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Liquor Industry News

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi



Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

How to Use Cynar, According to Bartenders

9 Things You Should Know About High Noon Hard Seltzer

What Is Bottle Shock (and How Do You Fix It)?


Croatia and Italy renew feud over prošek and prosecco wines

Prošek, which is made using dried grapes, originated in the Dalmatia region


Spicy Red Wine Quick Guide

There are a number of reasons why a wine might taste spicy or piquant.



Here’s a look at every US president’s favorite drink

Not every president had strong ties to an alcoholic beverage

Could Italy’s Alto Piemonte region be the new Barolo?

Alto Piemonte offers high altitude vineyards, clay soils and significant diurnal temperature variation


The Difference Between Samuel Adams and Sierra Nevada Beers, Explained

Sierra Nevada Brewing and Samuel Adams, two brands arguably responsible for pioneering America’s craft brewing industry and forging the path for independent brewers

New Cutwater

San Diego, California-based Cutwater Spirits is adding a Piña Colada to its line-up of ready-to-drink cocktails. The new release is made with the distillery’s Bali Hai Rum and coconut cream liqueur and is at 13% abv. It joins Cutwater’s more than 20 canned cocktails and the recently launched Vodka Transfusion. Cutwater Piña Colada is available now nationwide in 4-packs of 12-ounce cans. Acquired by Anheuser-Busch in 2019, Cutwater more than doubled in size last year, reaching more than 700,000 9-liter case equivalents, according to Impact Databank.

In Stock!


How Beaujolais Nouveau Won (And Lost) Generations of U.S. Drinkers

Industry experts project a 25% drop in Beaujolais Nouveau sales in the U.S., according to a 2020 Euronews report.


10 things you should know about Rioja

Quick guide to the famous northern Spanish wine region of Rioja.


Did lead poisoning cause downfall of Roman Empire?

As the Reactions video points out, the ancient Romans loved their lead.


This Missouri Wine Region Dreams of Becoming the Midwestern Napa Valley

Before Napa Valley was a household name, the Missouri River Valley was the capital of the American wine industry.


Bottled Ready-To-Drink Aperol Spritz Cocktails Hitting Select States Soon

Now, Aperol has entered the RTD market, with its orange-flavored boozy concoction hitting shelves in select states


When The Mountains Turn Blue: The Story Behind Coors’ Color-Changing Labels

In a stroke of marketing genius, the brand launched a new line of products with labels that changed color when refrigerated to the optimal temperature.


Five of the lowest calorie wines in the world

Is the calorie content of your plonk important to you?


New JD

Jack Daniel’s is adding Tennessee Apple Fizz to its line of Jack Daniel’s Canned Cocktails. Made with the brand’s eponymous whiskey, the new RTD is at 7% abv and joins Tennessee Whiskey & Cola and Tennessee Whiskey, Honey & Lemonade in the lineup. It’s priced at $13 a 4-pack and is available now in 16 U.S. states including California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas, among others. Jack Daniel’s first launched the spirits-based RTD line in June of last year.


9 Connecticut liquor and spirits distilleries to visit

From moonshine to flavored liqueur, here are some of Connecticut’s distilleries.


Bacardí gets fruity with new tropical rum

Bacardí Tropical is a white rum flavoured with pineapple, coconut and guava.


What Is Bottle Shock (and How Do You Fix It)?

Bottle shock, sometimes called “bottle sickness,” describes a recently packaged or shipped wine that tastes temporarily “dumb,” or with aromas and flavors that have seemingly shut down.


9 Things You Should Know About High Noon Hard Seltzer

High Noon separates itself by appealing to the better-for-you crowd, including distilled liquor and real juice in its transparent ingredient list.


The 10 Most-Ordered Drinks From Restaurants, According to Grubhub

After a year of having drinks delivered, it appears that diners are in the mood for flavorful, tropical-inspired libations, as well as traditional favorites like lager



How ‘bat-friendly’ is your favorite tequila?

The biggest threat to tequila isn’t a shortage of agave. It’s a lack of bats


The Difference Between Smirnoff and Tito’s, Explained

Keep reading to learn more about how these two pioneering vodka brands compare.

The Differences Between Barefoot and Yellow Tail, Explained

While both started small with humble roots, Barefoot and Yellow Tail built themselves into powerhouse brands

Older drinkers prefer screwcaps to corks, finds Wine Intelligence study

Older consumers in the UK market are the most enthusiastic adopters of screwcap-sealed wines, according to a study commissioned by Wine Intelligence.


How to Use Cynar, According to Bartenders

Artichoke is probably not something you’d expect to taste in a cocktail. But, if your drink is made with Cynar, you may pick up hints of the vegetable’s flavor.


Titans Create NFL’s First Wine Club

The Tennessee Titans’ latest initiative to raise their standing in the hearts and minds of their fan base includes raising some glasses.


Fruits of Labor

American wine’s biggest problem is facing a reckoning.

Rosè from Northern to Southern Italy with the Rosautoctono Movement

It’s a collaboration of 6 different denominations.




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