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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

5 ingenious ways to open a beer without a bottle opener

World wine production

Never Drink Bourbon With BBQ


The Best Wines For Dads Who Love Sports

The below list has not only examples of winery owners (and in some cases winemakers) who are living sports legends but also represents serious red wines that have gained respect and admiration from top wine critics.

The Secret to Sampling Wines? Pair Them — with One Another

Tasting flights are passé. Instead, get to know a wine by putting two of them in dialogue with each other.–with-One-Another/

Five Traits of the World’s Most Expensive Wines

What do the most expensive wines have in common? It turns out, they’re more similar than you might think.

Malibu harnesses ‘power of pink’ with new RTDs

Pernod Ricard is capitalising on the ‘millennial pink’ trend with the launch of two new ready-to-drink Malibu products: Malibu Strawberry Spritz and Malibu Fizzy Pink Lemonade.

New Wine

Terlato Wines has unveiled Big Max, a new California wine brand. Launching with Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc expressions retailing at $30 and $25 a 750-ml., respectively, Big Max has a Central Coast appellation and is part of the portfolio of Maxville Wines, based in the Napa region’s Chiles Valley. Named for a brown bear formerly seen on the Maxville property, the new brand produced 8,300 cases in its first vintage. Terlato’s California portfolio also includes Chimney Rock, Jack Nicklaus Wines, Terlato Vineyards, The Federalist, Seven Daughters, Dueling Pistols, and Sanford, among other brands.

We taste-tested 5 of Trader Joe’s organic Shaw wines. Here’s how they ranked from worst to best.

Trader Joe’s is famous for its super cheap Charles Shaw wines, better known as “Two-Buck Chuck.”

9 Non-Alcoholic Drinks For Rose Wine Lovers

Whether you are just trying to cut back or you don’t drink at all, you may want another way to get your rosé fix — without the alcohol.

Pairing Wine with Seafood

Seafood does not always have to be paired with white wine. Actually, some fish and shellfish dishes go quite well with varietals such as Pinot Noir and Merlot

A Brief History of The Rogue Valley Wine Region

There a number of other American Viticulture Areas (AVAs) in Oregon that are making incredible, high quality wines.

Top five global wine industry trends of 2019

From canned wines to cannabis infusions, FoodBev is raising a glass to this perennial alcoholic drink by looking at the top new global wine industry trends of 2019 so far.


Sauvignon blanc is one of the few grape varieties that makes delicious wines all over the world

Italy’s booming Prosecco production is ‘unsustainable’, say researchers

The boom in prosecco production in recent years may be an environmental hazard, as it is contributing to the erosion of some 400 million kiograms of soil every year,


Biodynamics is Out, Phrenology is Wine’s New Trendy Pseudoscience!

Phrenology was the 100 Point Scale of its day. Yet another triumph of subjectivity over objectivity


In lager, veritas: the physics of beer

Experimenting with beer in the name of science yields insights into volcanic eruptions, asteroid formation, and the perils of drinking in space.


Due to be launched in the UK next month, the campaign utilises the company’s temperature-sensitive, colour-changing label. Once sufficiently chilled, the image of the bike on the label turns from grey to blue.

Does a Lighter Work? Open Wine without Corkscrew

Is this wine hack process as easy as shown in many videos across YouTube?

8 Things You Should Know About Sapporo Beer

Now world-famous, the Sapporo Beer Company is part of Sapporo Holdings, which also has real estate ventures, restaurants, and food and soft drinks brands.

Anheuser-Busch Launches Low-Cal Mead, Is a High-Key Hypocrite

After condemning mead and those who drink it via its insufferable “Dilly, Dilly” Bud Light commercials, Anheuser-Busch is now producing its own “honey alcohol beverage,” a sparkling mead called “b.

New Ménage à Trois

Ménage à Trois is adding a Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon to its lineup. Retailing at $15 a 750-ml., the limited edition wine is 91% Cabernet, 7% Merlot, and 2% Petite Sirah, and spends three months in barrels that formerly held 6-year-old Kentucky Bourbon. Part of the Trinchero Family Estates portfolio, Ménage à Trois’ other recent innovations have included Decadence Cabernet Sauvignon, Luscious Pinot Noir, and Lavish Merlot.

Never Drink Bourbon With BBQ

Here are six tips on pairing cocktails and spirits with barbecue

Natural Wine, Explained

We’ve all heard of organic wine, and now there’s also biodynamic wine, but what the hell is natural wine?!

Constellation Unveils New Brand, To Kalon Vineyard Company

Constellation Brands is launching a new high-end Napa Valley wine label, To Kalon Vineyard Company. The new brand takes its name from the legendary To Kalon vineyard in Napa Valley’s Oakville AVA.

Partnering with winemaker Andy Erickson, Constellation’s first offering under the luxury brand will be a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon called Highest Beauty, a translation of the Greek phrase “To Kalon.” Retailing at $200 a 750-ml., Highest Beauty will debut in September through the brand’s mailing list. 500 cases were made for the inaugural 2016 vintage.

The launch comes amid ongoing legal wrangling over the To Kalon trademark. In March, The Vineyard House, a winery owned by Jeremy Nickel, son of the late Far Niente proprietor Gil Nickel, filed suit against Constellation, claiming that the company’s Robert Mondavi Corp. subsidiary fraudulently obtained the trademark of To Kalon and that Constellation has marketed it deceptively. Constellation says the allegations are without merit.

Remember The Wine Cooler? It’s Back

EJG reintroduces Bartles & Jaymes as a premium wine cooler “in portable, chillable and sleek new cans.”

Horse Heaven Hills home to stellar wines

The Horse Heaven Hills is an acclaimed grape-growing region within Washington state that is not often visited by wine travelers because, despite its size, it offers few wineries.


Pot in Wine Country? Napa group seeks ballot measure to grow marijuana

A group of Napa entrepreneurs from the wine and weed industries are seeking to make it legal to grow cannabis in the county for sale in stores.


Wine hard to say, delightful to drink

Chateauneuf-du-Pape, this French wine appellation is the gateway to all that is beautiful in French wine and everyone deserves to be drinking this gem.


Yes, Colorado produces wine

There are actually more than 150 wineries, most of them growing their grapes between 4,000 and 7,000 feet in elevation.


What is Piquette? Meet Wine’s Easy-Drinking, Low-alcohol Style

A low-alcohol wine made from the second pressings of grape pomace, known to have been enjoyed by French farmhands and vineyard workers.

Volcanic Wines Aren’t Just Trendy, They’re Timeless

Volcanos and wine are both pretty old, yet they continue to shape present-day landscapes both cultural and geographical.

World wine production

The world drinks a lot of wine — some 6.5 billion gallons in 2018, according to the Paris-based International Organisation of Vine and Wine.

How to Pair Sonoma’s Sparkling Wines with Seafood

The soils of Sonoma County can grow just about anything, which creates a natural playground for chefs who source from them.

Who’s Winning the US Search Wars?

Across all our wine categories, things seem to be pretty much the same: California has the most actual searches, while Virginia (and occasionally New York) manages to slip in ahead on the adjusted figure

How Wineries Can Better Market to Millennials

66% of the wineries don’t have anybody looking at their data,

Wine On Wheels: A Mobile Tasting Room Is Rolling Into Wine Country

Considering the ever-growing popularity of the food truck, it’s no surprise that some wineries are now taking the tasting room on the road

Lodi 101

Families who have been farming in the region as far back as the 1860s–for-true-blue-Lodi-wine-lovers-

Remember Bud Ice?

Bud Ice was launched under the name Ice Draft by Anheuser-Busch in 1993 as a tactical response to an industry-wide ice beer trend.

We Still Stock It!!


Rioja Alavesa: Going Its Own Way

Began to explore forming a new DO that would allow Alavesa producers to include information on the label that reflected terroir, lot, and winemaking process.



Reports claim that North Korea is to launch what it is thought to be its first whisky from Samilpo Distillery this year, with the bottle and label said to have been inspired by Diageo’s blended Scotch brand Johnnie Walker.



The discovery was made during excavations near the ancient Roman Forum.

7 Questions About Vermouth You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask

The fortified wine flavored with botanicals, roots, and herbs gets its name from a 16th-century Bavarian wine, vermutwein, which was flavored with wormwood.

Grey Goose launches ‘groundbreaking’ cocktail machine

The system has been designed for a variety of drinks to be served with ease and at speed, producing consistent serves at sub-zero temperatures. It can be charged with either nitrogen to create drinks with a creamy texture, or carbonation to produce sparkling drinks.



New Macallan

The Macallan is set to release a new “Estate” whisky, featuring barley grown at its 485-acre Easter Elchies property in Speyside. The Macallan Estate was distilled over the course of a single week, is bottled at 43% abv, and is rolling out in June to the U.S. and select global markets, retailing at $250 a 750-ml. The new bottling is packaged in a gift box containing an inlay of slate, along with photography of the estate’s barley fields on the banks of the River Spey.


Rosé’s Latest Trend Turns Almost Any Beverage Into A Frosé.

The non-alcoholic frosé mixer, which, when blended with ice, turns any drink into a fruity and sweet slushy sipper.


Meet Lambrusco, the Bubbly Wine that Tastes like Grape Soda

The easy-sipping sparkling red wine that’s a step up from bland rosé and straddles the divide between red wine, fizzy lifting drinks, even beer. This is the porch-pounder you need to try this year.


The Other Cabernet You Should Care About

Cabernet Franc is one of the direct parents of Cabernet Sauvignon, conceived centuries ago during a fertile fling with Sauvignon Blanc in a French, or possibly Spanish, vineyard.


The 15 Best Appetizers for Wine Tasting Party

Sure, a glass of wine is good on its own, but pair it with the right food and the flavors of each will really sing. Read on to learn the best appetizer for wine tasting party.


Learn Everything You Need to Know about Gavi

Italy has some local specialty whites that are very tasty and very well crafted that are worth learning about


Gluten Free Beer

The category can be tricky to navigate, though. Below, we break down the differences between gluten-free beer options.




One of the world’s top white wine regions, D.O. Rueda, unveiled a new look for the 2018 vintage.

Is an Electric Wine Opener Better Than a Manual Corkscrew?

We tried the Oster electric wine opener to find out if it was truly an easier way to open wine—and if easy is even what you want.

5 ingenious ways to open a beer without a bottle opener

Don’t have a bottle opener on hand? Don’t worry — there are multiple items lying around the house and car that you can use to pop the cap off your bottle.

What Is Wine Fining

Fining is about removing unwanted material from wine while still in the cellar.



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