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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

What Can You Expect from Wine in 2023?

The 10 Best Vermouth Brands, Ranked

What Does ‘Angel’s Share’ Mean in Spirits?

Prosecco DOCG launches Green Academy and Wine Tourism lab

The Academy will study the most urgent environmental topics, and apply them to the region specifically.

What Martha Stewart Says To Do When A Dinner Guest Brings Wine

It’s common practice to bring a host a small token of gratitude when you are invited to a dinner or holiday party.

Diet Coke Can Make You Drunk Faster Than Regular Coke — Here’s the Science Behind It

Turns out that the theory is indeed supported by science. Here’s why, according to a recent article by The Mirror.

Liquid Insights: Latest Trends in Mixology and Wine

Let’s look at what trend-forward locations were doing in 2022 that can highlight opportunities heading into 2023.

New Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand winery Yealands Wines is launching Lighter Sauvignon Blanc, the newest addition to its list of sustainable wines. Its inaugural 2022 vintage was made using grapes from select parcels of Sauvignon Blanc at the winery’s Awatere and Wairau Valley vineyards. The vines in question are managed to maintain a low sugar level, resulting in low-alcohol wine—in this case 9% abv. It’s available now nationwide for a suggested $16 a bottle, imported by Palm Bay International.

University of Minnesota releases new white wine grape varietal: Clarion

Grape growers and wine lovers take note: The University of Minnesota is releasing its sixth cold-hardy wine grape, Clarion.

New Whiskey

Writers’ Tears Irish whiskey, part of Walsh Whiskey, has launched Red Head, the latest limited release from the brand. The single malt Irish whiskey is bottled at 46% abv and is matured in Oloroso-seasoned Sherry casks, lending the whiskey a reddish hue and representing the source of its name. Red Head carries a suggested price of $70 a 750-ml. and is available in 22 states across the U.S. in limited quantities. Writers’ Tears is imported by San Francisco-based Hotaling & Co.

Spumante: Your Guide To The Italian Sparkling Wine

To put Spumante into your bottle of Italian sparkling wine, you don’t need to have grown it in a specific region, with a specific grape variety, or even use a specific fermentation technique. As long as it was grown and produced in Italy, you can put Spumante on your label.

9 Drinks Trends to Leave in 2022

With bars and restaurants across the country open at full capacity and without mask mandates for the first time since April 2020, this year bore witness to multiple bar innovations that have been almost two years in the making.

These Three Shots Were Ordered the Most in 2022 — And One Might Surprise You

While it’s been years since LMFAO recorded “Shots” with Lil Wayne, we won’t judge if you’re still knocking back tequila to that familiar tune.

Four in five people have purchased wine based on what the label looks like

Some 85% of people said that they had purchased a bottle of wine in the past primarily based on the appearance of the label, data from online wine marketplace Vivino has revealed.

Wine Is Getting Pricier Thanks to a Logistical Nightmare

Supply chain issues, drought, and war are conspiring to make it way more expensive to produce the drink around the world.

Decanter bookmarks: Things to read, watch and listen to for wine lovers

Every month the Decanter team selects the best books, podcasts, films and shows for wine lovers.

This New Coffee Table Book Tells the True History of Champagne Through 100 Iconic Bottles

The bubbly wine’s origins are less romantic than you think.

What Makes Gewürztraminer Wine Unique?

Gewürztraminer is a wine grape grown all over the world, but is originally found in the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Northern Italy and is now widely grown in the Alsace region in France, as well as in Germany

Petit Verdot Explained: Why This Red Wine Should Be on Your Radar

Petit Verdot doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Susumaniello Is The Italian Wine Variety You’re Likely Missing Out On

Susmaniello grapes hail from Italy’s southern Salice Salento province and are one of the world’s rarest varieties used to make wine, according to Wine Searcher.

Everything You Need To Know About Merlot Wine

In blind-tasting testing, merlot and cabernet sauvignon can occasionally be confused, and they are frequently combined in red wine mixes. Despite coming from different varietals, the two wines do have the same ancestor: Cabernet Franc.

More sweet wines and fewer pinot noirs? What climate change could mean for wine lovers

Sweeter wines, with higher alcohol content? For some this might sounds like the makings of a great night out, albeit with a much less pleasant morning after.

You Shouldn’t Turn Your Nose Up At Boxed Wine. Here’s Why

Just because boxed wine is cheap doesn’t mean it is of lesser quality. The reputation boxed wines have accumulated could very well be unfair, according to Wine Cooler Direct, as some great wines are packaged in boxes — with plenty of benefits to pouring wine out of boxes instead of bottles.

This Is The World’s Oldest Non-Alcoholic Beer Brand

Humans have been making beer for a long time.

Does Storing Wine Bottles Horizontally Actually Make A Difference?

But should you store your wine standing straight up or on its side? The answer might surprise you.

The Most Viral Booze Stories of 2022, Ranked

Between reality TV squabbles, soda-infused pepperoni pizza, and a beer-drinking horse promoted to village mayor, there was no shortage of interesting and wacky news to fill the past 12 months.

What Can You Expect from Wine in 2023?

Wines sales are slowing; the big question is how long the dip will last

6 Wine Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

In the coming year, the wine world will respond to climate change and generational shifts

The Changing Demographics and Preferences of Wine Consumers

What are you drinking these days?

Alexa, Google, or Siri — Which Digital Assistant Provides the Best Wine Advice? Somms Decide.

If you’re in a restaurant and have a question about wine when ordering your food, all you have to do is ask your server or the sommelier. But what if you’re having people over for the evening or chatting with friends and need a quick answer to a wine question?

A Visual Guide to Whiskey Maturation

It’s no secret that whiskey improves and evolves with time in-barrel.

What Does ‘Angel’s Share’ Mean in Spirits?

The phrase has been used by distillers for centuries but became more popular in the 1970s.

Dangerous dinner: Chemicals in our food

FDA tested more than 300 foods and found levels of heavy metals in foods like leafy greens to potato chips

Producers getting better at making alcohol-free beer and wine: Here’s how it’s done

What’s behind the big boom in this side of the industry? And where might it go from here?

The Science Behind Why Your Wine Smells Like Farts

If you happen upon a bottle that reeks of overcooked cabbage, you don’t need to pretend that it’s some special nuanced aroma that your nose is too unsophisticated to appreciate.


9 Things You Should Know About Harvey’s Bristol Cream

Harvey’s Bristol Cream forged a lane of its own within the category, becoming a staple among the royals and a notable holiday beverage.

The Worst Type Of Wine To Order With Spicy Food

Learning to pair food with wine can make your dining experience nicer, especially if you are going out to eat for a celebration or on a date.

How A Bourbon’s Proof Will Change The Type Of Food It Pairs Best With

Food and wine pairing is an established practice, one that dates back more than 6,000 years, according to Science of Cooking.

The 10 Best Vermouth Brands, Ranked

Quality vermouth is a must-have for your home bar. The fortified wine is used to make classic cocktails like the Martini, Negroni, Manhattan, and countless others.

As my wine glass gently weeps

Beyond the physical glass, aficionados are often tempted to swirl their wine, and comment on its “legs” as an indicator of quality. Also dubbed “tears”, “fingers” and even “church windows”, this is the ring of drops that forms near the top of your glass, and it is rooted in physics.

Dramatic Readings of Wine Labels Turn Every Bottle Into a Party

Every time you open a bottle of wine, someone at the table or at the picnic table or at the beach towel or wherever you happen to be should, in the most entertaining way they can muster, read the label aloud.

The Fermentation Method That Makes Crémant Different From Prosecco

For a sparkling wine to be classed as a crémant, it must be made in one of nine regions — eight in France and one in Luxembourg.

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