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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

A Standard Drink is not what you think it is

Why Sugar-Free Wine Labels Are A Little Misleading

8 Presidents Who Loved Wine—a Lot

Portuguese winemakers call for urgent action over bottle prices

Wine producers in Portugal are calling for urgent action from the government over the rapidly soaring cost of glass bottles.

The How of Wine: What’s In My Wine?

Have you ever looked at a bottle of wine and struggled to find out what was in it other than grapes?

What Is Madeira Wine and How Is It Used In Cooking?

Madeira, a robust and flavorful fortified wine, is famously long-lasting — but what else do you need to know about this Portuguese libation?

Chianti Classico: The UGAs Explained

It was under the guidance of the regional consortium’s president, Giovanni Manetti, that the 11 UGA’s were delineated, based both on the terroir and history of the regions. They are Greve, Radda, Gaiole, Castelnuovo Berardenga, Vagliagli, Castellina, San Donato in Poggio, San Casciano, Montefioralle, and Panzano, and Lamole.


Chianti Classico’s new subzones: shining a light on diverse terroir

When it comes to Italian wine, quality classifications can be confusing, even for the most astute of wine lovers. Keen to understand what Chianti Classico’s 11 new subzones mean in the glass, Nina Caplan heads to Tuscany

Do Dry-Farmed Vines Make Better Wine?

“Dry farming means that we do not use irrigation and rely on the residual moisture in the soil received during the wet season to supply the vines with water,”

14 Types Of Sweet Red Wine

The sweet wine industry in America is valued at over $1 billion, according to Nielsen,

Best Wine Apps

Here are 10 of the best apps for wine lovers that are useful to the novice, the collector, or the sommelier.

How Seagram’s Helped Create Advanced Sports Analytics

Dubbed the Seven Crowns of Sports Awards, the campaign combined statistics and sophisticated-for-the-era computer formulas to measure athletic performance and award top talent.

Health and the wine drinker, yet again

There is a Risk–Benefit Analysis at work here. If having a glass of wine helps make your life enjoyable (indeed, worthwhile), then it is a good thing, even if you die a bit earlier because of it.

Red Wine Glass vs. White Wine Glass: What’s the Difference?

Does it really matter?

Record breaking Portuguese wine

Exports of Portuguese wines rose 1.5% last year.

Wine tears explained

Tears, also known as ‘legs’ and ‘cathedral arches’ are most evident on reasonably high-alcohol wine,

How Climate Change Threatens CA Wine

Longstanding varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon just can’t take the heat.

Vibrant Ripe Cabernet Grape Clusters on the Vine. Shot in Lake County, California in late September (a few days before harvesting).

Have You Had Your Wine ‘Aha Moment’?

For those of you who have already basked in your epiphany wine experience, allow me to congratulate you.

Wine label compliance, part 1 the front side

Wineries are required to submit their labels to the TTB for label approval before they bottle their wines that will be sold into US commerce.

Why Are French Winemakers Planting Vineyards In England?

When it comes to fizz, the French and English have history and the case for which country is responsible for its invention is hotly contested.


Missouri, became the first AVA (American Viticultural Area) in the entire U.S

A Short History of Cocaine Wine and Coca-Cola

The Andean coca leaf was once legal and chemist Angela Mariani made use of it in a wine, which later inspired Coca-Cola

New Truly

Truly Hard Seltzer, part of the Boston Beer Company portfolio, has announced a packaging refresh ahead of warmer weather to come in 2023. The refresh will highlight the brand’s recent addition of fruit juice to its malt-based seltzers on each 12-pack as well as noting which flavors are lighter (the Citrus 12-pack) to bolder (Truly’s Lemonades). In addition Truly Vodka Seltzer will relaunch as Truly Vodka Soda, with flavors channeled into three silos: Classic (lime, pineapple, blueberry, and mango), Paradise (mango, watermelon, passion fruit, and blood orange), and Twist of Flavor (Blackberry & Lemon, Cherry & Lime, Pineapple & Cranberry, and Peach & Tangerine.) Finally, Truly has teamed up with U.S. Soccer to create soccer-themed 12-packs for Truly Hard Seltzer Berry.

8 Presidents Who Loved Wine—a Lot

So, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that many presidents were quite fond of enjoying a glass of wine (or several). Here’s a look at how wine played a big role in several presidencies.

Daou Family Estates in Paso Robles expands to Tuscany

Daou Family Estates in Paso Robles, owned and operated by brothers Daniel and Georges Daou, has purchased land in the Val d’Orcia region of southern Tuscany, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Penny Tip Your Bad Wine Might Benefit From, According To Science

If you have a penny on hand (ensure it is completely clean), carefully drop it into your wine and swirl it around. After removal, your wine should smell much better! The copper from the penny can cause the smell to dissipate.

Should You Always Spit Out The Wine At A Wine Tasting?

If you’re tasting a lot of wine, spitting is the best plan.

Why Sugar-Free Wine Labels Are A Little Misleading

Until there’s a standard nutritional label for wine, though, all we have to rely on is the combination of our understanding of wine and the language on the bottle — something that’s often presented with an eye on marketing rather than solely informing.

The Definitive List of Black-Owned Wineries Around the Globe

So, in conjunction with Black History Month, I’m setting out here to make the most definitive list of black-owned wineries on the Internet.

A Standard Drink is not what you think it is

So, let’s have a look at the idea of a Standard Drink, here. I concentrate on wine, of course, but it also applies to any other alcoholic beverage.

What’s the Difference Between Charred and Toasted Whiskey Barrels?

The barrel is an essential part of the whiskey-making process.

Martignetti Cos. Enters Connecticut, Acquiring Hartley & Parker

Massachusetts-based wholesaler Martignetti Cos. is entering its sixth market with a deal to purchase Connecticut’s Hartley & Parker from the Rosenberg family for an undisclosed sum. Hartley & Parker’s portfolio numbers some 6,000 brands, and the distributor serves more than 5,000 on- and off-premise accounts across the state. The deal is expected to close in the first half of the year.

“Led by Jerry and David Rosenberg, the Rosenberg family has built an exceptional business over an 80-year history,” stated Carmine and Carl Martignetti. “We are committed to building on that legacy and to providing our combined employees, customers, and suppliers with a platform for growth.” Martignetti added that, with the Connecticut entry, it now becomes the only wholesale player present across all New England markets.

Martignetti had estimated 2022 revenues of $1.4 billion to rank sixth among all spirits and wine wholesalers nationwide, according to Shanken’s Impact Newsletter. Tenth-ranked Horizon Beverage is also a key player in New England, operating across five states, while leading national wholesaler Southern Glazer’s is present across Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Second-ranked RNDC also recently made a move in the region, agreeing to purchase Horizon’s Ultra division—including operations in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont—for an undisclosed sum in December.

Demand for this white wine grape has some Napa, Sonoma vintners eyeing wider North Coast sourcing

Consumers’ thirst for sauvignon blanc are causing some vintners in Napa and Sonoma counties to look elsewhere in the North Coast appellation for high-quality fruit.

The 5 Most Common Wine Flaws and How to Spot Them

Knowing how to detect cork taint or Brettanomyces can get a bad bottle replaced.

Why Is This Wine Different from All Other Wines?

Ten Things to Know About Kosher Wine

What’s Your Favorite American Wine?

 From big, full-bodied California Cabs to East Coast Pinot Noirs that give Oregon’s a “run for their money,” here are some of VinePair’s favorite American wines.

Why Does My Inexpensive Wine Cost So Much at Restaurants?

Traditionally, you can expect to pay about three times the wholesale price of a bottle of wine when you’re out to dinner, or 2.5 times what you’d pay for the bottle at retail.

100 Best Wine Blogs

The best Wine blogs from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.

Concerns raised over soft drink firms migrating to alcoholic sodas

Researchers have raised concerns over the raft of soft drinks companies entering the alcoholic soda category.

A Guide To The Southern Italy Wine Regions

If you have always wanted to know more about the most famous Southern Italy wine regions, keep reading.

Pigs Used In Champagne

Villagers in Cramant in France’s Champagne are being treated to a rare sight: little pigs grubbing around the vines that produce the region’s famed bubbly, an alternative to chemical or mechanical means of fighting weeds and pests.

New Bombay 

Bombay Sapphire, part of the Bacardi portfolio, has unveiled Premier Cru Murcia Lemon, a new offering infused with Murcia Fino lemons from Spain. Rolling out now in select markets with national distribution slated for later this spring, the newcomer retails at $35 a 750-ml. It’s recommended to be served in cocktails like the Martini and French 75.

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