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Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

Hampshire District support lowering drinking age for beer, wine

A crash course on ice wine

A Guide to Dark Beers


Franklin Liquors New Daily Newspaper

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW)


 Our Daily Wine Newspaper 

The company that started the craft beer movement has gone flat

Boston Beer shares are now half the price they were in early 2015, and it still doesn’t look like a bargain, with the company’s most recent quarter showing another drop in beer shipments of 12% and revenue falling 14% from the same quarter last year.



The top 25 beers of 2016

These beers, all new or newly packaged in the last 12 months, are a testament to where beer is today—and, we can only hope, where beer will continue to go.


The Best Coffee Beers to Pick Based on Your Favorite Coffee Drink

You don’t even have to spike your coffee—these breweries have done it for you


A Guide to Dark Beers

Find the right beer for fall.


The phylloxera wine louse is back with a vengeance

Vineyards in California and Oregon on alert as the pest that devastated Europe’s grapevines in the 1800s turns its sights on once-resistant America


What happens as wine ages?

Everyone knows wine undergoes complex changes with age – aromas, flavours and colours can transform to reveal a completely new character



The Wines of Campania: Getting Better and Better

One of the most positive developments in Italy’s wine scene over the last 30 years has been the total transformation of Campania



Someone claims to have finally made hangover-free beer

Thomas Gesink, a Dutch beer maker, says that he’s cracked the code for brewing beer which gets people drunk but doesn’t leave them cowering in a dark corner the next morning.

hangover free beer.jpg


Why craft beer fans freak out when small breweries sell to big-name companies

Many craft industry personnel say that as consolidation of beer ownership increases, the chances for small brewers to compete decreases.



Refresh your Palate with the Turbiana Grape of Lugana

Wines of Lugana with the Lugana DOC Wine Consortium at the Boston stop on their US tour.



French wine makers fear ‘worst harvest for 40 years’

Official figures from the Ministry of Agriculture show 2016 as one of the worst years in three decades, with production down one third in Champagne and other key wine regions like Burgundy and the Loire valley almost as badly hit.



Dogfish Head Will Finally Release Beer in Cans

By the middle of the month, the Delaware brewery will release one of its standards, the 60 Minute IPA, as its first-ever canned beer.



Ultimate beer league hockey stick, created by Narragansett Beer

The first and only hockey stick specifically designed for beer leagues!



The Buyer’s Guide to 75 of the Best California Wines

F&W executive wine editor Lettie Teague, senior editor Ray Isle and frequent contributor Richard Nalley tried hundreds of wines made from these grapes to find the 75 best.


Modern wine vintage charts: pro or con?

Vintage charts, which provide a quality score for each wine vintage in some specified wine-making region, have been a conspicuous part of the wine landscape for many decades. However, there has also been an increasing amount of criticism in recent years.



A crash course on ice wine

In the global world of wine, Canada is renowned for its ice wine.



I bought alcohol for my kids, even when they were underage. Here’s why.

Interesting read


Voters in MA 3rd Hampshire District support lowering drinking age for beer, wine

Voters in the Massachusetts House 3rd Hampshire District on Tuesday were supporting a non-binding ballot question favoring legislation that would lower the legal age for buying beer and wine to 19.


If a wine tastes like underbrush or ‘forest floor,’ where do those flavors come from?

Reds from such places as Tuscany, Piedmont, Bordeaux. Many pinot noirs, too, can suggest that quality.


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November 12th

The Romantic Rhone Wine Adventure


Guest Host: Jo-Ann Ross

There’s something about the Rhone River flowing 600 miles through the Southeast part of France that is so romantic. The wines are juicy and food friendly. The sun is shining. AND – the people seem to be incredibly happy. No wonder the Popes came here for 60 years during the 14th century!! Take a Rhone River journey with Jo-Ann Ross as we taste some exquisite wine examples from this region.

About Jo-Ann

Jo-Ann Ross is a lifelong wine enthusiast with considerable formal wine education. As a leading US based expert, Jo-Ann is frequently invited by the French Government to come and learn about their wines and related cultures. As an enthusiastic traveller to worldwide wine growing regions, she always brings this firsthand appreciation of the wines to her multi-sensory presentations. Jo-Ann’s classes are more educational and engaging than a typical wine tasting or lecture. Her passion for wine and teaching is evident in her professional, enthusiastic style that ensures that everyone leaves her wine events with valuable information and fond memories of the experience. An active member of the National Speakers Association, Jo-Ann has over 30 years of professional speaking training and has delighted corporate and private audiences in numerous venues

November 17th 

10 Grape Varietals To Understand Italy


Host Ciro Pirone


Italy is a country with thousands years history of viticulture that through the various colonization’s and cultures has translated into hundreds of different cultivars (exactly 497 according to the Italian Ministry of Agriculture), multiple ways of interpreting the local history and traditions that brings us today the most exciting and ever changing wine scene. I picked 10 out of the so many varietals, from some of most recognized such as Nebbiolo from the north to the least familiar and exotic like Zibibbo from the south.

About Ciro

Ciro Pirone, Director of Italian Wines for Horizon Beverage Company, is a graduate of the Istituto Alberghiero (Hotel and Restaurant Management school) of Salerno, Italy and a Certified Italian Wine Specialist by the NASA (North American Sommelier Association affiliated with the Italian Sommelier Association). Traveling and working in Italy, England and the US, Ciro developed an incredible passion for wine, food and culture. After all, growing up in Italy, wine was always a very important part of his family’s lifestyle and traditions.                                                                             In 1999, Ciro moved to the US permanently.  He landed in Boston, where he continued his wine studies at Boston University, the International Sommelier Guild, the London –based Wine & Spirits Educational Trust (WSET), as well as he completed and passed with Honors the Italian Wine Specialist Certification by the North American Sommelier Association (part of the worldwide recognized Italian Sommelier Association).

In 2007, Ciro accepted the position of Italian Wine Specialist for Horizon Beverage. After successful growth at HBC, Ciro accepted on a new challenge as the US Brand Manager for the Arnaldo Caprai Winery of Montefalco (Umbria), the top producer of worldwide recognized Sagrantino di Montefalco. In June 2011, Ciro returned to Horizon Beverage with a new position of Director of Italian Wines in support of their expanding presence in the New England marketplace. Ciro is happy to share his passion for Italian wine and culture in an effort to give the American wine consumer a better understanding and appreciation for Italian wine!


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