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Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CSS, CWAS, QCE*

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Here’s the skinny on low-calorie wines

U.S. wine consumption has increased steadily over the past two decades, but there’s no clear sense of just how large the low-calorie market is, or if low-cal wines have contributed to the industry’s broader growth.


Mahatma Gandhi’s image on beer cans; US-based New England Brewing Company draws ire

The beer brand is called “Gandhi-Bot”, which the company says is an intensely hopped double India pale with a blend of three varieties of American Hops.


A taste for scandal in Italy’s Tuscany wine region

The region’s wine industry, which produces about 180 million bottles of wine per year, has been rocked in recent months.

Lost in the wine aisle? Winemakers want to know which labels will catch your eye

Most wine purchasers are dazed and confused as they wander the aisles of their local wine shop. There are thousands of wine brands and dozens of types of wines lining the shelves.

3 reasons women get upset after drinking white wine

There’s a reason why women get upset and depressed after drinking white wine. According to researchers at the University of Missouri – Columbia, white wine contains ingredients that cause women to get upset

What to know before you take that drink

Do you know how much alcohol is in your drink of choice or how long it takes to work its way through your system? Here are five things you should think about before you take that drink


Global warming alters wine taste

The taste of some of the world’s finest wines is changing as global warming alters the way grapes mature, scientists have found.

Beer, milk and Co. in bacteria quick test

To guarantee a high quality of their beer, breweries monitor the production process very closely.

The Wine Web Power Index

Objectively identify and measure the influence of the people who play a large role in determining what is in our collective wine glasses.


South Carolina Court Upholds Three Store License Limitation

Total Wine & More challenging under state and federal Due Process and Equal Protection grounds the South Carolina law that limits ownership of retail licenses to three.

The New Wave of Wine: 6 Sommeliers to Watch in 2015

There’s a new wave of young men and women helming the beverage programs at restaurants across the U.S.

Nespresso” for wine: a prototype in need of funding

Machine that serves wine at the right temperature after properly aerating it.


See This Guy Get Through a DUI Checkpoint Without Saying a Word — Thanks to What He Hung Out His Car Window

In a video posted to YouTube Thursday, longtime police recording activist Jeff Gray tests out a novel approach to DUI checkpoints in Florida: putting license, registration and insurance information in a plastic freezer bag, along with a Fair DUI message:

5 Italian Wine Regions to Watch in 2015

Italy with her endless array of wines and wine styles is poised for a resurgence.

5_3526_sicily panorama-Franklin-Liquors

The Beginner’s Guide to Craft Beer

This guide is geared towards beginners who enjoy drinking beer but may not know how to talk about it.

6-beer guide_Franklin-Liquors

How the craft-beer movement abandoned Jim Koch (and his beloved Sam Adams).

Unfortunately for Koch, the simple truth is that more and more beer drinkers don’t want Sam Adams, and in turn, an increasing number of bars won’t sell the famous amber lager.


Craft Brewers Are Running Out Of Names, And Into Legal Spats

Name overlaps may not matter as long as the beers are sold in different regions

How to spit, sip and appreciate vino

Did you make any resolutions for 2015? Here’s a suggestion: Learn about wine.

Why are fireball whiskeys suddenly a trend?

The cinnamon wars get hotter every day – or night, as the case may be.


Natick: Selectmen give go-ahead to national liquor store chain

In a 3-2 vote Monday, selectmen gave the go-ahead to a national liquor store chain to open a store on Speen Street, a plan that drew fire from smaller package stores and residents worried about increased traffic

Donauriesling – a new, confusing variety

Some riesling fans will turn into a huge question mark when reading this name. Comprehensible. Because donauriesling is a new variety which by now is common to a very low extent only in Austria.



Counting the calories after an indulgent festive period? This selection of low-cal wines could help maintain your virtue.

Booze calculator: What’s your drinking nationality?

How does your drinking measure up to the average from countries around the world?


Christmas may be over but baby it’s still mighty cold outside, which is why we asked some of the best bars in the chilliest parts of the world to divulge their favourite hot cocktail recipes for banishing the winter blues.



It was a decisive move by Grey Goose to fly into its own super-premium vodka market – and it’s a move that’s paying off as the brand’s story of success continues.


Approval has been granted to a Scottish beer maker to build what is thought will be the country’s first sake brewery on the site of a former primary school.


If you’re in the mood for French wine – and who isn’t – you’re in luck, because I’ve got the inside scoop on the best affordable French wines hidden away on the list.

Caucasian woman reading menu in restaurant

Don’t Just Drink Around Your Cat, Drink With Your Cat With New Wine for Felines

The feline libation is named Nyan Nyan Nouveau


How to Get a Refund if You Thought Kirin Beer Was Brewed in Japan

Turns out that since Anheuser-Busch purchased the company and took over brewing in 1996, Kirin hasn’t been made with any Japanese ingredients, or brewed anywhere near Japan.

Is Gravity Always Best? Oxygen Management in Wine Transfers

Gravity is almost a magic word in today’s winemaking world. Anyone visiting a winery will see the gleam in the winemaker’s (or the owner’s) eye when they say, “everything here is gravity fed.”

Boozer vs. alcoholic: what’s the difference?

What’s the difference between boozers and alcoholics? Some would say not all that much, others would agree that the distinction comes down to choice versus dependency, while others are a little blurry about the two.



Haier’s New Cooler Keeps Wine Chilled and at Your Side

Chinese manufacturer Haier debuted the Mini Wine Cellar, a smart appliance designed to perfectly chill individual bottles of wine, and best of all… it’s portable.


For Super Bowl, Anheuser-Busch Aims at Younger Crowd

The company, which usually buys more commercial time than any other advertiser during the Super Bowl, wants to appeal to a younger generation of 20-something beer drinkers, a large portion of whom it said had never tasted a Budweiser.

The Best Wine Apps

Whether you’re looking for a specific bottle or wanting to find the best price, there’s an app for you

The Most Sought-After Bottles Of Liquor In 2014

These are bottles you might not easily find on the shelves of your local liquor stores.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Oak Wine Barrels

Winemakers have used oak barrels for centuries

Oak whisky casks stacked in a distillery yard Scotland


Deep within the laboratories of Reims University a professor called Christophe Clément is working on a longterm solution to the spread of botrytis in Champagne vineyards without using fungicides.

Where Wine Flavors Come From: The Science of Wine Aromas

You might also be wondering… are winemakers are actually blending blueberries into their wine? The answer is no. The secret lies in aroma compounds.


The 1960s Wine Diet That NEEDS to Make a Comeback

What if you could just drink wine and call it a diet?


Fraudster’s fake liquor contained human waste

The bottles labeled as Smirnoff vodka and Jack Daniels whiskey were found to contain human urine and feces, prosecutors said.

5 ‘Imported’ Beers That Are Really Brewed in the U.S.A.

In addition to Kirin, the faux imports listed are all brewed in the U.S.

Narragansett Brewery Is Releasing H.P. Lovecraft-Themed Beer

Rhode Island-based brewery Narragansett is launching a line of beers influenced by legendary horror fiction writer, H.P. Lovecraft. According to Boston Magazine, the company will release their Lovecraft Honey Ale — the first of the four-part beer series — on January 19, the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe, one of Lovecraft’s biggest influences.


Icelandic seasonal beer from whales’ testicles

“The testicles are cured according to an old, Icelandic tradition, lightly salted and then smoked. We put a lot of effort into this and it’s a long process,” Dagbjartur says, adding that each brewing had contained one testicle.’-testicles/article/2015150109150

The Psychology of Wine Labels

When we want to choose a new wine, we make the decision largely based on the label. That’s right, the label.


Patrick signs farmer-winery ‘fix’ moments before leaving office

In one of his last official acts as governor, Deval Patrick signed into law Thursday morning a measure that restores the right of small “farmer-wineries” to distribute their own wine and cider to stores and restaurants.

4 Surprising Ways to Ward Off a Cold

A study of almost 4,300 adults during cold and flu season found that those who drank more than 14 glasses of wine each week had a 40 percent lower risk of catching a cold.

Time to take Zinfandel seriously again

No variety has endured more of a cultural battle than Zinfandel, long considered the closest thing California has to an indigenous grape.

The Wine Diagram for Millennials



The 12 Best Beer Apps

Download one/several of these 12 brew-centric iPhone & Android apps, each of which actually enhances your drinking experience.

Crown Royal Releases Rare Single Barrel Canadian Whisky

Single malt producers do it routinely and so do America’s Bourbon makers. Until now, however, no major Canadian whisky distillery has ever released a single barrel whisky. Finally, as 2014 drew to a close, Crown Royal became Canada’s first major brand to do so. To top that, each hand-selected barrel is bottled at a healthy 51.5% abv.

Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky is more than simply a high-strength rendition of the standard bottling we are all familiar with. About 50 different mature whiskies are used to create that blend. One of these is the ultra-flavorful “Coffey Rye,” and it is this Coffey Rye that the brand has chosen to bottle for its single barrel program.

Unlike most Canadian whisky, Coffey Rye begins with a high-rye mash bill rather than a single grain. It is distilled to low abv in an ancient copper Coffey still that was brought in from the defunct Waterloo distillery. Winters are long and cold in Gimli, Manitoba, where Crown Royal is made, so master blender Andrew MacKay leaves the Coffey Rye spirit in virgin oak bourbon barrels for seven years where it slowly absorbs their lusty flavors.

Rollout began in late November, in Texas, where liquor stores snapped up the first 519 barrels. Each barrel is exclusive to a single retailer. While there are no barrel numbers on the labels, if you are looking for a particular batch, a medallion around the neck of each bottle notes the retail outlet it was bottled for. Distribution will expand to include 14 states beginning in February. The suggested retail price for Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky (the label says “Hand Selected Barrel”) is $55. Whisky Advocate has more.

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