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Tuesday September 3rd 2013

Todays Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


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Great To Taste Or Drink Wine


Saveonbrew Beer Alert

 We love and post our specials on SaveOnBrew.Com. We wanted to tell you about a cool new feature called Beer Alerts!  The concept is simple. Tell them where you live, tell them your favorite beer, and when it goes on sale, they will send you an email of where and how much.


2nd September, 2013 by Becky Paskin

With the value of global Scotch whisky sales increasing, we countdown the world’s 10 largest Scotch whisky brands.


2nd September, 2013 by Andy Young

A man in California has been jailed for six years after pleading guilty to stealing US$2.7 million worth of wine from a storage facility.

The Coravin Makes Great Wines More Accessible by the Glass

NY Times Review Of New Wine Gadget Invented in MA!

Another Blog On Same Device

Wine: Now that you like it, you can learn it

By Dave McIntyre

August Ad-1

Developing a wine keg proves difficult

Article by: BILL WARD , Star Tribune

Read All About This New Package:

Styles of Chardonnay + Quick Wine Tips

Posted by themodernsomm

Nice Information On Chardonnay


Blending different vintages to make table wines has been frowned upon by winegrowers, connoisseurs and authorities alike. Roger Morris searches out some contrarian winemakers who think non-vintage wines still make sense.

The Delicate Craft Of Locally Sourcing Alaskan Vodka


Read All About It:–4jnoJroYyQvWGlhxE2ec6nqMeaczFFHpH5kxGLRS6OuQRqmn4xPqGqprOvqwpd0EIVjHjuq8J5QbtTSG-kafHjNsd4D13P4zGDyA3q6zBt6xBLyk&_hsmi=10158464

2013 BronzeVoted Bronze For Best Liquor Store In !5 Town Region 


AB InBev opens Budweiser ‘lab’ in Illinois

Anheuser-Busch InBev is opening a ‘Bud Lab’ at the University of Illinois that will focus on data analytics, data research and innovation.

Austria’s Mozart Distillerie is set to launch its Mozart R.G. Chocolate Cream liqueur in the U.S. early next year. Made with a blend of gourmet chocolate, vanilla, fresh cream and cocoa butter, Mozart RG Chocolate Cream is aged in Bourbon oak casks for a minimum of six months. The new offering is positioned as a super premium extension to Mozart Distillerie’s Mozart R.G. chocolate liqueur range, which includes Gold Chocolate Cream, White Chocolate Cream, Black Dark Chocolate and Dry Chocolate Spirit expressions.

Chico, California-based brewer Sierra Nevada has launched Flipside Red IPA, a new packaged seasonal. Featuring tropical fruit and citrus hop flavors, Flipside Red IPA is an early fall offering, joining Ruthless Rye, Summerfest, Tumbler and Celebration in Sierra Nevada’s seasonal stable. Concurrently, the brewer has also reintroduced its Narwhal Imperial Stout under its High Altitude series. Billed as a “malt-forward” packaged brew, Narwhal Imperial Stout is characterized by espresso, cocoa, roasted grain and light smoke notes. The returning favorite replaces Hoptimum Imperial IPA in the limited edition series.

Newport, Rhode Island-based Coastal Extreme Brewing Co. has introduced Angels’ Envy barrel-aged beer. Only 1,300 bottles of Angels’ Envy have been produced, and it will only be available locally. Angels’ Envy features English Chocolate malts mixed with North American Pale and Crystal malts for the base beer, which was then put into Thomas Tew rum barrels and aged for seven months. The debut will be the brewer’s first 22-ounce beer release, as well as the first non-Newport Storm brand of beer to be released by Coastal Extreme.

French wine snobs warn Apple not to release a ‘champagne’ iPhone

By Brian Fung

Does wine drinking protect against depression?

Source: Fox News

By Cari Nierenberg

August 30, 2013

Enjoying several glasses of wine each week may not only protect your heart, it may also help protect your mental health, a new study suggests.

Researchers in Spain have found that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol especially wine was linked with a lower risk of depression

Siduri Touts Gluten-Free Wines California winery tests wines post-bottling to verify

by Jane Firstenfeld

Most modern wines contain negligible levels of gluten, which might remain in trace levels after fining or from the wheat-flour paste traditionally used to seal some oak barrels.

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Boxxle Premium Box Wine Dispenser

By, 9/3/2013

New Gadget To Put Your Box Wines In:

Nutella-Like Chocolate Beer Spread Finally Invented

Slightly more refined than a keg stand.

By Molly Mulshine

Read All About It:

Benefits Of Drinking Beer

New Health Benefits

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