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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Aren’t you sick of hearing about wine and health?

The Real Reason You Tip The Glass When Pouring Beer

Why You Should Add Orgeat To Your Home Bar

The Key Differences Between American and European Wines

There are plenty of differences between American and European wines that you need to know about. And in this article, we’re going to list the key ones.

Fresh, Crisp and Savory: The Indigenous White Wine Grapes of Northern Italy

Ubiquitous and often uninspiring, Pinot Grigio is the best-known Italian white wine. And while there are some good, and even great, bottlings, Italy has so much more to offer.

The Best Way To Drink Chilled Red Wine

News alert for red wine lovers: Yes, you can chill your favorite wines.

27 Celebrity Wines Ranked Worst to Best: Drew Barrymore’s Pinot to Fergie’s Syrah

How does Wine Enthusiast rate vintages from stars like Sting, Fergie and Francis Ford Coppola?

5 Warning Signs You Should Stop Drinking Wine Immediately

If you are experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to put down the glass and talk to a doctor.

Experts reveal how the cannabis sector’s popularity will affect alcohol sales

New research from the US exploring consumer trends has revealed the impact the cannabis sector could have on the wider drinks industry.

‘House Of The Dragon’ Wines Are Here For The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel’s August 21 Premiere

The wines on offer include an Oregon Pinot Noir, a California Cabernet Sauvignon, and a red blend from the Lodi appellation in California.

Drew Bledsoe Has Outplayed His Own Expectations as a Winemaker

Former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who played 14 years in the NFL, is in his 15th year of winemaking and says while he has always wanted to be great at it, how much his business has evolved was “somewhat unanticipated”

CT’s best wineries or vineyards, according to Connecticut Magazine

This year’s BEST OF CONNECTICUT picks are positively popping with Nutmeg State goodness, all picked by you and our distinguished panel of Connecticut experts.

Climate change to unlock English red wine potential, study says

English wineries should act now to capitalise on climate change’s impact on growing conditions in the UK, as one study predicts temperatures will soon be ideal for making still red wines from Pinot Noir.

Where have all the bubbles gone?

CO2 shortages are causing havoc in the drinks industry with soaring prices meaning sites are having to halt production.

Chilean winery discovers ancient ‘dinosaur’ variety

One of Chile’s oldest vineyards has unearthed a forgotten grape variety with only 15 hectares planted in total worldwide. Sampling the extremely rare wine is like “drinking a dinosaur”, Santa Carolina’s winemaker told the drinks business.

The Perfect Beer Pairing For Every Potato Chip Flavor 

There is probably no better accompaniment to potato chips than beer, but not every chip flavor works with all styles of beer.

Is Inflation Pushing Us to Drink Less Alcohol?

Inflation’s effect on drinking alcoholic beverages depends on how much you earn.

Can Wine Protect You From Having a Stroke?

Alcohol and stroke have a complex and confusing relationship.

Does Wine Freeze?

The short answer is yes. If kept below a certain temperature for enough time, wine freezes.

Dispelling the Top 5 DtC Shipping Myths

Here are some of the top misconceptions – and their corresponding truths – surrounding DtC shipping of beverage alcohol.

California’s Best-Kept Wine Secret: Santa Cruz Mountains

It’s where to go for outstanding cool-climate wines

The most important wine appellation in Dante’s time? No, it’s not Tuscany.

One of the most remarkable and compelling things about early Italian ampelography is how cutting-edge it appears today.

Here’s What Happened To Obvious Wines After Shark Tank

Brice Baillie presented his business Obvious Wines in Season 10, Episode 12 of the series, per Shark Tank Success.

Can a Revamped DOC Help Winemakers Find Success?

It’s a tricky marketing strategy, but the members of Northern Italy’s Garda DOC are optimistic.

Announcing the
Top 100 Wineries of 2022

Join us in congratulating these highly acclaimed wineries!

U.S. Table Wine Market Remains Sluggish, But Above $15 Brands Thrive

New Zealand’s Kim Crawford from Constellation Brands is the largest-selling table wine by volume in this higher price tier, while second overall is California’s Meiomi, also from Constellation.

Why Wine Is Actually Cheaper After Inflation

There’s one industry that hasn’t seen as much change as others since inflation took hold, however: the wine industry. Here’s why the price of vino hasn’t been as exorbitantly expensive as other products.

Why You Should Add Orgeat To Your Home Bar

Orgeat is simple syrup’s nutty, more complex cousin.

10 Things You Should Know About Château d’Yquem

Produced in Sauternes, France, in the southern region of Bordeaux, wines from Château d’Yquem are widely recognized as some of the best sweet white wines in the world

Is Red Wine Keto Friendly?

Everyone is looking to optimize their lives with the right products, ingredients and lifestyle. Specific dietary changes such as paleo and keto diets have taken health culture by storm.

Wine Labelling: A New EU Regulation Is Coming Into Force in 2023

The CAP introduces a number of new provisions to be considered by companies operating in the agricultural and wine sector

Ireland: mandatory health warnings on the wine label

The proposal includes health warnings that relate drinking to liver disease and fatal cancer, in addition to the crossed-out pictogram of the pregnant woman, the amount of grams of alcohol and the number of calories contained in the product.

Why You Should Think Twice About Buying Wine At The Grocery Store

Most of the wine in grocery stores is produced and sold by enormous adult beverage conglomerates with an eye on quantity and not necessarily quality.

10 Best US Cities For Wine Lovers


Might Smaller Wine Glasses Reduce Drinking?

A new study has suggested that drinking wine from smaller glasses may help to reduce overall intake.

How Italian Wine Differs By Geographical Region

Wine has been produced in every region of Italy for hundreds if not thousands of years, and each region has its signature Italian grape varietals and style. Italian wine is coveted the world over for its character, diversity, and finesse.

Why The Labels On Italian Wines Are So Important

You know the old saying: Never judge a book by its cover? Well, that doesn’t apply to wine bottles.

Gabilan Mountains AVA Approved on the Central Coast

Now, the name “Gabilan Mountains” is an official part of the global wine lexicon, as the federal government just approved the 98,000-acre area as an American Viticultural Area.

Aren’t you sick of hearing about wine and health?

 When we read something new about wine and health, it seems to contradict the previous thing we read — sometimes wine is good for us, and sometimes it is not.

Who Cares?

Why Major Wine Media Refusing to Review Most States’ Wines Is the Right Decision

What’s the Difference Between Natural, Vegan, Organic, Biodynamic, and 00 Wine?

Everything you need to know (and nothing you don’t).

What Does ‘Flinty’ Mean in Wine?

The term ‘flinty’ may not be terribly familiar to the average wine drinker. An uncommon terroir profile note found in many white wines has significant contributions, although imbibers may have a hard time describing it outside of the usual fruit aromas.

Why wine might taste better in the morning, according to an expert

But one wine expert argues that there’s a very good reason to enjoy a glass of vino before midday.

The Top Ten Greek Wines

Greek wines are famously considered some of the best in the world, and Greece is home to a number of varieties found only in the country.

The Real Reason You Tip The Glass When Pouring Beer

We’re here to save you from the embarrassment of pouring an overflowing beer glass at your next house party.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join a Wine Club

Franklin Wine Club Wines

A well-chosen selection of wines delivered right to your door.

Sounds pretty good these days.

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