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Liquor Industry News/Links


Franklin Liquors


By: Mark C Lenzi


Franklin Wine Club Quini WineUp


Are You A Wine Explorer Yet?

The Franklin Wine Club Held Its 3rd Quini WineUp Event

Members Tasted Wines And Rated Them Using The Quini App.


Franklin Liquors New Daily Newspaper

The Wonderful World of Wine (WWW)


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Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Bowie Wine Is Hot!

How Oak Affects Wine


Untappd Merges with Beer and Wine Recommendation App, Next Glass

Untappd, a popular mobile app that allows consumers to rate and review the beers they drink, today announced it has merged with Next Glass, a wine and beer recommendation platform.


Eighty-Three Years After Repeal Of Prohibition, U.S. States Still Shackle The Wine Trade

Until recently, it was easier to ship firearms to consumers across state lines than it was to ship wine.


Climate extremes threaten Australia’s wine industry

Just weeks out from the 2016 harvest, the contrasting events highlight the challenges from climate change, particularly extreme weather, faced by the world’s fourth-largest wine exporter.

The App Review: Max McCalman’s Cheese & Wine Pairing App

Decades of wine and cheese trial and error have amounted to the one and only Max McCalman Cheese and Wine Pairing App


Grenache on the rise

Grenache is widely planted around the world. It is the second most widely planted grape in France, making up 60 percent of the acreage in the Rhone Valley and 70 percent of the acreage in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.


Global education provider, the French Wine Society has rebranded as the Wine Scholar Guild following the expansion of its education programme to include wines from Italy and Spain.

Watch For Exciting French Wine Education News From US Soon!


U.S. Wine Sales Total $38 billion

Retailers, restaurants and wineries all saw sales increases in 2015, swelling the size of the market for U.S. wine to more than $38 billion. Year-end data also confirmed the strength of trends toward higher price segments and thriving sparkling wine sales.

Sierra Nevada’s ‘Beer Camp Across America’ Arrives in Boston June 18

Sierra Nevada’s second annual Beer Camp Across America will arrive at a yet-to-be-disclosed local location on June 18, promising an unprecedented regional beer collaboration involving Boston’s own Trillium Brewing Company.


World’s First Instant Wine Chiller

In under 60 seconds, it chills your wine to the perfect temperature so you can enjoy it the way it was meant to be.


Cider Sales See Big Decline in Growth in 2015

10.8% growth rate reflects a significant slowing in the growth of the cider sector from 2014 when growth in cider sales increased by 71%.


What’s the Big Deal About Campania?

Italy’s southwest offers some idiosyncratic and delicious wines

Is DOCG in the Future for these Five Hopeful Regions?

For five regions, Vallée d’Aoste, Liguria, Trentino-Alto Adige, Molise and Calabria, left at the shoreline without as much as a single DOCG, it begs for some DOCG soul-surfing.

These 9 wine bottle designs won consumer approval over all the others tested by Nielsen.





Understanding Maturation – Part 1: Know Your Casks

Know Your Casks


The quirkage of wine bottle corkage

Here are tips to make the experience go smoothly.

How oak barrels affect wine

Sometimes coopers made barrels from chestnut, sometimes acacia, but they always preferred oak and still do to this day.


New Delicato

Delicato Family Vineyards (DFV) is boosting its presence at the super-premium tier with the launch of a new wine brand, Z. Alexander Brown, in collaboration with musician Zac Brown and Napa Valley winemaker John Killebrew. The Z. Alexander Brown portfolio includes a Cabernet Sauvignon and Proprietary Red Blend, which are debuting nationally, retailing at around $20 a bottle.

Christian Brother Apple

Heaven Hill Brands is introducing Christian Brothers Apple, a new flavored extension to the brandy label. Building off of the success of Christian Brothers Honey and Peach, Christian Brothers Apple is 35% abv and retails around $11 a 750-ml. Apple-flavored spirits accounted for $350 million in sales across the U.S. spirits market last year, according to Nielsen.


Members of the Chianti Classico Consorzio have recently complained again that the creatures’ numbers are “out of control” and a cull is needed.


Aiming High for Piedmont Wine

Alto Piemonte is a territory where Nebbiolo serves as the base for several different wines

Barossa Valley’s 2016 wines could be best in a decade

With grape picking about to get into full swing, experts say excellent conditions in South Australia are likely to produce high-quality wines provided weather conditions continue to remain favourable throughout the harvest, which stretches until April in some areas.


How did these large format bottles become such a rip-off?



Cheat sheet below, featuring the info you need to buy bubbly with confidence.


Moosehead, Canada’s Oldest Independent Brewery, to Launch Moosehead Radler for the first time in the U.S.

New style into the U.S. market this spring- Moosehead Radler.  Moosehead Radler was first introduced in Saint John, New Brunswick in 2014, and successfully expanded to other Canadian markets before coming to the US.


The Top Wine Trend Predictions Of 2016, From Expert Sommeliers

Wine lovers can look forward to the expansion and emergence of several interesting trends this year—but what exactly are they?

Bowie Wine Becomes Collector Target

Bowie-mania hits the wine world as an almost-forgotten label makes a comeback.


Nebbiolo: The Grape of Barolo and So Much More

Nebbiolo (“Nebby-oh-low”) is a full-bodied red wine more famously known by the two production regions of Barolo and Barbaresco in Piedmont, Italy.


10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Wine

Good advice for men as well!

9 hacks to help you drink better wine by drinking it better

Aiming for a new and improved you in 2016? That’s tough. Improving your wine experience? That’s not hard at all.

Because if you want to drink better wine, the first step is drinking wine better.

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Franklin Adult Education 2016 Classes


Valentine Chocolate and Wine Tasting


Tuesday, February 9, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Chocolates and wine pairings&..bring your sweetheart, your BFF, your neighbor and join the good folks from the Sugar Shoppe and Franklin Liquors for an evening you won’t soon forget!

Explore the world of decadent chocolate and a minimum of 6 fabulous wine pairings. There is simply nothing better. The Sugar Shoppe’s Courtney Nappa and Franklin Liquor’s Mark Lenzi will show you the way for this educational sit-down tasting.

And, a portion of your registration will go towards helping someone in need through the Sugar Shoppe, a local non-profit candy store working with local businesses to help raise money for homeless moms and kids in joint community efforts.

Medway Community Education


Winter 2016



Mark Lenzi, Franklin Liquors

This wine tasting education will leave you comfortable and excited about wine. We will explore how to taste wine and the process involved which will make you a better wine taster and buyer. What is aroma? What is your wine style? After swirling, sniffing and tasting, your wine world will be open for exploration. Participants must be 21 years of age.

Course # B65-16 1 session

Tuesday, March 8 7:00-9:00pm

Franklin Liquors $25

363 East Central Street, Rte. 140, Franklin


Franklin Liquors & The Sugar Shoppe

Yes – fudge and wine pair together beautifully! This will be a wine tasting/education with the Sugar Shoppe and Franklin Liquors. Explore the world of fudge and a minimum of 6 fabulous wine pairings. The Sugar Shoppe’s Courtney Nappa and Franklin Liquor’s Mark Lenzi show you how during this educational sit-down tasting. A portion of your registration will go towards helping someone in need through the Sugar Shoppe, a local non-profit candy store working with local businesses to help raise money for homeless mothers and children. Participants must be 21 years of age.

Course # B66-16 1 session

Tuesday, April 5 7:00-9:00pm

Franklin Liquors $25

363 East Central Street, Rte. 140, Franklin

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Tri-County Adult Education  


Spring 2016

Oscars Truffle and Wine Tasting

Tuesday Feb 23nd 7-9PM

Explore the world of truffles and a minimum of 6 fabulous wine pairings. The Sugar Shoppe’s Courtney Nappa and Franklin Liquor’s Mark Lenzi and show you the way for this educational sit-down tasting.

Wine Labels Truths & Lies

Tuesday April 26th 7-9PM

Many people buy wines based on label only. Do you?

This sit down wine tasting/education will explain all the truths and lies on a wine label. Knowing this information will help you get more value for your money with shopping for wines. What is in this bottle? Is this organic? After this event buying wine will never be the same!

Franklin, MA

Our Friends That Offer Wine Tastings/Education


Vinitas WineWorks, LLC


Kim M. Simone, Founder and Wine Advisor

We’re an independent wine education and event company, providing unique classes, wine tasting events and personalized consulting. As a professional with a dozen years in the wine business, my favorite part of the job was helping people just like you pick out a great bottle. I’m excited to help you learn about wine in a relaxed environment where you can ask any question, no matter how small or basic.

Watch ForUpcoming Classes Held In Our Wine Room

Franklin Liquors Wine Education

Certified Specialist Of Wine-CSW

Certified Specialist Of Spirits-CSS

Society Of Wine Educators

California Wine Appellation Specialist-CWAS-San Francisco Wine School (First In MA)

French Wine Scholar FWS-French Wine Society

Quini Certified Educator- QCE (First In USA)

Business Card Back

Looking For Wine Maps?

The best wine maps in the business!!


Get your complete wine tasting guide disguised as a notebook.

Over 100,000 copies sold worldwide!


De Long’s Wine Grape Varietal Table


All Our Wines Are Reviewed On Quini

Great wine educational and tasting app.

Every wine we taste and stock is on Quini.

Tell us what you think by rating the wines.


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See And Search Our Latest Reviews!

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