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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Sweet Rules for Pairing Wine with Dessert


What kind of craft beer are you?


Another Attempt to Let USPS Ship Alcohol


New AR

Concha y Toro has unveiled a new augmented reality experience for its Casillero del Diablo brand. Created in partnership with beverage app DrinkAR, the initiative allows consumers to use their smartphones to scan a Casillero del Diablo Reserva label and take a virtual, 360-degree tour of the brand’s wine cellar. The immersive experience allows visitors to explore multiple fire-lit caverns found in the 19th-century cellar and jump directly to the brand’s social media profiles. DrinkAR is available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play. Concha y Toro, part of the Fetzer Vineyards portfolio in the U.S., sells more than 1.8 million cases annually.

Organic Wine’s Deadly Carbon Footprint

It should be the more eco-friendly option, but is organic viticulture bad for the environment?


When Pinot Noir isn’t Pinot Noir

The wine industry is facing a moment of existential crisis over what goes into the bottle.


Is Australian Single Malt The Next Japanese Whisky?

Even passing fans of whisky have noticed the monumental rise of Japanese whisky in bottleshops and bars across the United States. The once-obscure liquid is now among the most prized possessions on any liquor shelf.

8 Things You Should Know About Espolòn Tequila

From viral marketing campaigns to the inspiring rock music that gets its yeast swaying, here are eight things you should know about Espolòn.


7 Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

They are all prone to screw up your bottle of wine if done incorrectly or without proper care



Bud Light will sell beer in rainbow bottles in June for Pride Month

Bud Light will sell rainbow-colored aluminum bottles in bars nationwide from May 27 to June 30 and donate to GLAAD $1 from each case sold.


Film Review: Amy Poehler’s ‘Wine Country’ on Netflix

For her directorial debut, Amy Poehler serves up a safe, wine-and-a-movie Netflix night-in comedy featuring a handful of her ‘Saturday Night Live’ besties.


WWE’s Carmella Is Launching An Extremely On-Brand Wine

Because she’s on the road 300 days a year, she likes “a glass of wine at the end of the night.” It is very easy to empathize with this statement!


Upgrade Your Garden With Your Used Wine Bottles

Wine bottle edging around your flower bed is not only a good way to recycle the empty wine bottles, but a really cool idea for an aesthetically pleasing garden border.



Tips To Setting Up A Great Wine Event

A wine-tasting event can be an excellent way for you to bond with your friends.


Peter Yealands ordered to pay $18,000 after polluting Marlborough stream with grape marc

The founder of an environmentally-minded wine company who polluted a stream with his fledgling waste initiative has been fined.


Cheers everybody! Scientists cure alcoholism in rats with ‘flip of a switch’

Don’t try this at home: When scientists shot lasers into a specific cluster of nerves in the brains of alcoholic rats, the creatures lost all interest in drinking – and their physical symptoms of withdrawal were reduced.



The Champagne became sealed off in an underground cellar in February 1900, when, after heavy rains, Pol Roger’s cellar on the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay caved in, bringing down both levels of its facility, and destroying as well as burying the equivalent of two million bottles of Champagne – barrels of wine were lost as well as bottles.


Top five best value-for-money brandies

Looking across multiple categories, from fruit brandies and pot still releases to blended expressions, a wide range of brandies were awarded the top accolades of Master and Gold medals for their quality.


New JD Cocktail

A new flavor of Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails has hit the market. The new Southern Citrus is a blend of grapefruit and other citrus flavors, with a hint of the brand’s signature Tennessee Whiskey. There are seven other flavors in the RTD line-up, including Black Jack Cola, Cherry Limeade, Lynchburg Lemonade, and Downhome Punch. Six-packs of 10-ounce bottles are available nationwide for $8 each.


What are the Most Asked Questions in a Wine Shop?

A good wine store is defined by its staff as much as the inventory, and bottle-shop employees are among the most enthusiastic, valuable and underappreciated resources in wine. Feel free to introduce yourself, and don’t be shy—they’ve been asked everything in the book.


Another Attempt to Let USPS Ship Alcohol

In 2016, California was America’s top destination for the direct shipment of wine, yet consumers and manufacturers are prohibited from using the U.S. Postal Service to ship or deliver these everyday products,


Bota Box Introduces Premium Bag-In-Box Nighthawk Gold Buttery Chardonnay

Nighthawk Gold continues the momentum of buttery Chardonnays, which are currently trending in the 750ml category, up +48 percent1 and driving total growth for the varietal.


Alcohol use soaring worldwide: The average adult now consumes about 1.7 gallons of pure alcohol per year

Global alcohol use continues to rise, a new study reports, and is expected to keep growing in the years ahead.

Why online systems for recommending wine seem not to work very well

Most wine is sold, not bought. This post looks at how this happens in the modern world.


Why Brown Spirits Is A White-Hot Market

Bottles from cult and “ghost” distilleries have crept into the public imagination, places like Japan produce highly coveted super-premium product, small-batch domestic distilleries are making news big time, and there’s a renewed interest in Cognac, the drink of kings.


For the first time since the 1950s, MLB players can endorse beer

Active ballplayers were prohibited from appearing in beer ads or, more important in the view of some, from sharing substantially in the pot of lager-colored gold that big-league teams were reaping.

What kind of craft beer are you?

Take the quiz!

Archie Rose creates Vegemite-inspired spirit

Australian drinks producer Archie Rose Distilling has created a limited edition expression inspired by Vegemite, called ArchiMite Buttered Toast Spirit.


Decanting Times! A Handy Guide For Best Practices

Here are some tips and tricks for decanting different types of wines.



Why some red wines taste ‘dry’

Scientists have long linked the “dryness” sensation in wine to tannins, but how these molecules create their characteristic mouthfeel over time is not fully understood.


Why you need to be cooking your pasta in red wine

Have you ever thought about cooking pasta with something other than plain old tap water? Maybe with something like red wine?


Nailing the Myth of Minerality

Minerality is perhaps the wine industry’s most overused, underwhelming, and misunderstood descriptors of them all.


Why Spanish Producers Are Seeking Burgundy-Style Classifications

With terroir top of mind, producers are campaigning for new hierarchy designations in regions like Rioja and Bierzo


What You Need to Know About Prosecco DOC

While Prosecco is Italy’s most famous sparkling wine, not just any Italian sparkling can call itself Prosecco DOC.


The Differences Between Pot and Column Distilling

Learn the fundamentals of both styles here!




The acquisition, which is estimated to be worth $300 million, is the largest in Boston Beer’s history.



As reported by The Times, Savin said he had become very attached to his vessel, which was modelled on a large wine barrel, and in no particular rush to return to civilisation.


“Harvest Season”

A timely and moving portrait of the Meixcan-American influence and California’s multibillion-dollar wine industry debuts Monday, May 13 at 10pm on Independent Lens.


10 Tips for Champagne Service

There’s really only one way to do Champagne service correctly, and safety is the most important aspect.



Field blends like this are rare, particularly in the New World, as control over picking according to optimal ripeness for each variety has become a mantra.


Sweet Rules for Pairing Wine with Dessert

The combination has the ability to take dessert up a notch, bringing an air of sophistication as well as a fun tasting experience to the table.


Aligoté is Making a Comeback

In its native Burgundy, this cross between Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc grapes was prevalent before phylloxera struck in the late 19th century.


How to Build a Charcuterie Board Like a Pro

The word “charcuterie” comes from the French words chair, which means “meat” or “flesh,” and cuite, meaning “cooked.”


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