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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

The secret to picking the perfect bottle of wine might be on the back label

Diageo to debut Walking Dead whiskey

American Breweries Survived Prohibition by Making Near-Beer, Baby Formula, and Ice Cream



The ink was also found to be more expensive than both Brent Crude Oil and Chanel No.5 perfume.



The short answer to your question is no, but let me explain. Natural wine as a term is not regulated, and several definitions exist. According to Raw Wine, the premier festival devoted to wine we might call natural, “no legal definitions of natural wine currently exist, but various official-ish ones do, set by groups of growers in various countries, including France, Italy and Spain.” These official-ish definitions state that growers should practice organic or biodynamic farming, but, due to geographic diversity and other factors, a winery is not required to be certified organic in order to produce what it calls natural wine. Because of this, one cannot guarantee that every bottle of natural wine is indeed organic.

The moral of the story is that if your goal is to drink organic wine, either make sure the wine is certified as such, or do your research. Many producers say the reason they can’t officially label their wines “organic” is because certification is so expensive. That means it’s on you to make sure you’re buying wine and supporting farmers you believe in.


Woman transforms wine-stained outfit into ‘genius’ tie-dye look

With the help of her friends, Walton ordered more wine from the bar and soaked her jumpsuit in the sink to create an impressive tie-dye pattern – another SS19 trend to tick from the list.


How to travel the world according to your taste in wine

The particular fusion of grapes, climate and wine-making processes all come together to anchor the memory of that particular destination for years to come.


The Best Wine Cocktail Recipes for Your Wedding Bar Menu

Between red wine spritzers and champagne punch, these wine cocktail recipes can be the exact answer you were looking for when it comes to finalizing your bar plans.

Rosé Prosecco Doesn’t Actually Exist—But It Will Soon

Nearly 200 producers of Prosecco in Italy make a rosé sparkling wine. But there’s a catch: They cannot legally call it Prosecco.



It has all of those classic pineapple and coconut flavors mixed with sweet moscato wine for one heck of a refreshing party punch.


Hot brand Josh Cellars propels Napa Valley’s Joseph Carr Wines from near bankruptcy to success

Napa Valley-based Joseph Carr Wines has rocketed to production of nearly 3 million cases this year, and plans call for that to grow to 5 million in coming years.


From Apollo 11 engineer to winemaker

He’s been at the helm of Henry Estate Winery ever since, producing award-winning wine in the heart of the Umpqua Valley.

What is the point of replica wines?

The bargains on offer from Replica Wines, a young company based in Colorado, are quite similar. Buyers of its $20.00 Retrofit can get four bottles for the price of one bottle of Far Niente, the Napa wine on which it is based.


9 Things You Should Know About White Claw Hard Seltzer

Wondering what the hype is about?


6 expert tips for reading a beer label

I surveyed several local experts for tips on how to select the perfect craft beer.


Campari: a brand history

Campari’s global sales are around 3.5 million cases, but that could grow exponentially if you think of the success of Aperol that has boomed thanks to the popularity of Prosecco



Called Untouched by Light, the fizz is made from Chardonnay grapes grown in Slovenia’s Gornja Radgona region picked on “moonless nights”.



Fine art and fine wine are enjoying a golden age at auction.


Unlike wheat, peas do not need nitrogen fertiliser, which can result in air and water pollution.

Vodka’s Super-Premium Leaders

Cheez-It and a boxed wine company are teaming up.

House Wine and Kellog are partnering to sell a wine-and-Cheez-It box — that’s a box of red wine and box of Cheez-Its, not Cheez-it flavored wine — for a limited time.

How To Find Great Wine At A Grocery Store For Under $20

Whether at a local package shop or a warehouse-sized superstore, superior wines are waiting to be hauled in at the $10-$20 range. In fact, survey after survey shows that even those with so-called ‘sophisticated’ palates, fail to reliably recognize the difference between a $50 bottle and a $15 when tasted blind.

What The White Wine Emoji Says About How We Communicate In 2019

This week the The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) will meet at the Microsoft Campus in Washington State, and before it rests the proposal for a white wine emoji.

What the Supreme Court Said—and Didn’t Say—About Wine

Direct shipping advocates, who believe the laws in 37 states forbidding out-of-state retailers from shipping wine are unconstitutional, have said the decision effectively renders those laws dead. The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America issued a statement saying, basically, that nothing has changed.


This Is the Easiest (and Most Fun!) Way to Make Wine Slushies

Rabbit Freezeable Cocktail Maker


Yao Ming’s post-NBA retirement plan in the Napa Valley’s wine business falls victim to China’s tit-for-tat tariffs on US products

Yao Family Wines’ export business dropped by half over the past year


Should the FTC allow the Gallo/Constellation deal?

Gallo is already the largest wine producer in the world. In April, it agreed to buy 30 wine brands from Constellation for $1.7 billion. But the Federal Trade Commission is holding up the sale, presumably to see if it would make the wine industry less competitive.


Woodford Reserve adds wheat whiskey to line-up

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey is available globally. The expression is based on “historical recipes” but is influenced by the core Woodford Reserve Bourbon.


You’ve Probably Never Tried the World’s Most Popular Liquor

Baijiu has been around for thousands of years.



The appetite for agave shows no sign of diminishing. With the likes of Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney, pop star Justin Timberlake, singer Rita Ora and Sex and the City’s Chris Noth putting their names behind Tequila and mezcal, the influence of celebrities in the category is marked.



Artificial intelligence reads and interprets the content and augmented reality projects the new text back onto the label, right in front of you.


The Most Popular Beer Brands in America (Map)

Bud Light is the most searched-for beer in 22 of the 35 states with data available


New Pinot Noir

Treasury Wine Estates has launched a new Pinot Noir label. Fighting Chance Pinot Noir ($26) is a blend of 90% Pinot Noir, 8% Petite Sirah, and 2% other red varietals, all sourced from such Santa Barbara County vineyards as North Canyon, Cat Canyon, and Fiddlestix. The new brand, which is now available nationwide, is made by winemaker Adam Poirier, who’s been with Treasury since 2016. Treasury’s California portfolio also includes the Sterling Vineyards, Stags’ Leap, and Beringer brands.

American Breweries Survived Prohibition by Making Near-Beer, Baby Formula, and Ice Cream

A handful of breweries found clever ways to stick it out, shifting gears (sometimes literally) to produce other products


8 Things to Do With Leftover Rosé Wine

Assuming you don’t feel like drinking your leftover rosé, there are a number of good uses for it.


A Beginner’s Guide to Champagne

Champagne can feel confusing at times, and for good reason. It involves a complicated winemaking process and a dictionary of French terminology.


When it comes to cheese and wine pairings, this expert has Gouda advice

How to pair wines — from sparkling to dessert — with the best cheeses from California to Italy.


How good is canned wine?

Eduardo Dingler explores the growth in canned wine sales in the USA, and now the UK – and at $25 dollars a can in some cases, it’s not just the house wines…

How Winemakers Analyze pH and Its Impact on Wine

Measuring a wine’s pH provides clues to acidity and character, but it doesn’t tell you everything

Wine Snobs Don’t Want to Share

At the event, people we don’t know hold out a glass and say, “I’ll have a glass of that.”

Pros and Cons of Private Labeling

The private label market is now at 8 to 10 percent of market penetration,

Protecting vineyards with drones

Aerial drones could eventually help Washington farmers recoup some of the $80 million a year in crop damages caused by birds.

Gum Drops and Candy Hearts are … grape varieties?

The story of flavored grapes started improbably in 1964


“Skin Flick,” a skin-fermented white wine blend, celebrates Golden Age of Porn

Tank Garage Winery is excited to release “Skin Flick,” a skin-fermented white wine blend, to celebrate the Golden Age of Porn, an era of decadent glamour and sexual revolution back in the late-’70s through early-’80s.


Diageo to debut Walking Dead whiskey

The Walking Dead Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has been launched under Spirits of the Apocalypse – a “strategic alliance” between Diageo and Skybound Entertainment, the firm behind The Walking Dead comic series.

Jack Daniel’s and Shoe Surgeon unveil bespoke trainers

The collaboration saw the Shoe Surgeon team create sneakers inspired by elements of Jack Daniel’s branding.


Any businesses that post content related to the sale or transfer of these protest must restrict their content to those aged over 18. Facebook also told CNN that this also referred to any Facebook groups set up for the sale of alcohol and tobacco products.


The use of tiny magnetic nanoparticles may be key to removing faults such as smoke and cork taint from wine easily and safely, researchers in Australia have said, after success in removing proteins and unwanted aromas.

Home renovation unearthed hidden beer cans worth thousands of dollars

When the family discovered that one of the columns on his front porch was full of empty beer cans and whiskey bottles, it was actually great news

4 Good Red Wines For Beginners

Here are four good red wines that aim to please

How to Tell if Wine is Corked

Pair Cheese With Sparkling Wine

A growing trend and a very rewarding one too if you can get the perfect match


Joining its sister programs, French Wine Scholar and Italian Wine Scholar, the Spanish Wine Scholar will provide an advanced and comprehensive specialisation study and certification program

This Bar Built A White Claw Claw Game Machine

Forget pool tables and trivia, at this Arizona bar, drinkers entertain themselves playing a unique game machine.


5 Reasons To Love The Wine Industry Right Now

Why choose wine with its unique and sometimes enervating lineup of challenges?


A fantastic wine from each state in the U.S. to try this summer

All 50 states in the union produce wine from grapes, fruit or honey, and this summer is the perfect time to try a bottle from each one.


Inside Asolo: The ‘Other’ Prosecco DOCG Sparkling Wine Region

The Asolo DOCG region is located an hour north of Venice.


Intermittent Fasting and Alcohol: Can You Combine Them?

This article examines how alcohol affects intermittent fasting and reviews whether certain drinks are better than others.



The 500 Milestone

For whatever reason, the cow horns are the only known container that transforms raw manure to the rich humus that is BD 500.


DOCG #75 is in for 🇮🇹 now we can sleep in tightly…🙄 Wine Scholar Guild news #boston #italianwine #winelover 🍷

“At the beginning of July the DOC Tullum/Terre Tollesi in Abruzzo was elevated to DOCG. The DOC was originally created in 2008.

Although this area has long-standing winemaking tradition, this DOC is rather obscure and considerably small. The area under vine accounts for less than 25 ha (60 ac). There are currently only two producers using the Tullum DOC designation and the total production accounts for about less than 100,000 bottles. According to the consorzio, the DOCG will soon attract more producers to invest in this area.

The DOC allowed for a wide range of grapes and styles. Following the introduction of the DOCG however, the grapes and wine styles allowed have been restricted to Montepulciano (labeled as Rosso) and varietal Pecorino and Passerina. A spumante (Chardonnay based) is still allowed under the DOCG.”



New 90+

Latitude Beverage has expanded its portfolio of California wines, adding two new releases to its 90+ Cellars brand and one to its Magic Door brand. To 90+ Cellars, the company has added Lot 179 Pinot Noir ($12) and Lot 173 Cabernet Sauvignon ($27). The latter is a St. Helena, Napa Valley-sourced wine that will be released as part of the brand’s Collector Series. Latitude’s third new California wine is a Rutherford, Napa Valley-sourced Cabernet Sauvignon for the Magic Door brand ($27).


The secret to picking the perfect bottle of wine might be on the back label

Shopping by the importer whose label is on the back of the bottle has been a savvy wine hack for decades, a decoder ring for consumers to suss out quality amid the ever-expanding and always changing world of international wine options


How to Wine, Dine and Stay Fit

You’re a wine professional. You’re surrounded by wine, and chances are you have a chance to consume quite a bit over the course of a day.


Free Flow Wines Celebrates Milestone 10 Year Anniversary

Free Flow Wines is now the leader in sustainable alternative packaging solutions for the wine industry, providing kegging and canning services for over 180 winery partners out of a new state-of-the-art production facility in Sonoma, CA


10 Things You Should Know About Sassicaia

How did one wine make such large waves?


Wine-infused pasta is cooked in giant cheese wheel

The pink fettuccine is prepared tableside in a flaming cheese wheel and served with parmesan and truffles.


5 Ways to Become a Better Wine Taster

It takes years to become a real wine expert.  It takes years of preparation and commitment.  Nevertheless, here are five ways to help make anyone a better wine taster.



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