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Monday July 15th 2013

Biodynamic ROOT Day

Consumer empowerment
by Dan Berger
Consumer Options for Wine Shipping Changes
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Beam’s 2 Gingers Begins National Rollout
July 12, 2013
Beam Inc. is ramping up the focus on its Irish whiskey brand 2 Gingers (roughly $25 a 1-liter)
with plans to aggressively expand its U.S. distribution this year and next.
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Upscale Angel’s Envy Bourbon Aims High With New 500,000-Case Distillery
July 10, 2013
Angel’s Envy, an upscale Bourbon brand that’s earned high marks from critics like Whisky Advocate,
has unveiled ambitious expansion plans with a new state-of-the-art distillery that will allow it to markedly
ramp up production.
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Dennis Rodman Debuts Bad Boy Vodka

The Retired NBA star has always been full of surprises. A little earlier this year, Rodman put himself squarely back on the cultural radar when he went to North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters and ended up hanging out at Kim Jong Un’s place, talking basketball and other world issues.

Now Rodman, who never seems to shy away from a party, is back and he is aiming to be part of your party. Rodman, who has spent time in rehab (and on “Celebrity Rehab”) dealing with substance abuse, has released his own vodka, Bad Boy Vodka, that will be found on store shelves later this month,
according to the Los Angeles Times.
“A perfect representation of whom and what I am all about,” said Rodman in a press release. Not many people can say that about a vodka bottle.

Two Washington-state microbrews, Redhook Brewery and Hilliard’s Beer,
 are so excited about Washington state’s new law that legalizes marijuana that they created a beer
 in celebration. The brew will be called Joint Effort Summer Session and will be available on tap through
 the summer and then in 22-ounce bottles. It will use hemp seeds in the process and go well with any munchies.

Wine consumption rises in 2012
Sacramento Business Journal
Despite a slow-to-rebound economy and constraints in supply,
American wine consumption increased in 2012, according to data just released by Technomic,
a research and consulting firm for the food industry, the Chicago Business Journal reports.
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How millennials are changing the booming wine biz
Portland Business Journal
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