Franklin Wine Club Exploring California Wineries Bell And Schug

Franklin Wine Club

Exploring California Wineries Bell And Schug

An Education And Tasting 


Thursday March 2nd 2017


Guest Host: John Avery

Masciarelli Wine Co.


Anthony Bell (Bell Wine Cellars) and Walter Schug (Schug Vineyard & Winery).  Walter Schug grew up in Germany and his experience was sought out by Joseph Phelps in 1973.  Walter made California’s first proprietary Bordeaux-Style blend, their well known Insignia label.  However, Walter’s passion was Pinot Noir and when Phelps cut their Pinot Noir program, Walter purchased land in Napa’s Carneros District and Schug Vineyard and Winery was born in 1980.

Anthony Bell, came to America by the way of South Africa.  He immediately made his mark on the California wine scene by taking over from legendary wine maker Andre Tchelistcheff.  Anthony would now be in charge of making the Beaulieu Vineyard (BV) “Georges de Latour” Private Reserve Wines.   Anthony would eventually grow his responsibilities to become BV’s General Manager.   However, as Napa became more corporate, Anthony wanted to return to his true passion, wine making.  In 1991 Bell Wine Cellars was founded and has produced Award Winning wines on his terms.


About Bell Wine Cellars

Bell Wine Cellars was co-founded in 1991 by Anthony Bell and a local Napa Valley grower. Frequent discussions about grape growing practices and wine quality reinforced their belief that great wines are not only a product of the vineyard – the terroir – but that elegance, fruit, and balance are hallmarks of a fine wine

Bell has grown from the original 500 cases to 15,000 cases, with an ultimate goal of 16,500 cases. Today the partners pursue their dream, continuing the area’s tradition of producing wonderful wines as well as limited edition, hand crafted wines – all displaying their hallmark elegance and balance


About Schug Winery

Schug Carneros Estate Winery is situated on a 50-acre site in the Carneros Appellation, south-west of the town of Sonoma. Vineyards of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay surround the winery, while other grapes are bought in from highly respected and experienced growers.

Both Walter Schug and winemaker Mike Cox have always been strong believers that the quality of the grapes on the vine is the key to making good wine. Outside of the estate, grapes are bought from growers with whom the winery has long-term contracts, thereby ensuring Schug’s control over quality and supply. Mike likes to work closely with growers and prefers small production vineyards that contribute unique qualities of clonal and soil varieties to his blends.


About John:

John Avery is the New World Portfolio Wine Manager at The Masciarelli Wine Company.  He has been in the wine business since 1993, when he first started working for Massachusett’s own Westport Rivers Winery.  He has been a wine broker, representing various wineries from around the world and has very much enjoyed his time with Masciarelli.  John is a graduate of Colby College and currently resides in Tewksbury, MA with his wife and 9 year old son.


The Wines:

Wine #1 

2015 Bell Sauvignon Blanc



750ml $18.99

Wine #2

2014 Schug Chardonnay



750ml $19.99

Wine #3

2014 Schug Pinot Noir



750ml $24.99

Wine #4

2013 Schug Cabernet Sauvignon



750ml $24.99

Wine #5

2013 Bell Napa Cabernet Sauvignon



750ml $59.99

Wine #6

2014 Bell Syrah



750ml $29.99

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