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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

How California Wildfires Are Affecting Vineyards

Sam Adams Is Launching a New Beer Made With Hops That Traveled to Space 

10 Things You Should Know About Kahlúa


Slovenian Wine.

A Brief History of Slovenian Winemaking.

Not many people have heard about Slovenia and even fewer know where it is.

How to Understand (Almost) Everything on a Wine Label

There are some basic formulas that can help you understand the rather confusing and sometimes smug words on wine labels.

What is residual sugar in wine?

How can residual sugar end up in the wine, and how does it affect the taste?

Franciacorta – Italian for Sparkling Wine Excellence

Italy is not only famous for great red as well as white wines. It also has many delicious sparkling wines to offer. Among them are Prosecco, Asti, and Lambrusco. But without a doubt, the best one is Franciacorta.

Can Aged Riesling Smell Like Petrol

Wines regularly get described by their aromas – floral, citrus, green apple, melon, herbal, cherry, plum and spice. But, Riesling – can it really including the aroma of petrol?

The Wine You Should Always Drink When Watching This Classic Fall Movie

From peppery Syrahs for a steamy romance from the ‘90s to a hearty Chianti for a film centered around food, there’s a low likelihood you’ll come away from the 13 suggestions below without at least an idea or two for your next Friday evening spent snuggled up at home or movie night with friends.

Is mezcal hot chocolate this winter’s hippest drink?

The earthiness of mezcal makes it the perfect match for a spiked hot chocolate, say agave experts.

Lighten Up – How to Bury the Heavy Wine Bottle

To have bottle weight included in wine tech sheets. This “should encourage producers to eliminate unnecessarily heavy bottles

Why Mexican Wine Needs A Closer Look

 And when you think of Mexican beverages, do you think first of tequila or Corona Extra?

Crazy Tom Brady stat proves Buccaneers quarterback has aged like fine wine

Stop us if you have heard this one before: Tom Brady is defying age

European wine trade body postpones launch of innovative electronic label platform

Once it has gone live, consumers will be able to access the information in their own language about via a QR code on the bottle, in the first practical sector-wide application of e-labelling in Europe.

10 Things You Should Know About Kahlúa

Kahlúa, a coffee liqueur with origins dating back to the 1930s, has been around longer than many of the cocktails it’s now famously used in.

New Guinness

Guinness has launched Gingerbread Stout, a new limited-release beer, from the Diageo brand’s Maryland-based Open Gate Brewery. The 6% abv stout is made with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger. Guinness Gingerbread Stout is available for a limited time in 6-packs of 11.2-ounce bottles throughout the mid-Atlantic region and at Open Gate.


Pinot noir is the grape of Burgundy, which is among the most revered red wines in the world. Pinot noir is also a very old grape variety.

How Your Deceiving Eyes Can Change the Taste of Wine

Before a drop of wine touches your lips, the colors around you have affected its taste

Italy’s Winemakers Barrel Ahead With Chestnut

A new generation of Italian winemakers discovers the benefits of chestnut wood

Gordon Ramsay announces launch of Italian wine collection

Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay has announced the launch of his own range of Italian wines, Gordon Ramsay Italian Collection, created in partnership with Benchmark Drinks and renowned winemaker Alberto Antonini.

Grand cru classification in Barolo ‘won’t be easy or quick’

While he would like to see it happen, establishing a grand cru classification in Barolo “won’t be easy or quick”, according to one leading Italian producer.

What does it mean when a wine is described as food-friendly?

The impenetrable jargon surrounding wine and wine appreciation can be easy to mock.


Globally, wine is the single most difficult product to do on e-commerce especially good, expensive vintage wine

The Surprisingly Long History of Arsenic in Wine

Arsenic is the ultimate tasteless and odorless killer.

Sam Adams Is Launching a New Beer Made With Hops That Traveled to Space

Samuel Adams is giving us all an out-of-this-world beer. And they mean that literally.

Wine Sulfites and Why People Argue About Them

Used as a preservative since ancient times, sulfur has become contentious

Is It Time to Retire “Rustic”?

Rustic presents a rhetorical tension that persists to this day.

Total Wine uses deceptive tactics for Boston Online Petition in attempt gain South Bay Alcohol License

Total Wine, in its bid to present Boston community support for its proposed South Bay alcohol superstore, has actively solicited non-Boston residents to sign its City of Boston Licensing petition.

History of Wine in Veneto

Veneto, in the North-East of the country, is now Italy’s largest producer of DOC standard wines.

What a corker! Wines with cork closures double the value of screw caps

Wines sealed with natural cork closures have risen twice as fast as those with screw caps in the last four years, new research finds.

Sweetness levels now stated on Alsace wines

Displaying mandatory sweetness levels on Alsace wine became law in 2020.

How California Wildfires Are Affecting Vineyards

A string of heavy fire seasons is worrying for farmers and winemakers, who are now grappling with a grape affliction known as smoke taint.

In a Sea of Credentials, Wine Professionals Seek Meaning

Over the past year, an influx of entrepreneurs has entered the wine industry. Through job losses or reduced working hours, industry changes forced wine pros to find new ways of making a living.

What is Mead and Why It’s the Next Big Thing

Mead, or honey wine,  is nothing new but has been gaining popularity recently thanks to trendy millennials and hipster circles.

Bio, natural, biodynamic: 5 things to know about organic French wine

Many of France’s most famous products are made to fiercely guarded recipes that are hundreds of years old, but even the venerable wine sector is not resistant to change.

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