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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Top Gadgets for Cooling Your Wine


Take this quiz to find out what type of beer you should try


Irish whiskey gains GI status from European Commission



Hangover-Free Synthetic Alcohol Could Be Ready in Five Years

For the past decade, David Nutt, a London-based scientist, has been working on a safe form of synthetic alcohol that provides all the positives of drinking, without the health issues, hangovers, and risk of overindulging.


How Design Can Sell More Wine

Architects and designers offer tips for wineries on how to maximize the visitor experience.


Which Red Wine Is the Most Likely to Stain My Teeth?



I Found the Bag I’ll Be Wearing All Summer — It’s Only $5 and Holds a Bottle of Wine

Perfect for BBQs, picnics, and “BYO wine” festivals, this cute bag is a total win-win in our books.


Do we need more varieties

Are we heading toward the Coca-Cola-isation of wine?

Champagne’s terroir problem

This is an ongoing issue for Champagne as their northern latitudes make them verysusceptible to rot and fungal issues so it’s difficult to work organically or even biodynamically

Prosecco’s 21st Century Challenge

Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine that is produced in the rolling hills of northwest Italy. It is also the world’s best-selling sparkling wine


Apps have become a staple tool in modern life, helping to manage every aspect of one’s personal and professional life.

11 Things You Should Know About Stella Artois

Find out what the brand is up to, and why it’s ridding itself of an extremely offensive nickname

8 Up-and-Coming Varieties to Know from Portugal

From Encruzado to Baga, these grapes are gaining traction in the U.S. market

Texas Lawmaker Introduces A Bill To Change The State’s Wine Appellation Rule

Let’s face it, a U.S. wine label isn’t always 100% clear

Wine Windows Were the Original Speakeasies

These clever little wine holes (can you spot one below?) let the people of Florence buy their wine right from the source.

Here’s what food you should pair with Trader Joe’s $4 wines, according to a sommelier

We asked a sommelier who also specializes in wine education and food pairing to taste three of these Charles Shaw organic wines — a cabernet sauvignon, a pinot grigio, and a rosé — and give her recommendations of food to pair with them.

Cupcake Vineyards Celebrates the National Launch of Its Wine Cans at Coachella

Cupcake Returns as Official Wine Sponsor Offering New Ways to Choose Joy This Festival Season

The Wine Group

Bacardi Lime debuts in US

Bacardi Lime is made from a base of Bacardi white rum that is then infused with natural lime flavours, offering a lime zest aroma and citrus notes.


Love trivia? Here are wine facts to impress your friends with

Some winsome wine facts to amuse and entertain you over your morning cup of coffee or evening sips of wine:


Michael David Winery Launches “Freakshow Maskerade” Face Filter App

Interactive face filter app now available for download – Become your favorite freak and win a spot on the label!


Constellation to offload 30 brands in $1.7 billion Gallo deal

US drinks firm Constellation Brands has agreed to sell approximately 30 wine and spirits brands to E&J Gallo Winery for US$1.7 billion.

What Gallo’s $1.7 billion buyout of Constellation’s bargain-priced wines really means



Irish whiskey gains GI status from European Commission

The geographic indication provides the strongest possible protection against these infringements and gives us the basis for enforcement action against misleading products.”

Peeps and beer: What brews pair best with Easter candy?

There’s no surer sign of spring than store aisles brimming with jelly beans, Peeps and chocolate rabbits.

What craft beer’s continued growth means for beer drinkers

Either craft beer is going to completely take over the beer market, or, it’s an unsustainably growing bubble that’s going to burst any minute.


Dewar’s Unveils The Double Double Series, A New Release Of Ultra-Aged Scotch Whiskies

Dewar’s Scotch whisky has unveiled a new line of bottlings called the Double Double Series. The range includes a 21-year-old ($50 a 375-ml.), a 27-year-old ($100 a 375-ml.), and a 32-year-old ($150 a 375-ml.), the latter marking Dewar’s oldest expression to date.

All of the above are finished in Sherry casks—the 21-year-old in Oloroso, the 27-year-old in Palo Cortado, and the 32-year-old in Pedro Ximenez. The launch is being backed by a four-part short film created by actress Tuppence Middleton.

Dewar’s recently unveiled a new, $15 million ad campaign for the entire franchise, highlighting its maturation process. The campaign, which will run through the end of 2019, features television spots as well as print ads in sports, food and travel publications. Dewar’s also has been ratcheting up the focus on its single malt portfolio, which includes Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Deveron, Craigellachie, and Royal Brackla.

Top Wine Innovations in Bars & Restaurants

Read crowd-sourced reviews, make online reservations, explore electronic wine lists, pay at the table and email yourself the receipt. Just don’t forget to thank the restaurant on social media as you grab your rideshare home.


Top Tools for Wine at Home

Looking for something wine-related to go with your smart home assistant, streaming device and video doorbell with facial recognition software?



Franzia’s New “Little Franz” Mini Boxed Wines Make For The Most Adorable Summer Sip

The new “Little Franz” mini boxes of wine come in the following four flavors. Here’s what you can expect each one to taste like, per Franzia:


How to keep your wine cool in warm weather

Some suggestions for combating ‘warm wine syndrome’

Guide To Franciacorta, Italy’s Best Sparkling Wine Region

Franciacorta is a region infused with cultural significance and a thriving enological tradition.

How to Pick Great Wine Without Relying Solely on Wine Scores

There are ways to choose great wine without relying on wine scores


The Wine Enthusiast Amazon Alexa Skill

The Wine Enthusiast skill will also provide step-by-step recipes pulled right from pages of the magazine and sent directly to your Alexa app.

Millennials are drinking less beer. So beer is becoming more like juice.

Explaining the rise of Naturdays, Corona Refrescas, and the “flavored malt beverage.”

This Bright, Bracing Italian Sparkler Could Be a ‘Prosecco Killer’ — if Given the Chance

A frizzante wine from Emilia-Romagna, Pignoletto is light and fruity, with herbal aromas, citrus notes, and crisp apple flavors.

Menthol Is Not Mint: Decoding Freshness in Wine

We identify flavors based on our stored memories of having encountered them before.

Five Ways Smartphones are Changing How We Drink Wine

Smartphones have made it easier than ever to learn about wine

You’ve Been Serving Champagne All Wrong — Here’s How To Do It Right

Flutes may look pretty, but they diminish the aroma of your (probably pricey) bubbly. Good thing there’s a super simple solution.

Take this quiz to find out what type of beer you should try

To simplify the process of picking a beer, take this quick and easy quiz which gives you a beer recommendation based on your flavor preferences.


Or a things that a dedicated wine lover will not do.


Red wine has long been touted for its many alleged benefits, but there may be one particular type of red wine that supersedes them all.

Is this the best wine in the world? 40 million reviews say so.

What’s the best wine in the world? Every winemaker would love to produce it. Every wine lover would love to drink it and hoard a few bottles in the cellar. Every wine writer would love to anoint it and tell you to buy it.

Top Gadgets for Cooling Your Wine

Your days of plunging a bottle into an ice and salt bath in order to keep it cold are over—you’ve got more stylish and effective options.

This Exceptional $300 Wine is Produced in the Foothills of the Himalayas

Ao Yun is a vino easy to sip, almost impossible to produce.

Napa’s Problem is Cars, Not Drought

US editor W. Blake Gray looks at the options following the passing of Napa’s development bill.

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