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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Drinking Champagne is Key to Living a Long Life, Says 108-Year Old Woman

How To Make A Cheesecake Cocktail

Beer. Rimming. Are You In or Out?

Italian Wine Cooperatives

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, wine cooperatives are made of up individual owners of vineyards that grow grapes and collaborate to produce wines together.



The two bills we have put forward this year work to clearly define the relationship between craft brewers and their wholesalers.


Why Central Europeans Heat Their Beer With a Bierwärmer

Called a bierwärmer in German, or the slightly harder-to-pronounce ohříváček in Czech, a beer warmer is “a narrow metal tube with a hanger


Is Canada the New Napa?

The land of Mounties and maple syrup has begun producing serious wine.


What is the Sirtfood Diet?

Being encouraged to eat cocoa, and drink red wine and coffee. The Sirtfood Diet seems like it could be too good to be true


Kansas City Chiefs World Champions Etched Wine

Each bottle is deep etched and hand-painted by talented artisans.


What can the wine industry learn from craft beer?

The U.S. wine industry will face challenges over the next five years as it searches for ways to convince a new generation to drink wine.


New Bourbon

NFL legend Terry Bradshaw is launching his own Bourbon brand. Bottled at 51.9% abv, Terry Bradshaw Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is sourced from an unnamed third-generation master distiller and will roll out nationally in the coming months, retailing at $40 a 750-ml. The brand is a collaboration between Bradshaw and Silver Screen Bottling Company, which has also partnered on spirits labels with franchises like Showtime series Ray Donovan, Star Trek, and the movie Predator.


Are you ready for the cyclical downturn in the US wine market?

We need some insight into what has happened in the past and how it might relate to the near future.


It’s time to drink more f#%king Merlot

While Merlot has slipped from consumer consciousness over the past 15 years – though to be clear it remains among the most consumed wines in the U.S.


Sol Limón y Sal launches in the U.S.

Sol Limón y Sal, the No. 1-selling limón y sal beer in Mexico, will “unlock a complete set of new fans” for the Sol franchise in the U.S.


Winemakers plea for right to sell Prosecco

The right to produce and label wine Prosecco, a popular grape variety which originated in Italy and is now booming in Australia



Idaho is typically known for its breath-taking, mountainous views as well as leading the US potato production


The History of Ice in Your Drink

Ice and iced drinks have actually gone through numerous changes, especially over the past two centuries.


How to Get the Most Out of Peated Scotch, From Cocktails to Cooking

The complex, smoky notes that typify the category are polarizing on their own, and can easily overpower other spirits and modifiers when mixed in cocktails.


10 Things You Should Know About Svedka Vodka

Before you buy your next bottle, read on for nine more things you should know about Svedka.


Beer. Rimming. Are You In or Out?

Beers with everything from chocolate marshmallows to gummy bears to Nutella.


Looking at cannabis-infused beverages

Have you had any of these drinks? Did you enjoy the flavor? What’s your opinion?


Attleboro MA police searching for two suspected thieves with expensive taste in liquor

Police say two men have expensive taste in liquor but are fraudulently buying the booze.

This Largely Unknown Wine Grape Produces an Underrated Red
Have you ever heard of Rebo?


According to the Bordeaux Interprofessional Wine Council (CIVB), exports of Bordeaux wines to the US fell by 46% in value and by 24% in volume since October 2019.

3 Ways To Decant Wine (Plus, Hyper Decanting!)

Hyper Decanter: Essentially, you’re mixing wine in a blender! After watching the video, you might want to think twice before trying this at home.


The neck of the bottle includes a QR code, which customers can scan on their own smartphones to access the online “design experience”.

Get Over It! Boxed Wine Is Better Than Bottled

In reality, though, boxed wine is often a smarter, more sustainable and in some cases tastier option. Here’s why.

A study identifies 17 key compounds in wine aromas

University in Romania identified a total of 17 key compounds in the aroma of red wine, made from a red grape variety harvested in the wine region in northeast Romania.

The shelter giving wine to alcoholics

The aim is to stabilise people’s addiction, stop them from drinking paint thinner and hand sanitiser, stop them passing out on the streets, and give them some dignity, says Dr Jeff Turnbull.

Wine Dogs Sniff Out Contaminated Barrels

Bay Area wineries are relying on specialized dogs to sniff out wine contaminated with cork taint

Instant Pot Red Wine Beef Roast

Instant Pot Red Wine Beef Roast is a quick recipe to make compared to its stovetop and crockpot versions

Which Are The Best Markets For American Wine?

These are uncertain times for American wine exporters, particularly in China, but there are always opportunities.

Organically Sonoma Launches

A new website designed to help consumers and wine professionals find estate wines from certified organic vines from Sonoma’s leading vintners.


As of December 2019, 149 wineries producing over 85% of California’s total wine production (255 million cases) and 2,097 vineyards farming 29% of statewide wine acreage (184,818 acres) are CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE.

What do you know about wine?

Consumers are getting more involved with the wine category – and yet their wine knowledge is decreasing. How can this be?


The Lebanese Wine Renaissance

Even if you’re not an aficionado of Middle Eastern wines, you may have heard of Chateau Musar.


Unraveling the Master Sommelier Exam Cheating Scandal

More than a year after the scandal that rocked the wine world in 2018, candidates and Master Sommeliers are still fighting for change


Thinking about taking a break from alcohol? Here’s how to cut back or quit

So what are the best strategies to take a break from drinking?


Why ‘Mommy Juice’ Is Total BS

It’s an easy and much-needed way for women to eke out some time to relax while doing the relentless work of raising young kids


Retailer Association Applauds Introduction of Bill to Allow Rhode Island Wine Shipments

Senate Bill 2097, which proposes to legalize wine shipments to Rhode Islanders from out-of-state wine stores and wine clubs.



The areas in question include the whole of Chablis, six communes around Dijon and 23 communes in Châtillonais, an area northwest of Dijon which is the primary production area for Crémant de Bourgogne.



The unusual wine, which spends a year in French oak, was made at Changyu’s estate in northwest China from the free-run juice of small, thick-skinned Cabernet Sauvignon grapes harvested from 12-year-old vines.


What you should know about wine trends

Online sales allow millennials to chat with experts, and watch videos, about the products in advance.

Why Is Everyone So Obsessed with Funky Wine?

10 wines that smell like a horse and taste like heaven.

The Reason Why Wine Bottles Have Dents in the Bottom

The dimple rising up the floor of your wine bottle is actually called a punt.

A Quick Guide to Wine Bottle Sizes, Shapes, and Names

Check out the names for the various bottle sizes as well as an explanation for why some look the way they do.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Michigan Wine

Michigan is the nation’s sixth-largest producer of wine.

Restaurant Wine Lists Are Complicated, and Shouldn’t Be

Unfortunately, there are many wine lists floating around out there that seem to revel in being inscrutable to all but the most sophisticated and educated wine drinkers.


Many of us enjoy a glass of wine with our seafood, but may not know what wines work best with what dish.


Constellation Extends Cooper & Thief With Brandy Barrel Aged Pinot

With spirits barrel aged wines enjoying growth in the U.S., Constellation Brands is extending its Cooper & Thief label with a Brandy Barrel Aged Pinot Noir.

Launching nationwide in April, the new entry will retail at $30 a 750-ml. and joins a Red Blend aged in ex-Bourbon barrels ($30), a Sauvignon Blanc aged in ex-Tequila barrels ($30), and the luxury Cooper & Thief Cabernet Sauvignon—a Napa Valley Cabernet aged in ex-High West whiskey barrels ($60)—in the range. The new Pinot Noir, which also includes small amounts of other varietals like Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot, was rested in ex-brandy barrels for two and a half months and carries an abv of 16%.


Apothic Launches First Varietal Wine

The Cab will only be available briefly in stores nationwide now until bottles sell out.



Riboli Family Eyes 3-Million-Case Mark For Stella Rosa This Year

Since 2016, Stella Rosa has nearly doubled in size and become the top imported wine brand by volume in the U.S. market’s $10 and up segment


This follows a slow decline over the last four years, with 2016 seeing the greatest growth of 18.5%, on volumes up 17.1%. The five-year average growth was 14%, with volumes growth rate of around 13%.


The digital service, called Restaurants Solutions (sic.), will give restaurants expert guidance on food allergies, allowing them to plan their menus and train staff accordingly.

Bizarre Facts About Wine and Your Sex Drive

Why is Wine and Sex a Thing?

This Pin Is a Quiet Way to Say You’re Not Drinking

The Pin is a tool; a simple, identifiable symbol that when worn expresses the intention to not drink

Wine Trends as Predicted By a Wine Expert

2020 Trends


Wine grape growers lose labor to cannabis farms

A number of people leaving their vineyard jobs for the higher pay and better working conditions many cannabis growers offer


Red wine pasta might be a game changer


The Influence of Alcohol Content on Aroma Release in Wine Tasting

How one perceives the aromas/flavors of the wine in the mouth via retronasal mechanisms is complicated


Wine Has a Design Problem

There’s lots of information about wine that people want or need to know before they will make a purchase, but not all of it needs to be displayed all at once.


Funk is the New Black

The fact that fermented grape juice can smell like bacon, sweaty saddles or decomposed leaves is a source of endless fascination. Lemon zest is lovely but doesn’t scream originality.


Wine Lovers Embrace Breakthrough Loyalty Program’s Generous Reward Opportunities

The loyalty program is something of a love letter to the entire wine industry as it rewards wine lovers for their allegiance to the category of wine rather than to any one specific brand or merchant.

Pairing Champagne with Traditional Chinese Cuisine

For sure this fine sparkling wine can very much pair itself with finer Chinese cuisine and especially dishes that are authentic.

How To Make A Cheesecake Cocktail

If you are looking to do something special then why not try making a Cheesecake Cocktail with an award winning Sparkling Wine.

How to Make Green Beer for Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

Why not learn how to make green beer yourself so that you can festively sip on a pint of your favorite brew?

After the Civil War, Moonshiners and Soldiers Went Head-to-Head in Brooklyn’s ‘Whiskey Wars’

Americans living in the frontier territories viewed whiskey as a barterable commodity akin to currency. Any federal tax was considered to be a direct infringement on their economic livelihood.

This is How Much a Bottle of Wine Costs in Your State

10 zip codes in each state and averaged them together to determine which states are the cheapest and most expensive to purchase wine.

How feasible is biodynamic wine production?

The subject of biodynamic practices in wine is a divisive one.

Glass Waste, What Winery Doesn’t Have This Issue?

Nearly 60% of carbon emissions in the wine industry are caused by manufacturing and hauling glass.

An example of why smelling a wine cork matters

Between 3.5 to 6% of wines I have opened for review appeared to be contaminated by TCA or a contaminant with a similar presentation.

Unravelling regional typicality of Shiraz

Shiraz wines have chemical ‘fingerprints’ that are specific to their region – despite variations in the natural condition of vineyards and human interventions in the winery – new research confirms.


This One Chart Shows How Mexican Beer Conquered America’s Thirst for Imported Beer

Mexico remained the top source of U.S. beer imports in 2019, with a customs value over twice that of all other imports combined.


A Beginner’s Guide to Greek Wine

For many Americans especially, this ancient land is affiliated with little more than a piney-flavored Retsina or two, available in the “world” section of your supermarket or liquor store.



A critic and a somm discuss the art of exceptional wine service

Give the somm a chance to delight you, to surprise you.


How To Find Out Who Produced That ‘Special’ Wine Club Wine

Information on a wine label can answer the question, “Who produced the wine?” but it can also obscure.


Cat pee to burning tires: Winemakers tackle the stinky vintage challenge

No doubt about it, some wines stink.,62195


Best 7 Wines For Cooking

A layperson can feel overwhelmed and confused, not knowing what kind is right for what.


Drinking Champagne is Key to Living a Long Life, Says 108-Year Old Woman

Want to live past 100? Forget the healthy eating and endless hours on the treadmill, just head to your local wine store and pick up some bubbles.



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