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Saturday August 31st 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


Today Is A Biodynamic FLOWER Day.

Great To Taste Or Drink Wine!!



Labor Day Cocktails from Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

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Your Guide to Provence Wine Region

Winefolly Blog

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28th August, 2013 by Rupert Millar

One of China’s leading estates, Changyu, has named its new Ningxia-based winery after its consultant, Austrian winemaker Laurenz (Lenz) Moser.

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‘Smoke taint’ making winemakers nervous

winemakers across Calaveras County are nervous

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Guinness Unveils “Red Harvest Stout” Seasonal As Pumpkin Ale Alternative

Guinness is launching its limited edition Red Harvest Stout seasonal in the U.S. this fall. Inspired by Celtic tradition, Red Harvest is made with a blend of lightly roasted barley and characterized by sweet malt, caramel and toffee notes. According to Guinness brand director Doug Campbell, the 4.1%-abv offering is an alternative to “the pumpkin seasonals crowding beer shelves.” Red Harvest will be available at retail and in bars nationwide next month in four-packs of 14.9-ounce cans. The seasonal joins Guinness Extra Stout, Guinness Draught, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and Guinness Black Lager in the Guinness portfolio.


New Woodchuck Cider Line

Woodchuck is extending its line of hard ciders with the launch of Woodchuck Cellar Series. The new range will be released nationwide and will feature a rotating selection of innovative cider styles, rolling out in limited quantities every few months. The Cellar Series will be pasteurized and packaged in 22-ounce bottles. The inaugural release is Dry Hop (6.9% abv), available now through the end of October for $4.99 a bottle. During the dry hop process, fermented cider is strained through a tank of Cascade hops, giving it citrus and pine notes. Woodchuck—which also produces a number of core ciders, limited releases, private reserves and the Farmhouse Select series—is the U.S.’s number-one hard cider brand at 2.5 million (2.25-gallon) cases last year.

California Wine Month: A Great Reason to Visit Wine Country This September

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How Useful is the Wine Scoring System?

What’s in a wine score? A local winemaker rebels against the system

By: Jenny Cunningham

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29th August, 2013 by Patrick Schmitt

A Rioja masterclass in London proved that, despite the greater expense, French oak doesn’t always give better results than American barrels.

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29th August, 2013 by Andy Young

A bar patron in Canada left his follow drinkers stunned after he downed a pickled human toe last week.

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Pinnacle Announces Fall Flavor Lineup As Sales Growth Continues

Beam’s Pinnacle vodka brand has introduced a new line of fall- and holiday-inspired flavors. The range includes Caramel Apple, Peachberry Cobbler, Pecan Pie and Salted Caramel extensions, all of which will join Pinnacle’s year-round lineup, as well as limited edition seasonal Peppermint Bark and returning entry Pumpkin Pie. Initially rolled out into select markets in July, all six flavors are expected to be available nationwide by the end of next month, priced at around $12.99 a 750-ml. With the addition of Caramel Apple, Peachberry Cobbler, Pecan Pie and Salted Caramel, Pinnacle’s year-round portfolio now totals 39 expressions.

Pinnacle, which depleted more than 3 million nine-liter cases last year, according to Impact Databank, grew net sales by 13% in the first half of 2013. According to IRI data, the brand was up 21.4% for the 52 weeks ended August 11, while NABCA reported that Pinnacle had fallen by 1.8% in its channels in the 12 months ended July 31.

France set for poor wine grape harvest

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4 alcohol brands dominate popular music mentions

posted by news on august 28, 2013

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30th August, 2013 by Rupert Millar

Drinking two to seven glasses of wine a week lowers the risk of becoming depressed by 32% on average say researchers.

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29th August, 2013 by Andy Young

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Vincent Parco takes on Manhattan’s wine tasting schools

Private investigator Vincent Parco is personally looking into Manhattan wine tasting schools for supposedly operating without liquor licenses.



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