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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)


This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Tricks and Treats for Hosting a Spooky Hallo-Wine Party

Score inflation is everywhere and it’s killing wine criticism





This is despite many customers apparently thinking that non-alcoholic beers are gassier than their ‘full-fat’ counterparts.



The US Association of Cider Makers (USACM) has released its first set of cider style guidelines “designed to build a foundation for the lexicon” used to describe cider.


Trump’s latest trade spat with Canada is over wine

The U.S. accuses Canada of unfair restrictions on the sale of foreign wine in British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost province and a big wine-producing region.


Have a pint from this home beer tap that uses sound waves to foam up your drink

This home-beer tap uses sound waves to convert your beer’s carbonation into foam bubbles which, according to beer science, unleash the fullest and freshest flavor of the beer.

A beginner’s guide to tasting beer

Here is a five-level cheat sheet to get you started on your beer tasting trajectory.

Here Are the 10 Most Popular Oktoberfest Beers in the U.S

Oktoberfest is Germany’s reminder that the less than half a century of American “craft” beer brewing is cute at best.

Which corks can I recycle?

But, with so many different types of bottle stoppers, it can be difficult to tell which are actually made from natural cork that are ReCORK recyclable and which are not. But not to worry, we’ve got that covered right here.

We Want Your Corks! Franklin Liquors Collects Corks!

How Science Saved Me from Pretending to Love Wine

The fault was not in my stars, nor in myself, but in my fungiform papillae.

Interesting Wine Stats


Libeeration is described as a gruit-style ale (flavoured predominately with herbs rather than hops) that is straw-coloured with “fruity, spicy and earthy flavours”. The beer contains ingredients that herbalists believe can help to alleviate some of the symptoms caused by hormonal changes experienced during the menopause.

The Wine Kim Crawford Makes After He Quit Making Kim Crawford

The Crawfords are now almost a decade into their second act, running Loveblock Wines, their organics-driven estate amid the windswept hills of Marlborough in the northeastern tip of the South Island.

How to Order From a Restaurant Wine List Like a Pro

Remember these tips to do everything from get the best value bottle to pick the best pairing for your meal.

TORONTO, ON – NOVEMBER 5 – A wine list from the restaurant Campagnolo November 5, 2015. (Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Columbia Valley: Washington’s Biggest Wine Region

This guide to the Columbia Valley AVA will quickly get you up to speed on what wines are worth seeking out and what you should know about Washington wine.


Your Guide to Southern Italy’s Essential White Wine

Fiano, the great white grape of Campania

The Wine God Is in the Details

Caring about the fine points—not the score points—makes us look crazy. But we’re not

Everything about really knowing wine—and buying the best examples—requires a persistent, even passionate, attention to details: vintage, producer, winemakers’ styles, varietal differences, even the location of a producer’s plot in a multi-owner vineyard.

A Beer Distributor Will Have to Pay Its $2.6 Million Pay-To-Play Fine

It’s a record-high punishment.


London-based drugs scientist David Nutt is developing a formula for synthetic alcohol that will deliver all the liberating effects of alcohol without the hangover.


Score inflation is everywhere and it’s killing wine criticism

Whatever you think about the merits of scoring, it is fundamental to the practice of rating wines. But it is being undermined by a gradual creep upwards in the scores being given by wine critics.

Wider wine selection could be headed to a grocery store near you

A new law now in effect expands the options of wine sales for grocery stores in Arkansas.

“You’re moving more product of ours into grocery stores, but you’re not creating more drinkers, you’re just spreading out the inventory,” said John Akins, owner of Legacy Wine and Spirits

Exactly what is happening now in MA more places to buy less drinkers

Raise a glass of ‘Ring of Honor 18’ wine to Peyton Manning ahead of his statue unveiling

The limited edition red wine is on sale now at stores around Indiana for around $20 a bottle.

Analyzing Wine Mouthfeel Using Tribology
UC Davis researchers are working to develop a “tribology” method (a physical analytical technique) to assess mouthfeel perceptions of red wines.

Cannabis Investors Take Over Wine Country’s Top Talent, Infrastructure, And Customer Base

Until now, the wine industry has focused heavily on how cannabis will compete over field labor at the production end and over wallet share at the consumer end. The Big Moon Sky launch demonstrates that the cannabis industry is also going to poach top talent from wineries who share many of the same obstacles as cannabis producers.


Extreme weather, including heavy hailstorms, hard frosts and drought, has pushed the EU wine grape harvest to an historic low in 2017, the EU department for Agriculture and Rural Development has revealed.

Italy’s sparkling wine exports soar!


Clear liquor contains fewer congeners, compounds besides alcohol produced during fermentation and may contribute to the severity of hangovers. Many drinkers look to vodka as a lower calorie option that could be healthier than drinking “antioxidant-rich” red wine.

Wine Vintages. Who Cares?

For the casual wine drinker, domestic wine vintages have ceased to carry much meaning and can be, in fact, distractions from all sorts of quality issues.


Those who hold certifications sometimes have no on-the-job sommelier experience, while some of the world’s best sommeliers have never pursued formal education.

10 Things Not To Do at a Wine Tasting Room

Are you planning to visit a Wine Tasting Room anytime soon?

Could Cannabis-Infused Beer Be the Next IPA?

To be blunt, more brewers are experimenting with marijuana and hemp .

Why ‘beer bellies’ are a myth — and new research on why beer may be good for you

There’s actually no hard evidence to suggest a person’s gut comes from consuming a lot of beer,

New Ballast Point Beer

Constellation Brands’ Ballast Point Brewing will launch its newest beer, Fathom IPA, on October 9. The 6%-abv ale is brewed to be an approachable, easy-drinking IPA to complement the brewery’s flagship Sculpin IPA. Ballast Point Fathom IPA will feature the brand’s new label design, meant to distinguish Ballast Point’s sessionable beers from its higher-alcohol offerings. Fathom will be available nationwide in six-packs of 12-ounce cans and on draft. Twelve-ounce bottles will be available exclusively in California. Sculpin IPA, an Impact “Hot Brand,” grew 15% to 1.5 million (2.25-gallon) cases in the U.S. last year.

How Apple’s new technology will overturn wine marketing

Treasury Wine Estates has already introduced the talking wine bottle, in the shape of AR-powered labels that allow the faces of convicts featured on its 19 Crimes wine


Pesticide use in vineyards could be halved, research suggests

A Spanish research team has successfully slashed pesticides in vineyards by 50 per cent using cutting-edge technology to spot mildew before it becomes a problem.


Vegetarian Somms Share Tips for Pairing Wines with Meat

Pairing wine with animal protein can be tricky when you don’t eat meat—vegetarian somms weigh in on how they do it–IUVvbZC7-6wBeLN6H6Xv2MHHBiwQFjYxju14EyPNpo0NU1hzD-TweQWsbIRUp68QFqDNsLHAtoIJhBCpjthZWl2wX6zOvzXfwAj2nOWLJLDXE95M&_hsmi=57068666

Wine hacks are for suckers. Here’s how to be a real pro

So about these wine hacks: Do they work? Well, some of them do. Some of them, however, seem needlessly complex

How To Order And Sample Wine When You Have Zero Idea What You’re Doing

We’ve all been there: you’re in a restaurant, starring cluelessly at the wine list while the waiter stands expectantly waiting to hear your selection.


What are lees in wine?

Confused when a tasting note or description refers to ‘lees’? And what sort of flavours do they produce?


Oenophiles will use any excuse to sip more vino but, in reality, alcohol has calories that are not often factored into the daily diet — and they can make a big difference.


10 things to know about cooking with wine

Like any other ingredient you need to understand how wine works in a dish and the best techniques for using it.

How to Make Mulled Wine

Here’s a look at a few different mulled wines from all over the world, and what’s special about each of them.

Tricks and Treats for Hosting a Spooky Hallo-Wine Party

Tricks and treats that are easy to scare up at the last-minute and on a budget, with a quick trip to the grocery store, dollar or thrift store. I’ve also included a couple of recipes that you can make ahead.

How Cooking With Wine Transforms Food

Discover why classic dishes benefit from the addition of wine, whether cooking with white, red or rosé, and learn to improvise with wine in the kitchen.

Confession: I’m not a “wine mom” (and the jokes really aren’t so funny)

The idea of a wine mom simultaneously dismisses the real struggles facing moms while essentially trying to forge a sense of unity built on mutual alcohol consumption. “Oh, you also have a child and love wine? I’m not alone!”


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October 12th

Exploring Chateau Ste Michelle Winery

Chateau Ste. Michelle is celebrating 50 years of wine making in 2017!

As one of the founding winery’s in WA State they are the premier winery from WA State and have helped define the Northwest wine industry with classic vinefera wines that stand out today as they did 50 years ago.  With a long history of accolades they produce wines that you will enjoy today and with great aging potential.  We will focus on some of their single vineyard wines and their reserve Indian Wells tier.

Helping us taste through these wines is John Gedgaudas, a Business Development Manager for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.  John has been selling and representing wine for over 10 years and is excited to present them.  Focusing on WA State will be fun as it is an area of consistent weather conditions that provide great quality grapes  vintage after vintage.  Maybe WA State will become your new favorite wine region.


In the past we have worked with the wine app Quini ( )

During this event rate the wines and get $1 off for every review you enter.

We will taste 7 wines you can get up to $7 off!!

Please get a head start, sign up to Quini if you are on desktop or laptop/tablet, at the top right of the screen at If you are on iPhone and/or iPad, please download the app. You will find the link at the same website, where you can also read a bit more about Quini.

You can also use on any Android device.

During the tasting you can search Quini using #Franklin Ste Michelle and all wines will populate for you to enter your review.

If you want help in setting up or review of this feature please arrive at 630 for help.

The Franklin Wine Club was the first in the USA to use this app for wine review.

Please explore it while you taste and gain the rewards!


October 19th


Dutton Goldfield Wines And More

Hosts: John Schultz

Samantha Straw

John Will Present:

Dutton-Goldfield Winery began with a handshake in a vineyard in 1998, when longtime colleagues and friends Steve Dutton and Dan Goldfield recognized a shared vision between them—to craft wines that express the personalities of their cool-climate vineyards, and which they’d enjoy drinking at their own dinner tables. A fifth-generation farmer, Steve grew up with a love of driving tractors, and without any doubt about his future career. His father, Warren Dutton, had begun growing grapes in the western reaches of Russian River Valley in the mid-1960s, at a time when most people thought the area was too cool to grow fruit for quality still wine. After graduating from Boston’s Brandeis University, Dan headed west to begin a career in research chemistry, with a few detours for skiing and hiking along the way. Always an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer, the life of lab work was quickly replaced with a dream of winemaking when his brother turned him on to the 1969 Burgundies.

At Dutton-Goldfield, we believe we draw from the best Dutton vineyards to craft these very special Estate Grown wines. The Dutton’s are the premier grape growers in the region and sell grapes to many top wine producers including Patz & Hall, Lewis, Kistler, Nickel and Nickel, Mary Edwards, DuMOL, Ramey and Ironhorse just to name a few.


We will explore 4 very limited wines from Dutton Goldfield.

How limited are they? Two have only 350 cases made and two have only 150 6 packs made of which there are only 7 cases in MA!


Samantha Will Present:

A Tale of Two Ports

For more than 250 years, Ferreira has been synonymous with high-quality Portuguese wine, and known around the world as “the Portuguese brand.” Ferreira was founded in 1751, and under the direction of Dona Antónia Adelaide became the reference point for exceptional ports and Douro wines. Today, Ferreira continues to be a global market leader, and the symbol of a country and a culture.

Showing: Ferreira Dona Antonia Tawny Port

Quinta do Crasto, which traces its roots back to the 17th century, was purchased by Constantino de Almeida, a partner in the Port house of Constantino, in 1910. ln 1981, Constantino de Almeida’s granddaughter Leonor (“Tita”) and her husband Jorge Roquette took over the Quinta, determined to restore and revitalize the family estate. Following the change in Portuguese law (allowing single quintas to bottle and export wine), Crasto has been producing and exporting table and port wines since 1994. The perseverance and commitment of the Roquette family has restored Quinta do Crasto to its rightful status as one of the great family estates of the Douro.

Johns Bio:

A native of Iowa, John came to California to pursue a career in the wine business beginning as a cellar worker for a large central valley winery. He later went into the sales and distribution side of the business working for a central coast wine distributor. John then moved to Napa Valley and spent many years at Franciscan winery selling a number of brands under this portfolio. John has been in the role as National Sales Director at Dutton Goldfield for the past seven years.

Samantha Bio:

Samantha Straw is a Fine Wine Portfolio Manager for Ruby Wines who has been in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years. She has a passion for knowledge and has achieved 2 levels of Sommelier certification from the International Sommelier Guild, the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) designation from the Society of Wine Educators, and the Sake Adviser Certification from the Sake School of America. When not at work, she spends her time with her husband and two children.

Recent Press

Wines from Dutton Ranch, grower in Sonoma County of some of the most sought-after Chardonnay (17 clones) and Pinot Noir (14 clones) in the state. The Ranch is 1,100 acres composed of 74 individual vineyards sprawled across the Green Valley and Russian River Valley that are part of the cool Sonoma Coast viticultural area.

Dutton-Goldfield, a 50-50 partnership begun in 1998 between Steve Dutton 50 and Burgundy-loving winemaker Dan Goldfield 60

Sign Up:


November 16th

Italian Guest

Sign ups soon


Franklin Adult Education 2017 Classes


Popping The Cork On Sparking Wines

Tuesday Nov 21st 7PM

Sparkling wines are used in celebrating many life’s best moments. At this education/tasting event we will explore all things bubbly.  What are the methods in making these wines? What is true Champagne? What makes Prosecco different from Cava? To answer these questions we will explore sparkling from all parts of the world.


Medway Community Education Winter Programs



Tuesday, October 17                        Decoding American Wine Labels

Many people buy wines based on label only. Do you? In this valuable class we’ll explain all the truths and lies on an American wine label. Knowing this information will help you get more value for your money, understand how to figure out if a wine is a generic commercial wine or a hand-made artisanal bottling, and clues to what it’s going to taste like. After this event buying wine will never be the same!

Thursday, December 7                     Decoding European Wine Labels

OK, so you understand an American wine label, but European labelling follows an entirely different set of rules, and can be confusing and intimidating. We’ll walk you through the method behind French, Italian, Spanish, and German labels, and help you understand what they’re telling you. You’ll leave with the confidence to buy that bottle of Bordeaux or Spatlese!


Tri-County Adult Education  


French Wine Scholar Programs


Vinitas WineWorks LLC, Tri-County Adult Education, and Franklin Liquors are excited to announce the Fall session of the French Wine Scholar Certification program!

Now you don’t have to go to Boston for this world-class French wine course! Set yourself apart from your peers and specialize in the wines of France. Gain the confidence to taste, sell, and speak meaningfully about all aspects of French wine, from Champagne to Bordeaux and everything in between. Pass the exam and earn the title French Wine Scholar and FWS post-nominal.

Developed by the Wine Scholar Guild with the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, this specialization program is designed for advanced students of wine, whether professionals or serious wine hobbyists. This is NOT an introductory wine class; students should have professional wine experience or previous classroom study. Students must be familiar with the concepts of viticulture and vinification, major grape varieties, wine regions, and wine styles from across the globe, and have experience tasting wine in a formal setting.



Tuesday Oct 10th 7PM

This wine tasting and educational class will help you develop your wine profile.

We will explore the 5 steps in how to taste wine.  The results of this will make you a better wine taster and buyer and develop your unique wine profile.  With this profile you can walk into any store or restaurant and explain what you like.

What do you smell? Do you like oaked or unoaked wines? Why do we swirl and spit?

We will talk about wine technology that can assist in building your palate.


Exploring French Wine Regions

Thursday Nov 9th 7PM

Lets take a tasting tour around France.

We will discuss regions, laws and explore unique wines from Champagne to the Southwest. Don’t let wines from France confuse you, learn what grapes grow best where and so much more!


Popping The Cork On Sparking Wines

Tuesday Nov 21st 7PM

Sparkling wines are used in celebrating many life’s best moments. At this education/tasting event we will explore all things bubbly.  What are the methods in making these wines? What is true Champagne? What makes Prosecco different from Cava? To answer these questions we will explore sparkling from all parts of the world.


Norfolk Recreation

Three Classes:

Noble Grape Varieties

Decoding American Wine Labels

Decoding European Wine Labels

Millis Recreation

Three Classes:

Noble Grape Varieties

Decoding American Wine Labels

Decoding European Wine Labels






Franklin Library Book Club

Do you like wine? Do you like books? Join us for a special Wine Tasting & Book Club Meeting at Franklin Liquors. Kim Shipala, Assistant Library Director at the Franklin Public Library, will lead a discussion of the novel, while Kim Simone of Vinitas Wineworks and Mark of Franklin Liquors will do a tasting of the wines mentioned in the book.

The book discussion is free, but the wine tastings are $10 each. Space is limited to 40 participants. To register, either visit the library’s website or call Kim Shipala at 508-520-4943.

More Soon!


Food And Wine Events



Watch For Our Upcoming TV Show!

Food Uncorked (larger)

Franklin Liquors Wine Education

Certified Specialist Of Wine-CSW

Certified Specialist Of Spirits-CSS

Society Of Wine Educators

California Wine Appellation Specialist-CWAS-San Francisco Wine School (First In MA)

French Wine Scholar FWS-(Instructor) Wine Scholar Guild

Quini Certified Educator- QCE (First In USA)

Italian Wine Specialist-IWS-North American Sommelier Association

New Card Back 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.58.51 PM

Our Wine Education/Events Partner

Kim Simone

Vinitas Winework

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