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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Why Scientists Think a Glass of Wine During Pregnancy Isn’t So Bad

Why so many beers have retro-looking cans

New Products Fuel Growth For Flavored Whiskies



Vintage Wine Estates to launch range of wine-based cocktails

Called Gaze Wine Cocktails, the 4.5% ABV range consists of two beverages: coconut water-chardonnay-moscato and blueberry-pomegranate moscato.


Can You Recycle Wine Corks? Here’s How You Can Best Dispose Of Them

Did you know we want your corks?

We collect and recycle!


Top 10 spirits brands on social media

While social media has the ability to boost brands’ success around the world, opaque posts by ‘influencers’ have fallen foul of regulators. Here, SB recognises the best-performing brands on social media and names the Social Media Hero from our Brand Champions 2019 report.

Americans Are Drinking Less Beer, But Craft Is King

Small craft-beer facilities are responsible for much of the growth in the number of U.S. producers.


10 Things You Should Know About Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve was launched by the Brown-Forman Corporation less than a quarter-century ago, in 1996.


Disney’s New Marvel Park Is Planning a Brewery

The city of Anaheim, CA approved permit requests for Disney to build a Marvel-inspired theme park. The approved permits include bathroom construction, a meet-and-greet area, and (drumroll, please) a “microbrewery,” the Los Angeles Times reports.


Amazon Liquor Stores In MA Future?

Amazon has applied for a liquor license to open a small retail shop in San Francisco, aiming to deliver beer, wine, and spirits in the area through its Prime Now service. With the filing, reported by the San Francisco Business Times, Amazon is seeking to operate a 200-square-foot shop from 8am to 4pm daily, while making deliveries from 8am to midnight. Amazon is already making alcohol deliveries through its Whole Foods subsidiary in a number of key U.S. markets.


How Wine Companies Build Their Brands With Little Advertising

From labels to sponsorships, there are several techniques


Bulleit to open US$10m visitor center

Diageo will open Bulleit Distilling Co’s US$10 million visitor centre in Kentucky next week, which “leverages modern technology” and highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainability.


The Differences Between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Aromas, Explained

When analyzing wines, professionals split flavors and aromas into three different categories: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Each originates from different sources, and not all wines express all three categories.


New Products Fuel Growth For Flavored Whiskies

Last year, the total flavored whiskey category grew by 5.5% to 12.28 million 9-liter cases in the U.S. market—representing more than a sixfold rise from 2010


A Beginner’s Guide to Italian Wine

Whether you’ve just begun to explore wine or are an expert who seeks to brush up on the basics, bookmark this page as a quick reference guide.



7 Expert Tips for Ordering Wine at a Restaurant

Ordering wine at a restaurant doesn’t have to be so daunting. Ray Isle goes undercover as a sommelier and shares seven tips for a better wine experience during your next night on the town.

Think You Know Portugal’s Vinho Verde? Think Again

Young producers have bucked the traditional production of inexpensive wines in favor of more concentrated, serious offerings. And, in turn, large producers are challenged to show that they can also produce dry wines of great quality.

Wine lover cures agonising hangovers without giving up booze with one ingredient

A blood test has uncovered the true cause — she’s intolerant to chardonnay grapes, the fruit used in her favorite wine.

What You Need to Know About Hungarian Wine

With a focus on dry wines from native varieties, a younger generation of winemakers is redefining the country’s offerings

Are wines really seasonal or reasonable, while an equator separates all of it

All wines have a reason, more than a season


Prosecco is reclaiming its identity as one of Italy’s most versatile and enjoyable wines.–TFo0BqSy8QTwjdA6UYbwypCW-Nv8YOVWa79gEo_1e_dOQNR7PHWz2v1-Ahopal0zapg8iikXJ66nG9SUcc81f27troeMoRmlFl2-erVS9gHGKvEE&_hsmi=73833464

Technique to Reduce Wine Glass Breakage

The technique that has helped me to reduce wine glass breakage by a significant percentage is for me to clean by holding the bowl and never the stem.

Can You Taste a Champagne House Style?

Most people are not aware that each of the major Champagne houses have a unique “house style.”

Probe into Bordeaux wine labels causes concern

An investigation into whether certain Bordeaux wine labels mislead consumers has caused uncertainty among châteaux and merchants in the region.

Drink Up! These Are The 7 Most Sought After Black-Owned Wines In The World


Some countries’ wine is not as green as you think

New Zealand has built its wine export business in the US on two things: a potent, tropical style of Sauvignon Blanc, and a green image.

At least one of those is true.

The 25 Best Cities to Open a Brewery

Opening a brewery is difficult for a multitude of reasons. For many buddying beer brands, finding a location is near the top of that list. A recent study aims to eliminate some of that guesswork.

Beyond Budweiser: Understanding the Clydesdales’ Connection to American Beer History

Despite being famously tied to Budweiser, these animals and other draft horses like them were used by almost all American breweries in the mid-1800s to early 1900s.

What are the biggest beer brands in America? Here’s the top 31

And while craft beer sales are growing – they were up 4.7% last year over 2017, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis report – the market for big commercial brands (the kinds of beer that appear on this list) actually declined 1.5% over the same period.


Heineken 0.0: Beer Icon Targets New Generation With Less Calories, Carbs, Alcohol – And Great Taste

Heineken has put into crafting what it – and many consumers around the world – consider the best available alcohol-free lager


U.S. Market Wine and Spirits Industry Glossary

A big part of finding success in the American market is understanding the lingo used in the U.S. trade, meaning importers, wholesalers, retailers, on-premise, brokers, et al.

What is Acidity in Wine?

These acidic components can be complex, but they’re fundamental to determine how a wine looks, tastes and is made.

Ancient Celts were partial to beer, mead and imported Greek wines

The finds come from a study of organic residues within cups, jars and jugs found at a hill fort site at Vix-Mont Lassois in Burgundy.


The Spheres of Influence That Impact Our Perception of Wine

Each glass of wine that we enjoy is the end-product of numerous components that come together in a unique manner to satisfy our ethereal sense of pleasure.


How Hybrid Barrels are Changing Your Wine, Beer and Spirits

The hybrid barrel used American oak staves, which are the long, concave pieces of wood that make up the body of the barrel. They were joined by French oak heads, the circular pieces of wood that enclose each end.


Why so many beers have retro-looking cans

Tecate, Miller High Life, and Narragansett are some of the companies hoping throwback labels will lure nostalgic drinkers.



Australia’s entire vineyard area has been comprehensively mapped in the country’s first ‘National Vineyard Scan’ and was found to be 8% bigger than previously thought.


Why Scientists Think a Glass of Wine During Pregnancy Isn’t So Bad

The question of wine during pregnancy remains a matter of much scientific debate.

Three Salad Recipes that Pair Perfectly with Wine

With all that complexity, including notoriously wine-averse ingredients like beets and chiles, finding the right wine for a salad can be a daunting task.

Your Cheat Sheet to the Upcoming Supreme Court Decision on Wine

A decision is expected soon; here are possible outcomes and repercussions from the biggest case concerning alcohol in 14 years

The Power of a Well Crafted Label

Here’s the truth, when making a purchase decision at the retail level the customer typically doesn’t have a lot of information to go off of…and as such they will make their purchase decisions based upon your label – about 80% (or more) of that decision is based on your visual appeal. The remaining 20% is ancillary, like what they know about your specific brand or the type of product.


An X-rated wine? This California label goes the risqué route

Sure, sex sells. But could it also move a bottle of vino?


Aldi wine, that’s ‘better than Moet’, selling 3,400 bottles a day

t’s the Aldi champagne that’s already been voted ‘better than Moet’ by top experts around the world


How to Host a Wine Tasting Party Like a Pro

Advice on home wine parties.

OR Let us help with wine and be your host!


Jean-Charles Boisset’s interactive wine book revamps wine tasting experience

Interactive experiences in the book include material samples to touch that illustrate the various textures of wine; a spread with scent strips to convey key aromas in wine; and a heat sensitive illustration of a decanter


5 Underrated Rosé Regions You Should Get to Know

Pink wine’s provenance goes much further than Provence


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