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The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

By: Mark C Lenzi





Liquor Industry Week In Review

The Wonderful World Of Wine (WWW)

This Weeks Highlights:

New Products

Eight Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask About Spiked Seltzer

11 Cheap American Beers Ranked From Awful to Drinkable

Why I Let My Kids Drink Wine


The Ultimate Guide To Spanish Wine

The Spanish wine scene is going through exciting times

Wine Freedom Expands Membership to Protect Wine Drinkers Rights
Wine Freedom is supported by consumers, the National Association of Wine Retailers, and others



A boutique producer in the Napa Valley has launched a new limited edition Cabernet Sauvignon, of just 300 magnums priced at US$3,500 each, with the owner declaring it to be, “wild energy, a leopard”.

The Most Iconic Food and White Wine Pairings — and Why They Work So Well

Ready to sample some gastronomical matches made in heaven? Here are five of the world’s most iconic food and white wine pairings, and why they work.

How to Order Wine Like a Boss (Without Paying Like One)

If you are the one handing over your credit card, how can you keep the wine bill under control?

Why I Let My Kids Drink Wine

My Italian wife grew up with her father offering her wine at the table. Not a bottle, just a sip here and there. We now do the same with our 10 and 8 year old. A sip here and there.

Are Expensive Wines Better?

The question is broad, so a simple “yes or no” answer doesn’t work, but the short answer is “usually.”

Impact Compounds

These compounds are derived from grape chemistry, vineyard environment, and winemaking techniques.

Ten top-quality Irish whiskeys for $50 or less

From a five-year-old whiskey created by the founders behind one of the world’s top bars to an Irish whiskey finished in Caribbean rum casks, there’s something to suit every palate in our pick of top bottlings from the Emerald Isle.


Any statements on labels that “would appear to give the impression of distilling where distilling is not yet taking place, is not permitted,” according to the IWA

New Tanqueray

Tanqueray gin has unveiled a new flavored expression. Distilled four times with the essence of orange, Tanqueray Sevilla Orange is now rolling out across select Florida markets. While the launch will initially be limited to 1-liter bottles, 750-ml. packaging is set to debut in October. The orange-tinted expression first launched in Europe last September. Tanqueray is a part of Diageo’s gin portfolio, which also includes the Gordon’s, Jinzu, and Villa Ascenti labels.

Wait, ‘Hyperdecanting’ Wine Isn’t Just a Succession Joke?

Should hyperdecant because “it softens the tannins, ages the aromas.

The Complete Guide to Cork Taint

This is a broad term which is applied to wine faults affecting the smell and taste of the wine.

Drink These 50 Wines to Be a French Wine Expert

French wine is endlessly fascinating. If you try the 50 wines here, or even a fair percentage of them, you’ll never be daunted by the French wine section on a restaurant list ever again.

Organic and biodynamic wines quality and characteristics: the scientific point of view

The organic wines represent the 2.4% of the wine global market and their trend is increasing. Their production is regulated by law, but it has not the same meaning in different countries.

The world’s three largest wineries, all owned by the same company

In 2000, they claimed to take one-third of the total grape harvest in California (they have 90 000 acres under contract), and to make more wine than all of Australia.

Inside Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico, one of the world’s most celebrated wine regions, lies between the renowned Tuscan cities of Florence and Siena.


While you may not be able to control every choice your teen makes, you can help steer him or her in the right direction. The following suggestions can help you keep your teen from getting an underage OUI conviction.

Stoli Group Unveils New Upscale Tequila, Villa One

Stoli Group has partnered with musician and actor Nick Jonas and fashion designer John Varvatos on a new high-end Tequila brand called Villa One. The new entry will debut nationally next month, including 100%-blue agave Silver ($45 a 750-ml.), Reposado ($50), and Añejo ($60) expressions made at Stoli Group’s Fabrica de Tequilas Finos distillery by master distiller Arturo Fuentes. All are at 40% abv.

The Villa One brand was inspired by a trip that Jonas and Varvatos took to Mexico last year. The duo is responsible for Villa One’s bottle design, which includes jewelry-inspired metalwork that’s a signature of the John Varvatos brand, and will promote the label under the tagline “Life as it should be.” Stoli Group acting president and CEO Rudy Costello noted that the ultra-premium Tequila space is continuing its strong growth trend, and is projected to expand by about 8% this year.

“At launch, we’re focusing on high-quality distribution channels and ensuring that the brand is introduced the right way,” Stoli noted in a statement to SND. “We own our own distillery, so we can manage demand along the way, but we do have long-term aspirations to compete with the top five tequilas in the ultra-premium sector.” Villa One joins the existing Cenote Tequila in Stoli Group’s brand stable.

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Partners with Professional Football Teams

No. 3 Glass Wine Brand in U.S.* Becomes Official Wine Partner of Los Angeles Rams, Chicago Bears, and New York Giants and Celebrates Partnership by Introducing New Football Themed Canned Wine

The Science of Color in Wine

Wine professionals discuss pigmentation, extraction, and how color can affect everything from appearance to ageability

How to Create Pinot Noir Wine Flights

One tip to consider when tasting: rather than searching for fruit flavors, focus on texture.

Nick Jonas and John Varvatos create Villa One Tequila

The pair were inspired to launch their Tequila brand after taking a trip to Mexico with friends and family in 2018.

The Secret About Wine Vintages

The reality is, the moment you find a wine you truly love, you have to accept it will never be the same again. Why? Vintage variation.

11 Cheap American Beers Ranked From Awful to Drinkable

It always has been there and it always will be. It’s time to accept the inevitability and choose the best of the worst.

U.S. Supermarket Wine Is Getting Better

Supermarket wine has a pretty bad rap here — deservedly so.

Patriots commemorative 6X champions wine collection

Manos Wine, a company specializing in deep-etched and hand-painted bottles, announced a partnership with the Patriots,

Red Wines of Prosecco

When it comes to looking for red wines with moderate-level alcohol with finesse and restraint, the Prosecco wine area is probably the last place in Europe that one might consider.

How to spot a good wine

How exactly do you differentiate a good wine from a bad one?

Gen Z Wine Consumers: What Do They Want from the Wine Industry?

While many wine marketers have been focusing on selling wine to Millennials, more than 20 million Generation Z consumers have reached legal drinking age since 2016

Why is fine wine easier to value than art and cars?

When it comes to investment, wine, art and cars have often been regarded as ‘pleasurable’ assets.

Australian Wine 101: The Lowdown on Wine Down Under

It’s home to many inventions and new technology that, quite literally, changed the world.

Eight Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask About Spiked Seltzer, Hard Tea, and Other FMBs

Confused about the connection between hard seltzers and beer, not to mention the differences between hard tea and other spiked canned or bottled beverages?

This Is What The ‘Summer Of Seltzer’ Has Done To Beer Sales

It seemed as if everywhere you turned during summer 2019, from barbecues to the beach, there was a spiked seltzer.

Ball Is Making Aluminum Beer Pong Cups That Are ‘Infinitely Recyclable’

The aluminum Solo-esque cups are “infinitely recyclable,” the brand said, much more so than the cheap plastic cups that litter backyards and parking lots after a long day of drinking

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Montreal

Despite a dearth of independent wine shops due to Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ), Quebec’s liquor retail system, Montreal’s growing wine scene, which champions natural wine, only helps to establish the city’s distinctive culture.

Like Your Favorite Wines, French Absinthe Now Has Geographical Protection

Made from anise seed, fennel and wormwood, absinthe was introduced over the border of Switzerland to France in the early part of the 1800s


Wine’s Alcohol Levels Explained

During the harvesting and fermentation stages of winemaking, alcohol is created differentiating wine from the simple grape juice.


Is Rosé About To Trump Champagne?

At weddings, sparkling wine is on its way out and rosé is in,


Wine Drinker? This Expert Says This Is How To Learn To Love Beer

How does one make the switch from a mainly wine palate to one that can appreciate the layers and flavors of the variety of beers out there?


What is Biodynamic Wine? A Quick and Easy Guide to the Buzzyworthy Trend

Most people associate biodynamics with cow horns filled with manure, tea treatments, and the stellar calendar — hippies parading through vineyard rows tossing dashes of chamomile here, honey there.


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