Liquor Industry News/Links 6-7-14

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CSS, CWAS*


Liquor Industry Week In Review

Belmont Bets on a Signature Drink

Race Officials Search for a Winner Among Libations

10 Father’s Day Presents for Your Beer-Loving Dad

So on this Day of the Dad, we celebrate him with his favorite beverage and 10 beer-related gifts


6 Summery Sangria Recipes

For punch newbies, this alcoholic drink is usually made with wine mixed with fresh fruit and juice and served over ice


Beer Brewing Basics: What You Need to Know to Craft Your Own Brew

Brewing your own beer has many benefits.


Gov. Patrick Pushing to Lift Liquor License Cap

Gov. Deval Patrick is pushing legislation to give cities and towns more control over the number of liquor licenses in their communities.

There’s A ‘Whiskey Crisis’ In America

The surge of interest in whiskey has been a boon for distillers, but it has also led to a shortage of many brands and varietals that has been dubbed a “whiskey crisis” by the media.

Coravin halts sales because of exploding wine bottles

Coravin, the maker of a wine preservation device that costs $300, has stopped selling new units and urges owners of existing units to stop using the device because of a hazard of exploding bottles

Unknown Facts About Wine

4 Facts Everyone Gets Wrong About Wine


Could This New Countertop Device Turn the Beer Industry on Its Head?

At $1,700, the Zymatic won’t appeal to every beer drinker out there.


Bagged Beer Anyone?

Bagged beer? Bagged beer. If wine can do it, I don’t see why beer can’t.


Watch Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ Get Played on Beer Bottles [VIDEO]


30th May, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Scotch Whisky Association representatives are set to sign a cooperation agreement between the Scotch whisky and Tequila industries next month.

Raising a Toast to Russian Wine

While most foreigners associate Russia with vodka, they may be surprised to know that the country has a far longer tradition of winemaking that dates back 3,000 years


New KJ Line

Jackson Family Wines’ Kendall-Jackson brand has extended its K-J Avant tier with a new red blend and Sauvignon Blanc. Priced at $17 a 750-ml., the 2012 K-J Avant Red Blend is aged in neutral oak barrels. The 2013 K-J Avant Sauvignon Blanc, meanwhile, is cold-fermented in stainless steel and priced at $14. The pair join K-J Avant’s existing Chardonnay offering, which rolled out in 2011 and retails at $17. The K-J Avant lineup, which has done particularly well among younger LDA consumers, has helped boost Kendall-Jackson above the 3-million-case mark in recent years.

How to Make Weed Vodka, aka ‘Green Dragon’

The cannabis tincture is a simple enough concept but the methods of creating this weed vodka varies depending on who you ask.

Bars vs. grocery stores: Mapping America’s beer belly

great new map worked up by, a Web site that specializes in all kinds of nifty visualizations:

Preservation of wine without sulphite addition

A new method for preservation of liquid foods, working at moderate temperatures and therefore referred to as “cold pasteurization,” is the so-called pressure change technology,

What causes a flushed face after drinking wine?

Why your face gets red after a drink of wine


3rd June, 2014 by Lauren May

Catching drink drivers could soon be as simple as pointing a laser, thanks to the development of a device that can detect the presence of alcohol inside a moving car.


Warning labels for wine?

The California Legislature has taken the first step toward putting warning labels on beverages containing high amounts of sugar, saying it contributes to health problems. Can wine be far behind?

5 Lesser-Known Varietals You Should Add to Your Wine Rack

The black-and-white, Cabernet-and-Chardonnay world has faded.

Really? 3 Surprising Things About Pinot Noir

some quirky factoids and some common misconceptions about my favorite grape

How We Rate Wines

Great chart that shows how major critics rate wine

The Secret’s In The Sugar: Lower-Alcohol Wines Are Taking Off

Big, bold wines have their fans. But with the arrival of summer, make room for a bumper crop of lighter, more subtle wines.


New trademark to certify quality Chinese wine

A new trademark promises to help customers identify quality Chinese wines on the market.


Are wine tasting notes a load of old drivel?

A prank in a London branch of Tesco helps illustrate how ridiculous so much of what’s written about wine really is, says Jake Wallis Simons

Red Wine Compound May Improve Memory, Study Suggests

A substance found in red wine and dark chocolate that has been touted for its supposed anti-aging effects may improve people’s memory



5 Simple Rules for Wine and Barbecue Pairing

It doesn’t have to be all beer at your barbecue


Top 7 Beer and Candy Pairings for Summer Parties

Draft Beer Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Named Most Innovative New Product, Complete Tasting Menu

Rhône Fast Facts

Facts about the Rhone in France


6th June, 2014 by Lauren May

Drinking alcohol and smoking will not harm a man’s fertility, but sustained exposure to daylight could, researchers have found.


6th June, 2014 by Patrick Schmitt

The majority of Dom Pérignon consumers have no understanding of the Champagne maturation process, according to the prestige cuvée’s winemaker Vincent Chaperon.

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