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Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CSS, CWAS, QCE*


Happy New Year!


2014 Was A Great Year For Us.

Our Highlights:

We Are #1

Thanks To You We Were Once Again Voted The #1 Liquor Store In Franklin AND The 15 Town Regions.

Thank You Readers Choice.


We Expanded On Our Education Becoming:

CWAS-SF Wine School-California Wine Appellation Specialist

CSS-Society Of Wine Educators-Certified Specialist Of Spirits

Education Is Important To Us To Provide You With The Best Service And Products.


Started A Wine Club In April

The Franklin Wine Club Now Has Over 130 Members.

We Held 14 Events And Ended The Year With A Holiday Party At Davio’s

Are You A Wine Explorer??


Adult Education Expansion

Along With Franklin We Now Teach For Medway And Tri-County


New Technology Partners

We Now Use Quini For Our Wine Reviews And Have Become

Quini Certified Educators

You Can Find Our Wines Using Vinobly And Let It Help You With Pairings


It Was Also A Sad Year..Our Uncle Rich Passed.

Rich Was A Great Guy And Helped Our Customers For Over 30 Years.


We Want To Thank You For All Your Support. Franklin Liquors Has Been Family Owned Since 1978.


Take Care

Franklin Liquors

Mike & Mark


Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Total Wine In MA Update

Wine Shipping In MA




How old is your nonvintage champagne? Look to the back label

Most sparkling wines, like discreet ladies of our mothers’ generation, don’t tell us how old they are. Those are “non-vintage” wines, with no year of harvest listed on the label because they are a blend of wines from several vintages.


Uncorked: An inside look at nebbiolo with Paolo Damilano

Barolo producer, Paolo Damilano. Damilano, who owns the company with his brother and cousin, provided insight behind nebbiolo and this magnificent region.

How To Open a Beer with a BANANA

Video: It shows you how you can open a beer with only a banana and how simple it is to open beer this way.

MA Wine connoisseurs, vineyards eagerly await new direct shipping rules

Beginning Jan. 1, out-of-state wineries can more easily ship wine directly to Massachusetts consumers after the Legislature broke through years of political wrangling to relax those rules.

How To Tell If A Wine Is Corked | Corked Wine Smell Guide

Corked wine is something we’ve all heard of, but you may not know if you’ve ever actually encountered it


Editorial: Lift the cap on liquor licenses

Interesting read on Total Wine trying to get into town of Natick Ma

Prosecco: No longer the ‘poor man’s Champagne’?

Even at some of the fanciest parties this New Year’s Eve, the bottles of bubbly that will be popped open won’t be classic French Champagne but its sparkling Italian cousin, Prosecco, instead.

Top 5 wines under $10 a bottle for 2014

Mass Live top wines

Korbel winemaker lies on TV about Champagne and sparkling wine

The U.S. government has fought Europe for years for Korbel to have the right to keep calling its sparkling wine “Champagne,” so it’s not surprising that Paul Ahvenainen says his company’s product is something it’s not.

What’s in a name? The real Champagne has a major labeling problem

Do you not realize that in order for a wine to be labeled “Champagne” It has to be a sparkling white wine from France?


Atlas Distributing In MA uses green power

Atlas Distributing Inc. announced that the company is using green power as part of its partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership.

Pair New Years Champagne with a Fine Cigar

Pairing brown liquor with cigars is the more obvious choice, but champagne (or other sparkling wines) can go surprisingly well with a smoke.


New year brings new wage, tax, public safety laws to Rhode Island

Starting Thursday, Rhode Island judges — as well as magistrates — will have the power to prohibit drivers convicted of driving under the influence of liquor or drugs, or refusing a chemical test, from driving a vehicle without an ignition interlock system.

An ignition interlock system is a device wired to a vehicle’s ignition that requires a driver to breathe into the device — just as one would with a Breathalyzer — prior to starting the vehicle. According to backers of this approach, the system prevents a motorist from being able to start his or her car if it detects alcohol on the breath of the driver.

According to a General Assembly data sheet: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found states that passed interlock laws saw an average two-thirds reduction in repeat DUI offenses. Rhode Island has joined at least 20 other states across the country that have put similar measures in place.

The Difference Between Champagne And Sparkling Wine, Explained

The most popular of sparkling wine options out there that aren’t Champagne include Cava, Prosecco and Cremant. The easiest way to tell between these wines is price — Champagne is almost always more expensive — but that’s not the only difference.

The science and magic of mulled wine

The holidays are almost over, but the cold weather provides an excellent excuse to keep the sensory memory of Christmas alive just a little longer with a warming glass of mulled wine


Red, white or sparkling? Experts pick healthiest wines

Experts say that while red wines trump whites when weighing overall health benefits, drier white wines like Rieslings or Sauvignon Blancs have perks of their own.

Do You Drink Enough Champagne to Justify a $500 Preservation System?

The Genesis, created by Napa Technology, is the first at-home, single-bottle wine preservation and dispensing system, designed for both still and sparkling wine


They Make Wine in China? Why Yes, They Do

The country past Australia to become the world’s 7th-largest producer.

The 6 most impressive wine cellars in the world

The modern concept of wine storage is changing dramatically, with collectors and commercial sellers keen to show off their precious wares in ever more daring and inventive ways.


Make Craft Beer at Home with Brewie

Currently raising money on Indiegogo, Brewie ($1,599) is an automated home-brewing machine that can brew you up a beer in 5-14 days.


Beer, pretzel a perfect match

The brewers at Boston Beer Co. have teamed with chef David Burke to create a unique Samuel Adams beer-infused pretzel recipe.

MA Legislators working to fix law that could cripple small wine and hard cider producers

Under a mysterious provision in the state budget, the producers will no longer be able to sell directly to restaurants and stores as of Jan. 1.

Quini Newsletter

Latest newsletter from our friends at Quini

A DIY Chandelier For Wine-Lovers

Try your hand at crafting your own DIY wine-bottle chandelier


Vivino App’s Top Wines Of 2014


Top 100 Red Wines

Top 100 White Wines

Getting into Grower Champagne

Grower Champagne is sparkling wine crafted by grape growers and their families.


2014 Wine Law Updates in Review

2014 was a busy year for wine law changes. Here are just a few of them.

How Sweet is My Wine? What do Sugar Codes Mean for Wine?

There are several different sweetness charts and coding systems on the market, but they’re not that far apart from each other in describing the residual sugar level in wine.


It’s decision time for Total Wine

Selectmen are slated to decide Monday whether to allow a national chain of liquor stores to open its first Massachusetts location in Natick. –

Is a Great Wine Palate God Given, Learned or Bought?

Lettie Teague talks to wine collectors, olfactory researchers and reviewers to get to the bottom of the oenophile’s quest: Can a great palate be acquired?

“Your best friend is your fine-wine store—ideally one that holds frequent tastings,”


Wine Drinking in America Today

What beverage has grown continuously in consumption for the past 20 years in America? Wine.


White wine may not really exist

It turns out that white grapes also contain the pigments that give red wine its colour – anthocyanins.

What drives our wine choice – taste, or the price tag?

Can a wine drinker judge the quality of a bottle by its price? The nature of this relationship has always been contested.

How to turn your corks into candles

Wine and candles go together like chocolate and Valentine’s Day. Once you pop open the bottle, save the cork. You can turn it into a cheap candle later.

What to do with your leftover Champagne

If the New Year’s Eve celebration got a little out of hand, and you have some opened bottles that lasted longer than your guests, fear not: There are still plenty of delicious ways to keep the party going.



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