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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Know your price point, taste when selecting wine

Bargain hunting: how consumer frugality effects the drinks industry





Pairings work when the food makes the wine taste better, and the wine makes the food taste better. If one or the other is more dominant, it is an uneven match.

Most in U.S. Say Consuming Alcohol, Marijuana Morally OK

Large majorities of Americans believe that using substances like alcohol and marijuana are morally permissible. Specifically, 78% say drinking alcohol is morally acceptable and 65% say smoking marijuana is.

What is a “most admired” wine brand?

Each year, the April edition of Drinks International magazine contains a supplement with a survey called The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands. A group of people are asked to vote for the wine brands they “most admire” based on the criteria that each brand should:


Is your prosecco bona fide or a sham?

The best wine advice: Three things everyone should know

This wine advice isn’t about varietal, appellations or even price. It’s about appreciating wine, which is what matters

.com/2018/06/3-wine-franklin-liquors.jpg”> The young couple chooses a wine bottle in shop


TTB Levies Largest Fine Ever

The US enforcement agency has collected almost $1 million from a beer company.

The Private Label Wine Market in the USA

The demand of private label wine market in the USA has been increased approximately 8-10% of all domestic wine sales and 17% of total wine sales for the big retail chains.


10 Facts To Make You Sound Like A Wine Snob This Summer, Courtesy of Martha Stewart

If your own personal wine knowledge falls more into the newbie category than it does the expert one, Martha also sent over a handful of wine facts that you can use to dazzle your friends.



What Is Volcanic Wine and What the Heck Does It Taste Like?

Long story short, volcanic wine is made from grapes grown in soil that contains remnants of past volcanic explosions, i.e., basalt rock and pumice. (FYI, volcanic ash is super hospitable to plants.) And because the growing land is so rugged, the grapes are almost always harvested entirely by hand. That’s all to say: Expect some funky, fascinating bottles of wine.



Traditionally consumed to stimulate the palate before eating, apéritifs — or aperitivos in local parlance — such as Aperol and Campari have been popular in their native Italy for well over a century.


Cannabis ‘the big green elephant in the room’ for drinks sector claims report

The global alcoholic drinks industry is facing a moment of reckoning as cannabis laws across the world continue to be relaxed.


What Your Social Media Posts Say About Your Drinking Habits

The alcohol-related things you share, post, and like on social media could be contributing to unhealthy drinking behaviors in yourself… and others.


11 Non-Alcoholic Substitutes for Wine (Both Red and White)

If you don’t have wine on hand, or if you choose not to consume alcohol, there are many non-alcoholic substitutes you can use in cooking that will make your food just as delicious.

What Do We Mean When We Say Rhône-style Wine?

Rhône-style wines are everywhere, from restaurant wine lists to your local bottle shop, but do you really know what this oft-used designation means? From the grape varieties to flavor profiles, here’s your cheat sheet to what makes a Rhône wine.

Why Old Vines Really Matter

The reasons may not be what you might imagine

How to Pair Wine With 99-Cent Pizza

Even a cheap slice typically involves a fair amount of red sauce, full of tomato and acidity. That means you want a wine that also has a good amount of acid, so it won’t taste flat or strangely sweet in comparison to the pizza.

You Don’t Really Know What’s in Your Wine. These Winemakers Want to Change That.

Most of us have a pretty good idea of how we’re supposed to be eating — less sugar, more fiber, more good fats. Shop local, pay attention to labels, blah blah blah. We know the drill.

If you try to hold your wine to a similar standard of transparency, however, you’ll end up frustrated. There’s no requirement for winemakers to list their ingredients. Anywhere.

Putting Wine Faults into Perspective

Is brett or volatile acidity really a problem if nobody points it out loudly around the table?

Defining what makes a wine dry

This subject isn’t easy to explain. There are many parameters here, and only those who make a study of the issues can truly understand them and how they connect to wine. The best way to understand this is to taste wine often.

Winery And Wine Tasting Room Openings


Is U.S. wine barred from Canadian supermarkets?

British Columbia wine may be sold on grocery store shelves. The only way supermarkets can sell imported wine is in a physically separated area with its own cash registers.


10 leading private label wines from some of the nation’s top retailers.

As the private label wine trend continues to gain momentum, an increasing number of retailers are expanding their wine selections.

A French wine mystery: Where’s the Bergerac?

The wine is Bergerac, an appellation in the Périgord region of southwest France, just east of Bordeaux.

How to Order Wine at a Restaurant Without Feeling Awkward About It

When you’re staring at a restaurant list, how can you tell what’s good? Two winemakers share the secret to ordering right every time.

How to Pair Peanuts with Wine

Peanuts can be used in many dishes and enjoyed just as they are. Learn how to pair this popular legume with a wide array of wines.

Smelling the wine

Learning to describe a vino’s scent takes practice,48779

What does it mean when a wine is jammy? That depends on the wine

“Jammy” is two-edged wine term. On the one hand, high praise when wine comes from expertly managed vineyards and adroit winemakers. On the other hand, when referencing factory wine, it is unsubtle insult.

Pick a Wine That Drinks Like Your Dad

Your dad is out there doing his thing —being himself— and that’s what you love about him most. A wine that will be meaningful should personify him in some way. Otherwise, it would just be another bottle of wine.

What Kind of Wine Drinker Are You?

Everyone has their own particular style. Below are the ten most common types of wine drinkers. Which one are you?

Beer More Popular Than Wine In 48 States, New Study Of Instagram Posts Shows

3.5 million public Instagram posts from Jan. 1, 2017, though March 31, 2018, shows that beer-related posts outnumbered wine-related posts in 48 states. That was also true in California where about 85% of U.S. wine is made.

Bargain hunting: how consumer frugality effects the drinks industry

The pursuit of bargains – and ultimately value-for-money – is a key motivator for consumers purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Making more expensive wine doesn’t necessarily mean higher profits

Italian study finds that cheap wine producers are more likely to do better than those investing in premiumization


The interaction of wine and phenolics from cork stoppers produces a newly-identified set of compounds that affect a wine’s colour and bitterness – and these are called Corklins.

Top 4 Wine branding ideas for your tasting room

Your tasting room is the silent ambassador of your brand. How is your tasting room telling your story?

Have the Italian Wine Regulations Become a Sham?

Up until 1963, when it came to Italian wines it was hard to tell your Asti from your Elba. Before then, there were few rules or regulations even overseeing which wines were made where, much less what grapes were actually in any given bottle.


What Is the Alcohol Content of Each Type of Wine?

What we’re focusing on in this piece is alcohol content and, thus, calorie-based.


The 10 Most Popular Wine Grapes in the U.S.

Reading statistics can be tricky. Total acreage of vines planted does not always correspond to the volume of wine produced.


What Do We Mean When We Say Rhône-style Wine?

Rhône-style wines are everywhere, from restaurant wine lists to your local bottle shop, but do you really know what this oft-used designation means? From the grape varieties to flavor profiles, here’s your cheat sheet to what makes a Rhône wine.


Move over, Frosé! Pinot Freez-io is this summer’s yummiest frozen treat.

This Bag Is Hiding A Secret Beer Spout, So You Can Drink On The Go

The messenger bag comes from the brains behind PortoVino, the company that dreamed up the wine purse.

Is There Any Point in Letting Red Wine Breathe?

Why? Well, let’s start with the assorted historical reasons.

The secret trigger that makes you reach for your favorite bottle of wine

There are so many factors to consider: price, terroir, vintage, reputation, varietal. It’s enough to give even the most serious oenophile pause. All too often, the choice ultimately comes down to the label.

6 ways to save money on wine when prices are up

That decreased supply is driving the cost of wine up, particularly if you favor imported wine.

This $7 coconut-flavored Chardonnay is aimed at millennial women

The brand’s CEO says wine is too snobby and needs to be more ‘fun’

Know your price point, taste when selecting wine

Be prepared to work with retail wine sales people and you’re much more likely to walk away with a bottle you’ll enjoy. There are things you can do to help that retail sales person find you a great bottle of wine at all price points.

Dessert Wine

A Sweet Wine Exploration with Gerhard Kracher

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