di Cacchiano, La Caplana, and the Masciarelli Estate in Abruzo.  Summer 2015 marked Dave’s 25th trip to Italy.

Today my business involves making connections with 9 distributors, traveling to 13 states, doing ride-alongs with 85 sales people a year teaching them about the things that make our wines so very special, calling on 1000 retailers and restaurants projecting the voice, character, style and passion of the Masciarelli Wine company and the wine families we represent.  Always fascinated by the intricacies of Italian wine, Dave aspires to be the World’s Best Italian Wine Salesman.

Favorite Quotes

When your done learning, your done.–John Wooden

The harder I work, the luckier I get.—Anonymous

April 25th

Exploring Wine Labels

Hosts: Mark Lenzi And Kim Simone

Lets take an educational adventure while tasting wines and explore labels.
Do you know the truths and lies on the labels?
We will get back to our original club roots at this event. Talking and tasting while giving you tips and tricks.
You will leave a better wine buyer and a little scared!
Whats in that bottle can all learned with a few tips.

May 4th

  1. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

Guest: Erin Foley

May 11th

Wines Of Santa Carolina In Chile

Host Mark Raymond

June 1st

Matchbook Wines

Host Dan O’connor

June 15th

Napa Valley Rocks

Host Jo Ann Ross

Franklin Adult Education 2017 Classes


Wine Buying Tips Using Label Information

Thursday, May 18th


Do you know 5 corporations own 80-90% of wines for sale?  Many people buy wines based on label only. Do you?  This wine tasting/education will explain what is on a wine label and how it can help you find the best for your dollar.  After this event buying wine will never be the same!

Sign Up

Exploring Italian Wines

Tuesday, May 23rd


Italian wines can be some of the most confusing to understand.  This tasting/education will cover history, geography, laws, regions and grapes.  Come explore Italy!

Sign up

Medway Community Education Winter Programs


      The Language of Wine Labels

May 10


Ever found yourself staring at a wine label and been confused about what it’s telling you? You’re not alone! Join Mark and Kim as they decode the language on that bottle of wine. You’ll learn how to tell if a wine is dry or sweet, what might be in a blend, and so much more!

Sign up


Tri-County Adult Education  


French Wine Scholar Programs


Vinitas WineWorks LLC, Tri-County Adult Education, and Franklin Liquors are excited to announce the Fall session of the French Wine Scholar Certification program!

Now you don’t have to go to Boston for this world-class French wine course! Set yourself apart from your peers and specialize in the wines of France. Gain the confidence to taste, sell, and speak meaningfully about all aspects of French wine, from Champagne to Bordeaux and everything in between. Pass the exam and earn the title French Wine Scholar and FWS post-nominal.

Developed by the Wine Scholar Guild with the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, this specialization program is designed for advanced students of wine, whether professionals or serious wine hobbyists. This is NOT an introductory wine class; students should have professional wine experience or previous classroom study. Students must be familiar with the concepts of viticulture and vinification, major grape varieties, wine regions, and wine styles from across the globe, and have experience tasting wine in a formal setting.

Tuition: $999

New Dates Soon!

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Franklin Liquors Wine Education

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Society Of Wine Educators

California Wine Appellation Specialist-CWAS-San Francisco Wine School (First In MA)

French Wine Scholar FWS-(Instructor) Wine Scholar Guild

Quini Certified Educator- QCE (First In USA)

Italian Wine Specialist-IWS-North American Sommelier Association

New Card Back 2016

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Our Wine Education/Events Partner

Kim Simone

Vinitas Wineworks


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