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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Massachusetts Lawmakers Want To Crack Down on Beer Gardens

The Perfect Wine Pairings For All Your Favorite BBQ and Grilled Foods

The Hottest Cocktails of Summer 2019



New Seltzer

Stratford, Connecticut-based Two Roads Brewing Company is preparing to enter the hard seltzer market with H2Roads Craft Hard Seltzer. The 4.5% abv seltzer is flavored using real fruit instead of extracts or flavorings and made with cane sugar. The brand will launch with three flavors: Raspberry, Grapefruit, and Cranberry Lime. The releases, depending on flavor, will range from 95-115 calories and contain 2-3 grams of sugar and 2-4 grams of carbs. H2Roads will debut on draft and in 6-packs of 12-ounces cans in August throughout Two Roads’ distribution footprint.

Are Wineries Getting Inspected by the FDA?

Please note that breweries, [hard] cideries, and distilleries are also subject to the FSMA regulation and FDA inspections,

The top 10 best-selling Scotch brands

Looking across our top 10, only two brands were in decline, with double-digit growth for Diageo’s Black & White blend

Trinchero Family Estates moves into vermouth

Winery Trinchero Family Estates has created a line of dry and sweet vermouths that were inspired by a 120-year-old family recipe.


Flamboyant Frenchman Jean-Charles Boisset has opened the Napa Valley’s first wine history museum at Oakville Grocery, which dates back to 1881.

Line 39 Wines Launches Augmented Reality App

Line 39 has launched a mobile app for summer featuring an adventurous ‘Find Your Summer’ AR experience activated by the bottle labels

Why having too many choices makes us miserable

Having a lot of choices at our fingertips creates the feeling of FOMO, and that makes us miserable.

Hard seltzer sales have exploded.

Here’s a look at which kinds are actually worth buying

Napa County creating special blend of regulations for small wineries

That exemption doesn’t allow direct-to-consumer activities like tasting and sales, according to the report


What is driving consumers to purchase the wines they do and how are they making these decisions?


America’s Best Beers, According To Homebrewers (2019)

Of the 25 that made the list, 20 beers come from small and independent craft brewers


The Unlikely Tale of How Scotch Survived (and Thrived) During Prohibition

The British government did not jump on the wagon, and Scotch exports declined less than 3 percent between 1920 and 1932.


Negroni Pops Recipe

These Negroni Pops combine the classic negroni cocktail’s signature ingredients – gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth – with a sweet-and-sour strawberry and grapefruit juice in a frosty adult popsicle.


Seven Things You Should Know About Chateau Montelena

There’s far more to learn about this American icon


Top 10 best-selling world whisk(e)y brands

As Irish whiskey maintains its rising popularity, Japanese whisky and American whiskey strain to keep up with demand


The Benefits of Learning with a Wine Aroma Kit

My new aroma kit helped fill that gap in my education, introducing me to common wine aromas I didn’t encounter on a regular basis like lychee, truffle, lees and red currant.


Hello, is this Cabernet Alexa?

Will technology replace wine educators?

Reductive vs. Oxidative Winemaking, Explained

Both terms refer to the relative presence or absence of oxygen during winemaking.


You May Not Be Drinking The Famous Stag’s Leap Wine You Think You’re Drinking

The winery whose name has an apostrophe before the S – is the famous Napa winery known for producing the Cabernet that bested the top Bordeaux at the 1976 Judgement of Paris.


New Barefoot

E& J. Gallo’s Barefoot Cellars has introduced Barefoot Wine-To-Go, the latest new packaging format for the brand. The 500-ml. carton features a screwcap and is available nationwide for Barefoot’s Moscato, Rosé, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay wines. In support of the launch, Barefoot has partnered with actress Mindy Kaling on a series of short videos that promote Wine-To-Go’s portability. Barefoot is the second-largest wine brand in the U.S., with more than 20 million cases depleted in 2018, according to Impact Databank.


How does one shop for wine?

The biggest 10 producers make up about just under 20% of the world market. In most

grocery stores, the wines represented may come from as few as five producers, though

the display, known as the “wine wall” appears to have scores of producers competing for

your wine dollars.


Busted: 5 Health Myths About Wine

Learn the truth behind commonly held beliefs about alcohol and wellness


What Does Price Say About Your Wine?

Price itself isn’t a litmus test for quality or taste.


Decoding Tennessee Whiskey

Sometimes it seems like Bourbon and rye get all the attention, but Tennessee whiskey deserves a share of the spotlight, too.


How To Make White Wine Sangria

White Wine Sangria! Sangria is really simple, it’s fruit soaked in wine. Good for a party of two or a crowd and pairs well with just about anything.


Top 10 best-selling brandy and Cognac brands

Global exports of Cognac rose for a fourth consecutive year from 2017­-2018, according to Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) figures




Each year, accountancy firm Brand Finance compares the revenues the world’s largest drinks companies make from their brands to determine which have the most influence and exposure.



Survey Of Wine Consumers Says Sustainability Takes Precedence Over Organic

High consumer interest in sustainably produced wine, and consumers harbor a favorable perception of sustainable certification programs as well.



Given more information about how wine is made, consumers less likely to pay for organic

The study provides insight on consumer perception of organic and organic grape labeling, and how labels that highlight the absence of ingredients are perceived by consumers who aren’t familiar with standard production practices,


Time to change perception of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand’s much-loved Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc needs to change its ‘drink now’ image to help boost consumer understanding of its more complex, premium and age-worthy styles.

The Hottest Cocktails of Summer 2019

Yelp just released its list of the summer’s top drinks, and the Aperol Spritz takes the top spot.

5 of the Best Coffee-Infused Spirits and How to Use Them

As Americans have become more particular about our morning cup or afternoon cold brew, the coffee liqueur category is thriving.


Authorities are battling a wildfire in Catalonia in northeastern Spain, deemed to be the region’s “worst in 20 years”, with the blaze having spread over 16,000 acres of land threatening vineyards in the area.


The Science of Rapid Liquor Infusion

Bartenders are playing with pressure, temperature, and time to get flavor faster


How to Identify Off-flavors in Beer

At times, bar and restaurant patrons send back a beer not because they don’t like the style but because they claim it contains an “off-flavor”—an unpleasant taste or smell that in most cases shouldn’t be present.



What the SCOTUS Decision Means for Wine

Momentous Supreme Court decision on wine and liquor law, here are a few thoughts.



Drink up with limited edition Blues Stanley Cup Championship wine

This is BY FAR The Worst Tasting Wine Ever To Any Bruins Fan!

A beginners guide to wine tasting in Spain (plus all the lingo you’ll need)

Spain has a wide variety of wineries that produce some of the best wines in the world and it’s a huge part of the culture.

How do winemakers combat heatwaves?

What does an unexpected heatwave mean for vineyards – and how do winemakers tackle it…?

Toxic substances found in the glass and decoration of alcoholic beverage bottles

Bottles of beer, wine and spirits contain potentially harmful levels of toxic elements, such as lead and cadmium, in their enamelled decorations, a new study shows.

Swirl, sniff, sip & spit tastings miss important taste elements

How drawing pictures can help us understand wine

Constellation Brands research finds about a third of consumers state that they are confused about wine.

The Best Wine For Celebrating Your 21st Birthday, Or Any Milestone

Finding a wine that improves with 20 or more years of age is not impossible, but why not purchase one that defined winemaking history as well?

Everything You Need To Know About The Natural Wine Trend

A backlash to modern winemaking processes that have become common practice

A New Style of Winemaking Could Take Sherry Mainstream

This lower-intervention style of winemaking is appealing to drinkers who believe less manipulation results in a more expressive wine.

The Perfect Wine Pairings For All Your Favorite BBQ and Grilled Foods

Picking wines that complement all of the tangy, salty, and sweet flavors of our favorite grilled foods can be a challenge.

Wait, Is Kylie Jenner Making Kylie-Brand Wine Now?

Jenner filed trademarksfor various alcohol-related products, such as spirits, liquor, wine, alcoholic cocktail mixes, prepared alcoholic cocktails, and prepared wine cocktails, which opens a world of possibilities

A Field Guide to South Africa’s Best Sparkling Wines

These wines are among the South African wine industry’s best, least-promoted bottles.

Massachusetts Lawmakers Want To Crack Down on Beer Gardens

Boston’s beloved beer gardens are in jeopardy thanks to a bill introduced by Massachusetts lawmakers earlier this year.

The Complete Guide to Egg Fermentation

Eggs, particularly of the concrete variety, seem to be all the rage in winemaking.


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