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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products


What’s killing Big American Beer?


Top 10 best-selling world whisk(e)y brands


Drinking Red Wine Might Help Make You a Better Athlete




An excellent wine choice that won’t bust your budget, for nearly every situation

Wine’s Higher Education

An increasing number of universities are training future wine professionals as the $46-billion-a-year industry grows


Salty? In a wine? What does that even mean?



Did you know that England is actually producing it’s own sparkling wine now?


Polish wine rediscovered

Poland has a tradition of wine making dating back to the 11th century but only the past few decades have brought a revival of production,Whats-Up-Polish-wine-rediscovered

Top Champagne Marketers Toast Bubbly’s U.S. Bounce

Champagne continues to surge in the U.S. market, propelled by a growing thirst for sparkling wines and a tilt toward higher-end offerings. Last year, U.S. volumes rose by 5% to pass the 1.5-million-case mark, according to Impact Databank. In terms of shipments by value, the U.S. overtook the U.K. to become Champagne’s largest export market in 2015, and it hasn’t looked back. Last year, shipments to the U.S. climbed 8.5% to €586 million ($684m), capping a four-year run in which they’ve expanded by 57%.

With vineyard labor scarce, Napa growers warm up to machines

The years-long labor shortage affecting the whole of California agriculture has left the statewide wine industry, Napa included, struggling to maintain high-quality farming practices without the support of an ample workforce.

The Weird and Wavy History of Wine Coolers

The bodacious bottled drinks once saw an explosion in popularity, then a backlash, and now, a surprise comeback.


AB InBev-owned German beer brand Beck’s, in partnership with creative agency Serviceplan, has launched a new aluminium beer can which is shaped like a Champagne flute.

Porsche Creates Wine Named for the 356 and You’ll Have to Visit Germany to Get It

You can now properly raise a glass to Porsche’s 70th birthday with the ultimate celebratory drink.

Wine appreciation is as much about feel as it is taste and aroma

Perhaps the most common misunderstanding about wine — and how to express one’s comprehension of it — is what I call the “the greengrocer’s shopping list syndrome”

8 Easy Steps to Blend Your Own Whiskey

Whiskey lovers are increasingly mixing their own custom blends at home, dubbed “infinity bottles.” One distiller gives us his eight tips on how to blend your own custom whiskey the right way.

Having Your Wine and Drinking It

Move over, Coravin, there’s a new kid on the block

Top 10 best-selling world whisk(e)y brands

As cross-category competition grows, whisk(e)y brands from Japan, Ireland and America are all vying for mindshare. These are the products that have come away from the fight victorious.


An app that connects consumers with restaurants that allow corkage and the costs involved.

Is This the Summer of Spiked Seltzer?

Move over, summer shandy. There’s a new libation in town in the form of spiked seltzer

Now wine lovers need to know about geology – or do they?

The idea that a vineyard’s ground is important for wine took hold in the Middle Ages

A Champagne flute that can hold an entire bottle of sparkling wine now exists — and people can’t wait to try it

If you are sick of constantly refilling your glasses of Champagne, then you’ll be excited to hear that the Present Finder is selling a gigantic Champagne flute that can hold an entire bottle of sparkling wine.

Three Biggest Challenges Facing Small Wineries Today?

How will small craft producers survive and thrive in the long run?

Shaw Organic: Is This the Next Miracle from Bronco Wine & Trader Joe’s?

How is it possible to make a sell a wine made with organic grapes at such a low price?

Cannabis-Infused Beverages Emerge as Potential Beer Industry Disruptor

U.S. consumers looking to catch a buzz without the booze will soon be able to purchase an assortment of beer-centric products thanks to a pair of ventures aiming to disrupt the current alcohol market with cannabis-infused beverages.

This Escape Room In A Winery Lets You Drink More Wine Every Time You Solve A Major Clue

So, hey, here’s something fun to try the next time you’re in Northern California: Sonoma winery Chateau St. Jean now includes an escape room among its many wine tasting options.

The potential of Massachusetts’s wine

Massachusetts is no Bordeaux. It’s no Napa. Perhaps with global warming, someday it will rival the great wine regions of the world



Portland’s Shipyard Brewing has lost a lawsuit against a Missouri-based brewer Logboat Brewing Co. over its Shiphead beer, having claimed that it had infringed upon its trademark.


Total Wine’s David Trone Wins Congressional Primary In Maryland

Total Wine co-owner David Trone has won the Democratic primary in Maryland’s 6th district, advancing to the general election for the state’s open seat in the House of Representatives. Trone bested seven other Democratic candidates and will now face defense contractor and GOP candidate Amie Hoeber in the general election. Trone’s self-financed campaign spent over $10 million to promote the candidate among voters and, according to the Washington Post, vastly out spent his competitors. As a candidate, Trone’s key issues are creating jobs and solving the opioid crisis. This year, Total Wine intends to open 20 new locations nationwide.



Merlot’s slow climb back

Industry observers scratch their heads and wonder if merlot will ever recover from the post-2004 slump. Some are asking, though, if merlot is still suffering a sales slump.


Why the World’s Most Popular Wine Grapes Are Vulnerable to a Pandemic

A single merciless pathogen could wipe out many grapes around the world in the same way that a single fungus, Phytophthora infestans, eradicated the variety of potato common across Ireland in the 1840s, causing the great famine.


Supreme Court Confirms Online Wine Tax

A legal tax loophole on out-of-state wine purchases has been closed


Bruce Cohn debuts new wine label, 3 years after loss of namesake winery

Cohn, 71, has unveiled his Trestle Glen Vineyards label, which is sourced from grapes of his 21-acre Glen Ellen vineyard. Cohn was able to keep that land after previously racking up a mountain of debt — $25 million — for his B.R. Cohn Winery. the Bank of the West finally stepped in and engineered a sale of the winery to Vintage Wine Estates of Santa Rosa.


This Surprisingly Common Additive Makes Wine Way Worse For You — Is It In Your Bottle?

On a balmy night in the Arizona desert, we gathered outside, drinks in hand, to listen to three of the world’s best functional doctors have a casual conversation about alcohol, vices, and more.


Bookmark This No-Fail Summer Food And Wine Pairing Guide

Here’s how to do it with a few summer-ready suggestions.


Drinking Red Wine Might Help Make You a Better Athlete

TO SAY YOU SHOULDskip the Gatorade and pass the cabernet might be an overstatement, but only slightly.


Wine industry wants its products’ labeling in the next CAP

According to the proposal, alcohol makers will be free to decide whether to place information on the label, online or both.



Endemol Shine North America, the producers of the cooking competition series “MasterChef” and winemaker Lot18 are launching a collection of wine in the United States.


A Scientific Study Proves That Exercise Isn’t As important As Drinking Wine When It Comes To Living Past 90 Years Of Age!

It is really helpful to drink wine often, but you shouldn’t for example drink 1 whole bottle with your dinner. You have to drink it moderately.


The Case for Chianti Classico
Can a growing chorus of believers make Chianti Classico cool again?


Age able bottles come from a (comparatively) short list of varieties, most being red, a few being white.

All of the mistakes people make when buying, ordering, and drinking wine — and what to do instead

People often don’t spend enough on a bottle

How To Pair Wine With Chicken Nuggets

Though poultry transformed into finger food and booze do offer endless amounts of joy individually, the two are rarely paired together

How to Pair Wine with Peaches

Whether thrown on the grill, mixed into a seasonal salad or used to brighten up a sandwich, peaches are a summer staple. Learn how to pair this delicious stone fruit with your favorite bottle of wine.

Why Is Wine Tasting So Hard?

Professional tasters will tell you that despite providing an occasional source of joy, tasting wines is hard work.


How to pair wine with takeout

If you want your Friday night to consist of relaxing on your couch and eating piles of fried chicken from your lap, then go ahead — you do you.


What’s killing Big American Beer?

Beer shipments from US breweries are down 3.5% so far this year, according to The Beer Institute, an industry trade group.

French discover new pleasure: adult comics about wine

It is no secret that the French love wine. But they are also the world’s second-biggest consumers of graphic novels after the Japanese. Now a new wave of literature is putting the two passions together — comics for adults about wine.


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