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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Newport, Rhode Island

The Science of Sweetness in Cocktails

‘Game of Thrones’: A final beer to toast the series


Do not become a victim of ‘wine familiarity fatigue’

If you have been drinking the same variety of wine by the same producer for some time you are probably the victim of wine familiarity fatigue.

Current federal regulations make producing canned wine expensive and cumbersome

The biggest challenge: different can sizes between those currently approved for wine and those used for virtually every other beverage.

Museum toasts history of California wine making

1881 Napa, a wine history museum and tasting salon, opened this month in Oakville, about 60 miles north of San Francisco.,329870

Miss Manners: Any way to fend off unwanted wine gifts?

But does Miss Manners have any suggestions for ways I can prevent this gift-mismatch?

How Does a Beer Get Skunky?

It’s commonly thought that subjecting beer to variations in temperature will skunk it. However, skunkiness in beer is caused not by heat, but by light.

Top 10 best-selling rum brands

Producers are tapping into the premiumisation trend with exciting line extensions and investing in bold marketing campaigns to boost growth. We take a look at the performance of the world’s biggest rum brands.

‘It’s Complicated’: Understanding Volatile Acidity and Its Role in Wine

It’s a combination of compounds — primarily ethyl acetate and acetic acid — that are present in small amounts in pretty much every wine.

Self-Translating Wine Labels Becoming the New Standard

Artificial intelligence reads and interprets the content and augmented reality projects the new text back onto the label, right in front of you.”

Guinness brewery masters working on non-alcoholic black stuff

A non-alcoholic version of Guinness is in the works but don’t expect to see it in pubs or shops anytime soon.

Italy’s Prosecco hills were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list

Italy’s northeastern Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills, home to the world-famous sparkling wine prosecco, have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Why UNESCO’s New Wine World Heritage Site Is Controversial

Top six best-selling Tequila brands

It’s an exciting time for the Tequila category as key investments take effect and celebrity endorsements create a buzz. We present the brands at the top of the volume ladder.


Singing to a bottle of Drouhin white Burgundy fastened with a screwcap, which flew off when she hit the high note.

Do Wine Drinkers Really Trade Up?

It’s a more complicated question than you might think

Top seven best-selling gin brands

There seems to be little standing in the way of gin’s booming popularity – and it’s certainly not just ‘craft’ players bringing excitement to the category, as our list of the top-selling gin brands proves.

Cognac producers combat climate change

Climate change is having a noticeable effect on Cognac as untimely frosts and freak hailstorms batter the region


The Napa Valley Vintners has become the first American wine trade association to sign up to the Porto Protocols and commit to lowering the region’s carbon footprint.


Captain Morgan has partnered with Major League Soccer (MLS) to become the league’s official spiced rum and exclusive spirits partner through 2022. The rum will also become an official sponsor of the Chicago Fire, D.C. United, New York City FC, Philadelphia Union, and Seattle Sounders teams. Custom labeled bottles of Captain Morgan featuring team colors and crests will be hitting the market soon. The partnership also includes national television ads that will be launching this month. Captain Morgan was down 2.7% to 5.6 million cases in the U.S. last year, according to Impact Databank.

New Rum

Beam Suntory-owned Cruzan Rum is launching a new watermelon-flavored addition to its lineup. Available nationally, the limited-edition release is 21% abv and retails for a suggested price of $12 a 750-ml. Cruzan Watermelon was distilled on St. Croix using cane molasses in a five-column distillation process. As part of Cruzan’s Island Spirit Fund, one dollar from every case of Cruzan Watermelon sold will go toward hurricane recovery efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands and on the mainland.

A waste of good wine? Non! Spitting is essential to tasting

Spitting the wine out is intrinsic to a tasting.

Terroir matters as much for wood as it does for wine

A new organic winery for Pizzolato, designed by MADE, is built almost entirely out of local, sustainably harvested wood.


Why You Shouldn’t Care Much About Wine

Because, you see, the gist of it is that you shouldn’t really care much about wine.


Lohr Vineyards & Wines Unveils New J. Lohr Pure Paso™ Proprietary Red Wine

Showcasing the winery’s most popular varietal, Cabernet Sauvignon, in a blend with Petite Sirah.

Don Julio unveils Lagavulin cask-finished Tequila

Diageo-owned Don Julio has released its second Scotch-influenced expression ­– a reposado Tequila finished in casks that previously held Lagavulin single malt.

Top nine best-selling liqueur brands

In the face of calls for low-sugar drinks, the liqueurs category has had to work overtime in order to retain its audience. Despite these challenges, seven out of the nine best-selling liqueur brands posted marginal growth over the last 12 months.

What You’re like on Coffee, Wine, and Cannabis

A funny, but realistic, look at the mental effects of 3 of the world’s most talked about substances.

White Wine Aging Chart

Some white wines have been noted to age well for 30 years or more.

Moonshine’s XXX Labels Denote Precision, Not Poison

Misconceptions around moonshine, a once-illicit liquor that’s still made legally and illegally today, proliferate on the internet

New Boston Beer Product

The Boston Beer Company has introduced Wild Leaf Craft Hard Tea, including a new pair of 4.5% abv iced teas with fruit flavors. Available now nationwide, Wild Leaf comes in two expressions—Black Tea with Lemon & Honeysuckle and Green Tea with Apple & Honey—both of which contain 11 grams of sugar and 130 calories per serving. They can be purchased as a 6-pack ($10) or as a single 16-ounce can ($2), with the Black Tea also available in 12-packs of slim cans ($17). Boston Beer is already active in hard tea with its Twisted Tea label, an Impact “Hot Brand” that rose 8% to 13.1 million (2.25-gallon) cases in the U.S. last year.

Why don’t we drink dessert wine?

Dessert wine is one of those things that wine aficionados love in theory but not in practice.

Why are French producers seeing red over blue wine experiment?

It’s made in the same way as any other wine, but gets its blue colour as a result of being filtered through red grape skins which contain anthocyanins.


What’s the Difference Between Cooking Wine and Regular Wine?

The main difference between cooking wine and wine that you drink is quality


No need to worry about U.S. wine sales – convenience store wine will save us

About one percent more convenience stores sold wine in 2018. That total is almost half of the 153,000 U.S. locations.

‘Game of Thrones’: A final beer to toast the series

‘My Watch Has Ended’ the last of a 15-beer collection pegged to the HBO show



According to the research, the addition of tannins improved mechanical properties of materials such as cotton to develop wearable sensors for rehabilitation monitoring, significantly increasing the longevity of a device.


The world’s largest cork producer, Amorim has extended its non-detectable TCA guarantee to sparkling wine stoppers.

Sparkling Blue Nun

Once a million-case brand in the U.S., Germany’s Blue Nun now sells about 180,000 cases stateside, according to Impact Databank, imported by Shaw-Ross International. While the brand has faced challenges over the years as younger consumers have been slow to embrace the Riesling category, Blue Nun has seen improved momentum lately, boosted by its 24K Gold Sparkling extension. Retailing at $15 a 750-ml., the sparkling offering contains real 24K gold flakes and is present in 38 states.

“The launch of 24K has helped introduce the Blue Nun brand to many first-time consumers,” says Mark Tramont, who oversees the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean for Blue Nun parent F.W. Langguth Erben. Tramont adds that the sparkling extension skews toward female drinkers and has had particular success with multicultural consumers in markets like Texas, Georgia, California, New Jersey, Florida, and Illinois—most of which are not traditional strongholds for Blue Nun overall.

Regarding the outlook for German wine (a 2-million-case category in the U.S.) and for Riesling in particular, Tramont says consumer education is the key. “Our challenge is that many people overlook the category without exploring it. But there’s no other grape as versatile as Riesling, which can go from sparkling to still and bone-dry to sweet,” he notes. Blue Nun Riesling has a “substantially drier” profile than most of its competitors, he adds, which the company sees as a positive differentiator in the current market.

The Science of Sweetness in Cocktails

How bartenders use sugar in mixed drinks—and what researchers say about our perception of sweetness–tmQgTda4KXoimR_qeVGwFNACwInENBx0W8mRcD7KSVoMkew7wwGA8lRcslpnovjVRMBkp6CerKWUrPlesQtWdcgNE24Mxqo_XOPV0SnjzttjoSFA&_hsmi=74570079


How to Pair Tomatoes with Wine

There are more than 10,000 types of tomato, which range in color from white to black and are used around the globe in everything from drinks to dessert


A Wine Lover’s Guide to Newport, Rhode Island

Newport may not necessarily make you think of wine, despite the existence of regional wineries here since 1975.


Are There Benefits to American Oak Over French?

If a tree falls in the forest, does it matter the forest from which it came? Winemakers seem to think so.


Budweiser, Bud Light release beer-themed swimwear and ‘pajameralls’

Now you can’t only bring your Bud Light into the pool – you can wear it, too.

Top six drivers for the growing wine-in-a-can market

New study looks at the drivers and motivations of wine-in-a-can consumers, identifying those areas winemakers should focus on to build their canned wine sales.


Resveratrol Is in Your Wine and Your Skincare—What’s So Great About It?

Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant that can be found in grape skin, peanuts, berries, and even dark chocolate. In skincare, however, it works on a cellular level to fight aging.



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