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Sunday July 14th 2013

Biodynamic ROOT Day

Understanding U.S. Wine Laws Part 2 – Quick Breakdown
—July 13, 2013 by themodernsomm

Here’s a further breakdown of the wine laws from yesterday’s post.

If you’re looking at a bottle of California Wine, Washington Wine or Oregon Wine, the more names you see the better.

Ex: Andrew Will – Horse Heaven Hills – Champoux Vineyard
Producer – Andrew Will
Region – Washington State
A.V.A. – Horse Heaven Hills
Vineyard – Champoux Vineyard

Breaking it down
The fact it comes from one Vineyard tells you the same thing you know when buying produce or meat from a local farm. Whether or not it tastes better, you know you’re getting something of higher quality than when a supermarket gets its produce from various producers all over the world from countries with fewer restrictions.

Wine Rule of Thumb: The smaller the area, the more likely it’s going to be a higher quality wine or adheres to more strict standards.

Ex: Cupcake Vineyard – California – Petite Syrah
Producer – Cupcake Vineyard
Region – California
A.V.A. – Central Coast

Now, I’m not saying this is a lesser quality wine (which it is); taste is subjective. What I am trying to point out is we know far less about this wine and the quality of what’s used to make it. We know it’s from the California’s Central Coast A.V.A. and that’s all.

Central Coast is quite large and has quite a few smaller A.V.A.s within it, so these grapes can come from a number of different vineyards all combined into one wine, and those could change every year.

How to Keep Wine Fresh
Breathe longer life into your leftover vino.
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New Liquor Law Starts Today In RI
Starting on Sunday, July 14th, Rhode Island liquor stores will be lawfully allowed to open as early as 10:00 am
after a bill passed into law on July 3rd. Rhode Island lawmakers passed the bill with the intention of doing
whatever they can to help small businesses in the state.

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