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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Why Wine Costs So Much More At Restaurants

Non-alcoholic drinks: how healthy are they?

Everything you need to know about buying wine for the holidays


This New Gadget Will Turn Your Beer Cans Into Glasses In Seconds

The world’s first can opener specifically designed for beverage cans.


Jose Cuervo makes agave-based biodegradable straw

The material decomposes up to 200 times faster than regular plastic. Microorganisms can consume the straws, meaning they can completely biodegrade within one to five years in landfill conditions.



North Carolina-based Sycamore Brewing has pulled the 2019 edition of its Christmas Cookie Winter Ale after the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission paid a visit to its taproom and discovered the beer cans featured cartoon reindeer in sexual positions.

Study Looks at Adding Nickel Deposit on Wine, Liquor in NY

A new study finds adding a nickel deposit on wine and liquor in New York would help keep them out of the trash but increase the cost to retailers.

Wine Institute presents a free e-book of holiday cocktails

The Wine Institute in San Francisco wants to make sure your party has the perfect pairing.

What makes wine dry? It’s easy to taste, but much harder to measure

Can we eventually come up with a way to automatically assess this dryness or astringency without relying on human tasters?

10 Things You Should Know About Truly Hard Seltzer

Read on for 10 more things you should know about Truly Hard Seltzer.

Napoleon’s Prison Life Included Champagne, Roasted Pigs, and Butlers

Based on a collection of handwritten notes auctioned off in 2015, which detailed the copious allowance of wine and provisions granted to Napoleon and a group of his officers in 1820, the disgraced emperor may have actually enjoyed his exile to a certain extent.


Amorim states that stoppers can be used to create “unusual ambient settings”.

The One Thing Wine Lovers Don’t Know About Themselves

A lot of chemistry and physics are behind how you perceive a sip of wine.

How Drinking Red Wine Affects Your Body Is Less Clear Than You Thought

There are many experts who believe the French Paradox can be explained by many other factors having nothing to do with red wine,

Understanding Jura, the French Wine Region You’ve (Probably) Never Heard of

Jura rests in the north of France, between the exalted vineyards of Burgundy and the Swiss border.

7 Merry Ways to Pair Christmas Cookies With Wine

Seven top recommendations for pairing vino with gingerbread, jam thumbprints, snickerdoodles, and everything else your tartan tin contains.

Looking for the Wine List? Check Instagram

How savvy somms are using social media to hype their wines.

Drinkers with college degrees prefer wine more than 2X as much as those less educated

The biggest threat to the wine industry in the next decade may be coming from regular wine drinkers substituting wine for other drinks at certain occasions, such as hard seltzer and cannabis wine

What’s becoming apparent from Wine Intelligence tracking data is that the wine category in the US is now being affected by trends relating to moderation and portfolio diversification.

Are Wine Tastings A Farce?

After two or three courses can the palate be that discerning as to how well such beverages go with such involved recipes? Have you really learned anything about the wines worth using at your next dinner?

What Can We Learn from the Wine in Moderation Movement?

Wine in Moderation was founded in 2008 at a time when the European wine industry faced a growing threat. It wasn’t just that wine demand was falling — that had been going on for a couple of decades. And it wasn’t just the global financial crisis, either, although that didn’t help. It was rising anti-alcohol sentiments and policies that threatened wine both as an economic activity and also as an integral part of European culture.

MillerCoors plans to launch Vizzy, a hard seltzer with the antioxidant vitamin C, in 2020

Seeking to capture a bigger piece of the booming hard seltzer market

What Oak Trees Mean to the Health of Vineyards

There’s something iconic about driving through California’s Central Coast and seeing giant oak trees scattered across the landscape

The Top 10 Beers of 2019

Aaron Goldfarb picks the most memorable beers he tasted this year.


Almost one billion bottles of organic wine are expected to be consumed around the world by 2023, new research has revealed, more than doubling from the 441 million bottles recorded in 2013.

Everything you need to know about buying wine for the holidays

Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry. It’s also the season when the most anticipated meals of the year warrant wines that will live up to the hype.

10 Under-the-Radar Places Wine Lovers Need to Visit Now

These unsung gems have all the charm and none of the crowds.

3 Unexpectedly Insightful Non-Wine Books That Will Open Your Mind About Wine

Here were three books from this year’s list that helped to shift my thinking about some of the more salient topics in the wine world today.

Empire Vines: A Quick Guide to New York Wine

What comes to mind when you hear New York wine? Most would say white table cloth restaurants with wine lists the length of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Napa Technology Announces New WineStation® Cellar: Dispenses and Stores Wine

WineStation® is the most effective temperature-controlled wine dispensing and preservation system in the marketplace today

Napa Technology’s WineStation Cellar in home.

The Essential Guide to Port, a Global Powerhouse Born of a Happy Accident

What is Port, anyway?

5 reasons *not* to give wine this holiday season

Here are 5 reasons not to give the gift of alcohol to those you don’t know well:

Why There’s a Bump in the Bottom of a Wine Bottle

There are many theories behind the indentation at the base of most wine bottles and no go-to when it comes to the most plausible reason (shocking, right?).

Why are wine producers in Spain moving their vineyards uphill?

Spanish winemakers are having to adapt to the effects of global warming, and many are moving their vineyards further up the mountains

The Countries That Drink The Most Bourbon

Spain’s love for bourbon is top in the world.

Is Hard Seltzer A Fad? New Data Suggests Otherwise

Is hard seltzer here to stay or will sales of the fizzy alcoholic water eventually go flat?

Five Important Wine Trends and Predictions for 2020

It’s not always easy to make predictions, but it is fun.


The Art and Science of Aging Beer

A cold, fresh beer is tasty and all, but have you ever tried one that’s perfectly aged in a basement beer cellar?



Wine Lovers Can’t Get Enough of This Merlot-Scented Soap (and No, It Won’t Get You Drunk)

There are whiskey and beer versions, too

What’s a Négociant?

Everything You Need to Know about Wine Buyers

Plenty to Go Around with these Wine-Buying Basics

This is the season to eat, drink and make merry. When planning a holiday menu, don’t forget to include the wine.

Non-alcoholic drinks: how healthy are they?

Alcohol-free beer and wine are certainly healthier options. But does that mean they’re good for you?

Gallo-Constellation planned wine, spirits deal now $1.1B after trimming brands

They are trimming their $1.7 billion deal for lower-priced Constellation wines announced earlier this year, after regulator concerns about the transaction.


To make sense of it all and narrow the focus to what changes folks should really be concerned or excited about, we tapped legal minds all over the country


Officially designated the Buckwell’s two grape vines in their Kitchen Garden as UK’s vineyard number 9321.

The Best Limoncello Recipe You’ll Ever Make

Unlike many DIY projects, homemade limoncello provides maximum reward for minimal effort.

7 Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

Most of these methods aren’t 100% foolproof. In fact, they are all prone to screw up your bottle of wine if done incorrectly or without proper care

Why Wine Costs So Much More At Restaurants

What goes into the pricing of a bottle of wine and why it’s so much more expensive table side.

500+ Wineries Add Augmented Reality to Labels

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are propelling more than 500 wineries across the globe into futuristic marketing that cleverly connects wine-labels with millennial wine-lovers.

The Best 50 Wines Under $50, 2019 Edition

After a year of sipping and swirling, a wine critic finds a whole constellation of new stars—ranging from cheap, fun fizz to exotic unfamiliar grapes.


10 Best Wines for Mulling, According to Sommeliers

There’s a widespread belief that wines used in flavored beverages like sangria and mulled wine don’t have to be high-quality


Four Christmas recipes for alternatives to mulled wine

From a warming cava spritz to a port and cranberry sangria, festive party tipples that can be prepped in advance


How to choose wine for a Christmas party

Why not take along a bottle you actually want to drink? You can always tuck it behind the toaster once you’ve poured yourself a glass


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