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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Everything You Think You Know About Vermouth Is Wrong

Why isn’t beer sold in plastic bottles like soda?

How to Find the Wines You Want

20 alternatives to Russian vodka brands

Bordeaux wine sales to US see ‘spectacular recovery’

Wine lovers in the US have shown strong demand for Bordeaux in the past year, suggest new figures on shipments.

Long-Term Societal Trends That Trouble Big Wine

In fact, Big Wine is very far from social responsibility

Why isn’t beer sold in plastic bottles like soda?

You can get it by the glass, the can, the growler or the keg. But for some reason, you can’t guzzle it from a plastic two-liter.

Raise A Glass To Ukraine’s Wine History

The eastern European country has a long, respected history of producing wine

20 alternatives to Russian vodka brands

Amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a movement to boycott Russian vodka in bars and shops has risen. Here, db lists 20 alternatives.

The art of blending in Italy’s northeastern whites

The two scenic, northeastern areas of Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia are at the forefront of Italy’s top-level white wine scene. Both regions produce characterful blends that celebrate their diverse terroir and get the best from local plantings.

Vino Chianti DOCG’s plans for upper tier and new sub-zone

Chianti DOCG’s plans to add a new gran selezione tier of wines as well as new sub-zone to the appellation is not likely to happen for another year, the consorzio has confirmed

Après-Ski Sips: Trending Cocktails at New England’s Top Ski Resort Towns

Legend has it that Saint Bernards used to deliver brandy in little barrels to mountaineers and skiers in the Swiss Alps back in the 1800s.

10 Things You Should Know About Bowmore

Bowmore whisky embraces tradition, from its historic distillery down to its classic Scotch products.

EU Wine Worries

War understandably overshadows the news this week, but there is also Burgundy, Tinder and Patagonia to think about.

WINE AMERICA Spirits vs. Wine: Boom vs. Doom?

The wine picture is nearly the exact opposite of spirits in some respects. While spirits sales are growing, overall wine is flat or down.

Why ‘Prosecco’ wine cannot be registered as exclusively from Italian regions

The High Court allowed an appeal by an Australian winemakers body and reversed a decision on an Italian wine interest group’s bid to register “Prosecco” as coming exclusively from specified regions in Italy.

How to Find the Wines You Want

How do you track down that special bottle? What are the skills of a good wine detective?

A Guide to the 5 Different Types of Tequila

According to Mexican law, tequila can only be produced within five Mexican states: Jalisco (where the majority of the spirit is made), Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas.

Austria Introduces New Qualifications for Still and Sparkling Wine

Earlier this month, Austrian wine made its fifth amendment in the last five years.

‘It’s Growing Every Day’: The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Bottle Shops and Bars

The demand for NA beverages was up 60% from July 2020 to 2021. And Nielsen reports retail sales of NA beverages over recent years has surged by billions of dollars.

Perfect Pairings: New Course Explores the Link Between Wine and Music

Collaborative teaching approach immerses students in the study of creating mood and elevating experiences.

What Makes Volcanic Wines So Distinctive — And the Top Ones to Try

On some level, it seems a little nuts to make wine on the slopes of a volcano.

U.S. Wine Is a Mess, Here’s How to Fix It

There are many things amiss in the nation’s wine scene.

The Debate Over Wine Filtration

For some, it’s a way of keeping wine clean and clear. For others, it’s manipulation

Have drinking windows become shorter?

One of our expectations as wine lovers is that if we spend over a certain amount on a bottle of wine, we shouldn’t have to drink it straight away.

Finger Lakes Wine Country Was Underrated and Overlooked — Until Now

The region is pushing the boundaries for cool-climate wines in the U.S.

Old affluent consumers drive US wine market

Growth of RTDs and spirits, plus the impact of Covid-19, has led to a loss of close to 15% of the regular wine drinking population in the US between 2018 and 2021, with younger drinkers moving away from the category, according to Wine Intelligence.

People, Senior Couple, Indoors, Family, Love-Emotion

Diageo North America opens new canning facility 

Diageo has opened a new site in Illinois which will feature two high-speed can lines and is set to boost its growing alcoholic RTD portfolio.

How Modelo is using Mexican-flavored experiments in a push to become America’s No. 1 beer

Modelo Especial, second only to Bud Light In U.S. beer dollar sales, is rolling out new test products to help it grow even more.

The 23 Most Expensive Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

To qualify as a single malt whiskey, Scotch must be the product of one distillery and be made entirely from malted barley.

A Simple Guide to How Hard Seltzer Is Made

If you were to crack open a can of hard seltzer and pour it into a glass, there isn’t a lot to look at, and that’s the point.

No, Your Wine Is Not Packed with Sugar

A U.K. anti-alcohol group cries out that wine is full of sugar and calories, but their findings are full of something else

Radiocarbon dating raises doubts about aged tawny ports

When you buy a 10-year-old tawny port, how many years do you think that the wine has spent in barrel?

Three types of Port wine in glasses; red, tawny, and white.

A look into the origins of mulled wine and its interpretations in different cultures

Today, different cultures call this drink by different names with tweaks to their recipe.

What Does ‘Lanolin’ Mean in Wine?

If you’ve ever caught a whiff of warm, woolly sweater in your wine, perhaps a bit musty from rain or sweat, you’ve experienced what’s described as a lanolin note.

Undercompressive shocks proposed to explain ‘tears of wine’ phenomenon

A small team of researchers at the University of California has developed a theory to explain the shape of tears of wine.

Why Hungary deserves greater recognition in the world of wine

It has ancient viticultural origins, historic vineyard classifications, high quality native grapes, volcanic soils, and great whites and reds, so why is Hungary still relatively unknown in the world of wine?

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Glass of Wine Every Night

Check out the effect one or two drinks a night can have on your body.

How I Overcame My Battle With Red Wine Teeth

After stained teeth ruined a photo, one man went on a mission to find out why

The Story of DOCG Chianti

Is there any Italian wine that is as revered and romanticized as Chianti?

14 top sommeliers share their favorite books about wine

World Book Day gives readers a chance to reflect upon and appreciate brilliant books, so we asked 14 top sommeliers to recommend their favourite reads on wines, vines and good drinking

Italy says arrivederci to biodynamic bill

Outraged Italian scientists have blocked a bill that would have given biodynamics methods legal recognition.

The world’s first molecular drinks printer can serve up thousands of drinks

The world’s first molecular beverage printer, which can make thousands of different drinks, has been unveiled by Silicon Valley startup Cana.


Diageo has expanded Bulleit’s frontiers, adding new ready-to-serve cocktails for both the brand’s Bourbon and rye whiskies. The cocktails—a rye-based Manhattan and a Bourbon-based Old Fashioned—are bottled at 37.5% abv and come in both 375-ml. and 750-ml. bottles. The new permanent additions to the brand’s portfolio are now available across the U.S. where the 750-ml. bottle carries a suggested price of $30.

Everything You Think You Know About Vermouth Is Wrong

Since we all come to vermouth with different experiences, let’s begin with the most basic questions.

This Is the #1 Most Popular Wine Brand in America, Says New Data

This famous name produces the most beloved wine in the country.

Japan adds three Geographically Indicated wine regions

On June 30, wines of Nagano, Yamagata and Osaka received a GI (Geographical Indication) status. In addition to “Yamanashi” in 2013 and “Hokkaido” in 2018, Japan now has five GIs for wines.

‘Zoom Fatigue Is Real’: Have Virtual Wine Tastings Hit a Crossroads

The loss of face-to-face socializing has been an obvious downside of the pandemic, but much has been gained by the growth of the virtual event industry.

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