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Tuesday October 22nd 2013

Today’s Liquor Industry News/Links

By: Mark C Lenzi CSW


Today Is A Biodynamic ROOT Day.


Top 5 reasons why wine is better than beer

Wine press: Best sports wines – which wines go best with each sport and their fans

Best beer in world award for France


Heineken’s Countertop Sub Chills Beer Colder Than Your Fridge Can

New Beer Gadget

Pucker Up, America: Beers Are Going Sour

New Trend In Beers

Boston Beer’s fastest selling product? Not beer

Angry Orchard cider is on FIRE!! In Stock!

Body Count – On Describing the Body of Wine

Understanding Wines and Vines


You’re Doing it Wrong

Wellesley Wine Press Blog On Wine Capsule Removal

Please Join Us Friday 4-7PM

In Store

Halloween Beer And Wines Tasting

Featuring Vampire Wines From California


10 Alcohol Myths That Just Aren’t True

We set out to discredit a few alcohol myths that have been bothering us since our college days

Glass of wine a week can cut chances of pregnancy by a third

In classes I always stated wine does not prevent pregnancy as a joke

TA: What is it good for?

Wine Geek Talk On Wine Acidity

America’s king of beers isn’t Bud, survey says

Move Over Bud Blue Moon Now King!

Diageo Debuts Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve In U.S.

Diageo North America is extending Johnnie Walker with a new upscale offering, Gold Label Reserve. A limited edition whisky based on the Clynelish single malt, Gold Label Reserve will retail at $87 a 750-ml.—positioned between Johnnie Walker Double Black at $42 and the recently unveiled Johnnie Walker Platinum at $110.

Packaged in a reflective gold bottle, Gold Label Reserve is billed as a whisky to be served over ice or in a tall drink with soda water and fruits like grapefruit or lemon. “Gold Label Reserve provides a unique flavor for high-energy celebrations that may not have been traditionally seen as Scotch whisky occasions,” said Brian Radics, Diageo’s director of Scotch whisky, in a statement announcing the launch.

The introduction of Gold Label Reserve and Platinum mark a shift in the Johnnie Walker portfolio in the U.S., where the brand’s Gold Label 18-year-old and Green Label are being phased out, in line with changes that have been taking place across Diageo’s global portfolio over the past year. The world’s top-selling Scotch brand, Johnnie Walker was up 7.5% globally to 19.7 million cases in 2012, according to Impact Databank. In the U.S. it was flat at 1.65 million cases.


Biography Of Wine Industry Pioneer Jess Stonestreet Jackson Released

“A Man and His Mountain” tells the story of the everyman who created Kendall-Jackson and became America’s greatest wine entrepreneur


So You Want to Go to Winemaking School?

What wine lover doesn’t secretly want to be a winemaker? Lettie Teague spends a few days studying at the nation’s pre-eminent winemaking school and learns what it really takes

Guide to Zinfandel Wine

By Wine Folly

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