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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:


New Products


Bud Light debuts bigger nutrition labels

Wine a muse for music industry

What Are Bottled-in-Bond Spirits, and Why Are They Suddenly Everywhere?




New SB app available to download now

The Spirits Business has enhanced its digital presence with the launch of a new app – a one-stop-shop for breaking news, insights and in-depth reports relating to all aspects of the spirits industry.


Sterling Introduces Resealable Aluminum Wine Bottles With A Sense of Sterling Style

The recyclable aluminum bottles feature a brushed texture in a tall, narrow, 375ml size accented by a color cap keyed to the varietal and echoed by a color bar at the bottom of the bottle.


How Gravity-Flow Wineries are Taking Grapes to New Heights

Winemakers are turning to rustic methods to produce low-intervention wines. So how does skipping pumps in favor of gravity change what’s in your bottle?


How to Find High-Quality, Low-Alcohol Wine

With the season of heavy imbibing behind us, many find ourselves aiming to cut back on something (anything). It’s the perfect time to explore low-alcohol wines.

Amarone – Getting to the Roots Of Italy’s Most Powerful Red Wine

Amarone – or more formally Amarone della Valpolicella – will always be thought of as one of Italy’s most important red wines.

Why Do Wine Bottles Have a Dimple in the Bottom?

Wine bottles are elegant. Their sloped necks come to a gentle peak. They’re supported by a stout but understated trunk of a bottle.


A recent video posted on Reddit shows the restaurant’s general manager Michael Minnillo unsuccessfully sabering a Nebuchadnezzar (15-liter bottle) of Champagne.

Wine Enthusiast Announces Annual Top 10 Wine Destinations for 2019

Chosen by Wine Enthusiast’s global editors each year, the list includes not only tips on what to taste and where to go in terms of wine, but also an insider’s guide on top restaurants, hotels and cultural activities to experience in each region.

Prosecco & Italian Cheese Pairings

A Tasty & Healthy Meal Idea


Californians drink the most wine overall. This is unsurprising, seeing as how California’s population of 39 million thirsty residents is nearly 70 times larger than that of Wyoming, the state that drank the least wine. The Golden State also happens to be responsible for 86 percent of America’s total wine output.


While I’d love to tell you that belly fat is only reserved for those who choose to pound beer, any sommelier or mixologist will attest that if you drink in excess — whether it’s wine, vodka, or beer — you’ll wind up with a larger belly than you might wish.


A group of scientists and viticulturists from Georgia are researching which grapes would suit Martian soils and how best to cultivate grapevines there in the hope that one day colonists could make their own wine on the red planet.


The US is now in its third week of a government shutdown, and while thousands of government workers are struggling to make ends meet without their salaries, the extended recess is having an unexpected affect on drinks makers.

Jameson Irish whiskey unveils new bottle design

The new Jameson bottles will be available in Ireland from this month, before launching in the US and additional markets from March ahead of St Patrick’s Day (

Why Does Wine Give Some People Headaches?

Those who experience wine-related headaches wonder if they are actually allergic to sulfites. This is rare

Popcorn Pairings

What goes together better than a night in with a movie, popcorn and wine?


Wine Flavors: What’s Right? What’s Wrong?

Learn where wine flavors come from, how to smell them, and what flavors to expect in Cabernet, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.


Defining a “standard drink:” (It’s a LOT smaller than you think!)


What Are Bottled-in-Bond Spirits, and Why Are They Suddenly Everywhere?

As American whiskey sales continue to grow year-over-year, due in part to what industry analysts call the “craft movement,” bottled-in-bond spirits have come back in a big way.



“BRAZIN” versus “emBRAZEN” Settled

Delicato Vineyards and Treasury Wine Estates Americas Co. have settled their trademark dispute, according to court records.


Romance is in the Air With Korbel California Champagne Lovebird Bottle

The season of romance is quickly approaching… and to truly show loved ones you care, you can’t just wing it! Korbel California Champagne today announced the release of its new, limited-edition “Lovebird” bottle wrap.


Five Essential Features of Wine Lover’s Home

There are five essential features a true wine lover must possess in their home:



Canadian rapper Drake has expanded his drinks empire, once again teaming up with American drinks entrepreneur Brent Hocking to launch a Champagne range called Mod Sélection.


Why wine lovers should be watching this U.S. Supreme Court case

Its outcome could impact many facets of the wine business, from wineries to retailers to the choices for wine customers.



As we move into the new year, we ask some of the top French wine producers and personalities what regions, grape varieties and wine styles they predict will be hot in 2019.


8 wines from around the world everyone should try, according to experts

We asked sommeliers which wines were at the top of their recommendation list.


Marijuana hasn’t hurt booze sales in the three states where weed has been legal the longest, liquor industry group’s study says

The trends in alcohol have been fairly consistent regardless of whether or not you have legalized recreational marijuana in a state or not,”



Italian Lawmakers Bust Prosecco Producers

Two winemakers in the prestigious Conegliano-Valdobbiadene region have had their wine seized for breaking rules over sugar.


The Rise of Blaufränkisch Wine

This cold climate-loving, easy-drinking red wine grape is spreading beyond its original German and Austrian home to the United States, Australia and Canada.


Redefining Wine Shop Design, Inside and Out

These modern wine shops create an experience for customers through innovative design, a welcoming atmosphere and a curated selection of labels.


If You Like Beer, Then Stop Smoking

That beautiful, flavorful beer you paid a dear price for may not smell or taste the same if you deaden your senses with an American Spirit beforehand



South Africa’s Top 100 most highly rated wines – 2019 Classification

To be eligible for the Classification, updated annually since 2004, wines must have earned good to excellent reviews from one or more of the top panels of judges for at least three vintages during the 10-year period under review.



Defining Japan’s Terroir

New rules create an appellation system for Japan’s growing wine industry, but are also causing headaches

Meet the Women Pioneering Idaho Wine

Not only do women make up the majority of producers, but they’re shaping the future of this Pacific Northwest state’s budding wine industry.

Game of Thrones’ Dornish Wine Brought to Real Life by St.-Emilion Vintner

One winery in Bordeaux has come up with a way for wine-loving superfans to give a proper sendoff to the beloved series

Wine a muse for music industry

It appears that for years now the music industry has drawn inspiration from wine

A bleak future for new wine apps

62% of the apps downloaded by consumers will only be used 11 times. For a quarter of these people, that figure drops to just once.

A Heat Application Alternative To Vineyard Sprays

Thermaculture heat application can reach in the neighborhood of 350 F, a temperature that certainly threatens the survival or organisms; so how does it work?

Bud Light debuts bigger nutrition labels

Starting next month, packages of Bud Light will have prominent labels showing the beer’s calories and ingredients as well as the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein in a serving.

Wine Experts’ Tasting Notes Can Vary Based on Where They’re From, Study Suggests

Two groups of experts from different parts of Canada disagreed over a number of basics.

What your wine choices say about the way you think

Fluid thinkers enjoy experimenting with wines. They embrace “natural wines,” and they find entrancing funky flavors that repel more conservative drinkers who thought those faults had been eradicated by modern winemaking.

2019 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Winners

The 2019 Chronicle Wine Competition Winners are in.

Why You Should Drink Organic Wine

It’s good for the planet and might even lessen your hangover. That’s something we’ll drink to.

Are you considered a “sommelier” if you serve wine at a restaurant? Or do you have to take classes and be certified to claim the title?

Sommelier is a job title for a restaurant professional that helps you navigate a restaurant’s wine choices and provides wine service, sometimes also called a wine steward. A somm doesn’t just open wine and pour it; they are intimately familiar with the restaurant’s wine program and should be able to guide diners in making wine selections and provide additional information about the wines on the list.

At most restaurants, this job title does not require a degree or certification, but there are many formal training programs, the most prestigious of which is the Master Sommelier certification.

Job requirements will vary from restaurant to restaurant, of course, but you’d almost certainly need previous restaurant experience and knowledge of wine. Some learn through rigorous tasting practice or travel. The various professional exams or certifications will show commitment, but they aren’t required to be a good sommelier. The best ones I’ve ever met have both a practical and theoretical understanding of wine, and are passionate about what they do.


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