David Vs. Goliath Update

David Vs. Goliath Update

Did you hear that sound last night???

It was the POP of small business support in Franklin! Not by a resident or a potential customer BUT by the Town Of Franklin council.


Our family knew it was going to be hard to get the Town to not give Big Y a beer/wine license. What we did not know is that OUR town had given up on small businesses LONG before we walked in the meeting.

For the past few months we have joined in the #shopfranklin, small business co-op and downtown partnership groups. It was a good feeling to know people see a need for small business. One meeting with a town representative all that was asked is “what can the town do for you”. What can the town of Franklin do for us?? We have come to realize that answer is nothing UNLESS you donate A LOT of money to the town, help with road infrastructure, give a traffic light or sponsor town events.   As a small business we cannot support in any other way than our taxes and fees paid every year.


council chairman Robert Vallee underscored that Big Y has invested thousands of dollars in the community and employs more than 100 residents


The older generations talk about how the downtown was where all went to shop. There were markets, hardware stores and so much more. The business owners were all local families helping families.

The days are long gone when you had to go to one area of town to buy all you need. We realize the liquor industry is growing and in this case that was NOT the issue. The issue was legal precedent set last year on a 5-4 vote for denial. One store denied based on one store across the street. Big y is in the area a 3 others. Open and shut case BUT no! Not even close 8-1 in favor!


We did not play the competition card or talk of the no courtesy notice to surrounding businesses card. We simply stated FACT that there was precedent in town and in the state of MA.


There are so many reasons for us to be disappointed and we have learned a big lesson of this town we grew up in and love.


Instead we would like to thank all that helped and supported in the one-week time frame we had to present. We received MANY letters from residents and businesses in town. Its unfortunate NO ONE in the town will ever hear or see them. Makes you wonder did the town council??


OUR Town of Franklin has sent the message. Small business has NO support and as individual consumers and businesses we must spread the word.


Thank you to councilor Robert Dellorco for his understanding and support!


We hope to serve you for the next 37 Years

As we have in the past!

Thank You

The Lenzi’s


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Reach out to the Franklin Town council members: http://town.franklin.ma.us/Pages/FranklinMA_Council/index

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