Liquor Industry News/Links 6-28-14

Liquor Industry News/Links


By: Mark C Lenzi CSW, CSS, CWAS*

What An Exciting Week For Us At Franklin Liquors! Summer Has Just Started And We Had TWO Big Events To Share. First We Hosted The Franklin Wine Club And Had The First Wine Tasting In The USA Using Quini. The Wine Explorers Used Quini During The Tasting And It Was An Honor To Make Wine Tasting History!


Second The Readers Choice Awards Were Released. We Want To Thank You For Voting Us The #1 Liquor Store In Franklin AND The GOLD Medal For Best Liquor Store In The 15 Town West Zone. Our Family Thanks You So Much!!


Liquor Industry Week In Review

This Weeks Highlights:

Sugar In Wine

Training To Be A Wine Taster

All About Gout

Rum-flavored beer

Innis & Gunn uses oak-aged chips soaked in rum that are used to flavor the beer


Powerful instant wine label recognition app released for oenophiles

Users take a photo of the wine label and get instant identification — averaging 2.6 seconds — of the wine maker, wine name, grapes and region.

How much sugar is in your wine?

Great article on sugar in wines. Nice overview of residual sugar and sweet wine.

What Your Favorite Summer Drink Says About Your Finances

So what does your summer drink preference say about your finances and the status of your savings account


The most American beers

Get Ready For July 4th With These American Beer Selections

6 Reasons to Avoid Buying Wine By-the-score

Learn instead from your instincts, from books about wine, and with the help of experienced store staff.

Couple Allegedly Stole $10K in Wine from Chestnut Hill Wegmans

Bottles were stolen over multiple days this month, with each valued at over $1,000.

Pictures Here:

Wine Makers Fight New Website Suffixes

Critics Say Domain Names Like .Vin and .Wine Could Confuse Shoppers.

Do you agree?

Gout not the wine drinker’s curse

Interesting read on what gout is and how liquor,beer and wine affect it.

Can we quantify and more accurately describe how alcohol tastes?

Interesting reading on wine tasting.


Constellation Releases 2014 Project Genome Findings After Surveying 7,000 Wine Consumers

After conducting a 100-plus question survey of roughly 7,000 North American wine consumers over the past 18 months, Constellation Brands has revealed its findings in a study called “Project Genome, The Evolution of the Wine Consumer.” The study is a follow-up on a similar initiative Constellation undertook a decade ago that was also called Project Genome.

Constellation has used its survey findings to segment U.S. wine consumers into six classifications: price driven (21% of survey respondents), everyday loyal (20%), overwhelmed (19%), image seeker (18%), engaged newcomer (12%) and enthusiast (10%). “Having this deeper understanding of the wine consumer will allow us to make the best wines for each consumer segment. With this level of insight, we can build greater loyalty for our existing brands, identify opportunities for growth, and introduce new products to attract consumers across all segments,” Chris Fehrnstrom, Constellation’s CMO, wine & spirits division, told Shanken News Daily. “We’re also able to empower retailers and distributors to implement more effective category management processes. Together, we can influence the way we display wines, promote brands and cluster products based on geography, lifestyle and preference.”

Wine-Tasting Workout: Train Yourself to be a Better Wine Taster

Great article on ways to build your palate for wine.


Turkey’s ‘wine dream has been halted’

Status on wine in Turkey

The 3 Types of Pinot Grigio

Wine Folly talks all about Pinot Grigio styles


Watch William Shatner & Alton Brown Geek Out on Wine

William Shatner’s new show Brown Bag Wine Tasting (Ora TV) features Food Network host Alton Brown.

How to: Make Piña Coladas and Margaritas from Scratch

Making popular summer cocktails like Piña Coladas and Margaritas from scratch is easier than you may think.


Mayors to legislators: Leave liquor licensing to us

Latest update on proposal to lift the local cap on liquor licenses

Sex, Sexism and the Natural Wine Label

Images of naked women and references to everything from ejaculation to getting a woman drunk and into bed have become increasingly common on French natural wine labels. Why? Rémy Charest on what’s behind the trend.



26th June, 2014 by Neal Baker

The global hit TV series Game of Thrones has inspired the latest must-have merchandise for fervent fans with the creation of Wines of Westeros — a series of reds and whites linked to the show’s fictional feuding clans.



Really cool look at wine consumption in the world over the past years

Growing Preference Among U.S. Wine Consumers for Natural Cork Stoppers

90 Percent of Top 50 Selling Restaurant Brands Sealed with Cork

3 Ways That Winemakers Trick You Into Paying Too Much

Three main things why you may pay too much

Don’t Chew Gum, and Other Basic Wine Tasting Rules

Wine Tasting Rules


Coffee Wine AND In A Can??

Miami-based Friends Beverage Group has added two new expressions—Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino—to its canned wine brand Friends Fun Wine. Cabernet Coffee Espresso blends Cabernet with espresso and chocolate flavors, while Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino mixes Chardonnay with vanilla cappuccino and chocolate notes. Both 6%-abv entries will be available in Friends Fun Wine’s 250-ml. “slim” cans. They join the brand’s existing Red Sangria, White Sangria, Rose Moscato, White Moscato, Strawberry Moscato and Peach Moscato expressions, which launched into the U.S. on- and off-premise earlier this year. Friends Beverage Group specializes in low-alcohol and low-calorie canned wines.

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