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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Social Media Is Ruining Wine Tourism

The Power and Provocation of Raising Kids Around Wine

8 Things You Should Know About Seagram’s 7 Crown

Wine is now being paired with music instead of food with specific tracks available on Spotify

Usually paired with food, this wine and music pairing is set to change the experience of drinking wine.

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How To Make the Perfect Mimosa

The mimosa is baked into cocktail culture.

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The Difference Between Prosecco Rosé and Sparkling Rosé

Like Champagne, there are now regulations in place that determine what can legally be called Prosecco Rosé.

From Martinis to Spritzs, there is more to vermouth than you think

But first, a recap. In the most simple terms, vermouth (pronounced ‘ver-mooth’) is an aromatised, fortified wine flavoured with botanicals. But what exactly makes a vermouth a vermouth? Is there one ingredient a vermouth cannot do without?

8 Things You Should Know About Seagram’s 7 Crown

Seagram’s 7 Crown is a no-frills brand. The blended whiskey brand offers three products — original blended whiskey, dark honey, and apple.

The Widget In Your Guinness Can Isn’t Filled With Gas: Here’s How It Actually Works

Listen closely when you pop open a can of Guinness Draught Stout, and you’ll hear a peculiar rattling sound.

Modernizing the bottle recycling program in Mass. would have big benefits, report finds

The report focuses on the so-called deposit return system (DRS) — the five cent deposit you pay when you buy a can of soda or beer, and then get back when you return it to a bottle redemption site.

Bottled Water Craze Outpaces Recycling Efforts

SAN FRANCISCO – MARCH 2: Recycled plastic bottles are seen at the San Francisco Recycling Center March 2, 2005 in San Francisco, California. Bottled water is the single largest growth area among all beverages, more than doubling over the last decade. Only about 12 percent of plastic bottles, mostly water, were recycled in 2003, according to industry consultant R.W. Beck, Inc. Since most bottled water is consumed away from home where recycling isn’t an option, an estimated 40 million bottles a day go into the trash or become litter. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Kendall-Jackson And The Kentucky Derby® Unveil Two Commemorative Wines, Honoring Partnership As A Preferred Wine Of The Kentucky Derby®

Limited-Edition Labels Celebrate the Jackson Family’s Legendary Racehorse, Good Magic, with Additional Co-Branded Releases Set to Launch Annually Through 2024

Wine Movie

Wine’s latest movie Blind Ambition follows four sommeliers’ journey from working the South African restaurant scene to the hallowed vineyards of Burgundy.

Abruzzo granted its own IGT

Italy’s National Wine Committee and Agricultural Ministry agreed on Friday to consolidate the central Italian region’s wines under a single IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica), Terre d’Abruzzo.

Typical mountain village in Abruzzo, Italy (Gran Sasso mountain range). Sunset

Castel del Monte in Abruzzo is a beautiful village which covers the top of a hill in the Gran Sasso mountain range. It is classified as one of the “borghi piu belli d’Italia” or “most beautiful villages of Italy”. Its architecture mostly dates to Medieval and Renaissance times. The Medicis ruled the town from 1579 for a century and a half and their legacy includes the Chiesa di San Marco with its distinctive tower. Around the town are strong defensive walls which are also houses and five defensive gates which also date to the Medici period.

Grey Goose moves into RTDs

Bacardi-owned Grey Goose vodka will release its lower-ABV Essences range in the UK next month and unveil its first ready-to-drink line.

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What Is Orgeat?

If you love tiki, you love orgeat, the sweet and lightly floral almond syrup that serves as a staple ingredient in famous drinks such as the Mai Tai, Fog Cutter, and Eastern Sour.

Does Alcohol Expire?

People will tell you that one of the benefits of spirits is that they don’t expire. But that isn’t totally true.

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Bulleit Debuts Two Ready to Serve Bottled Cocktails

Whiskey giant Bulleit is barreling into the RTD space with the release of two large-scale bottled cocktails.

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New Mikes

Mike’s Hard Lemonade has debuted a new line of slushy-flavored RTDs, all based on flavors popular in the 1990s. The line, which comes in four varieties—Blue, Red, White, and Pink Freezes—are all at 5% abv and will be available in variety 12-packs of 12-ounce cans and as individual 23.5-ounce cans. To support the launch, the company has kicked off a new 90s-themed and nostalgia-driven ad campaign featuring era-appropriate boy-band music dedicated to the new drinks.

Three-Tier System Essentials: Control States

In the control state model, state agencies become directly involved in the beverage alcohol market and are not just outside observers.

Everything You Need to Know About Brachetto D’Acqui

This grape is native to the Piedmont region, though it is perhaps one of that region’s most underappreciated grapes.

Is Allocated Bourbon Worth the Hype (and the Hassle)?

What exactly is allocated bourbon? And why aren’t other spirits subject to the same treatment?

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Exploring the Ins and Outs of Gen Z Purchasing Trends

The youngest generation of legal drinking age consumers is small, but quickly growing more and more influential.

The 12 Best Boxed Wines (2022)

Boxed wine gets a bad rap.

More Americans 65 and Under Died from Alcohol-Related Causes Than Covid-19 in 2020, Study Finds

Alcohol-related deaths increased 25 percent from 2019 to 2020, with alcohol-related deaths among adults younger than 65 outnumbering deaths from Covid-19 in the same age group in 2020, a new study found.

Finger Lakes Wine Country Was Underrated and Overlooked — Until Now

The region is pushing the boundaries for cool-climate wines in the U.S.

What Do Wine Consumers Really Want?

What do wine lovers want?

What Happened To Champagne During World War 2

Before the invasion, Champagne houses had time to save some of their stock, they built up false walls, blocking off tunnels and rooms, hiding thousands of their vintage Champagnes, this advanced planning would save a lot of houses from losing their history in Champagne, but not all were so lucky.

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The Best Wines for Sangria and How to Make It

From red to white and sparkling.

Interesting facts about winemaking in the United States

Grape growing and winemaking are really big businesses in the United States. Some interesting facts:

13 Best Beer Brands For People Who Don’t Like Beer

People have many reasons for not being the biggest fans of beer.

The Power and Provocation of Raising Kids Around Wine

They join other wine industry parents who believe that raising kids around wine can be not only enriching and world-expanding, but also, when deployed wisely, potentially protective against alcohol’s more dangerous qualities.

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The growth of organic wine: ‘We have gone from curiosity-based consumption to structural consumption’

Organic wine has become a firm fixture in shoppers’ baskets: and also holds the promise to appeal to a younger generation.

Top Wine Podcasts to Deepen Your Knowledge of Wine

Wine education gets a makeover via these entertaining audio programs


Left and right bank Bordeaux explained

It’s not just geography that distinguishes Bordeaux’s two famous vineyard

11-Wine-Franklin Liquors

The Most Popular Grape Varieties in the Top 25 Wine-Producing Nations

Wine varieties flourish in different climes, leading to country-specific specialties that determine a region’s signature export.

Modelo Releases Canned Ranch Water

According to a press release, Modelo is launching a ready-to-drink canned Ranch Water, a cocktail crafted from sparkling water, lime juice, and tequila that is especially popular in the Southwest.

There are More Mergers and Acquisitions in Wine than Ever Before. Here’s Why.

In recent years, mergers and acquisitions in the wine industry have become increasingly common. During the latter half of 2020 through 2021, however, things progressed to a whole new level.

12-Wine-Frankjlin Liquors

Millennials Are Tired of You Criticizing Their Wine Habits

Yet another industry is blaming millennials for its decline – but is it true?

Podcasts – The New Way to Communicate with Wine Drinkers?

They are  fast-growing businesses. Big and small players in wine are able to inform about regions or simply to promote products.

Social Media Is Ruining Wine Tourism

Authenticity and connection are in short supply as wineries focus on Insta-ready experiences

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